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College Reunion- Interracial 3-way

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Adriana Chechik

College Reunion- Interracial 3-wayMy husband and I met in college. He was a football player and I was a shy 18 year old girl who knew she craved cock even though I only had 1 boyfriend in High School. My dad had kept such tight control over my life that I wasn’t allowed to date until my senior year. That one boyfriend Tim opened up a new world of sex to me and from then on I considered myself quite the nymphomaniac. When I got to college I took advantage of my new found freedom to explore my sexuality. White guys, black guys, girls, and multiple guys at once, whatever I craved college life provided. I quickly found out that one of the things I enjoyed most were black guys. With their big cocks and aggressive style of sex they were perfect for me. I truly enjoyed my first two years of college and had slept with a bunch of the black guys on the football team. They enjoyed sharing me and I enjoyed being shared. I knew however that my father would never allow me to date or marry a black guy so I soon began to look for a good white guy to settle down with. I found that guy in my current husband. He knew who I was and accepted me and my past. He must have taken some shit from the guys on the team for dating the dorm whore but he didn’t seem to care. He loved me and expanded my sexual portfolio. We graduated and soon moved back to NY. A few years later we married and began our life together as husband and wife. Early on, I shared with him my escapades with his teammates and it really turned him on to know I had fucked some big black dicks. Having showered with these guys he knew what I had taken.Our married life was not traditional. We enjoyed a swinging lifestyle, my husband shared me with like-minded friends and he even set me up with strangers. All of it was incredibly exciting. As our 20 year college reunion crept up on us we began to reminisce. We both promised each other that if the opportunity presented itself we would try to rekindle some of the relationships I had freshman and sophomore year. The thought got me so excited that when the day came I could hardly contain myself. We dumped the boys at my parent’s house and headed to Boston, where we had gone to school. We checked into the Marriott at Copley Place. As I showered and shaved my important areas, my husband laid out the toys he had brought and the outfit he brought for me to wear. Walking out of the bathroom I saw vibrators, butt plugs, lube and nipple clamps laid out on dresser. On the bed the leg and arm restraints were attached to the bed and my collar and chain laid on my pillow. On the edge of the bed was my outfit. Crotch-less panties, cup-less bra and garter belt. A low cut blouse and a knee length skirt with a high side cut lay next to the underwear. I smiled at my husband’s choices as I dried my hair with a towel.“Go over to the window and drop the towel”, my husband commanded. I did what I was told. I dropped the towel and stood naked in front of the window. Being on the third floor we were close enough to the streets to clearly see the people below. Since my husband had turned on all the lights in the room I was back lit and easily seen from the street. “Hands on the glass”, he said as he approached me. I complied. Looking out the window I could see that no one on the street noticed me, although we were close to the covered walkway so any one on it could easily see us. My husband fucked me good against the glass, finishing in my mouth. After cumming he had me bend over the dresser and inserted my ben-wai balls into my pussy. “Get dressed”, my husband told me as he smacked my ass, “we are going to be late”. I dressed and we headed to the Atrium where the reunion’s cocktail hour was held.I will spare you the details but after a fun night of reminiscing, two of my old hook ups came back to our room. Rob and Devon were two of my husband’s team mates and if I remembered correctly very well hung. I took them to our room for “Drinks” as my husband adjourned to the Champions bar with other friends. As we entered the room I headed straight for the dresser and began to pour some drinks. Rob and Devon followed me in and looked at the bed with the toys and restraints and smiled to each other. The boys took off their jackets and walked to me. I handed Rob a drink and when I turned to grab Devon’s