Kas 18

Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 11

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While Robert was gone I put up the balloons and decorations, I wanted this to be a very special day for my man. Robert came in all choked up, his Dad all smiles, Robert came to me and pulled me into a hug.

“This is so sweet of you to do all this for me Tom. Thank you so much for all of the things you have done to make this a special day for me.” Robert said tears running down his cheeks.

He and I kissed, his Dad no longer turning away if he and I showed affection for each other, he now knew I loved his son with all my heart and soul.

“Robert I love you, this day should be special for you. Just wait Babe so much more to come, still the naked man in your cake.” I said to him smiling.

Lisa and Robert showed up at three, they all sat in the sitting room while I got dinner finished up. I had some time before we were to sit and eat. We all sat and talked about past birthdays, why the one we remember was so special to each of us.

Roberts Dad his was when his Mom had bought him the shirt he wanted so badly, he proudly wore that shirt till it was a rag. Lisa was when she and I had gone to an all male stripper night on her last birthday, her childhood ones not memorable. Eddy’s was when his Dad had taken him for his first beer at the local bar for his Birthday, he said he and his Dad had a great time there.

For myself it was when I was twelve, my Grandmother had bought me the shoes I wanted so badly, I kept them even after I had grown out of them. For Robert it was when his Dad had let him drive the very first time when he was twelve on his Birthday. Lisa helped me get dinner on the table, we all sat and enjoyed our meal. I brought out the cake, I had them make a cake with a GI-Joe in the middle of it, naked of course.

Robert laughed so much over this, I explained that I told Robert I would have a cake with a naked man in it, so I was not about to disappoint the man. We enjoyed our cake, Robert got a card from his Dad, telling him what a great son he really had and how proud he was of all he had accomplished. Lisa and Eddy bought him a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast, one Robert and I had talked about.

“Guys this is to much, thank you so much Lisa, Eddy man this is great, you guys have to join Ankara bayan escort us.” Robert said to them.

“That is the plan my man, that is the plan.” Eddy told him.

“Tom I will have to get the bike tuned up before we head out on this trip, this one is a nice long one.” Robert said to me.

“Yes Babe we will, now open mine.” I said handing him his card.

Robert opened the card, inside I had the pamphlet in another envelope so he had it to open after he read my card to him.

“Robert I cannot express how I feel for you in a card, I have never loved another person as much as I love you, for me to buy you something that shows how much I love you, I could not find it but open the other envelope and let me know if I was even close?” I said to him.

Robert looked up, already his eyes were tearing up, Robert slowly opened the envelope, he had no idea of what I had bought for him, for us really. Robert pulled the pamphlet out, he sat there his mouth open, his eyes glassy.

“Tom you didn’t did you? Tom it’s to much, I can’t accept this.” Robert said his eyes filled with tears.

“Robert Babe I did, it’s not to much it’s for you, it’s for us to travel to those destinations you thought your old bike would not make it to, it’s an investment in us. I love you so much Robert.” I said to him myself full on crying.

Robert and I held each other till we got ourselves back together, again we forgot we had company, all three of our guests were wiping away tears.

“Tom did you really buy the bike? The one I wanted? The one we both looked at?” Robert asked me.

“Yes Robert I did, and it is ready for pickup tomorrow.” I said to him smiling.

Robert stood there this look of disbelief in his face, he was the proud new owner of the bike he wanted for so long. Robert was giddy, he went around the table hugging each of our guests yes Eddy too thanking them for the best Birthday ever.

Robert showed his Dad the new bike I had just bought him, the three of them talking motorcycles while Lisa and I cleared the table. I got the dishes in the dishwasher and the leftovers packed up.

“Tom I have never seen you so happy in all the years you and I have been friends, I am so happy for Escort bayan Ankara both of you.” Lisa said to me.

“Thank you so much Lisa I have never been so happy in all of my entire life.” I replied to her.

“Lisa what is with you, you look different, you look like your glowing.” I said to her.

“Tom shh don’t say anything I will tell everyone later, Tom I’m pregnant.” Lisa said smiling.

“Really that is great, congratulations.” I whispered in her ear.

Lisa and I joined the men in the sitting room, Robert pulled me in tight to him, Lisa snuggled in close to Eddy.

“Guys I have an announcement to make, Eddy and I are expecting in November.” Lisa told us.

Eddy was all smiles, we toasted their happy news, Roberts Dad was tuckered out, Robert and Eddy would drive him back to his place while Lisa and I caught up.

“Lisa I can not have believed almost a year ago I would have met a guy like Robert, well not the one you were with but the one he is now I can’t imagine a day without that man. I am sure its the same for you and Eddy, the man has to be very special to you right about now.” I said patting her little belly.

“Eddy is the best Tom, he treats me so well, ever since Robert came out his guards are down, he is himself now, he is not the macho tough guy anymore he is himself all the time even in front of his friends now, since I told him of our baby he is so attentive to me, I know he can’t wait to be a Dad.” Lisa said tearing up.

Robert later told me he and Eddy talked about their baby on the way, he told Robert he was so excited and so nervous, was he ready to be a Dad, did he ever see himself as a Dad, but he had never been so happy in his entire lifetime.

Robert and I cleaned up, he was still riding the wave of his Birthday, the new motorcycle had him still smiling so much.

“Tom did you really buy the bike? Is it really mine? Ours? You’re not just kidding me here are you?” Robert asked seriously asking me.

“Robert Babe the bike is yours, no one else’s, it’s your’s and yours alone, you and I will enjoy it but at the end of the day it’s your name who is the legal owner.” I said to him seriously.

Robert stood there taking it all in, it did not seem Bayan escort Ankara real, he had wished for this bike for so many years, now it really was his, he could say he owned the bike he could only dream of owning before. Robert pulled me in close to him.

“Tom I am not sure I can accept this from you, it’s a lot of money, more than I could ever afford, I would be making payments till I was retired. Tom I am not sure I feel good accepting this from you.” Robert said his eyes welled up with tears.

“Robert I love you more than life itself, the bike is paid for, it’s your’s the title on it is in your name, not mine yours. To think you don’t deserve this you more than deserve this small token of affection from me. I even talked to your Dad about it before I bought it, he too thought it was to much for me to buy this for you, then I explained how most of your paycheque goes to keep him in the home he is in, you barely have any spending money left over at the end of the week, if there is a man who deserves to be spoiled it is your Babe, take the bike it’s your’s. I Love you so much.” I told him.

Robert stood there looking at me, his eyes dripping tears, he placed his head on my chest, his face nuzzled in the nape of my neck.

“Tom Babe thank you does not seem to cut it here, no one has ever done anything like this for me in my entire lifetime, I love you so much Tom you have no idea how much.” Robert said his head burried deep in my chest.

Robert and I headed off to bed, he kept on looking at me, even while we brushed our teeth he stared at me, getting into bed he snuggled in to me, his head on my chest, normally mine on his, he needed to be close to me, he needed to be sure it was all real. I am not sure Robert slept much that night, the idea he would pick up his pride and joy, the one thing he dreamed of the next day had him on edge.

I woke to him going for his usual seven am pee, even at seven he was so happy, he came back in bed a huge smile on his face.

“Today is the day Tom, it is real isn’t it, I get my new motorcycle today right?” Robert asked me.

“Yes Babe they open at nine, and yes we will be there when they open.” I said getting up to pee myself.

Robert grabbed me pulling me into a hug.

“I still cannot believe it Tom, I get my new bike today.” Robert said to me.

I smiled at him, kissed his lips, held his face in my hands.

“Yes you sure do Babe now I have to pee and then go make coffee.” I said smiling at him.

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