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Subject: Country Awakening – Chapter 30 Country Awakening � Chapter 30 (m/m, t/t, Incest) If you are under 18 years of age, offended by stories which depict sex between consenting males, or live in a jurisdiction where reading/possessing such materials is illegal, exit now. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please consider a donation to Nifty to help keep these archives fty/donate.html ******* On Monday morning Xavier and Connor left for the navy base in Virginia. They would be gone for four days while Xavier returned uniforms, equipment and moved out of the base living quarters where he had stayed while not at sea. They would return by train, arriving home on Friday. Paul, John, and Mark were without any additional help for the first time in months. The first morning they got the chores done but missed the extra hands that Connor, and more recently Xavier, had provided. They also missed the chatter that Connor and Xavier provided while they worked. After the morning work was done, they made breakfast and sat at the kitchen table to eat. “While it’s just the three of us,” Paul said to the boys as they ate their eggs and sausages, “there’s something I need to talk with you guys about.” “What’s up, Dad?” John asked as he and Mark gave him their full attention. Paul told them about finding the stocks and bonds in the old filing cabinets and how much they were worth. “Holy fuck!” Mark excitedly exclaimed when he heard that the total amount was now close to 6 million dollars. “Dad, you’re rich!” “We’re rich,” Paul replied, “We are a family, so it belongs to all of us.” “Wow!” John exclaimed wide eyed, “What are you thinking of doing with it?” “That’s what I want to talk with you guys about,” Paul replied. “The way I see it, we have a couple of options. We could sell the farm and go live somewhere else, maybe somewhere warm.” “Or?” Mark asked. “We keep the farm, improve it, maybe buy more land, possibly open a related business.” The talked about it for a while and when they were done it was clear that the three of them wanted to keep the farm and grow the business. They also made a major decision to get out of the dairy business and stick with cash crops. That would save them on veterinary bills and the many early mornings spent milking and caring for livestock. They could have winters away from farming and be able to spend time in a warm location. “There’s something I’d like to ask, Dad,” Mark said, “I’m sure that I speak for John on this as well. When we talk family, are you thinking the just the three of us, or all five of us? Because to me, family means the three of us plus Connor and Xavier,” Mark stated. “I agree,” John said as he nodded his head. “But that’s just our opinion, we don’t know one hundred percent what yours is.” “I’m happy to hear you guys say that, because I was thinking all five of us, but I wasn’t sure how you guys thought about it,” Paul replied. “We love them both,” John stated as a matter of fact. “They are family!” “Ok, I’m good with that,” Paul replied. “They are both such fine young men, I can’t help but love them both too!” The three of them sat for a moment, smiling. “I have another question for you, Dad,” John said. “Sure,” Paul replied with a questioning look on his face. “When are you and Uncle Mike finally going to start living together?” “Yeah,” Mark said in agreement. “Me and John have each other, Connor and Xavier have each other, Jason and Matt are inseparable. So, when are you and Uncle Mike going to be together?” Paul turned a little red at the question, paused a moment, then replied, “Well we have talked about it, but we weren’t sure how all of you guys would take it, or where we would live.” “We’d all take it just fine,” Mark replied, “we’ve all been wondering what is taking so long!” “Really?” Paul asked with a warm smile. “Really!” John shot back. “The six of us have talked about it and we all agree that you two need to shack up!” “Well then that still leaves the issue of which house to live in,” Paul replied. “Maybe move back and forth?” Mark suggested. “Maybe,” Paul replied, still not sure about living arrangements. “One more thing,” John said, “When it comes to the money, family can mean Uncle Mike, Jason and Matt too, if you want.” “Are you serious?” Paul replied, “I mean, when I am gone the money would have been all be yours and Mark’s, it was your grandparent’s money, you wouldn’t have a financial worry for the rest of your lives.” “Actually, it’s your money, Dad,” Mark told Paul, “You can do whatever you want with it.” “Then I guess I need to talk with Mike about the future,” Paul replied, “it looks like we have a family of eight!” “Fuckin’-A!” John and Mark exclaimed as one. “This is fantastic!” “I can’t tell you two how proud I am of you both,” Paul said with a bit of mist in his eyes. “You are both so generous and loving, I couldn’t be prouder that you are my sons. I don’t know where you came from, but I thank God every day for having blessed me with you both.” “We came from you, Dad,” John replied on behalf of the brothers. “We are your sons and we learned how to be generous and how to love from you.” They all hugged each other, and a few tears of happiness were shed before Mark changed the mood by suggesting that they should eat lunch. After lunch they went into town to pick up some