drink, Devon came up behind me. He unzipped my skirt, leaned in and said why don’t we just cut to the chase here, and pulled my skirt down. I stepped out of the skirt on the floor, turned and handed him his drink, kissing him on the lips as my hands then reached for his belt and pants button. We kissed longingly as I undid his pants and pulled them off his waist letting them dropped to the floor. Devon grabbed the bottom of my blouse and pulled it over my head and off. “Awww Yea” said Rob from the other side of the room. I looked over and he was undressing himself as he watched Devon and me. “Fucking hot piece of ass just like I remember,” Rob said as he sat on the couch now naked with his drink and a huge cock growing as he gently pulled on it. “You came to play baby”, said Devon as he put down his drink and grabbed my tits. “Look at your outfit and your body. How many k**s you got?” “three”, I replied as I released Devon’s cock from his underwear stroking it with my left hand as I fumbled with his shirt buttons with my right. “Fuck mommy you are fine as shit,” Devon mumbled as he finished the shirt for me flinging it to the floor. I continued to stroke his cock which was at least 10 inches long and as thick as a can of red bull. “Thank you”, I cooed. I stopped handed him his drink and told him to go sit on the couch with Rob. He smiled and complied. I stood in front of these well hung black men and just swaying, reaching up and rubbing and pinching my nipples. They smiled and watched. “Well boys what’s the plan?” Rob spoke first. “On all fours, crawl over to us”. I dropped to the floor and crawled my way to the couch locking eyes with them as I crawled. “Let me feel that mouth on my cock and balls,” said Rob. As I reached the couch I put my hands on Rob’s knees and worked my way up his legs with my head coming between his legs until I reach his balls. I kissed his heavy hairless balls, sucking them into my mouth. They tasted salty and musty which got my juices flowing. As I worked his balls with my mouth, I reached up and began stroking his cock with my right hand. Rob lets out a deep breathe. “Man I am so happy I left my wife home. I needed this.” I come off his balls and move my mouth up his shaft licking my way to the top. I pause,” Your wife doesn’t suck you off,” I ask. “Not like this güvenilir bahis baby, not close.” I take his cock in my mouth and decide that I am going to make this a blow job to remember. I attack his cock jacking with my left as I take more and more of his cock down my throat. I work up a lot of spit and I moaned and make myself choke a bit, which isn’t hard with his size. Rob is making all sorts of happy noises as I remove my hand and use just my mouth up and down the length of his dripping cock. With my right hand I reach out and search for Devon’s cock. Devon sees what I’m doing and move closer so I can take his cock in my hand and jerk him off. Rob puts his hands on the sides of my head and begins to control the speed and depth of the blowjob. I do not resist and simply concentrate on staying relaxed. Rob is hammering my mouth with his meaty cock and then suddenly pulls me completely off. I draw in a deep breathe, but continue to jack of Devon. “I need to stop for a second before I cum”, says Rob patting loudly. “Well then let’s move over to the bed”, says Devon, “Because I gotta fuck that pussy right now.” Rob places his hand under my chin and lifts my head. “Stand up baby”. I stand. I turn around and bend over grabbing my ankles. “I need you to do something first,” I say to Rob. “Grab the string”, I say as I grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart. Rob takes the string and slowly pulls the Ben Wa balls out of my pussy. “Thank you,” I purr as the last ball leaves my pussy and I stand again. “You are full of surprises, aren’t you,” asks Devon as he grabs me by the waist and direct me toward the bed. Rob comes around the side and crawls onto the bed. He grabs my collar and tosses it to Devon. “Put this on her man. “Devon puts the collar on me and then tosses the chain back to Rob. Rob is lying spread eagle on the bed. He pulls the chain toward him and I climb onto the bed. He keeps pulling until I am back at his cock. I take it back in my mouth. This time I work it more slowly. My knees are on the edge of the bed with my feet hanging off. Devon moved between my legs, grabbing my ass cheeks he spread them wide and then dove into my ass and pussy eating them both