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Club Erotique – For Swingers (Third Event)

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Club Erotique – For Swingers (Third Event)For our third club visit we four had again decided to cheat a little and enhance our performance with a Viagra tablet each. As before with some trepidation, accompanied by our interstate friends Cherall and Bill, we rang the doorbell for our third evening with a preference group, a multiple male team.Gillian our dark haired tall slim naked hostess for the night, whom we’d met on our previous two visits, opened the door and made us welcome. Even though she’d already seen them twice previously, she again checked our medical health certificates. As before she assured the four of us that some nervousness was a common feeling for attendees. As we hung our clothes in the wardrobe of the main bedroom Gillian told us we’d be using the second bedroom for this night’s activities. From our first visit we knew the second bedroom had a remarkable floor to ceiling mirror on one wall; against which there were king size mattresses on the floor, with white satin sheets and plenty of pillows. Bill and I submitted to having Gillian print our first names in small blue textered letters above our right nipples. We acquired a drink in the kitchen, and joined the nude party group of males gathered in the lounge.The men, like Bill and I, had their names neatly printed on their right boobs for ease of identification after the forgetfulness of the initial nervous introductions. The atmosphere of the group was warm, friendly and happy; most welcoming. It helped us relax. There were six other men present, ranging in age from mid thirties to mid forties. It was really just like any other party except, given our common pre-identified purpose in meeting, it seemed more friendly and focussed, warmer and happier and, of course, everyone was naked. While initially no one was overtly sexual in behaviour, nevertheless there was an undercurrent of excitement overtly present through the group. When Gillian brought our naked wives into the group and made the introductions the demeanour of the men changed. They were out to impress our two women. They were happy, kind and thoughtful, but full of anticipatory lust too. The loins stirred as they unobtrusively examined Cherall and Lisa’s obvious assets. Both ladies were short in stature, mature in their build, but different with their respective blond and black hair. Both had similarities in their large breasts, beautifully rounded body shapes and shaved pussies. And both showed signs of their earlier dose of Viagra. Their bodies were already slightly flushed, their nipples long and hard, and their pussies were slightly open, labia puffily swollen peeked from their sex slits.Two of the men Cherall and Lisa had met before on their previous individual fantasy nights with the Club. Ron and Tony were exceptionally built men, though quite different in many respects. Tony was of European background, with grey hair and olive complexion, and an enormously thick muscular length of cock, which curved down over his scrotum between his thighs, ending in an equally impressive plum coloured knob. Both women had rated him highly. Ron had fair hair and skin. While not as thick as Tony his cock was incredibly long, the longest in the group of men. It could not be overlooked. Its length was awesome. It was tipped by was large helmet of smooth red flesh. Cherall and Lisa agreed that Ron reached vaginal territory not covered by the average man. The other most noteworthy man in the group, in terms of size, was Fearless Fred, a person of extremely happy disposition, tall and angular, some freckles to go with his red hair, an above average uncircumcised penis on display. The other three men were average in size, but very different in appearance. Rob had grey hair and fit lean build. John and Jim were both of medium build; except that the former had a mane of thick black hair while the latter was light brown and thinning. Both were uncircumcised. While all the guys showed early signs of their excitement Bill and I were erect, caused no doubt by the pill we had taken just prior to our arrival as well as the excitement of seeing our wives surrounded by such sexy hunks, knowing what was planned for the night. We all had drinks while we stood and chatted in the lounge. Gillian called for attention and gave out the additional rules for the evening; first she assured everyone that all present had a valid health certificate; the lounge was to be a social area only; no drinks in the bedroom; the viewing room was shut for the night; and no meant no, that the three women, particularly Cherall and Lisa, would dictate activity. Breaks would occur when any woman wanted one. Gillian added that she would take the two women to the bedroom, blind fold them for the initial round of play as they had requested, then return for the men. The men would be in two teams of four. Cherall and Lisa would not know who was in what team. After round one we’d take a break then, if the women remained interested, commence round two with the two teams changing women. The three women finished their drinks and departed.One could feel the palpable excitement in the group. Gillian returned. She instructed us to show gentleness, care and concern in everything, particularly in any multiple penetration activities. She reminded us that this night was principally