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Subject: Confessions of a Sinner (8) Disclaimer – this story is fiction, with some elements of non-fiction. Written by a Latino author with an neverending flow of sleazy fantasies. You can contact me by email and I have Wickr. Into voice-notes too! I believe that exploring our nasty fantasies makes us better humans. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and consenting youth under 18 years old. If that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. If not, please enjoy! Get your poppers ready, read this chapter and goon! Author retains all rights to the story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by Nifty to which it has been posted only, without the consent of the author. Feel free to make donations to fty/donate.html ___________________________________________ –pervy incest story about a nasty black dad with his 14yo black son, and lewd Priest who invites them into his depraved world– Adult males: Gabriel (dad, 30), Jose (police officer, 27) Male youth: Daniel (son, 11) Topics: piss, blasphemy, armpits, biceps, taboo worship, rimming, breeding, sweaty, cursing. ============================================================ Confessions of a Sinner (8) –pervy story about a nasty dad with his lewd friends– -kinky police- …after the confession with Priest John, Gabriel and his son Daniel walked from the church to home. It was a warm summer evening, so Gabriel bought an Italian gelato for his son and himself. They walked leisurely pace on the pavement while they licked their delicious ice cream. Jose, a hunky Mexican police officer with huge biceps, rugby-like torso and phat mucled bubble ass was driving the city in his new police van. His shift was over and for the past half hour he had a massive boner in his tight uniform. That happened often at the end of his shift. He could not wait to go home to blow some clouds and watch forbidden porn, while having taboo phonesex with his lewd buddies. He tried to save all his thick Mexican seed for after his shift, but sometimes his cravings got the better out of him and he unloaded in his car or in a public restroom. Sometimes he even got young boywhores sucking his phat stinky 22cm thick cock. Jose spotted Gabriel and Daniel and noticed that the boy walked awkward. He either had a disability or something else was going on… He slowed the van down to walking speed, opened his window and asked “Sir, is your boy alright? Why does he walk that strange? Does he has a disability? Can I offer you a lift? I noticed he walked…difficult. Anything I can do?” Gabriel was startled by the kindness of the police officer. “Thank you officer, but no, we are fine. He just had….nevermind. We are fine. Thank you”, Joe almost confessed to a law abiding police officer about his debauchery with a Roman Catholic priest and his own son. But José wasn’t fooled that easily…he suspected something dark was going on as his oozing cock was never wrong. “Sir, please stop. We’ll talk about it”, the oozing police officer said. “No, thank you, sir. Have a nice evening!”, Joe said. That was the moment José decided to become snappy and said: “Sir, you must stop. You must listen. I am a police officer ordering you to stop to talk.” Before Joe got himself into any more trouble, he did stop and by the şişli travesti time the police officer stepped out of his car, the ice cream was eaten. Joe immediately noticed the large bulge in the tight uniform….could it be? “Hello, my name is Jose. What’s your name, little fellow?”, José asked, while he lowered himself. “My name is Daniel and this is my daddy Gabriel and I am eleven years old”, the boy said. “Are you hurt? Molested? Beaten? Anything wrong with your legs?”, the police officer asked a bit too directly. “No, sir. But are you okay? I see a large bulge. Or is that a cockring, officer”, Daniel asked. José was surprised that this little boy was not shy to ask these naughty questions. “No, Daniel, I don’t wear a cockring and yes, that is my bulge. How do you about grown-up male stuff?”, the hunky officer said. “Gabriel, I need to search you — standard procedure”, José said with a cheeky smile. There were only a few people walking, none of them did notice the trio. The were also opposite of a park in a dark corner and it was quiet at this time. José pressed Gabriel’s massive body against the van and spread his legs. He touched his entire body slowly with his hands and felt his phat booty and semi-erect cock. He whispered in Gabriel’s ear: “I