groceries, returning home in time for late afternoon chores and then dinner. After the dishes were washed, Mark asked Paul if he was going to go see Mike for the evening. Paul said no, he wanted just the three of them to send time together. They settled in the den to watch some TV and after a few minutes John asked, “Dad, could you tell us how you came to have Uncle Mike as your boyfriend? We heard a bit about it, but we are curious about how you two came to be boyfriends.” “Well,” Paul began, “I actually met Mike on the first day of Kindergarten. We sort of clicked and became friends right away. It was only when we were on the bus home that we realized that we were neighbors. After that we hung out together all the way through to High School graduation.” “That’s so cool,” John said before asking, “So when did you guys first realize it might be more than just friends and started doing sexual stuff together?” “We were 13 when he `discovered’ masturbation,” Paul replied. “He tried it in his bed one night and when he found out he could produce cum, he told me about it the next day. Up until then we had done a bit of show and tell, but that was about it. Once I heard he could produce cum, I had to try it myself and found out that I too could shoot semen. Then one night we tried it when we were together and soon, we became stroke buddies, doing it side-by-side.” Paul paused a moment, saw that he still had the twins’ complete attention, so he carried on. “It was me who suggested that we help each other do it and we found that to be extremely exciting. We kept up with that until we were 14 and then moved on to oral. By 16 we knew that we loved each other, and kissing became part of our time together. On his 17th birthday I took his virginity, and he took mine. Things just progressed from there.” “What about the stuff with Uncle Mike’s dad and uncles?” Mark asked. We kind of know a bit about that from Uncle Mike, what was it like for you?” Paul told them about the night that Mike’s dad found them together and how he had been fucked by Mike’s dad and watched him fuck Mike. “To be honest I loved it,” Paul told the twins. “I never felt taken advantage of, I loved every minute of it, and it got even hotter when Mike’s uncles became involved.” By now both Mark and John had obvious erections as did Paul. John stood, adjusted his cock in his pants and moved to sit on the sofa beside Paul. He slid a hand onto Paul’s thigh, turned to face him and kissed him on the lips as Mark was moving to sit on the other side of Paul. John was rubbing Paul’s hard cock through his pants as he parted his lips to let his father’s tongue slip into his mouth. “We want you, Dad,” Mark murmured as he slid to his knees on the floor. “We want you to fuck us both!” John unzipped Paul’s jeans. Paul raised his hips to let Mark pull his pants and underwear down and off. Mark knelt between Paul’s legs, kissed the head of his big cock, and went down on it while Paul and John continued to kiss. As Mark sucked Paul’s cock, John took his own clothes off, exposing his hard 7-inch cut cock. Paul took it in one hand and jacked it slowly as he moaned from the pleasure of Mark’s mouth on his own rock-hard cock. John and Paul resumed kissing and after a few minutes Mark moved over and went down on his brother’s cock. Paul saw Mark’s head bobbing up and down in John’s lap and moaned louder as he watched brother suck brother. This is so fucking hot! Paul thought to himself. “Let me suck one of you,” Paul moaned as Mark’s mouth was sucking on John’s cock. “I want to taste cock!” Mark stood up, stepped onto the seat cushions and positioned the head of his cock by Paul’s lips. Paul leaned forward and sucked Mark’s hardon deep into his mouth while Mark moaned loudly. John got to knees and went down on his father’s 7-inch cut cock, gagging on it as he took it deep into his throat. John and Paul both sucked cock until Mark said that felt he was close to cumming. “I want to get fucked,” Mark said, “Dad, I want you to fuck me until I shoot my load.” The trio moved into Paul’s bedroom where Mark laid on his back and raised his legs while Paul lubricated his hard cock. Paul knelt between Mark’s raised legs, supporting himself with one arm and using his free hand to guide his cock to the entrance of his son’s ass. “Fuck me, Dad!” Mark exclaimed, “I want your big dick inside me!” “Oh gawd,” Paul moaned as he slid his lubed tool up his son’s tight hole. “Oh, this feels so good!” John watched as his father fucked his twin brother. Mark’s legs were wrapped around Paul’s body as Paul stuffed his cock in and out of Mark’s hole. John could see his father’s hole exposed as he watched him thrusting his cock in and out. John reached out with one hand and rubbed Paul’s butt as it flexed with every thrust of his cock inside Mark. “Do it,” Paul told John, “Put your cock in me!” John did not need to be told twice. He quickly grabbed the bottle of lube, spread some on his cock, then got behind his father and fed his cock up his hole. Paul had paused his thrusts while John stuffed his meat up his ass. Once it was fully inside, he resumed carefully thrusting his cock inside Mark’s hole. Taking care to not have his cock slip out, while at the same time enjoying the feeling of John’s rod up his own ass. John let Paul do most of the thrusting but did some of his own too and soon the air was filled with grunting