for Cherall and Lisa, that they would be nervous but also excited and willing. Finally we were divided into two teams of four. Bill and I were told that initially at least we would not be put with our own wives. So Bill was teamed with long Ron, Rob and Jim; that left myself teamed with massive Tony, Fearless Fred and John. We finished our drinks and walked with Gillian to the larger second bedroom. The room was in darkness except for a spotlight over each of the two mattresses against the mirrored wall. A third mattress piled high with a number of pillows butted against the other two, but it was unlit. All three mattresses were covered with clean white cotton sheets. Discretely at the foot of the two spotlighted mattresses were bottles of oil and lube. Our wives each lay in the middle of a mattress, their bodies visually sexy in the lighting. Both women had one pillow under their head and another under their bottoms. Their poses were the same, legs spread, big breasts mounded up on their chests. Both were blindfolded with black cloth eyeshades. The teams of four walked to their allocated woman. Tony and Fearless Fred knelt on one side of Cherall while John and I knelt opposite. We all looked down at the woman laid out before us, waiting for our touch, wanting us as much as we wanted her. The excitement was palpable and electric. Cherall looked superb. Her skin was smooth. Her nipples stood up slightly from the areolae of each maltepe escort magnificent breast. Her belly tapered down to her thighs, her shaved vulva mounded between her legs, the pink slit of flesh hinted at hidden delights. I glanced around the room. Likewise, on the mattress adjacent to us, four men knelt around my wife. Hands already caressed her body. She seemed vulnerable, but their demeanour radiated care with their lust. On the third mattress, in the semi darkness, I noted that Gillian had propped herself up against a stack of pillows, so she could comfortable watch and orchestrate the night’s activities.Tony and John ran their hands over Cherall’s face, neck, chest, breasts and nipples. Fearless Fred and I caressed our fingertips down Cherall’s belly and along the tops of her thighs. I stroked my fingers across the fold of her pudendum, strayed a fingertip into her sex slit, explored her clitoris hidden in the niche of her flesh, gently teased and aroused it. Fred’s fingers joined mine, sliding through the length of her cleft, opened her like a flowering bud, caused the first wet seep to moisten her flesh. I softly massaged her clitty. Fred deftly fucked two wet fingers into the parting petals of her vulva.Each of Cherall’s hands massaged a cock, Tony on one side and John on the other. Even blindfolded I assumed there was no way she could not but guess that she held Tony in her hand, given his cock’s already erect massive thickness. He bent forward and sucked her nipples. Cherall pulled John towards her until her mouth was able to fasten on his knob. Her red lips encircled the glans, sucked him into her mouth. Fearless Fred lay between Cherall’s legs. His mouth feasted on her succulent snatch. I knelt and gazed at the wonders before my eyes. In the group next to us Lisa was on her hands and knees. She straddled Rob, his face between her thighs, and sucked his cock, while Jim fucked her from behind. Bill and Ron, on either side of her massaged her hanging breasts.Gillian lay back on her pillows in a very relaxed pose, her eyes fastened on the two groups, fingers of one hand slowly stroking through her sex.Cherall’s muffled groans around the cock stuffed in her mouth caught my attention. She humped her lower body at Fred’s mouth while at the same time she attempted to deep throat John. The first small climax shook her body. Somehow Cherall managed to keep her attention focused on John’s cock. She laved her tongue wetly across the knob, sucked the shaft deep into her throat. My cock throbbed at the sight. Fred meanwhile now knelt between her far flung thighs, positioned his swollen red glans inside the portals of her moist sex. His cock was long and hard, with foreskin stretched taut along the sides of his thick shaft. Fred rocked his body forward, skewered Cherall’s vulnerable pussy with his mighty muscle of meat. Her cunt effortlessly gobbled him up. He pumped into her with long fast strokes. I admired the manner in which Cherall’s slim labia stretched out along Fred’s shaft, the way her cunt accommodated his steady penetrations, an erotic horny sight.Tony obviously liked what he saw too. His massive thick cock jutted out from his body while he continued to massage Cherall’s breasts, tweak at her nipples to induce pleasure pain in her. She meanwhile continued to suck John’s cock while she humped her lower body up at Fred.On the adjacent bed the group had moved again. My blindfolded wife now straddled Rob’s body stretched out beneath her. Using her thighs she lifted herself high in the air over the very long length of his shaft, before plunging down onto his thighs, the enormous length of his cock buried somewhere inside her. It was difficult for me to believe such a small woman could so obviously easily handle such a massive penetration, and display so much pleasure and enjoyment. Her rhythm was wild and frenetic. Her lovely big melon breasts, tipped by hard elongated nipples, bounced and swayed from her efforts. The other three guys around her simply watched her performance. One of them, Jim, stood over Ron facing