out. He was amazing at it and I was moaning like crazy, dripping my juices into his waiting mouth. My moans got Rob going again and I heard him say, “Fuck it”. He grabbed my head and began fucking my face furiously. He lasted another few minutes and then with a loud moan he came. My mouth dove on his cock and his cum went warmly down my throat. Spurt after massive spurt went down my throat. As his orgasm subsided I applied sucking pressure and pulled my mouth slowly off his cock. With his cock out of my mouth it flopped onto his belly, still at least 6 inches. I kissed it gently and licked it like a cat cleaning itself. Rob just laid there breathing heavy. All this time Devon was eating me out, causing me to be dripping wet. Now Devon stood and said,” I’m gonna tear this ass up. Rob rolled off the bed and I positioned myself for Devon’s attack. Rob went to his pants on the floor and took out a small bottle. He popped out a blue pill and stated, “Give me a few minutes here and I’ll be back in this game.” Devon saw what he was doing and asked for a pill also. Rob handed one to him and he swallowed it. As his cock head pressed against my pussy lips Devon said, “It looks like you are in for a long night baby”. I smiled, looked back at him and said, “I sure hope so”.Devon grabbed my hips and pressed his cock’s head against my pussy lips. He pressed and slowly entered me. He started with shallow thrusts but gradually increased depth and speed until his pelvis was smacking my ass and I was filled with his massive cock. Devon pounded away as I braced myself and moaned at the pleasure. He reached and grabbed the chain from my collar, pulling my head up and choking me a bit, which drove me crazy. Soon I was screaming in a massive orgasm as Devon came deep inside me. He stayed in me as my pussy squeezed his cock in orgasmic convulsions. After a bit Devon pulled out of me and told me to lie on my back with my head at the foot of the bed. As I did he and Rob restrained my arms and legs with the handcuffs. Devon took off my collar and stuck a pillow under my ass elevating my pelvis. He then took my vibrator and inserted it into pussy turning it to high. He then took a mid-size butt plug and after lubing it up inserted it into my ass. The vibration of the vibrator shook the butt plug providing a very erotic sensation. Tied to the bed I was helpless and had to wait for what was next. Devon and Rob sat on the couch drinking and laughing talking about how crazy this all was. After a while Rob said, “Looks like the pill is working”. Both Rob and Devon got up from the couch and came towards the bed. “How was that pussy?” Rob asked Devon. “Real nice man, real nice,” smiled Devon. “I need to feel that man”, said Rob, untying my left leg and climbing onto the bed. “Go for it”, says Devon as he stands at the foot of the bed, with his cock hovering over my head. He reaches out and pulls me closer to the bed’s edge so my head is half on and half off. I stare up at Devon’s glistening cock as he begins to gently smack it against my forehead and cheeks. I open my mouth and Devon takes a small step forward and lowers his balls into my mouth. I lick the sack and suck it into my mouth. As Devon plays with my mouth, Rob unstraps my right leg and pushes my knees up to my chest. Rob rubs his cock up and down my pussy lips, wetting the tip. He takes out the vibrator but leaves the butt plug in. Rob leans forward and pushes his cock into my wet pussy. I let out a long sigh and Devon takes the opportunity the put his cock head into my mouth. He pulls me a bit closer and when my head goes over the bed edge, he sinks his cock deep down my throat. Rob leans heavily on my knees and begins to pound away on my pussy. Devon rams his cock down my throat, saliva foaming out of my mouth, running down into my eyes. Occasionally Devon takes his cock all the way out and smacks it aggressively on my face, spreading the saliva and pre-cum all over my face. I gasped for breathe and loudly moan in pleasure as Rob fucks my pussy well. His thick cock making me cum in heavy waves. As Devon puts his cock back in my mouth the door to the room opens and my hubby walks in with another friend.