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College Teens Sleepover

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It was a rainy November night, I was at home watching the TV and could hear the buzz from a group of my daughter’s friends upstairs. Their conversations were muffled, but there was the occasional peal of girlish laughter from the college ladies, but as it got later the noise gradually died off. About midnight it seemed that they had all drifted off to sleep, and I climbed the stairs to check out the damage.

The door to my daughter’s room was open, and I could see a couple of girls asleep on her bed, as well as one on the floor. In the rec room, there was a girl on each couch, and a made-up air bed on the floor. Somebody was missing, probably in the bathroom.

I could see that Christine, a gorgeous little Italian, was on the big couch. She lay curled up, uncovered, her perfect ass half exposed by the position of her loose pj shorts. I paused to take a long look. I could actually see a part of her green thong disappearing between her cheeks, a dusting of black fuzz peeking out from the crease, a few stray hairs, thick and black, peeking out, and it was all I could do to keep myself from leaning in to get a better look, and maybe a sniff of her natural perfume.

My cock hardened a little as I remembered her greeting earlier when I arrived home. As I stood in the kitchen talking with my wife, she had rounded the corner in these same skimpy pajamas, and jumped up to give me a tight hug.

“Ski!” she had cried out, (all of the girls had called me by my nickname since they were in middle school.) “I missed you!” I smiled at her and gave her a peck on the cheek, then looked over her shoulder at my wife, who arched an eyebrow at my hand holding her a little too close to her ass. We both smiled, but a few more seconds and Christine was going to feel how happy I was to see her.

Back upstairs now, I covered her with a blanket and shut off the lights. Picking up a bunch of seltzer cans and some assorted trash, I put it in the bin, and made my way down the front stairs to the kitchen.

Halfway down the stairs, I saw light beneath the bathroom door, and a shadow confirmed that the lone survivor was using the facilities. I heard the flush, and the door opened just as I passed by. Katie was the last girl standing, and as she turned out of the bathroom, she ran right into me. She shrieked and covered her mouth, eyes wide in surprise. I laughed and she giggled back. “you scared the shi… oops the crap out of me!”

“It’s ok, you can say shit,” I whispered, “it’s the same thing, right?”

That prompted another giggle. “I wasn’t pooping, uh, just peeing, I promise.”

Now my perverted mind started turning a little, picturing Katie wiping her pussy with toilet paper, dabbing the pee from her pubic hair. “And did you wash your hands?” I joked. This actually make her blush in embarrassment. “Um, no, I forgot. Sorry.”

“Oh, I was just kidding, Katie. It’s ok, you didn’t tinkle on your hands, right?” I was trying to defuse the embarrassment, but I guess I had the opposite effect, because she reddened even more and said softly, “I don’t think I did.”

Now we were both embarrassed, and I tried to joke my way out of it. My response was truly awkward, I took her hand and held it up to my face. “Well, I don’t see any pee!” I put it under my nose and smiled, “smells clean to me!”

Except, it didn’t! Three things happened simultaneously. Her expression turned to shock, at my inappropriateness I thought; I noticed that her fingers were extremely wet and slippery; and I realized that what I smelled on Katie’s fingers wasn’t pee. It took a second, but there was no doubt that what I smelled was the sweet tangy essence of her 19-year-old pussy.

The womanly scent of her overpowered me, time slowed down and then I realized that I had been holding her gooey fingers to my nose for way too long. I also realized what Katie had been doing in my bathroom with her hand between her thighs. It wasn’t drying her pussy. Quite the opposite.

I dug my hole deeper, in a dumb attempt to stem the damage I took her other hand and smelled it as well. “Now this one smells a little of pee,” I chuckled.

Except, it didn’t. It smelled like the most wonderful nose full of pussy I could imagine. It smelled like heaven to me. Fresh young pussy, but with the sharp bite of arousal, dirty and secret.

Katie was as confused as I was now, and her reaction was just as awkward. She actually sniffed her fingers too! And her dismayed expression told me that she smelled the same thing I did. She turned quickly back to the washroom and began to wash her hands. I could see that she was really embarrassed, and as she finished and dried them, I tried to console her. “Hey, Katie.” She turned to me, still beet-red and with tears welling in her beautiful dark eyes. “Hey, it’s ok honey, nothing to be embarrassed about.” I gave her a reassuring hug, and she turned her cheek to my shoulder and hugged around my waist. We stood there a little too long, and the smell of her hair further aggravated my arousal. I guess both of us felt my cock bahis siteleri stirring against her tummy, and we parted quickly. “I promise, nothing to worry about. Everybody does it, right?”