her. He fiercely wanked himself, apparently intent on spraying his spunk over her breasts. I knew she’d love that.Gillian still sprawled back on her bed, avidly observing the activities, gently teasing and masturbating herself. She used the fingers of one hand to manipulate her clitoris, the fingers o the other hand she plunged in and out of her gaping cunt.Cherall relinquished John’s cock from her mouth, her head flung back on the pillow, her mouth sucked air into her lungs as she wailed and moaned into her orgasm. Her body thrashed and heaved up at Fred’s impaling hunk of meat. John jerked his erection in his fist. As Cherall came in loud heady grunts and moans the cum burst out of him, to splatter in white chunks of mucous over her breasts, neck and face.Sounds of Lisa in orgasm caused me to glance at the other group. She wailed in pleasure as she plunged up and down on Ron’s incredibly long cock. Just as she peaked Jim arched his body, jerked his hand along the length of his swollen cock, and sprayed white gobs of cum over her breasts. In front of me Fred’s rhythm and speed increased as he speared his cock into Cherall’s engulfing but gaping cunt. He fucked her hard. Fred roared to his climax. Fred’s body spasmed over Cherall as he plunged his cock deep into the depths of her cunt. He remained in her for some time while he recovered, his cock imbedded to the base inside her. When he finally withdrew his cock was streaked with white fluid, and his cum dribbled and pooled in the open maw of her sex. I reached for Cherall’s body, rolled her onto her belly, lifted her without much urging onto her hands and knees. As I knelt behind her, her cum coated pussy framed between the white flesh of her thighs looked simply luscious. With ease my cock slid into her, buried to the hilt. Quickly I attained speed and rhythm that reflected my lust for her. As always she felt incredibly tight, hot and wet. Cherall fucked her body back at meet, matched her movements to mine. Fred and John reclined on the bed on either side of us and watched. Rampant Tony knelt in front of Cherall and offered his massive cock to her mouth. Greedily she sucked on his knob. A quick glance at the adjacent bed showed me the group had changed places around Lisa. She was now on her back in the missionary position. Bill was on top of her, at last fucking my wife while now I fucked his wife, a happy coincidence. Typically Lisa and enveloped him in her arms and legs, her arms wrapped around his back, her legs lifted up high crossed behind his backside as he pounded his cock inside her.I was too hot and too excited to last very long with Cherall. While she sucked Tony I fucked escort maltepe her deep and hard and fast. I enjoyed the sensation of her grasping swallowing cunt. It gripped my shaft, thrust back at me as I entered her, sucked me deep into her depths. The familiar sensations built steadily in my belly and balls. The cum erupted out of me, shot along the core of my cock, burst into Cherall’s hot vagina. My body shivered and shook as my cock pumped spurting streams of cum into her. I leant forward against her back until the shivers and pulsing subsided. Tony moved Cherall on to her back again. Her pussy, swollen from both Viagra and sex, gaped wetly open. He knelt in front of her and dipped his huge knob into her sopping flesh. Tony hunched forward, his glans slipped into her vaginal throat, and his massively thick shaft slid into the depths of her cunt. Cherall pulled him down to her, raised her legs around him, lifted her sex up at him in welcome. For a man who had watched the action for so long he responded to her accordingly. Their fuck was frenetic, packed with pent up lust. Cherall came quickly. Tony showed no mercy. She peaked again. He fucked her faster. Just as she wailed into her third orgasm with him he too let go. His body quivered over her, his thrusts became slow and deliberate, his climax thundered through his body.Gillian interrupted our collective reverie and called time out for drinks in the lounge. We men left the room first while Gillian consulted with Cherall and Lisa. All the guys expressed excitement about their recent activities, made complimentary remarks to Bill and I about our good fortune in being married to such wonderful women. Some of them were now flaccid and wilted. Bill and I though, with some secret help from our small purple assistant, still retained some hardness. The men organised drinks for themselves, and for the women when they joined us some minutes later. Cherall and Lisa radiated erotic joy, their bodies flushed, nipples elongated, pussies pouting. The conversation in the group was warm and excited. Gillian announced that our wives were looking forward to the next round after a well deserved break. The men excelled themselves at looking after the three women, keen still to impress. By the time Gillian took our wives away from the group again everyone showed obvious signs of recovery.Gillian returned and reminded all about the club rules. She kept the same guys in each group, just assigned us to the other woman. When the two groups entered the room both woman were back in their initial positions, blindfolded, as we’d seen them at the start of the evening’s activities. Gillian too resumed her former pose.Walking past Cherall I noticed her beautiful pussy on display, pretty butterfly wings of flesh spread open framing the pink gash of her sex. As we four knelt around Lisa eight hands