think I know what is going on. I suspect you fuck your little boy with your phat niggercock, don’t you, daddy? You creamed deep inside his guts? Or was it someone else? You have to tell me. Your secret is safe with me. I am off-duty. I think you are lewd, just like me. I get off on incest. I think you do too. You like incest, daddy Gabriel? You like seeing those little soft asses all around you? You like reading incest fantasy stories? Do you think about fucking your eleven year old son? Tell me. I want to join. You wouldn’t believe how much of a dark mutherfucker I am. I love taboo stuff. I feel your niggercock loves it too — it’s getting hard. Come inside the van with your son.” Joe complied and said to Daniel to come inside. Once inside, Joe did not expect such a white-coloured interior. José told him it was soundproof and the white interior with soft cushions and dedicated lightning made arrested persons more willing to cooperate and keep them quiet. It was a bold move from the mayor of the city, but the police department had high hopes for this new experiment. Early results did show a decreased hostilty when using such vans. He wondered why that was… Jose was proud to drive of one of these new police vans. Once inside, Jose offered them a drink and he drove the van to an abandoned factory a few minutes out. Jose told his son to strip to his undies, as they were about to have some fun. Daniel stripped and sat on his lap, waiting. Once the van arrived at the destination, Jose entered the aft-section too and closed the seperation door. “So, I see you already have gone commando, Daniel. So tell me, why are you walking funny?” Daniel told the police officer the short version of how his tight boypussy was used by the Roman Catholic priest, while he was sucking his daddy’s large monstercock. Jose was excited beyond his wildest dreams. Finally, a real daddy having sex with his own son! Jose had a few cousins too, but none with his own lewd Latino seed deep inside them as he was the only gay in the family, supposedly. “Daniel, get on all fours and show me your booty!”, Jose beylikdüzü travesti ordered Daniel and the young boy complied. Jose got his police baton and stripped his white briefs with the baton. “Wait a minute, Jose!…you’re not gonna hurt his boyhole with that stick!”, Joe exclaimed. “Quiet, Joe. I am not hurting him…see?”, José said and he was only pressing the tip baton inside his loose hole. “Come here Gabriel and lick my biceps and armpits. Feel the thick veins on your tongue and swallow my sweat. I know I stink under my armpits…it’s the end of my shift. Eat it! Eat my sweat and tongue with your son. Let him taste my sweat!”, Jose ordered. When he unplugged the baton, he ordered Joe to lick it clean. Jose opened and unzipped and got his phat cock outside. “Come here boy, come sniff my smelly cock. You love piss, Daniel? You like swallowing stinky Latin piss from my phat police officer’s cock?”, Jose asked with an authoritarian voice. “Yes, I swallow piss, sir. Feed me!”, Daniel begged and when he finished pissing the boy did indeed swallow every drop of Jose’s stinky cock. “Do you two like lewd blasphemy?”, the officer asked. They nodded. He obtained a Bible from one of the overhead lockers. Jose explained: “This is an emergency Bible, used only when a person in an accident or hit by bullets will pass on to greener pastures in a few minutes and no priest can be reached in time. It’s rarely used, so I use it to dump my seed, piss, spit and sweat on it. I love reading chapters and masturbating furiously. See these sticky pages? That’s a few of my favourite passages, so I cream double hard on them. See this crucifixion pendant I am wearing? I have plugged my cock’s pisshole many times with the golden Cross of Jesus Christ. I love seeing half his body inside my pisshole, stare at his sad eyes and drown his body with my unholy seed. My Mexican cum is drowning the sins of Jesus Christ. I am so fucked-up, you wouldn’t believe. I get off on evil taboo stuff. Once I trust you I will tell you everything. Daniel, you need to push all your boypussy juices outside on this Bible. You have to take the Bible’s virginity and is was never covered in fourteen year old boyjuice. It needs it. I wants your cream, your delicious young frothy juices. I want to see it covered in cuntjuice.” Daniel complied and pushed all boypussy juices and leftover cum on a few pages of the Bible. “Now spit on it, both of you”, the unholy police officer commanded. They did and Jose did too. He left it