and moaning sounds as father and sons made love. After about 10 minutes Mark could feel the pressure rising in his groin. “I’m gonna cum,” he grunted. Within seconds his cock jerked up and down and cum started spurting out onto his stomach as he achieved a hands-free orgasm. “Oh fuckkkk, ohhhh fuckkkk!” Mark cried out as his cock throbbed and shot cum onto his body as Paul’s cock kept pounding inside his hole. Paul could feel Mark’s ass squeezing around his cock as he was cumming. That, combined with the feeling of his own ass full of John’s cock, causing him to have an orgasm too. “Ohhhh goddddd!” Paul yelped, “Ohh my goddddd!” He called out as he pumped cum up Mark’s hole. “Holy fuckkkk!” All the grunting, moaning and cries of lust from Mark and Paul were quickly joined by those of John as he felt his cock start şişli travesti pulsating and ejecting hot jizz into his father’s ass. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” John moaned as he thrusted his cock inside Paul’s hole, his cum coating the insides. As John’s cock stopped shooting juice, the three men collapsed onto the bed panting. They moved into a position to cuddle each other, one twin on either side of their father as they all caught their breath. “That was amazing!” Paul exclaimed as his sons held him close. “It was amazing for me too!” Mark replied, “Not very often I cum hands-free!” “It was good for me too,” John agreed. “We don’t get to do this with you very often, it’s great when we do!” They lay one the bed for a while, caressing each other’s bodies and exchanging kisses, before John said, “I’d really like to get fucked too, Dad. Do you think you’ll be able to do it tonight?” Paul was silent for a minute, giving Mark have a movement to say, “If Dad doesn’t fuck you, I will. My cock is already hard again!” Paul smiled and said, “If I saw that, I’d be able to cum again for sure!” “You want to watch us fuck?” John asked their father. “Sorry if it sounds bad, but I’d love to see you two do it. It would be so hot!” Paul replied. “It doesn’t sound bad to me!” John replied, “In fact it excites me!” “Damn right!” Mark exclaimed as his cock became fully erect. “It would be so cool for us to take turns on John!” Paul watched as John lay on his back and raised his legs, parted at the knees, to allow his brother to lay on top of him. He saw them kissing each other with open mouths, working themselves into an even more aroused state. Mark lubricated his cock and put the tip at John’s hole, then slowly pushed it deep inside as Paul looked on while slowly stroking his own hard cock. “Fuck me, Mark!” John moaned as he felt his brother’s balls touch his ass. “Oh, please fuck me!” Mark slowly thrusted his 7-inch cut cock in and out of John’s hole. As his arousal climbed, his thrusting became more rapid. His balls tapping against his brother’s ass with every hard thrust. Paul was practically drooling as he watched his sons make love. He knew that he shouldn’t be enjoying this so much, but he felt his lust growing as he watched his boys fuck. “God this is so hot,” he moaned out loud as the sound of their smooth bodies contacting each other filled the room. “I’m gonna cum!” Mark called out after pounding John’s ass for close to 10 minutes. “Fill me with it!” John cried out. “Give it all to me!” “Awww fuckkkkkk!” Mark yelped as his cock throbbed and pumped a load up John’s butt. “I love youuuuu!” He moaned as his cock kept spurting jizz. After he had pumped a large load up John’s ass, Mark got off his brother and Paul quickly took his place, stuffing his cock into John’s cum-lubricated hole. “Fuck me, Dad!” John encouraged his father. “Fuck me hard!” Paul did as John asked. He fucked him hard, pounding his big cock into his John’s wet asshole. “Yeah, fuck him!” Mark urged his dad. “He wants you as badly as I did!” John wrapped his legs around Paul’s waist as his ass was hammered by Paul’s cock meat. He didn’t have long to wait for his father’s semen. Paul had been so aroused watching Mark and John fuck that he came within 10 minutes himself. “Ohhhhh godddddd!” Paul moaned as his cum shot up inside John’s ass, mixing with Mark’s load. “Ohhh good goddddd!” He cried as he felt the throbbing between his legs as his balls provided the second load of the night into one of his sons. Paul slid his softening cock out of John’s butt and John’s hole slowly closed, but not before leaking a mix of father and son semen out of it. Mark saw it and said, “If you can, I need you to fuck me right now John!” John’s cock was ready to go, and he told Mark to get on all fours before he stuffed his lubed cock up his ass and fucked him doggie style as Paul watched them go at it until Mark has his second load of the night inside him. After that, they were all tired and soon fell asleep side by side in Paul’s bed. They woke early to get morning chores done, but not before both boys fucked their father as he bent over the side of the bed, completing the exchange of cum between both generations of the Williamson family. ******** Xavier and Connor arrived at the naval base in Virginia late Monday night. Xavier got clearance for his brother to be allowed into the residential area, then they made there way to Xavier’s apartment. It wasn’t big but it had a bedroom off the living room area, a small kitchen and a table for meals. Being a single enlisted sailor didn’t give him access to