Katie looked at me nodding sheepishly, and I smiled, quickly adjusting my package, which she noticed. Her eyes opened a little wider, and, hoping to make her feel a little less embarrassed, I told her quietly, “In fact, I’m guessing I might need to do a little of that myself in a few minutes.”

Immediately, I realized how inappropriate the comment was, how the whole interaction had been, but the horse was out of the barn.

Her mouth dropped open in surprise, and she stood there gazing at me. Now it was my turn to redden. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but after a moment, she stepped towards me and into the same hugging position, unabashedly pressing her tummy back against my cock. We stood there for a long time, and it slowly hardened to a full-blown erection. “Hmmm, that feels nice, right?” she murmured into my chest.

I was now hyper-aware of the lush sexuality of this 19-year-old. Katie was tall, about 5’9″. She was a standout basketball player, but had a very womanly build for an athlete, full hips, large breasts, and an unusual softness to her. I could feel those breasts pressed against me now, that softness surrounding my throbbing erect cock. And her scent, the shampoo in her hair, a trace of perfume, and the remnants of her masturbation session in the bathroom, now even more noticeable. She lifted her lips, brushing them against my ear. “That would be such a waste,” she whispered.

Katie pulled her head back and faced me, still maintaining firm contact below the waist. She didn’t look awkward now, just confident in her sexuality and her obvious hold on me. “I’m not embarrassed any more. I just really needed to…relieve some stress.” She smiled, then ran her finger under my nose. “I guess you kinda like my smell, huh?” I nodded with a smile. She wiggled against me. In a little-girl voice, she cooed, “I wish I knew that you were, um, available to help. This big hard daddy cock sure would have been useful a couple of minutes ago!”

Now my mouth dropped open.

She stepped back, I groaned as I lost the amazing contact with her. But she surprised me by reaching down and softly wrapping her hand around the bulge in my shorts. “I guess you’re the one who needs to relieve some stress now, aren’t you, Ski?” I nodded dumbly.

Looking around, she slipped her other hand up under her loose pajama top, then down inside the bottoms. After a moment, she carefully extracted it, and lifted it to my nose. It was shining with her lubrication, and as I caught the scent my eyes closed and I inhaled deeply. Katie giggled and wiped her fingers across my nostrils, leaving my nose wet with her essence. I unconsciously pressed my cock hard against her.

“How do I smell, Mr S.? Pretty good, huh?” Next she wiped my lips with her nectar, then leaned in and began to kiss me seriously. “Mmm, I taste pretty yummy too, don’t I?”


She stood on tiptoes to whisper in my ear again. “I’d be happy to help you out,” she cooed, as she rubbed slowly against my shaft. “I’ve learned a lot this year at college.” She made enough room to reach down between us again, and her fingers returned to her pussy. Pulling them out, this time her hand slipped inside my shorts. Her long fingers, still wet and slick with her juices, wrapped around my shaft, and she began to stroke me. I looked down as she gazed into my eyes, and she closed the distance, her luscious lips just brushing against mine. I could feel and taste her hot breath in my mouth. She licked me lightly and my entire body jerked in appreciation.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” she growled. “Wait til you see how my tongue feels on your dick!” That brought a groan from me.

Katie giggled, “How much do you love me now, Ski? You gonna show me how much?” She slowly slipped down, kissed my neck, nuzzled against me as she reached my waist. The hand masturbating me now pulled down my shorts as she reached her knees.

I was in wonder. This 19-year-old college girl was on her knees in front of me, rubbing her smooth cheeks against my hard cock. Again she grasped it and held it in her fist, looking up as she kissed the tip. Her big brown eyes locked onto mine, she smiled sweetly as she tortured me.

I know I had never been so hard, and now a drop of pre-cum began to ooze from me. Katie hummed quietly as she ran her tongue around and around the bulbous head. She smiled up at me and kissed the head slowly, then began to ease it between her lips, tickling the slit with her tongue.

She was obviously not a stranger to sucking cock.

As she allowed me deeper inside her wonderful mouth, her tongue targeted my frenulum, and she giggled around it when my cock jerked in response. She withdrew, slowly and wetly, drooling around the head. I could feel her spit run down my shaft. Closing her eyes, she repeated the entire event, her talented tongue providing canlı bahis siteleri excruciating pleasure, as the warmth of her slick mouth contrasted with the cool air below.

