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Confession of an Unfaithful Man Pt. 07

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The following story is part of a series based on true stories however some names or details may have been changed to protect peoples identities.

While this story could be read as a stand alone story you should read the others

in order to get the best from them.

Let me give you a bit of background info.

31/12/18 was our 20th wedding anniversary and although some of these stories are from the earlier days once I confessed everything and discussed at length the situation my wife and I have had a great open relationship for the last 15 years.

First let me introduce a few people my name is Christopher and I’m 23 years old. My girlfriend Maria is 22 years old, her younger sister Natasha (every one calls her Tarsh or Tasha who is 19 years old but looks almost like Maria’s twin), her mother Linda and her father Drew who are 47 and 48, her older brother Barry who is 25 and her younger brother Simon who is 13.


Great now what, I thought as I grabbed my phone to try get a bit more light to see who it was. Boy was I ever surprised to see Maria asleep in my tent. I continued undressing and climbed into bed trying not to wake her but also disturbing her just enough that she might wake up if she wasn’t fully asleep.

Bingo she wasn’t fully asleep but she also wasn’t overly happy that I had woken her up. “Did you have some fun babe?” Maria asked me.

“Honestly babe I wandered around, saw a few things I wish I never saw. I just couldn’t bring myself to join in, it just didn’t feel right without you there.”

She just kissed me put her arm over me and fell asleep. The next morning I woke early as usual to go for my run. I got as far as the beach and stopped there was mess everywhere and some naked bodies too. I was in two minds I really wanted to go for my run but this beach needed to be cleaned up.

I went back to the house and found some big empty black buckets. I took them down to the beach and started to clean up, food scraps in one bottles and can in the other three. I filled the bins but needed more so I headed back to the house and located some rubbish sacks. I took a couple and headed for the opposite end of the beach to where we had been last night. I got about 3/4 of the way down the beach when I noticed Linda passed out on the bank. I gently placed my foot on her and shook her awake she was rather surprised that the sun was up and she was still on the beach.

“What the fuck is going on? What time is it? Where the fuck am I? What are you doing here?”

I started to reply “well it’s about 7 and I’m trying to clean…” when suddenly I was rudely interrupted by Linda

“Shut up, drop that rubbish bag and FUCK ME”

Well who was I to argue Linda was attractive for mid 40’s she had checked me out the day before when she entered the bathroom while I was showering.

As instructed I tossed the rubbish bag to one side and started removing my clothes as she sat up and removed her singlet leaving her naked. I knelt down beside her gently running my hands over her body. I knew we could be caught at any time and had to get on with it but at the same time I wanted to enjoy it and make sure she did too. I ran my hand down towards her pussy as I leant forward and started sucking on her left nipple. Linda moaned the second my fingers made contact with her pussy lips. As I stroked up and down teasing her pussy her moans got louder and I knew we were in big danger of getting caught. I quickly repositioned myself flinging one leg over her head and sliding my now hard cock into her mouth. “That should keep you quiet” I said

I was about to lean forward and start eating her pussy when she pushed my cock free and said to me “I’m not sure if you want to eat that, I cant guarantee if anything got left there last night.” Ok point taken I thought so I went back to stroking her as she put my cock back in her mouth. Linda didn’t make any effort to blow me she just left my cock there and moaned as I rubbed her pussy and her clit.

I could feel the juices flowing as I rubbed her so I decided she was wet enough for me to slide a finger or two in. As I slid the first one in I felt a new feeling I have never felt before it was warm, squishy and slimy really slimy. Then it dawned on me the “slime” was some else’s spunk. I pulled my fingers out and lifted my cock from her mouth I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick my cock in someone else’s mess but I did really want to fuck her.

Almost as if she could read my mind Linda said “don’t worry about it, just think of it as extra lube.” Oh hell who was I kidding I wanted this pussy and no sperm was going escort izmir to stop me. I positioned myself between her legs and lined my cock up with her honey hole, This was it, not quite the way or circumstances I wanted but I was finally getting to fuck Linda. I pushed forward, my cock easing into her pussy slowly getting deeper and deeper.

Linda looked at me “take it easy, it feels slightly bigger than what I am used to. Not to mention I’m a little tender, I might have overdone it a bit last night.”

I kept pushing forward slowly till I was as deep as I could go. I began gently rocking my hips just moving a few inches allowing her to get used to me. Every time I pushed right in I felt more liquid leak out of her pussy all over my balls. I knew what it was but I kept telling myself it’s just her juices.

Linda looked deep into my eyes and I felt like my whole body melted I was away in la la land at that point my hips moving on autopilot then CRACK Linda slapped me. “Hey stud are you going to stare at me of fuck me?”

I guess I must have stopped fucking her at some point in la la land. I started my gentle motion again easing my cock back and forth.

“How the hell do you satisfy anyone if that’s all you can do?” Linda snapped at me “either fuck me or fuck off so I can find someone who will.”