“Well, it looks like we are all having fun here,” says my husband. All three of us turn to look at him. Devon pulls his cock from my mouth and bro-hugs my hubby. “Hey man. This is awesome. Thank you. Your wife is gorgeous,” says a panting Devon. “My pleasure türkçe bahis bud,” my hubby says. “She is gorgeous and she seems to really be enjoying herself.” ”Oh I am,” I pant in rhythm to Rob continued fucking, “I am”. “Guys I want you to meet Atharv”, my hubby says to the group. “He graduated with us. We met down at the bar and he was telling me what a crush he had on Jen back at school. They had Economic classes together and he really developed a thing for her. So I asked him if he’d like to pop up to our room and I’d reintroduce them”, he says with a huge grin on his face. “I’m pretty sure this was not what he was expecting, but hopefully he is happily surprised.” My husband puts an arm around a smiling Atharv. “I, I am surprised but wow this is incredible,” a stuttering Atharv says as he stares down at me on the bed. “Hi Atharv,” I moan to him. “It’s been a long time. You look good.” “Hi Jen,” is all the gaped mouth Atharv can muster. My husband comes over to me with a wet hand towel and wipes my face so I can see better. He then gives my nipples a hard pinch and a twist and slaps Rob on the back. “Pace yourself buddy”, he says to Rob. “No worries man. The blue pill is magic.” “Okay,” laughs my hubby and he heads to the drinks. “Atharv come have a drink. We can sit and watch the show a bit”. Atharv walks to my hubby by the couch as Devon returns to face fucking me and Rob increases his pounding of my pussy. Now with an audience we all really go for it. Devon jack hammers my mouth, I become a spit gurgling, moaning choking pile of meat as Rob uses the springs of the mattress to increase the height and velocity of his thrusts. We must have been a site to behold. After a while both Devon and Rob slowed their pace and then stopped their onslaught of my pussy and mouth. They pulled out of me neither having cum and they laughed panting heavily. “Shit,” said Rob, “I’m getting too fucking old. Use to be I could go all night like that.” “Me too man. Me too,” panted Devon. “Let’s get a drink.” “Why don’t you clean up baby and then join us,” Rob says to me. “Here put these on when you’re done,” he says as he throws the nipple clamps onto the bed. I roll off the bed, unstrap my cup-less bra and unhook the garter, sliding it down my legs, with my crotch less panties. With my lingerie in a pile on the floor, I grab the nipple clamps and head to the bathroom, leaving the boys to their drinks and laughter.I towel off and come out of the bathroom completely naked. Staring at me are three naked men on the couch with major hard-ons and my husband in his suit sitting in the chair near the window. All have drinks in their hands but Atharv puts his down when he sees me and he stands. “Why don’t you properly say hello to your old friend,” says my husband as he sips his drink. “He’s probably been waiting for this moment for a while.” “I have”, whispers Atharv, “I have”. I approach him walking as sexy as I can and stop in front of him. As I move my hands over his chest I sway my hips and grind gently into him, feeling his average cock brush against my stomach. His breathing increases as my hands moved down and started stroking his cock and I begin to kiss his chest and neck. “Yea baby,” says Devon still on the couch. “Show that Indian boy some loving”. I smile and look up at Atharv, who weakly smiles back, a look of shock on his face. I kiss him again on his hairy chest and then sink to my knees, taking is cock into my mouth. I easily take his entire cock into my mouth, moving from the tip to his small beer gut in long fluid strokes. I reach up with my hands and gently scratch his chest. “Oh shit, holy shit,” was the mantra coming from Atharv as the other two encouraged me on. After a bit I felt that Atharv was nearing his end and not wanting his fun to stop I stopped and told him to sit on the couch. He complied and sat next to Devon who congratulated him on a job well done. I got up and poured myself a drink. I walked to the window and looked out over Boston, taking in the sites. I drank and smiled to myself thinking that this night had just begun. Standing there totally naked I finally caught the attention of some guys on the glass covered walkway that was only about one floor below us. I smiled at them and waved, they waved back and snapped some photos on their phones. I adjusted the nipples clamps and turned around to the crowd in the room. I again walked over to Atharv, who had calmed a bit but still was hard as a rock. I approached him, again stopping in front of him and leaned over to kiss him. We made out for