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Corporate Bodies – Pt 03 – Reality

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Chapter TenThe hour after Andy led me out of the room and into the waiting crowd passed in something of a daze.The study door closed behind us with a clunk, leaving Amanda alone to deal with the messy physical aftermath of her unexpected copulation. The emotional aftermath would have to wait. As Andy and I passed into the main room, the expectant guests turned to greet me.Then, with a short speech and much backslapping, my promotion to Junior Partner was announced.Had my head been in the right place, I would have enjoyed the many and sincere congratulations that came my way. But it wasn’t. Stunned by all I had just witnessed all I could do was smile dumbly and try to feel the goodwill around me.A glass of champagne was thrust into my hand. I downed it almost in one. It was immediately replaced and as I sipped the second more slowly, I noticed my wife slipping out of the study door and trying discreetly to make her way around the crowd to the ladies’ room. She was unsuccessful in this, the eager wives of other partners drawing her reluctantly into the crowd where more champagne was thrust upon the pair of us.Amanda looked very uncomfortable indeed, though she had fixed her make-up almost perfectly and was playing the happy, supportive wife as well as her traumatised body and newly unfaithful mindset would allow. Only I could see the pain and sadness in her eyes, especially when her warmly congratulating female friends told her over and over again how lucky she was to have a confident and successful man like me for a husband.The expression on her face when her eyes caught mine was enough to prevent me being anything but humble.Eventually, I had to escort her to the ladies’ room myself before being drawn into the celebrations once again. She remained there for a long time before emerging. Twice more in the next hour, I saw her head to the ladies’ again but at the time, didn’t grasp the significance.It was after midnight when we drove home together. Amanda sat silently in the front passenger seat for almost the entire journey, her body language making it clear that conversation with me was unwanted. We were nearly home before I could contain myself no longer and spoke hesitantly to the huddled form in the seat alongside me, staring through the passenger window and into the darkness of the night.“Are you okay?” I ventured.It was a pathetic start, but at least the ice was broken.“How the hell do you think I am?” Amanda snapped. It was uncharacteristically aggressive, but I deserved it.“I… I’m not sure,” I stammered.The response was immediate and shocked me.“You just watched your boss fuck your wife to save you from jail, and you’re not sure if she’s okay?”She was hissing with a passion I had never seen before. I had hardly ever heard her use the ‘f’ word, let alone with such venom.“Amanda I…” I began but she cut me off.“And I’ve got to let him fuck me every week for God knows how long until you’ve paid back all that money! You’ve just turned your wife into a whore, and that’s all you can say is ‘I’m not sure’?”“I’m so sorry. I’m really, really sorry. I just don’t know how to say it.”“So it seems!” her voice was quieter now but hard and controlled.There was a long pause. I didn’t dare speak; anything I might say would almost certainly be wrong.“Still, you’re the Big Man now, you’re the Junior Partner,” Amanda eventually said bitterly. “Did you enjoy all the congratulations and back-slapping?”“How could I have done anything else?” I protested, trying weakly to defend myself.She ignored me completely, staring me angrily ahead as her voice became even colder.“You just stood there drinking champagne while I had to try and stop your boss’s semen trickling down the back of my legs. In front of everyone!”Oh my God! Of course, all those times had she tried to escape to the ladies’ room!Christ! Andy must have left one hell of a lot of cum inside her.“I’m so, so sorry,” I repeated, trying hard to keep the car straight on the road. “I don’t know what else I can say. ““It doesn’t seem to have crossed your mind that he didn’t use any protection and I’m not on the pill!”“Jesus, Amanda!” I gasped.She was right. In all the excitement and humiliation, it really hadn’t occurred to me. güvenilir bahis But it was true; after my vasectomy, we hadn’t had to think about birth control at all. Andy had fucked Amanda bareback and cum copiously in her entirely unprotected body.“Think about it now, ‘Junior Partner’!” she hissed angrily. “Do you like the idea of your wife getting knocked up by your boss?”We travelled in silence for a few minutes, my mind spinning. On top of all I had just seen, could she really be pregnant too?“It’s not my fertile time,” she said eventually, calming down a little. “I’ll get the morning-after tablets first thing tomorrow, and go back on the pill properly next week, okay?”“Thank you,” was all I could manage to say.There was another pause followed by a long sigh.“It looks like I’m going to need birth control for a long time now, doesn’t it?”Her words, though justified, hurt badly. But I breathed a silent sigh of relief as we drove home in silence, the air in the car pungent with the smell of recent sex.Once home, Amanda immediately took herself upstairs. A minute later I heard the shower running. I made fresh coffee in the kitchen then carried two mugs upstairs along with two large brandies. As I entered our bedroom, my wife had just come out of the shower and had a large white bath towel wrapped around her lovely slim body.“Do you feel any better now?” I asked, offering her the tray.She chose the brandy, drank it down in one gulp then grimaced.