After four or five of these incredible events, Katie slid her mouth over me and continued, deeper and deeper, until the tightness of her throat met the head of my cock, and she began to swallow. The constrictions of her throat muscles milked the head, and her nose was buried in my abdomen. I’d never been deep-throated before, and it was mind-blowing. The pheromones from her juices, still detectable on my nose, just added to the high.

I grasped her head and held it steady, knowing that much more and I would lose control, and I wanted this to last all night. She giggled again, and shoved her head against me, almost knocking me off balance. I reached back to grasp a banister rail, and she slid off of my cock. Rising to her feet, I was astonished at the slutty look of this sweet teenager, her mouth and chin slimy with her saliva and my pre-cum, her makeup running down her cheeks.

She pressed against me, her soft pjs absorbing some of the mess, and lifted up on her tiptoes. Now nose to nose, she sighed. “How do you want me, Daddy? Where are you going to cum for your little Katie?” She rubbed against me. “Do you want to cum on my jammies? Or should I just suck you into my mouth again and you can cum into my tummy? Or…” and she reached down to grasp me tightly and whispered, “do you want to cum inside my sweet little pussy?” That made my cock leap in her fist, and she giggled.

“I bet you’ve thought about it, haven’t you? When we were hanging out at the pool, or on the boat, I could always tell you were watching me, even if you had your sunglasses on. I could put on lip gloss, or just spread my legs a little, or pull my bikini out of my butt crack, and you were always watching me, and you would have to cover up your cock ’cause I was making it get hard. You couldn’t ever stand still. That big fat daddy cock was always wanting to find a way inside little Katie, wasn’t it?”

“You gave me my first orgasm, you know,” she continued. “One time, when we were goofing around in the pool, and I got on your shoulders to chicken fight? My bikini slipped a little to the side, and my clitty was right up against your neck, and, oh my god it rubbed on you just right, and I came right on your neck.”

I remembered that afternoon, mostly because my wife warned me afterwards that I needed to be careful around Katie, she told me that she was starting to blossom into womanhood, and thought that she seemed a little too touchy-feely in her little bikini.

Katie licked my neck, then slid her tongue into my ear, my body shivered. After a few seconds she continued. “You know what I was dreaming about just now in the bathroom, when I was stroking my wet little pussy? Your dick! I was thinking about sneaking into your bedroom tonight and sucking you off in your bed right next to your wife. You wouldn’t be able to stop me, you couldn’t make a noise, you’d just have to lie there and shoot your cum when I wanted you to. Shoot all that hot creamy cum into my little mouth.”

I groaned a little, and my cock jumped. She laughed quietly, and kissed me lightly, then more intensely. Wet and hot, her mouth pleasured me again. All the physical sensations, the taboo, the danger, it all added up to pure desire on my part now.

Turning us around, I lowered Katie to the stairway. She scooted up a couple of stairs, and leaned back on her elbows, then spread her knees. Light from the porch illuminated us here, and I was grateful. Her pajamas were a mess, a big glob of our fluids stained the tummy, another smaller wet spot was obvious between her legs.

I knelt now and moved between those long legs. Kissing up her inner thighs, I chewed on them through the flannel, then kissed her directly over her pussy. The fabric was wet and slick, the stain was spreading before my eyes. The scent of her arousal flooded my senses. Katie hummed with pleasure as I began to lick against her pajamas.

She lifted her ass, and my fingertips grasped the elastic waistband, bringing the bottoms below her ass. This was the moment I relished, revealing her perfect pale teen ass. Turning sideways, she helped me remove them, and stayed in the position so that her lacy white panties could receive the same treatment. I took my time with those, unwrapping her sweet forbidden treasure. I pulled the back of the flimsy nylon down past her smooth ass, then plucked the thin strip from between her legs. A thin line of drool connected the panties to her labia, and then it fell across her thigh. She spread her thighs, smiling down at me, as her pussy was fully revealed to me, and it was beautiful. Just a dusting of fine brown hair, trimmed to hide beneath her bikini, her plump lips neat and pink, peeking out from inside her slit.

She spread her thighs further, and the gap opened before my eyes, bright and wet, the pink of the lips giving way to a darker red inside her pussy. I took a canlı bahis deep sniff, my head spinning with the sweet scent of her, then gave her a long slow lick from the flesh below, all the way up her groove, easing between the lips, then up over her prominent clit. It was like a little marble, round and hard, and she stiffened as I brought my lips around it and sucked gently.