a minute and then I moved forward, bringing my tits to his face. He kissed my breasts and clumsily removed the clamps, tossing them on the floor. He sucks my sensitive nipples and kneaded my breast. It felt nice. I put my feet on the couch and continued to move forward, now bringing my pussy up to his face. Without hesitation he dove in and was eating me out well. Up and down my slit, attending to my clit but not overdoing it. He was talented. I stood on that couch and worked over my tits as that beautiful Indian man ate me out. It was great. After I came on his face, I slid back down his body, stopping to kiss him long and hard, tasting my juices on his face. I brought my hips in towards Atharv and slowly sat on his cock. As I sank to the bottom of his cock, I looked into his eyes. “Sorry we didn’t do this sooner”, I whisper to him. “Don’t be, please,” he says, “This is wonderful. You are such a sexy women.” I smile and start to move up and down on his cock, slow at first, then increasing the speed a bit. “Hey baby don’t forget about us”. It was Devon, who was sitting next to Atharv, cock at the ready. I reach over and stroke his cock as I ride Atharv. Rob gets up from the couch and come around behind me. He grabs my hips and tells Atharv and me to slide a bit closer to the edge of the couch. We do, sinking a little deeper into the couch. Rob spreads my ass cheeks and takes hold of the butt plug which was still in my ass. He moves it around and in and out before removing it entirely. He drops it to the floor and asks my husband to pass the lube. He tosses it to Rob and he lathers up his cock. Then rob slowly begins to work his thick cock into my ass. He takes his time moving slowly and then stopping, letting the motion of Atharv’s fucking to set the pace but soon he is fully in and I am moaning. That guttural moan that you make when you are totally full. It was awesome. We fucked like that for a few minutes but then Atharv yelled out that he was going to cum. “That’s okay sweetie”, I tell him, “Where do you want to put it?” “On your face,” he güvenilir bahis siteleri half moans and half stammers but please hurry.” Rob kindly gets off and I pop up and then sink to my knees. Atharv gets up, holding his cock firmly in his right hand. I open my mouth like a baby bird and when he lets go a massive spurt of cum hits my nose, eye and ends up mostly on my forehead and hair. I grab his cock and jerk him off, encouraging more and more is what I get. I direct this next spurt to my mouth. Not as big as the first, it is still impressive as it hits the back of my mouth and slides down throat. I take his cock now into my mouth and apply pressure, squeezing out what more I can. It oozes from his tip as I swallow it all. Rob and Devon whoop and holler. Devon grabs his phone and snaps a few photos. “don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. You cool with this bro?” Devon asks my husband. He just smiles and nods approval. “Yo Atharv get your cock over that jizz covered face and let me get a pic for you to remember this with”. He snaps a few photos as I kiss Atharv’s cock and sc**** what’s on my face into my mouth. Atharv is spent but the other two are just getting started. “I need to get back to that ass, man” says Rob. “I hear you”, says Devon. I am on my knees, looking up at them when my husband walks over and places the collar back around my neck. He hands the chain to Rob and then sits back down. Rob pulls the chain and leads me toward the bed. Devon heads toward the bathroom and comes out with a wet towel. As I am led onto the bed on all fours Devon puts the towel on my face and tries to clean me a bit. Throwing the towel aside Devon flops onto his back and tells me to climb on top. I straddle him and move on top of him. I raise up my ass and lower myself onto his cock. He is much bigger than Atharv so I go slower but soon I hit bottom. I rub my clit against his hard pelvic bone and cum again for, I lost count, time. I bounce up and down on his cock now working my G-spot, and I moan with pleasure. Rob moves behind us and positions himself over my ass. He lubes up and enters my ass again. This time it is a tighter fit with Devon now in my pussy but we soon find a rhythm. It feels like the orgasms come in never ending wave after wave. I’m in bliss moaning, I soon collapse onto Devon’s chest. Devon holds me and kisses my cheek as he slides his cock in and out of my pussy the best he can. Rob goes down onto one