“I feel cleaner,” she replied, sitting on the bed. “On the outside at least.” She shrugged. “I guess this is something I’ll have to get used to.”“You have every right to feel angry,” I said, ashamed.After taking off my jacket and tie, I sat close by her on the mattress. She smelled fresh and clean, but her face and chest were still flushed from her recent orgasms.“I think I deserve the whole truth now, don’t you?” she asked quietly but firmly. “Absolutely everything.”She was right and I knew it. In truth, it was a relief to get it all off my chest; to confide in her all the stratagems and subterfuges I had used. Andy’s investigations had been very thorough indeed, but even he hadn’t uncovered all of my illegal efforts.For the next hour, we went through all I had done in detail, over and over again. This time I was completely open about how I had deliberately defrauded the company to give us the lifestyle we wanted for ourselves and our kids.I tried to explain that there really had been a plan to repay the money – at least at first – but that it had all got out of hand, and now even those good intentions had been thwarted by being discovered.Amanda’s incisive mind asked all the difficult questions I had dreaded. All I could do was answer honestly and directly. When I had finished, she could not believe I had been so stupid and now, of course, neither could I.“You could still pull out of the deal,” I told her when she had asked all she wanted. “It might not end in jail.”“Jail or no jail, it would mean bankruptcy,” she replied. “How could we live then? Everything would change. Think of the damage it would do to the kids if it got round that their father was a crook. No, there’s no way out of this apart from Andy’s deal.”I hung my head in shame.“Besides,” she added with resignation. “The damage is already done! I’m a whore now, aren’t I? I’ve been fucked for money. Have you thought how you’re going to feel about that because I have no idea how I’ll live with it!”I reached across and held her hand. Her body tensed at first, then relaxed a little.“You’re a wonderful wife and mother who cares about her family.” I insisted, very much aware that it was my actions that had put her in this invidious position. “What you were prepared to do for us is beyond belief!”“What you did was beyond belief too,” she hissed.“I know. I’m so, so sorry. I’d do anything to put it right.”“He doesn’t want you, though. He wants me!”“I know. I’m sorry.”“For Christ’s sake, stop saying you’re sorry. I know you’re sorry. I’m sorry! We’re all sorry!”There was a pause. I tried to hold her hand, but she bunched them both into fists.“What if it changes things between us?” she eventually asked. “What if you can’t bear to live with a whore? How will you feel when I güvenilir bahis siteleri come home afterwards, and you know what I’ve been doing? What if you can see the signs on my body? He’s going to fuck me every week for what could be years, remember that!”“I swear, Amanda, I will never leave you or think less of you for doing this. If you’ll stick with me, I’ll stick with you, no matter what happens.”“You swear?”“I swear!”I took her in my arms and hugged her as closely as she would let me. The towel fell away, and I could see her orgasm-flushed chest clearly. My heart and loins ached.“They say Andy always keeps his promises,” I said in a vain attempt to comfort her.“I guess we’re going to find out,” she replied quietly. Chapter ElevenHours later, I lay awake, watching the clock on the dresser, counting away the night hours. Beside me, Amanda slept fitfully, exhausted but troubled.What had I done to her and to my family? Had I really turned my wife into a whore? Had I really made myself a cuckold too?Could our marriage possibly survive this onslaught?My mind tormented me with vivid images of all I had seen that night; of my wife’s first-ever infidelity; of the look of shock on her face as for the first time in her life, another man’s erect penis entered her body. Of the extraordinarily conflicted feelings that flashed through me as I had watched myself both being cuckolded and saved from jail at the same time.But the images that simply would not go away were those of my sweet, intelligent wife and the mother of our two children reaching orgasm after orgasm on another man’s cock in a way she had seldom if ever achieved on mine.“Are you awake?” Amanda’s voice was soft and slightly dreamy.“I can’t sleep,” I replied. “Can you?”“Not really,” she replied. “I’m too mixed up, too confused.”She sounded it too. In the stillness of the night, her entirely justified anger of earlier had completely gone, replaced by a wounded, insecure vulnerability that was as unfamiliar as the anger had been.“I’m sure you are. I’m so sorry this has all fallen on you. If I’d known…” I began, but then stopped.It had all been said already. Silence descended for a while then, just as I thought she had fallen asleep again, she spoke.“How did you feel, watching me?” she asked in a low, quiet voice.“What?”“Did you enjoy watching me being fucked?”“Of course not!”Part of me was stunned by her continued free use of the ‘f’ word; something that had never happened before in all our relationship. My reply was automatic, but as the words left my mouth, I knew they weren’t true.What was more, I was sure Amanda knew it too. My bright, intelligent wife knew that beneath the horror of watching her being fucked to orgasm by another man, I had found the whole thing incredibly, unbearably, almost frighteningly arousing.This disturbed me more than I could understand; certainly, more than I could tell her.“You didn’t even try to stop it happening. You just stood and watched him do it to me,” her voice was still soft, but the accusation was clear.