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College Living!!

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Big Dick

College Living!!The look in your eyes after my constant gratification for allowing me to move in your basement for low student fee, there was no sign of annoyance. You smile at me every time we past as I pack my open space with my belongings. Its not the “oh my I don’t have anything else to say yet” smile. Its the “I really hope my face isn’t saying what I am thinking” expression, which then makes me wonder..His shirt is really sweaty..The smell of his musk coats my thoughts…As you explain your wishes and rules over the great dinner you prepared, the story your eyes shared with me was clear as you twirled the ends of your well dressed brown hair. When i’d respond, your expression was as though my words had melted your eyes. The way they met mine and trickled down my body.All the while, my thoughts are of what I desired yours to be..Before bed we sit in the bar room while drinking and discussing school. almanbahis yeni giriş As I begin to thank you again, you hush me..your mouth speaking no words. Your hand, no gestures. Just the rise of your eyebrow and quirky smirk on your face. As we laugh and talk, we both dig. Hoping to touch topic that would spark the flame.In sarcasm, I comment your choice of a sleeping garment and after a laugh, you respond, I would have been more prepared if you were in my bedroom, and not my basement….the awkward silence acknowledged the tension felt since we said hello.. “I could be”, I said as you begin to embarrassingly clean the glasses from the bar. Our eyes meet in a place of no distraction of light, but clarity. As the words escape my mouth, I slowly dominate my stare to let you know my jokes were up! You smile bashfully as we think our next choice of words carefully. “Well, maybe almanbahis giriş I should prepare better”. As we disappointingly retire to our opposed directions, the thoughts mingle with the vision in my head.. As you vanish up the staircase, your words, “till tomorrow” was the key.. As you travel up the stairs, I follow close without recognition. Watching the way the heated discussion had hurried your walk, I knew you were on a mission. You run into your bedroom door directly towards the bathroom and I slipped into a darkened part of the room. When you arrive to your bed, you drop your robe to reveal the bountiful beauty wrapped in a sequenced lace bra, with the panties of same color and style. Your massive thighs contracting as you climb into your bed, your heaving breast slowly spilling out of your bra. You little fingers tracing your body creating the map to my destination.. You massage almanbahis güvenilirmi you white laced breast vigorously, while, in a winded voice, wishing the pool guy was able to assist you! “oh pool boy! Oh I want my pool boy! I want him to caress me”, as you begin to fondle your glorious breast from your bra. ” I want him to kiss me” while anxiously sliding your feet across the bed. I begin to worry if the adjustment to the dark had set in and you could see me rubbing my high alerted cock through my cotton jam pants.. Keeping my moves smooth and imagination open, my cock grew more and more. Matching the sound of your voice nearing the destined high, as you scream out, “oh pool boy, cum inside my juicy pussy, pool boy”! By this time, I suspect your awareness of my presence. So with all or my effort and all of my hardened dick, I slip out of the bedroom without a sound.. The walk to my room was very long… As I reach my bed my hardened Dick outline begins to fade. I hop into bed with you on my mind. I am relieved that I didn’t get caught, but also creeper out by my new living space.. I hear a soft noise throughout the night… I can get used to this…SSTAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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