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Co-worker’s wife part 1

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Co-worker’s wife part 1A few years ago, a new guy, Steven, started working at my company. He worked in a different department and was a junior member but we had frequent interaction and became work “friends.” We would occasionally have to attend conferences or travel for work and over a short period of time, I got to know him pretty well. Steve was a good worker and a nice guy. He was somewhat of a newlywed, married about 2 years, no k**s. Steve and his wife Jordan were both early 20’s and I was mid 30’s and married with three k**s. I had met his wife Jordan a few times and she was a girl next door type cutie. She had an average build but had larger tits for her frame. She had a very cute face and looked younger than she was. She dressed nice and carried herself well, she was friendly and smart and bubbly which made her more attractive. Steven and Jordan had been college sweethearts and dated for 4 years then gotten married. I knew from my conversations with Steve, that Jordan had been a virgin when they met and he was the only person she had been with. He had told me a lot of details about their lives, I knew they were both from religious backgrounds but were not very religious. Their sex life was decent but mostly vanilla. I knew she was not on the pill, and he didn’t cum in her because they “really weren’t ready for k**s.” I asked him where he would cum and he said he “usually wore a rubber.” I asked him about anal and oral and from what I got they were anal virgins but “experimented” with oral. He was a good innocent, fairly naive guy married to a good girl.There are more details I could give about their sex life, more will come out later, but I want to move on with the story. At the time, I was a pretty busy guy. I had a wife and a really hot girlfriend on the side. Between my wife and girlfriend I had a lot of sex. I wasn’t out looking for women, so I was just not really thinking about other women. My wife didn’t know about my girlfriend so a lot of time and effort went into keeping that on the down low. Anyway, It was Christmas time. My wife took the k**s back to the east coast for a few weeks. Steve was going on a routine 2 week road trip. Before he left he asked if I would do him a favor. He had bought two tickets to the office holiday party and he wondered if I would take his wife. He knew my wife was out of town (he didn’t know I had a girlfriend I had plans with that same night.) I told him I couldn’t do it, but after some discussion I reluctantly agreed. I had no real reason to say no and didn’t want to divulge I had plans with a girlfriend. As a one-time favor I would do it, but he would owe me big time. He agreed and thanked me profusely.My girlfriend was a little pissed I had to cancel but she was used to last minute changes and cancellations. She knew I would make it up to her, and we did all week. We had more sex in the 4 days before the party, than ever before. Friday rolls around and I show up at Steve and Jordan’s apartment. I was tired and feeling a bit grumpy. I didn’t want to ruin the night and promised myself I would try my best to have fun, even though I was looking forward to going home to bed. Jordan answered the door with a smile and she looked very nice. canlı bahis She apologized and said she wasn’t quite ready. She was wearing a nice dress that wasn’t too formal but still elegant. I noticed for the first time that she had really cute feet. I could tell that she had recently done her nails and she had very cute toes. She looked very pretty and I told her so, but it was a genuine compliment without much after thought. She offered me a beer while I waited and she finished whatever she had to do, powder her nose, find shoes, I don’t know. I hadn’t been in their apartment before, but it was nice, modest but clean.We left after a few minutes and headed to the dinner. She was chatty but not over bearing on the ride to the party and we had good conversation. For a second I thought, “I wonder if she knows that Steve told me that she likes dirty talk during sex or that she shaved her pussy except for a patch of hair,” but those were sly, fleeting thoughts and nothing more. At the party, I introduced her to all of Steve’s co-workers. I gave her the low down on who was cool and who was an asshole. We laughed and shared secrets about people in the office. She was a lot of fun, and was very interesting and social. She had a few cocktails and I could tell by the end of the night that she was tipsy. She didn’t act drunk, but it was evident she was feeling the booze. On the ride back to her apartment she was a little less chatty, but she seemed very flirty. I didn’t think anything about it and thought she was just being fun and a little relaxed. I pull in front of her apartment and she says “well, I hope I wasn’t a terribly boring date for you.” I laughed and ensured her I had a good time and she was a lot of fun. She asks me if I want to come in for a beer, since I hadn’t had any at the party. I told her no, I better get home, I was tired. She is looking at me and playing with her hair, she asks, “will you walk me to the door?” I felt like a bit of an idiot, of course I would, I opened her door like a gentleman and walked her to her door. Once there she asks again with a pout, “are you sure you don’t want to come in for one drink?” Suddenly it hit me and my ego said to myself “She wants you dumbass!” At this point, instinct started to take over. “Ok, as long as you are having one too.” She smiled and suddenly gave me a big hug, pressing her boobs into me, before opening the door. “You are such a nice guy, thanks again for putting up with me.” Now I wasn’t so sure, maybe she was just being courteous and friendly. Lord knows I have misread signals many times before. One drink wouldn’t kill me, I was curious how things were going to play out and I was going to have fun with it no matter what.Once we got inside, she threw her keys down and let out a deep breath/small sigh type thing. She looks at me and asks, Do you care if I get these shoes off and relax a bit?” Not at all, I reply. She started off toward the back and asked me if I could get us both a beer from the fridge. I grab two and sit on the sofa. While I’m sitting there I’m thinking through different game plans and scenarios, wondering how far to go and how to stay safe and not screw up anybody’s life…especially my own. I had to bahis siteleri be cool and just slide