knee but with renewed balance he starts to really pound my ass, his sweat dripping onto my lower back and ass. I am frozen in bliss, mouth wide open I make no sound for about 45 seconds and then a roaring moan escapes my mouth. That only reinvigorates Rob who, if you can believe it, actually picks up the pace. “Holyyyyyy Shhiiiiitttt! “ I moan-scream. “Dam baby, Your pussy is going crazy. You cumming non-stop”, says Devon with a huge smile on his face. Wide-eyed and mouth agape I can only nod agreement. Rob finally stops and explodes into my ass, yelling at the top of his lungs. The sound causes my husband to laugh and say, ”Jesus dude. Don’t hurt yourself”. Climbing off of me Rob turns with a smile and tells my husband, “Naw man. You got no idea”, then he pauses and laughs, “Well maybe you do”. He high-fives my husband and sits on the couch. Devon flips me over and gets on top of me. Chest to chest his legs spread mine wide as he plows his cock into my pussy, which has surrendered completely. Devon’s arms go under my shoulders and his hands come up and cradle the back of my head. He pumps away in full strides. I am spent and just collapse under him. Devon pounds away and finally cums deep into my pussy. He kisses my cheek and climbs off me. I lie on the bed unable to move. I am exhausted and satisfied beyond belief. I move my hands over my body mixing my sweat, their sweat and their cum and spreading it over my tits and belly. Devon goes and collapses into the chair that my husband has vacated as he heads to the bathroom. I hear him turn on the shower and then return to the room. He comes over to me and gently pats my head. “Have fun?” he asks. “mmm hmm.” I purr. “Good. Now go and clean up, while I say goodbye to our friends.” I slowly roll off the bed. I weakly stand and look at our friends. “Goodbye boys. It was amazing. They all say goodbye or good night and I retire to my hot shower. I let the water flow over my body. I rub the soap all over cleaning my everywhere. Shampoo washes from my cum-filled hair and I am clean. Renewed I step from the shower and there stands my husband looking at me. He takes my head in his hands and kisses me deeply. His hands move down my back to my ass. We kiss for a while and then he stops he turns me around so I face the mirror. He pulls the towel off my body and moves his hands to my tits as he stands behind me. He kisses my neck and works my tits and nipples. He then bends me forward until my elbows rest on the counter. He spreads my ass cheeks and looks at my asshole and pussy. “Mmmmmm. You have been well used tonight. You must feel satisfied”. “Oh yes”, I reply. He rubs my pussy lips and my head sinks down to rest on the counter. He continues to rub and then places 3 fingers into my pussy. He moves them in and out. After a few strokes he adds a fourth. In and out he moves his hand. Finally he stops. From the counter he takes a huge black dildo which he brought in from the bedroom. He slides it into my pussy and stands up. He takes his cock and presses it against my asshole. Harder he presses until he pushed all the way in. He begins to fuck me and I lean over and enjoy the feeling. After 3 or so minutes my husband cums into my ass. He pulls out and replaces his cock with the butt plug he also brought in from the bedroom. He removes the dildo from my pussy and tells me to lick it. I give that dildo a good blow job licking my juices from its shaft. My husband smacks my ass and says good night. He leaves the bathroom and heads to bed. I follow and curl up next to him satisfied and naked except for the butt plug still in my ass. We sleep contently until about 4 in the morning when I hear a knock on the door. I slowly get up and go to the door. Looking through the peep hole I see Devon. I smile and open the door. Devon steps in. He kisses me and says, “I couldn’t sleep and thought maybe we could have more fun. Interested?” I bite my lower lip, reach up and pinch my nipples. “That sounds fun”, I say in my best baby girl voice. Devon smiles he walks over picks up the collar and chain and puts it on me. “Come on baby. Let’s go to my room.” Devon leads me out of my room and down the hall to the elevator. I am completely naked save for the collar. We take the elevator up two floors and are greeted by a young couple waiting to go down. We both smile at them and walk past. We walk to Devon’s room and enter. Inside more fun await.

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