Mar 14

Computer Problems

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Computer ProblemsAs usual my computer is on the fritz. Kim, our IT girl, is a sweet natured girl that has never done anything wrong in her life. I text alerting her to the problem that I was having with my computer. Kim shows few minutes later, we exchange pleasantries, she begins the hunt for the corrupted file that is having wreaking havoc on my pc. She come across a folder that is untitled, promptly she opens it, before I can stop her she opens the contents. To my dismay she opens a picture of me in all my glory. It was picture that I emailed an old girlfriend. My heart sank, expecting “little miss goodie two shoes” to turn me in, she quickly closed out of the picture. She stood there looking flush, nibbling her bottom lip, and twisting a lock of her dirty drown hair (as she always did). In the following days the sexual tension built, it was like a volcano on the antep rus escort brink of eruption. Unexpectedly, she called my desk. “Could you help me get a server into the IT closet. I need someone strong, it is heavy.” Kim said. Enthusiastically, I agreed to help. Kim was very busty for being petite. I could see clear down her shirt as her DD breasts hung down. I was captured, taken prisoner by what was escaping from her bra. She looked up, I couldn’t look away. She stood up, her cheeks were the color of a rose from the embarrassment. I put the server down, moved closer, grabbed her hand and assured her that there was nothing to feel embarrassed about. I asked her if she had been thinking about the picture she stumbled across. Breathlessly, Kim shook her head yes. I then pulled her to me with my hand at the small of her back. antep rus escort bayan I pressed my hardening cock against her. At that moment, like a light switch she flipped she became aggressive. Another side of Kim came out. She grabbed my belt buckle, like a k** on Christmas morning she was ripping wrapping paper to get inside a present. My cock was burning to be in her. As she pulled my boxers down, my cock pops out. She immediately grips the base of my cock and like a pro takes me completely in her mouth. I moan “Kim”, grabbing a hand full of her dirty blonde hair, I guide her up and down the shaft of my rock hard erection. I think to myself I am fucking our IT girl’s mouth. I can’t take it anymore her mouth feels so good but her pussy would feel better. Her eyes lock with mine, I grin. Immediately, I guide her with rus escort antep the fist full of hair to my mouth. I kiss her with a passionate kiss, tasting my own cock on her mouth drives me to the moon and back. She has a cardigan sweater over a tube topped dress. I can feel her nipples begging for attention. She moans, “fuck” as I give her nipple a light pinch. Pulling the other breast out of her tube top I take her large breast into the warmth of my mouth. Reaching with the other hand up her skit I feel she abandoned her panties sometime earlier that day. She is dripping for me. I lose control, turning her around with passionate kissing. I press the head of my cock between her legs. Her pussy welcomes me, her muscles clinching me. She is moaning in ecstasy. Slowly I impel her with my full length. Over and over again, her pussy clutches my girth as she cums. I’m gripping her hips thrusting into her, she is wreaked. One last hard thrust I fill her with hot creamy cum. We fix ourselves before going back to our desks. We leave the closet with the smell of hot primal sex. Sitting at my desk trying to process what just happened, my co-worker, her husband, calls me out of my daze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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