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College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 16

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Double Dong

Hours passed as he had his way with my love over and over again. There were periods of calm, but they were abruptly broken by his incredible appetite and ability to project his seed seemingly without tiring.

I knew that Jenna was fit, but after this it sounded like she would need and deserved a very long rest.

To me the sounds eventually became almost calming. Him grunting and her repeatedly building then climaxing became the background music to my beta trance.

As long as she was being satisfied, I was in a good place. I may be cocktied and forced to listen, but it was comfortable. It was home.

Because I was still essentially in punishment, I was not invited to watch or to clean her. That pained me, but that would be a privilege I would have to earn.

Instead, I listened until my fatigue took over. I was in a fetal position at the foot of the bed as I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of superiors fucking like I could only dream.

At the sound of the wolf, I opened my eyes. I blinked twice and was immediately wide-awake. I also felt totally rested. It was a good feeling.

I must have had the best sleep of my life. I don’t remember dreaming exactly, but I do know that my body and mind were finally on the same level and knew that I was deserving of the deepest sleep of my life.

“Rise and shine cucky,” came the call from a few feet away next to the bed.

I looked up to see Mrs. Anderson sitting cross legged on a chair staring down at me.

She was in her almost-standard attire, but this time she was wearing one-piece bathing suit. Her sandals were also off already.

Her foot dangled tantalizing right in front of me and the message was clear.

I sat up on my knees and faced her. I took a quick look around the room and saw that it was just us. Without speaking I immediately put her beautiful foot right into my mouth and began worshiping it as she intended.

“Fantastic,” she said with a smile. “It looks like a rough pegging, thorough emasculation, and a good night’s sleep is just what the doctor ordered.” She looked down at me with a combination of derision, superiority and a healthy amount of pride from a job well done.

“I knew you had it in you dear,” she continued. “I can tell just by the look of you that you are in a better place. Why just look at that glow about you!”

I somewhat nodded still with her precious foot in my mouth.

“When you first got here, you were so damn tense one could practically feel it all over you.” she continued with her self-satisfied smile, “You were wound up tighter than a beta’s virgin asshole.”

She looked down at me with my near blank beta-stare ostim escort looking back at her, “But now, you are right down where you belong. Resigned and humbled.” She leaned forward the slightest bit, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Again I nodded as I licked the side of her foot.

She leaned back in her chair. “I will admit it,” she said almost lost in thought, “You were fun. Mr. Johnson thought that you would get here sooner. I told him that you would take some work.” She looked down at me and smirked, “Looks like I won the bet.”

She placed her free bare foot right onto my locked nub. It was completely inert. “That key fiasco really spiced things up,” she said mainly to herself. “I can’t imagine the stress that must have put on you. Should you? Shouldn’t you tell the truth?”

She was really enjoying this, “You must have played so much out in your mind. Tell me,” she started to ask, “Did you actually fantasize about actually beating Jake?”

I lowered my eyes for a bit and nodded.

“Marvelous!” she said sticking her foot back into my mouth, “That’s even better than I thought.” She seemed to be piecing things together in her mind, “And you actually didn’t know it was over until that failed punch?”

Again, I nodded.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” she said relishing my humiliation. “Well, it certainly was a sight to behold. To see his dark, masculine body do that to you, well, let’s just say that you almost looked… precious.”

For some reason, this word and description sent a beta-shock through my body. But, because of the cage it never made it to my nub. It seemed that for the foreseeable future, my beta shocks would have to find other outlets.

“Mr. Johnson seemed to think that Jake was far too easy on you,” she said with a tinge of derision my way. “He was much rougher on Mr. Anderson, believe me. But, I tried to explain to him that times change. Your generation is much more familiar with beta-males and their roles than ours was. I tried to explain to him that Jake didn’t need to be too rough.”

She leaned down a bit at me and asked rhetorically, “And you know what cucky? I was right!”

I slightly nodded as I concentrated on her perfectly pedicured toes. Her other bare foot was still on my cock-cage. I was unsure if I wanted there to be sensation there. A small part of me missed it. But the new and growing part of me knew that that would only lead to trouble for me. It was probably better that I was neutered for the time. It let me concentrate better on my task of pleasing her pretty feet.

“And now look at you,” she said in her beaming smile of slight mockery, “You have come full circle. ankara otele gelen escort You entered here a stubborn, frustrated beta and thanks to our guidance you are now a self-actualized beta-cuckold.” She removed her foot from my face. “What do you have to say to that?” she asked.