As I began to circle it with my tongue, as she had my cock, her hands wandered to the back of my head, and held me firmly between her legs. Her ass began to jerk in rhythm with my licks, and I reached down to hold her to me by those firm young globes.

I slowed the tempo, licking her clit slowly but firmly, then increased the speed until I was rapidly flicking it as I brought one hand around and wormed a finger into her incredibly tight pussy.

Now her nails dug into my scalp, and she began to grind her pussy against my face as she approached climax. Suddenly her body went rigid, her muscles clenched, and her hands flew up and covered her mouth as she came. I could hear her moan in ecstasy through her palms.

Katie’s orgasm went on for an unusually long time, she would jerk against me, then freeze in position as the waves crashed through her. As the climax faded, she slumped back against the stairs, and I kissed her pussy several times, then pulled up her pj tops and gave each of her hard brown nipples a suck and a kiss. She pulled my face to hers now, and I lay across her body, my cock resting between her thighs, inches from her soaked pussy.

Slowly she spread her thighs and lifted her legs to wrap around me. “Are you ready?” she whispered. I looked down at that sweet teenager’s face, her hair askew, her face slick with sweat, her mouth wet with the remains of sucking my cock. “Are you ready to be inside me? Do you think you can fit your big fat daddy dick into my tiny little baby pussy?”

Despite the lead up to this moment, I really couldn’t believe that she was actually going to let me into that lovely groove.

She urged me forward with her heels until my cock just touched between her legs. I could feel the scratchy pubic hair, the wet heat of her quim drawing me in. I moved slowly, letting her reach between us to grasp my shaft, spread the lubrication flowing from us, and align it with her entrance, and now the heat of her began to envelope me as I entered the precious hole.

I looked down into her big brown eyes, watching for the reaction to my cock entering her body. I wasn’t disappointed, her eyes opened wide, her mouth formed a little red O, and she sighed as I slid inside.

She was so tight that it felt almost as if it was a dead end, but the wetness allowed me to center on her, and slowly the gap eased open enough to let me to enter her with the very tip. The sensation of meeting the wet flesh inside her was intoxicating, and though she held my shaft tightly, there was no force which could prevent me from pressing into the softness.

Katie suddenly went rigid, her face frowned in pain, and she gasped as I began to split her young channel. My cock was engorged and solid, and her flesh yielded to it, but not easily. “Ouch, ow ow, ohmygod that hurts. OW!” now a little too loud, and I covered her mouth with mine as I paused my thrust into her.

I kissed her neck softly, then whispered, “Shh, it’s ok Katie. Just relax and let me inside you.”

She gave a brave giggle. “It really hurts, can you make it a little smaller?”

“Sorry baby, you’re the one who made it so big,” as I resumed sliding inside.

Her face screwed up and she gasped again, “Oh fuck that thing is huge! Your splitting me in half..” Her flattery just made me harder.

Suddenly I was deep enough inside her to pop through the muscle ring, and the pressure eased. “Oh, yeah,” she groaned. “That is so much better, so nice. Keep sliding it in me, Ski. Oh yeah, daddy. Fill up my pussy with that big fat cock.”

Dirty talk wasn’t new to me, but hearing this sweet teenager, who I remembered as a gangly adolescent, whisper nasty things to me as I entered her body spurred me on, and I drove slowly all the way into her pussy, feeling the slick ridged walls grudgingly part to allow me in.

Now I was completely buried in her, the tight ring gripping the base of my cock, and the pressure had her shuddering around me. “Tell me how that feels, baby,” I prompted her.

She gazed into my eyes from an inch away. “So amazing, I’m so full of your cock. I don’t know if there’s anything that ever felt so good. Do I feel good?” she asked in a shy little-girl voice. “Does my pussy feel good? I bet if your wife walked up on us right now you’d stay inside me anyway, wouldn’t you? You couldn’t even pull out, ’cause you love my pussy that much, dontcha?”

She could feel my cock swell with her words, and she kept it up. “Is this the tightest little teenage pussy you’ve ever been inside? It is, isn’t it? Just imagine if you could have this to fuck whenever you wanted. You better get used to it, ’cause when I want a fat dick inside me, I’m gonna be calling you, and you better have it for me or I’m gonna tell everybody that Evie’s daddy put his penis in me right here in his house. That he put it inside me and squirted his sperms all over inside my little cunny.”

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