caressed her horny looking spreadeagled body. Fingers gently massaged and probed, enflamed her flesh everywhere. Fearless Fred poured a small quantity of clear lubricant into and over her already moist pussy. He and John moved Lisa onto her side. I supported her upper leg in the air while John lay in front of her and Fred behind her. My position of assistant gave me an uninterrupted view as Fred slid his long cock across the groove of her arse into her gash. His penetration was effortless as her cunt gobbled him up. He paused inside her while John, slowly and carefully, worked his hard cock into her. The fit seemed tight but I could see her cunt part and open to accept their double intrusion. Slowly they commenced their fuck. Fred withdrew his glistening hard shaft until just the knob remained inside the throat of her vagina. As his cock commenced it’s inward journey John began his outward movement. So they slowly built up rhythm and speed, alternatively thrusting in and out of her cunt. Lisa’s first orgasm in this position was quick, and explosive and intense. She never really subsided to any orgasmic low. The orgasms just rolled through her body, steadily growing in intensity.Noise from the bed beside us briefly caught my attention. Cherall wailed in climax. She lay stretched out on top of Ron while Jim speared his cock in and out of her anus. A cock in each hole obviously felt very good for her. My wife, sandwiched between the two men, was stretched wide by their two firm relentless pumping cocks. Her response to their double invasion excited them immensely. Fearless Fred’s thrusts became slower, deeper and more deliberate. He grunted and groaned as his cock jerked and throbbed his jism into her depths. With one final thrust he remained buried deep in her vagina. John vocalised even more as he drove his prick fiercely into Lisa’s cunt, his body mashed tightly against hers, his hands gripping her arse as he pumped his load of cum. All three lay tangled together for some time. As I put Lisa’s leg down I could see the white foam streaming and bubbling out of her cunt over the two withering cocks resting inside her. My own cock ached with hardness. I looked over at Tony. His thick cock jutted up from his body, the veins knotted along the shaft. Alone on her mattress Gillian continued to erotically masturbate herself with both hands. On the bed beside us I saw Bill being sucked by the kneeling Cherall while Rob took her from behind. In front of me the group of three slowly broke apart leaving my blindfolded wife now free for Tony and I. He signalled his intentions to me. Together we gathered her up until she knelt before us. I loved the way her magnificent breasts hung from her body, the way her backside rounded upwards, the way her pussy poked out between her thighs. I slid on my back under her so that my head on the mattress was almost between her knees. I looked up at the open gash of her sex, noted how her swollen fat labia pouted and flared apart, her red clitoris hard and erect standing out from her slit, the throat of her vagina wide open, her inner sex still glistening and streaked with cum, some of which flowed in white dribbles down the skin of each of her thighs. One of Lisa’s hands grasped the base of my prick, and held it upright while her tongue slithered wetly over my knob. My own hands massaged her hanging breasts, teased her long nipples. She shifted her thighs further apart. I saw why when, just centimetres above my face, Tony’s thick hard cock slid between her labia along the gash of her sex. Back and forth his cock moved though the groove of her sex. His large swollen knob pressed against her erect clitoris, coated it with moisture and cum that continued to copiously seep from her cunt. Lisa’s body shivered until his touch but she still managed to gobble part of my shaft into her mouth and swirl her tongue over my knob. The maltepe escort bayan head of Tony’s cock eventually burrowed into the maw of my wife’s sex, settled inside the entrance of her tunnel. In spite of its girth his cock slid effortlessly into her vagina. Her labia dipped inwards, drawn in by the movement of his penetrating shaft. As her cunt swallowed his thickness and length, held him completely, he briefly paused his movement, his big tight sac swaying slightly above me. As he slowly eased back out of her the taut olive skin of his shaft was streaked white with cum stains. He stopped with just the knob remaining inside her tunnel, then sunk back into her again. Slowly his penetrations picked up speed and intensity. Lisa humped her arse and cunt back at him as he penetrated her, ensuring she engulfed him completely, matching her rhythm to his. Meanwhile she lasciviously sucked my cock, and I massaged her breasts and watched the sight in front of my face. I felt the heat in my hands, saw the muscular convulsions in her belly and thighs, watched the contractions of her sex as Lisa had her first but long lasting and guttural orgasm. Her body shuddered over me against Tony, my cock out of her mouth as she came. Tony plunged his massive prick hard and fast into her cunt while she came. As she came down off her peak he resumed his steadier former pace. This cycle continued unabated for some considerable time. Meanwhile the pressure in my own balls and belly built steadily. As the ache of pleasure approached the point of no return I lifted my hips up at my wife’s mouth. The orgasm, when it came, flowed through