Without hesitation and with the upmost sincerity I replied succinctly, “Thank you Mrs. Anderson.” I then dutifully returned to my task of her foot.

Mrs. Anderson looked down at me with a very genuine and warm aura of pride. I was right where she wanted me to be.

Feeling satisfied that I was humbled, she seemed to switch gears. “Your fiance and her lover are out by the pool already,” she said plainly. “I’m sure they had quite the night last night, but two athletic specimens like that are a breed apart.” She looked down at me still worshiping her foot, “I told her that I would help get you situated this morning. She was worried about your state.”

I thought that was sweet but dare not say as I now knew that I was only to speak when it was appropriate.

“I will be happy to tell her that your emasculation seems to have taken perfectly,” she stood up, “But, that is separate from the fact that your little boy-hole got shown who’s boss last night. Come, get up. Let’s get into the bathroom and make sure you are truly okay.”

Without emotion I stood up and followed her into the bathroom. She started the shower and instructed me to get in.

“Clean yourself off honey,” Mrs. Anderson instructed. “Then we will make sure that Jake wasn’t too rough.”

I listened and the soap felt great on my smooth skin. I stared down at my shaven, tied nub as the bubbles washed away. It was amazing how listless it was despite the warm shower and beautiful, sexy woman watching me.

“Good,” she said as she was preparing the next instruction. “Now I want you to carefully, now carefully remove the plug. We are in no rush here and we want your pussy in… fighting shape.”

I could almost hear her mocking smile over the shower noise. I followed her instructions however, but was nervous as I proceeded.

“You may experience some… dribblings,” she said honestly. “Jake can pack quite a wallop.”

Honestly, I just wanted to get it over with. I closed my eyes, breathed calmly, removed my plug and let the shower water do its work. I then quickly applied more soap and washed up again.

“How’s that?” she asked. “Feel better I bet?”

She extended at towel toward me. I quickly dried off.

“Now come over and put both hands on the counter,” Mrs. Anderson instructed. “I will need to examine you.” She pulled my ankara rus escort cheeks apart. “I was a nurse by training you see,” she said as gingerly gave me a look over. “Kat thinks she’s the pro at this,” Mrs. Anderson said with some pride, “But who do you think taught her?”

It was absolutely humiliating to be subjected to this by your girlfriend’s smoking hot mother, but as this was now my norm, I took in the beta-angst and let it permeated my body. Seemingly only my tied penis was immune.

‘Looks ok,” she said approvingly. “I’d say that you owe Kat a great debt.”

I took my hands off of the counter and nodded in agreement with Mrs. Anderson.

She led me into the bedroom. She pointed down on the ground where I knew to then kneel.

She turned away from me so that her backside was inches from my face and lifted her kimono.

She tapped the back of my head so that I was to lean in closer. She pulled her swimsuit to the side so I got a perfect view of her shapely, athletic ass. I breathed her in.

“Smells like flowers, doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes Mrs. Anderson,” I replied.

“You’ve come a long way my dear,” she said as she swayed back and forth her ass-cheeks essentially brushing my face. “I figure you deserve to drink in perfection for a minute.”

Her delicious scent permeated my senses. I wanted to eat it, but I knew it wasn’t nearly my place.

“Thank you Mrs. Anderson,” I meekly acknowledged.

“I know you will make a perfect addition to this family,” she said as she swayed. “Jenna made the right choice.”

I silently agreed.

“But do not get me wrong cucky and do not mistake me,” she said, “You will be under a tight leash. At least for a while.” Her cheek brushed my nose. “Of course, as you now know, it’s for your own good.”

“Yes, Mrs. Anderson,” I agreed.

“Jenna will shine like the flower she was destined to be. We will all see to it,” Mrs. Anderson continued, “You will be the support she needs. And again, make no mistake, I will be watching…”

This wasn’t so much a threat as a healthy reminder. We both knew that.

“Now, show me you understand and give it a kiss,” she said as she stopped moving.

I placed both hands on opposite sides of her perfect cheeks. I slowly approached them and laid the most sincere, tender kiss I could discreetly on her smooth, tan cheek. I held it there for almost five seconds. I wanted her to show respect to her perfect ass, and her by extension with all of my being.

That message got sent.

“Excellent,” she said releasing her swimsuit back to its normal position before turning around to face me. She looked down at me with her slightly menacing smile, “Now, don’t you have some chores to do? Someone is waiting for you.”

Without making eye contact, I smiled in the submission of knowing my place.

“Yes, Mrs. Anderson,” I said before rising and dutifully left her to revel in her victory over me.

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