open, so it could be used for later fun. Jose turned the teen’s body around pushed his cock inside Daniel’s hungry mouth and Gabriel joined too. “I want to feel your fingers inside my cunt, Gabriel. Let’s finger each other, while we skullfuck your son!”, Jose commanded. They did finger each others warm mancunts. A phat stinky throbbing Latin cock with big balls and a thick veiny niggercock plowing between young Daniel’s lips. After a while Daniel offered his loose boycunt to the hunky police officer. Jose rimmed that delicious hole for several minutes and really digged deep with his tongue. Gabriel ate the officer’s hole too. Musky, sweaty and tasting delicious. Jose plugged his phat veiny cock deep inside Daniel’s fourteen year young butt and his daddy’s cock creamed his own butt with loads of precum, while he jerked that large nigger monstercock. Gabriel istanbul travesti and Jose kissed and tongued and whispered while he felt that pretty loose hole on his Latin cock: “I love it that I finally met a real daddy having incest with his son. I have dreamed about this for so long. I love that you break the ultimate taboo of a dad having sex with his son, voluntary. It’s always more fun when both sides agree. Nobody gets pregnant. You can fuck your son deep and let him fuck you too. Let him feel empowered and let him dominate you. Enjoy his cock deep inside your mancunt, while you look him in his eyes and say you love him. Your bond will get stronger. Give into your lust. From now on, always swallow his teenage seed, promise me.” Gabriel continued to sweat and Jose licked his biceps too and his smelly armpits. His smell was intoxicating and strong. He sniffed and plowed his phat cuntwrecker deep inside Daniel’s eleven year young hungry hole. Gabriel, the incestuous daddy said to Daniel: “Son, you ready for a second monstercock in your sloppy hole? I want to fuck you with this fine police officer Jose. Can I please, Daniel?” “Please do it, daddy! I am so loose now. I can take it, daddy!”, Daniel said. Jose went on his back, so Daniel could sit on his cock and his father, the man who fertilised the egg so Daniel was born, could fuck his own bloody son too. Daniel began lowering himself on the phat oozing Mexican cock deep inside Daniel’s faghole, while his dad pushed his massive cuntwrecker inside his loose teenage butthole too. Deeper and deeper and really stretching that hole to its limits, but Daniel could take it all — the slutty teenage boy. Ball’s deep — 44cm (17″) of meat throbbing deep inside his young boycunt, which was leaking juices alot. Jose said: “Daniel, I promised earlier that I won’t get you preggo, but now I am not so sure as I am almost cuuuuuuuming into your young phat ass! Your dad’s cock feels so good against mine. Jesus fucking Christ! Hail Satan! I welcome many demons to violate and abuse my soul, as you have done so many times, Lord Diablo. Fuck Jesus Christ! Make me a stoopid faggot. Infest my soul with your darkness, let your endless stream of seed ooze over my soul and body and drown me in forbidden ecstasy with Daniel and Gabriel. Let their souls into your dark domain, Lord Diablo. Possess my throbbing phat veiny Latin cock, fill it with the infinite lust of demonic seed entering sexual depravity. Let my seed breed this eleven years young boyhole, Lord Satan. Let him feel your lust!” So Jose did. Last time the Mexican hunk came was 22 hours ago and thid Mexican had a horseload waiting inside his big balls. He unloaded all demon seed inside the young boycunt and his body went into a few spasms. Gabriel’s cock also creamed his son’s guts deeper than ever before. Load upon load deep inside his son’s butthole. Feeling two massive veiny cocks inside him proved too much for Daniel which made his cock cum too, without touching it. Two cocks were still throbbing and oozing inside Daniel’s breeding hole as he unplugged from both cocks and sat his phat booty on Jose’s face. “Suck the cum from my hole, police officer”, Daniel demanded. Jose complied and sucked all cuntjuices and a massive load of mixed seed from that delicious fourteen year young boyhole and swallowed it all after sharing some with the incestuous dad and his preggo son. Little did they know that the police radio was left online on the secret frequency of Jose’s Colombian car-buddy Carlos who was at home having the flu……masturbating…listening to his Mexican buddy having sex with a dad and son.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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