Kas 18

Content Pt. 01

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“Come on in, Baby.”

That felt weird. But, it should have been expected. The way we talked before I now stood knocking on his door step. The things about the deepest, darkest parts of my mind that I had shared. It was my first time with him, but we had talked a great deal about the things we wanted. I had been with men before, I just wasn’t used to being anything but masculine.

When the door first opened, I saw the man I had been craving for all this time. Better than the pictures. You could barely tell he was in his 50’s the way his physique had held up over the years. I looked straight ahead. I was eye-level with his chest full of manly hair that ran down his stomach nicely to form a happy trail that led down into the sweats he was wearing. I needed him.

I took a couple steps through the door and he closed it behind me.


I knew what to do. I lifted my shirt above my head, dropped it to my side, and returned both hands to the back of my neck. I felt him step behind me and reach around to feel my smooth chest. I gasped as he began to run his hands down my body and then all the way back up to my freshly shaved armpits.

It felt really strange to be honest. I was naturally a decently hairy guy, jock type without the lifestyle or rep to back it. Everything was so sensitive. See, he had some rules:

1. All of my boys must be shaved from the neck down.

2. Be willing, be open, and be ready.

3. Communicate often.

4. Do as I say, when I say it.

5. Let go.

6. When entering my space, you are to remove your shirt. Hands behind your head. Wait.

He stepped back.

“Shoes and socks.”

I kneeled down and removed then got back into position.


I reached down to my belt, undid it, opened Ankara bayan escort my jeans, and slid them down my legs. As I bent over to step out of them, I felt a thumb press against my hole through my briefs and reach up under my balls. I returned to the position.

“Good Boi. You’re looking good. You wanna make me a happy man, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir”, my voice quivered. There was a solid minute of silence.


I removed them and returned to the position.

“Kneel. Arms behind your back.”

I did as I was told. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”

He walked into another room, rummaged around in a drawer, and returned with a bulge coming from his sweatpants pocket. He kneeled down on one knee in front of me.

“Are you ready, boi?”

“For what, Sir?”

“Are you Ready? Do you trust me?” He grabbed my chin and I looked into his eyes. I knew the answer.

“Yes, Sir.” He pulled out a blindfold and tied it behind my head. I felt him grab my cock and insert it through a ring. Another part slid over my shaft. I felt a thick cold strap wrap around my neck. I heard a lock click in the back.

He stepped around to the front of me. Suddenly I felt something warm near my face. I felt the tip of his cock start to rub back and forth across my lips. He tilted my head back a little and pressed into my mouth.

He felt so good as his thick cock filled my mouth. He was gentle until he got all eight inches of his thick meat down my throat, still partially soft. He brought his cock all the way out to my lips, I could taste his precum drag across my tongue. He repeated this for a couple of minutes before pulling all the way out. This man really was everything. I loved the way he smelled, the way he tasted, the way he treated me.

Returning Escort bayan Ankara behind me, he kneeled down. I felt his finger rub on my hole and his lips press against my neck.

“You’re beautiful. I’m going to make you feel so good, baby.”

I heard him lather his fingers and inserted them slowly into my hole. This only lasted a few moments before I felt something begin to open me up. I gasp as he slowly pushed the plug into me. He kept kissing my neck until he felt me swallow the biggest part inside me.

“Good Boi.” I was now kneeling. Blind, cage around my cock, collar around my neck, and plug inside of me. It felt good.

“Stand. Arms at your side.”

I got up. After another minute of silence, I felt his hand grab my caged cock.


He pulled on the cage and I began to walk forward with him. He led me down a hallway, into a room, and turned me to stand sideways. “Kneel and spread.” I kneeled down and spread my legs. “Good boi.”

He kneeled down on one knee behind me. I felt him pull at the blindfold and it came off. My eyes adjusted. There was a mirror in front of me. My eyes widened when I saw myself. Completely smooth, collar around my neck, my 7in cock reduced to a 2in nub. I looked down and saw a collection of toys.

There was a plug, a decent bit bigger than the one that currently filled my hole. A dildo that was a little bigger than the size of his cock. A gag with a lock and key. A large and long cone shaped dildo. A set of nipple pumps. A leash. A hood with a mouth opening. And a set of restraints. I eyed them for a moment before bringing my gaze forward again.

My eyes locked on his. He had been kneeling behind watching me take everything in. He brought a hand to my shoulder and squeezed. A little Bayan escort Ankara bit of my tension faded away. “Bend over. Arch your back. Face down.” I did as I was told. He laid his cock across my hole and the lower part of my back. He leaned over. I heard his phone unlock. I knew I could tell him to stop, but I didn’t want him to. I heard him snap a picture. My cock twitched in its cage.

“Turn around.” I did and was now inches from his manhood seeing it for the first time in person. My mouth opened slightly and I’m sure I drooled a little. He grabbed me by the hair and laid his cock across my face. He raised his phone again, this time with me looking straight into the lens, smirked, and snapped another picture. I’m sure you could see the contentment and lust in my eyes. I watched as he scrolled a a second in his phone, clicked twice, and I heard the sound confirming they were sent. He put his phone down and looked at me again.

He gave me a warm smile. He lowered himself and put one hand on the back of my neck and one on my cheek. His lips met mine. He was very dominating but gentle. I liked that.

“You’re a sweet boi, ya know? I’d like to thank the Men that had you before me. You have the submissive desires to match their training. We have more to do though, don’t we? And we’re gonna find out what a good little pig you can be in just a minute. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Sir.” My voice was firm now.

“Good. I guarantee the guys are going to love those pictures, too. I’m going to put this hood on you and then we will begin. If you do well, you’ll get exactly what you asked for. And If you do really well, my friends will all get a little something too.”

My heart sunk at his words and a tingle went up my spine. He reached around me, one hand on either side, and grabbed the hood. He brought it up to my neck and pulled me into him, giving me a deep kiss. He looked me deep in my eyes and then the hood covered my eyes. My mind started to set into its sub state. I was ready.

To be continued…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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