all of my body. My cock throbbed as the spunk shot up through the core of my shaft, pumped into Lisa’s mouth, spurted into her throat. Even as the white tide stilled she continued to gently lap and suck me, sending shivers down my shaft into my body.Above my face I could see this long fuck was also beginning to have a dramatic effect on Tony. His cock had grown thicker and harder, the veins along the shaft now engorged and distended with blood. His thrusts were now more purposeful and forceful. Lisa’s labia were fat and swollen around his cock. Her cunt sucked at his meat, the sounds of their wet flesh exhilarating and intoxicating. Lisa humped herself backwards hard. On each inward thrust their combined movements ensured total penetration, complete engulfment. Tony’s movements changed. His thrusts became less frenetic. The thick protruding muscle along the underside of his shaft swelled and throbbed as he pumped his cum into her spasming clutching depths. Her body shook as she too climaxed. Slowly deeply the cock thrust into her twitching clasping cunt. Finally the spasm of pleasure subsided. He remained buried in her. As his cock began to wilt his spunk foamed whitely around his shaft, over her labia, down her thighs. We slowly broke apart and Gillian called for a rest break.As before it took some time for the three women to join the men for drinks. Minus their blindfolds both Cherall and Lisa looked flushed and radiant though a little tired. We all sat around for nearly an hour, talked happily and relaxed. Most of the guys in this time showered and dressed, before fondly kissing all three women goodbye. Finally only Bill and I, our two wives, and Gillian and Rob remained. When she returned from seeing the last of the men off the premises Gillian returned to the lounge and told us about our final game for the night. She assured us both Cherall and Lisa felt capable of one more round of fun, this time with no blindfolds, and Gillian now a participant too.We six naked players adjourned back to the bedroom, using just the two adjacent beds. As instructed by the hostess we three men stood in a rough circle around the three kneeling women. Cherall ran her tongue over my knob and along each side of the shaft. Life returned to my semi flaccid cock. Cherall’s tongue as always worked its magic. The view of the other two couples also helped. Lisa sucked at Bill, while Gillian ministered to Rob. However before anyone became to comfortable Gillian had we three men move to the right one place. Now Lisa worked her mouth over familiar territory. My prick jerked in response. Again Gillian moved us. Now she sucked me into her mouth, ran her tongue down the underside of my shaft, kneaded my balls. Like the other two guys my prick soon achieved full erection. Gillian had her plan unfold. The three women knelt side by side on one mattress just in front of the mirrored wall. They looked magnificent, each physically different in the way their breasts hung down, the shape of their backsides, pussies peeking back at us between well spread thighs. We three men knelt behind them. I carefully slid my cock into Cherall’s tight bare pussy, reached around her leg with one hand to finger tease her clitoris, and tweaked a nipple with the other hand. Cherall thrust herself back at me, engulfed my cock completely inside her hot wet clasping cunt. She watched our group reflections in the mirror. I looked too, noting the avid lust on Lisa’s face as Bill plunged his prick into her snatch. On the other side of us Gillian was lost in lust with Rob, but not lust enough to command a change of places after only a few minutes. As I sunk into Gillian her wetness and heat flowed around my cock. The opportunity to fuck someone different filled me with excitement. Just as I seemed to revel in my rhythm with her she again ordered a change. My wife was all mine at last. We were together just the two of us for the first time that night. We knew just where to touch each other to gain maximum pleasure. Again the change of positions and partners came around almost too quickly. The women lay side by side on their backs, their sexual charms on display to titillate and seduce we three men. Cherall wrapped me in her arms, drew me down to her magnificent ballooned on her chest, sucked my tongue into her mouth, her legs crossed behind my backside. Her pussy enveloped and engulfed my cock. Her muscles grasped and held me in a glove of hot wet clasping flesh. I slid fiercely with intensity in and out of her wonderful cunt. Beside me her husband Bill fucked my wife Lisa. Their sounds of sex filled our ears. On the other side of us Rob rode Gillian to the stars. Cherall and I quickly built up a powerful rhythm, soon completely oblivious to the other two couples as we became totally immersed in our fuck. It did not take Cherall long to orgasm. Her body rocked against mine. Her fantastic cunt gripped at my cock. Effortlessly she took me with her, my pumping prick emptying in heaving throbs into her clutching depths. When we came up for air the other four lay spent in two tangled heaps. It took some time for us to partially recover enough to share a shower and get dressed. Cherall, Bill, Lisa and I eventually departed heading tiredly for home. The night had been marvellous, marvellous enough to seriously consider Gillian’s invitation to return again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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