along. Jordan came back into the living room in a kimono type robe and sat next to me on the sofa. “I really hope you don’t think I am being rude, but I had to get comfy, those shoes were killing me and my robe was calling to me.” Nah, that’s cool, you should be comfy. We just sat there for a minute talking about the evening when I decided to push the envelope a bit. “You know Jordan, I’ve been told I give the best foot rubs west of the Mississippi. If your feet are hurting, I guess I could help you out, but only because you’ve been a lot of fun all night.” She smiled a bit and replied, “Well how sweet Jim, I would never ask, but since you are offering, I won’t pass up some pampering! With that she turned and put both of her feet square in my lap. She leaned back against the armrest and wiggled her toes a little. “Work some magic please!” So far so good.Her feet really were nice. Her little toe was a little stubby, but she had nice long toes and a sweet arch. With slow, deliberate movements I started rubbing her feet. Her skin was soft and it was obvious that she took good care of her feet. I had to stop and gloat a second in my mind. If this went no further, how lucky was I? Here I was, a 36 year old father of three, with a hot 30 year old wife, a hotter 27 year old Asian girlfriend, and I was rubbing the feet of a cute 23 year old whose hubby was 5 states away and had asked me to hang out with his wife. I am sure it wasn’t what Steven had in mind, but Jordan might have been thinking what I was starting to think. I rubbed her feet for a few minutes and she watched me intently. Finally she said something like “it feels so nice, you are very good.” I thought about kissing her feet but I didn’t, it seemed too risky and could turn her off. Instead I decided to go with compliments. “I’m glad you like it Jordan, I gotta say, you have really nice feet. I think they are super sexy.” She laughed a little and said “You think so? I’m glad you like them. What is so sexy about them?” I told her a few things as I was rubbing, and I felt my cock getting hard. I decided to make a bold move. I moved one hand a little farther up her leg as if I was resting it there while the other had was still massaging. Her legs were slightly parted and I decided I could open her robe somewhat nonchalantly and recover if it startled her. As I moved my resting hand back, I pulled her robe open slightly, just enough to see that she wasn’t wearing panties! She also made no move to pull the robe back and she didn’t say a word. Now I knew things were going to get crazy, all lights were green, but I still had to be careful, I didn’t want to spook her. I was somewhat in shock and awe that any of it was actually happening, it had been so far from thought.So now her pussy was exposed, and it looked amazing. “Jordan is a naughty girl I see.” “Maybe a little bit,” she sighed. I spread her legs a little wider and shifted so I couId get a good look. “I didn’t know you were hiding such a pretty pussy, what a nice surprise.” She laughed a little as she dropped one leg to the floor, opening herself up even more. Her robe was still güvenilir bahis tied around her waist and I reached for the knot. “I hope your tits are as impressive as your pussy, I’ve been wondering about them” I said slightly cautiously testing for response, but she said nothing as I undid her robe and pulled it open fully. She was beautiful, exposed and mostly naked before me. Her tits were a large C or D with quarter sized areola and pencil eraser hard nipples. They had a perfect shape. I took another risk as I reached out and cupped one of her tits. I felt across her nipples stopping to pinch them both gently. As she closed her eyes and moaned, I shifted and moved between her legs so I was face to face with her cunt. She had a pretty pussy with fat outer lips and smaller but slightly meaty inner lips, I pulled her open with two fingers and she was a pale pink color inside. She was very wet as I finally lowered my face and slowly licked her slit. She moaned and put her hands on my head and pushed herself into me. She tasted amazing as I licked her from base to clit, flicking her clit softly, then shoving my tongue deep into her, brushing her clit with my nose then starting over again. Her hands were in my hair as she fed me her pussy. On one downstroke I went further and licked her asshole. She cooed as I licked her ass and tongued her pucker hole. This also helped me hold her off a bit, but not for long. On about my 4th trip back to her clit, she tightened and came loudly. As she came I sucked her clit and put the tip of my finger in her asshole. I felt her wetness on my chin as I continued to lick her juicy peach.I stood up and started to take off my clothes as she laid there enjoying her orgasm high. “Oh my God that was…wow…Are you going to fuck me now?” She asked breathlessly. “Yes baby. That’s what you want isn’t it, a really good fucking?” “Yes,” was her reply. I dropped my pants and my cock sprang out all ready raging hard. I have a good cock, an average, cut, seven incher, but it works well and I’ve never had complaints. “Oh my, it looks so big,” Jordan said as her eyes widened a little. I remembered that Steve had said she liked dirty talk and I wanted to see how well she took direction, so I pushed the envelope once again. “Don’t be shy Jordan, we both know you are just a little whore that wants this cock in her mouth, so come here and get it…and take off your robe, horny sluts don’t leave clothes on.” She gasped slightly, but with a gleam in her eye, she slid down the sofa towards my protruding dick, taking off her robe as she moved. I stepped out of my pants at the same time. She grabbed my cock and stared at it for a moment then looked up at me with innocent eyes. “Go on baby, you know you want to.” She put it in her mouth tentatively at first but then worked up a good rhythm. I was impressed that she looked at me the whole time. To be honest though, she needed more practice, but that was fine for now. I reached down to play with her tits for a minute the told her to stand up. I kissed her for the first time, aggressively. I could still taste her on my tongue and wanted to share that with her. While we made out I alternated my hands between her tits and ass. I started to finger her and she was still very wet, her pussy felt nice and tight, I was ready to fuck her. “Come on, let’s go to your bedroom, I want to fuck you in the bed you share with your husband.End part 1Should I continue?

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