Well ok if that’s the way she wants it, I lifted myself up and knelt between her legs lifting first one then the other up onto my shoulders. From this position I could get deeper than I had earlier. I slowly slid my cock back into her pussy sliding it most of the way in and back again till just the tip was inside her. I slowly pushed back into her again, repeating this a few times and just as Linda opened her mouth to say something I slammed my cock as deep as it would go. Her eyes opened wide, her mouth hung open and all she could do was gasp. I felt a volume of liquid squirt out all over me but I was beyond caring now. Now it was time to fuck this woman and make her regret her earlier comments. My hips were moving at a brisk pace as I pumped my cock in and out of her slimy pussy. It felt similar to using the silicon lube Maria and I used occasionally but I knew it was not normal sex lube. I tried as hard as I could to ignore what I knew about the fluids leaking out of her pussy all over my balls.

Linda’s breathing increased and her back began to arch, her eyes started rolling back in her head and her moaning got louder and louder then she went dead quiet her body went limp and she closed her eyes. I was just about to stop to check she was ok when her eyes flew open and she wailed like a banshee as her body shook.

“Stop, stop I can’t take it” Linda begged me but I wasn’t stopping in stead I picked up the pace moving my hips as fast as they would go.

“Oh my fucking god so sensitive please stop I can’t take any more” she begged me but I was in my zone it was all about me now and I wasn’t stopping till I got what I wanted.

I could feel the pressure building I knew it was only a matter of time and that time was fast running out. Linda tried to squirm away from me and as she did I let go of her legs allowing her to move fractionally away from my pounding cock. As I popped out of her pussy I wrapped my hand around my cock and stroked for all I was worth, seconds later I let fly a thick shot of cum landing it just below her neck. Shots two and three landed by her heaving breasts as I crawled forward and eased my cock back into her pussy. The last few shots leaked out of my cock into her pussy to mix with whatever sperm was still left from the party last night.

Linda lay there panting with a glazed over look in her eyes. I sat down beside her panting myself and covered in sweat from our fuck. It was then that I noticed Drew about 20 feet away standing on the bank with a big smile on his face. I quickly got up and pulled my pants on as he walked down towards us.

“That was incredible darling. I loved watching the way your eyes rolled back with the pleasure he was giving you.” Then Drew looked at me and I knew I was about to be in big trouble he looked seriously pissed off.

He said nothing for what felt like hours but in reality was probably less than a min, then he burst out laughing.

“Don’t worry Chris I wont tell Maria about this as long as you promise to look after her and treat her with respect.”

All I could do was nod my head grab the rubbish bag I was filling and take off back towards the house.

Maria woke about an hour later by which time I had the bulk of the mess cleaned up with the help of half a dozen others. I excused myself from the remainder of the izmir escort bayan clean up and Maria and I went for a walk along the beach. I was a little worried cause we were heading back towards where I left Linda and Drew and I had not seen them come back yet. As we passed the spot where they were when I left I saw nothing, no naked bodies or clothing so I relaxed a bit. We continued up the beach and around the rocks to a quiet little beach not more than 15M long.

Maria and I sat down on the beach and talked for a while, nothing in particular just a whole heap of random stuff like plans for the rest of summer, holidays we would like to take. It was getting late in the morning and the sun was beating down when Maria declared she needed to take a swim to cool off. She rose to her feet and started stripping off her t-shirt and shorts, then she surprised me and removed her sport bra and panties turned and ran to the water naked. I sat there in shock, stunned that she would do such a thing in broad daylight. I quickly stood up, stripped off and ran naked down to the water to join her.

We splashed about a bit, kissed and fondled each other enjoying some nice alone time. My cock was rock hard as Maria stroked me under the water and I desperately wanted to stick it in her but every time I tried to position myself in a position to get what I wanted Maria would move and prevent me from reaching my goal. It was a game to her but to my cock it was pure torture. I eventually gave up and just wrapped Maria in my arms holding her close.

We eventually decided enough was enough and headed back up to the beach to retrieve our clothes and dry off a bit in the sun. Maria and I got dressed and wandered back to the batch for a late lunch. That afternoon Tasha got a call from her boss she needed to go back to work, something to do with the other part time staff being in hospital and her manager stressing out. I was going back in a few days due to not having much leave from work so offered to go back early and drop Tasha home. Maria was a little disappointed I was leaving early but thanked me for offering and she promised she would repay the favour.

That evening I packed up any of my stuff I didn’t really need, Tasha and I would be leaving early so she could get home and get ready for a midday start at work. Maria and I walked to the beach and sat by the bonfire with a few others just chatting and enjoying a few drinks. We excused ourselves early as I had planned an early start and wanted some decent rest before I left in the morning. Maria and I parted ways at the house she was going inside to help prepare for a large family lunch the next day. Bugger I thought I’m going to miss a second orgy but apparently this one is about immediate family including small children and none of the horny friends so no sex.

As I got to my tent I noticed something wasn’t right, the tent fly was open and the inside zip was slightly open too and I could see a faint glow from inside. Great I thought someone has fallen asleep in the wrong tent. I moved carefully and quietly towards my tent not sure exactly what I would find, as I got closer I heard some very heavy breathing and moaning. Could it be someone was fucking in my tent, really in my tent of all places. I slowly stuck my head in to see what was going on and to my surprise there was Tasha riding a guy in my tent.