“I know. I don’t know what came over me,” I told her honestly. “At first it was shock, I guess. Then perhaps it was fear of breaking the deal before it had even started.”“There was more to it than that,” she insisted. “The look on your face when he… when I…”Her voice faded to silence. I gulped nervously, knowing only too well what she meant, but unable to say the words aloud. I could barely admit them to myself. To my shame, I tried to deflect some of the blame back onto my wife.“Maybe I should have felt differently,” I replied nervously. “But we had both agreed it should happen, and once it had started; once he was actually inside you, it looked like you were really enjoying it. It didn’t look like you wanted me to stop it.”Amanda shuddered visibly. I expected her to scream at me again but instead, she fell silent for a full minute.“Was it that obvious?” she eventually asked.I almost choked in shock.“What?” I said once again, sitting up in surprise. “You mean…”She nodded, her eyes unable to meet mine. There was a long pause. My heart was thumping in my chest as the terrible words came out of her sweet mouth.“I did enjoy it. I didn’t want to; I thought I would iddaa siteleri hate it as much as I hated him. I didn’t want him to even touch me, let alone fuck me, but one he had started…”“You just couldn’t help yourself?” I suggested.I felt rather than heard her nod her head alongside me.“I wondered whether that was it,” I continued. “I’ve never seen you cum as hard as that in your whole life! Not once in all our years of lovemaking have you come anywhere near the orgasms Andy gave you!”“It’s true. I’ve never felt like that before.”“And at the end, when he came, you wanted that inside you too, didn’t you?”There was another movement, which I took for a nod.“You were reaching out for him, pulling him into you, wrapping your legs around him…”I felt her shoulders move again, and realised she was crying in the darkness.“Darling,” I whispered, holding her stiff body tightly.“Are you disgusted with me now?” she sobbed.“Why would you think that?” I asked, stunned.There was a long pause.“Because I’m disgusted with myself.”I had not been expecting this. Anger, yes. Resentment and accusations; of course, but self-disgust?“That’s ridiculous,” I insisted sincerely. “You could never disgust me. Never. You did what you had to do. We agreed, there wasn’t a choice, was there?”“But I should have hated it,” her voice was getting louder and more emotional. “It’s bad enough being fucked at all; I shouldn’t have let it happen like that. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to enjoy it so much.“I feel dirty, I feel soiled, disgusted. I feel ashamed.”She continued to sob. I squeezed her tighter.“Amanda, look at me. It’s good that you enjoyed it. I’m pleased you got so much pleasure, “I whispered, though it was an outrageous lie. “It would have been far worse if you’d hated it, wouldn’t it? You mustn’t feel guilty. I’m the guilty one here.”“Do you really mean it?” she asked through her tears. “You still feel the same about me?”“Of course, I do.”It was a lie. No man’s feelings could possibly remain unchanged after all that had happened, especially if he was responsible for the whole sorry thing.She cried a while longer, her chest rising and falling under the duvet.“Will you make love to me?” she eventually asked.“You really want me to?” I asked, surprised.“I need to believe you still love me,” Amanda replied, her deep blue eyes full of pain. “Even though I’m soiled now.”“I will always love you, no matter what you have to do. I swear it,” I insisted, this time with more conviction. It was nothing but the truth, after all.“Then will you? Please?”In reply, I rolled over and gently mounted her battered body, raising her nightdress to her waist. Her long legs parted for me and a moment later I was positioned at her entrance, ready to penetrate her recently violated vagina.Even in the darkness I could see how puffy and distended her outer lips had become, how raw and open her slit still was and the dark hole of her gaping entrance.“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.“I need to feel you inside me,” she replied. “I need to know we’re still… still us!”I gently pressed myself forward, my very-erect cock parting her inner lips. She gasped and wriggled her hips. I pressed forwards again, opening her entrance and smoothly penetrating her well-used vagina.Amanda winced as I entered her, the discomfort clearly greater than she had expected. I backed off immediately, but she pulled me towards her again.“It’s okay,” she whispered.“But it’s hurting you…”“Please. I need you!”Slowly and carefully, I pressed my hips forward, driving my erect cock deeper and deeper into my wife’s vagina. There was no hint of resistance; I slipped full-length into her in a single smooth thrust. As I bottomed out inside her, my pubic hair ground against her mound.Amanda winced again and bit her lower lip hard as my erection found its place within her body.“Sore?” I asked. She nodded.The pain was clearly visible in those deep blue eyes, but there was something else there too; something new and for both of us, entirely unexpected.What in God’s name had he done to her? Amanda and I had enjoyed passionate, energetic sex many times, but I had never left her as raw or open as this. Her usual tightness was completely gone, her dark cavern loose and slippery around my shaft.My head span as, for the first time in my life, I tasted the bittersweet pleasure of sloppy seconds.The vagina in which my cock now lay, and which until that night had known only my erect cock, had only…

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