I gently taped her on the shoulder awakening her from the Sex induced trance she was in. Before I could say anything about what she was doing in my tent Tasha spun her head looked me dead in the eye and said “great your here, grab some lube and stick you big cock in me.”

“You already have a cock in you Tasha I don’t think mine will fit at the same time.”

Her response absolutely floored me though “then stick it in my arse, I don’t care. I just want to feel two cocks at once.”

Who was I to deny this little slut her pleasure. I quickly stripped off and found the bottle of lube pouring a large amount into my hand. I took hold of my shaft and began smearing the lube all over it making sure it was well coated. I moved right up behind Tasha and pressed her shoulders forward making her lay down more and exposing her little starfish to me. I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t even think about the cock that was in her pussy I just lined myself up and pushed gently against her opening. Tasha tensed up instantly making penetration impossible so I pulled back a bit leaving the tip just resting against her little hole.

“Tasha you need to relax a bit how about you fuck……”

Tasha cut me off just as I realised who it was underneath her.

“Chris did you izmir escortlar meet David last night”

“Um yeah kinda, I think I saw him at some point” I lied.

I remembered him very well, just not his name. Last time I saw him he was being spit roasted by two big fat guys while a very old lady lay underneath him stroking his cock.

Wow maybe he’s not gay after all, I thought. I applied a bit more pressure to Tasha’s ass and my cock started to ease it’s way inside her. She held dead still as I slowly got the head to slide through her tight sphincter. Once I had the head inside her she relaxed a little which made it easier for me to get a bit more of my length inside her. Slowly I began to stroke my cock back and forth in her tight little arse.

“Holy shit, uuhhh, I feel so full, oohhh, I can’t believe, aaahh, I have finally fulfilled, ooooo, my wish to have a cock, oohhh yeah, in each hole” Tasha managed to spit out in between all her moaning.

Both David and Tasha were still not moving. I could feel David’s cock pulsing through the thin membrane separating us. Tasha finally started to adjust to having two cocks inside her and relaxed enough that David could start pumping into her from below as well.

We got ourselves into a rhythm one cock moving in the other moving out and poor Tasha just got into the rhythm of cumming again and again and again.

Tasha’s series of small orgasms started to all roll together into one long continuous orgasm and her moaning got louder and louder. I was scared someone would come to investigate soon so I grabbed the nearest piece of clothing I could and gagged her with it.

Tasha seemed to enjoy this even more after I gagged her, a thought crossed my mind maybe this girl likes a bit of the kinky stuff. Tasha reached back and pushed on me trying to dislodge me from the tight sweet little paradise I was enjoying.

As I reluctantly pulled out she spun around and sat on top of David in a reverse cowgirl position. Tasha then learnt backwards so she was laying on top of him, her tits pointing to the sky. Tasha removed the make shift gag long enough to say

“I want both your cocks in my pussy right now. “

I was lost in the moment and just lined my cock up and pushed forward. Tasha was tight and it took a bit of pushing to get my cock to enter her but finally my mushroom head popped inside her and I started to gently move my hips back and forward. Only then did it dawn on me that my cock was rubbing against David’s.

Tasha was starting to get loud again.

“God I feel so fucken full with your cocks both fucking my cunt.”

“I can’t believe how hot this is having two fucken cocks at the same time.”

I managed to gag her again which only changed her noises from talking to a muffled moaning and groaning.

I carried on fucking Tasha this way for a few more minutes but the thought of two cocks rubbing together was starting to get to me and I was softening.

As soon as I pulled out of her pussy David started pumping his hips up and down thrusting his hips up into Tasha. I just sat back and watched the show slowly stroking my cock back to life.

David pushed Tasha off his cock and put her on her hands and knees. He then lined his cock up with her pussy and slid back in. He was pumping her with great speed and I knew he would not last much longer at the pace he was moving. I decided now was a good time to remove Tasha’s gag and replaced it with my cock.

Every time David thrust forward it forced my cock down her throat. Seconds later David picked up the pace even more as he reached his climax. Thrusting his cock deep into Tasha as he emptied his balls. With David unloading at one end and my cock tickling her tonsils I added my own load straight down her throat.

David collapsed, spent from his activities as Tasha continued to lick me clean. Tasha then turned around and sucked David’s deflating cock into her mouth quickly cleaning their combined juices from his cock.

As soon as Tasha was finished David picked up his clothes and left, great I thought what are people going to think of me if they spotted his naked body leaving my tent.

Tasha and I sat and talked for a little while then she dressed and left heading back to her tent.

The next morning I was up early, went for a quick run and came back to pack the rest of my stuff. Much to my surprise Tasha was already standing beside the car ready to go when I got back from my run. I quickly broke down the tent and packed it away into the car. I found Maria and gave her a quick kiss before jumping in the car with Tasha.

The trip back was kinda boring Tasha fell asleep within minutes and slept the whole way home. When I dropped her off she grabbed her bag and ran for the house to get ready for work. Here I was thinking it might have been another one of her schemes to get time with me.

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