living in a house, but this set up was fine for a person who would be away at sea for months at a time. They were both tired and went to bed shortly after they arrived. Xavier had a double bed plus a sofa bed. Of course, the brothers chose to sleep together in Xavier’s bed. On Tuesday morning Xavier left Connor in the suite while he went to start the navy’s release procedures. He returned for lunch and brought Connor to the mess hall (galley) for a lunch that seemed more like dinner, due to the large amount of food placed on his plate by the serving staff. After the meal Xavier dropped Connor off at a nearby mall to shop and went back on base to return his uniforms and complete additional paperwork. Dinner was at a local restaurant and then it was back to the base where they watched TV and talked until they were both starting to fall asleep. They slept together in what was Xavier’s last night in a Navy residence. They spent Wednesday morning packing up everything that belonged to Xavier, boxing it all up to be shipped home. Afterwards they stopped by the security office where Xavier returned the room keys, then went to the Base Exchange’s FedEx location where they arranged for the boxes to be shipped to the farm. As the brothers walked out of the shop, they heard a voice call out, “Hey Xavier!” Xavier and Connor turned in the direction of the voice and Connor saw a man of about 45 years old walking towards them along with a younger guy who looked to be about 20. “Xavier!” the man said, “I’m so glad I caught you before you left!” Connor quickly studied the man. He was in good shape, had short blonde air and a neatly trimmed beard. He had piecing blue eyes and a wide smile as he greeted Xavier with an outstretched hand. They shook hands as Connor and the young man looked on. “Great to see you,” Xavier replied, hesitating a moment. “If you call me by my rank now, I’ll box your ears!” the man laughed. “Ok, Neal,” Xavier said, “I’d like to keep my ears just as they are!” “This is my son, Lucas,” Neal said, “Lucas, this is Xavier, he was my cabinmate a couple tours ago.” “Nice to meet you, Lucas,” Xavier replied, offering his hand to the young man. “Guys, this is my brother, Connor. Connor, meet Neal and Lucas.” “Nice to meet you finally, Connor!” Neal said with an outstretched hand. “Your brother talked about you all the time!” “Hi,” Connor replied, “Nice to meet you too. He did?” “Yes, a lot! Don’t worry, it was all good!” Neal replied with a laugh. Connor shook Lucas’s hand as they both said, “Hey” to each other. Lucas had a slenderer build than his father. His light brown hair came over the tops his ears and at the back, touched collar of the jacket he was wearing. Connor looked into Lucas’s dark brown eyes as they shook hands and thought, wow I could lose myself in those eyes! Lucas was in a word, hot! “So, one more day to go?” Neal asked Xavier. “Yeah, I have a last medical check and then I’m done,” Xavier replied. “Well, I’m very sorry to see you go, but also very thankful that you are ok!” Neal told Xavier as Connor and Lucas looked on. “Thanks, I’m sorry to go too, but it looks like I had a job lined up and I get to live with my brother again, so I’ll be fine!” Xavier replied with a smile. “That sounds great!” Neal replied enthusiastically before asking, “So, are you guys off to grab dinner before heading back to your place for the evening?” as he looked back and forth between Xavier and Connor. “Yeah, we are going to eat then check into a motel for the last two nights,” Xavier replied. “I gave back the keys to the room this afternoon. “Why don’t you guys come to our house, have dinner with us and stay there until you leave?” Neal asked. “Ellen and Julie, my wife and my daughter, are away until the weekend. So, it’s just Lucas and I and we have plenty of room and food for you guys too!” Xavier looked at Connor for his reaction and was met by a shy shrug and nod of the head. “Well, if Connor is cool with it, then I’m good. We’d be happy to take you guys up on your generous offer!” “Then it’s done!” Neal replied with a smile. I’ll give you directions. “I got it, Dad,” Lucas said, “I’ll send Connor the coordinates, if he’ll share his number with me.” “Sure!” Connor replied before giving Lucas his cell number. In a moment Connor had an iMessage from Lucas with the address and a location pin on a map. “Thanks!” Connor said to Lucas. “No problem!” Lucas replied with a shy grin. As Xavier and Connor walked over to the rental car, Connor received another message from Lucas. It was an emoji of a smiling face with a slight blush. Connor felt a familiar tug at his groin. Was Lucas coming on to him? As Xavier drove the car and followed Connor’s directions, Connor asked him, “So, was Neal the guy you had sex with on one of your times at sea?” “Uh, yeah his is,” Xavier replied blushing. “Is that bad?” “No,” Connor replied, “He looks pretty hot, to be honest!” “Yeah, I guess he is. You’re hotter though!” Xavier replied. “No, you!” Connor replied with a grin. After a 20-minute drive they arrived at Neal and Lucas’s home. Their home was a large two-story house located in a well-treed neighborhood. “Looks like the Navy pays well!” Connor commented as he admired the exterior of the house. “I think his wife works too,” Xavier commented as they got out of the car. They were met at the door by Neal, who welcomed them into the house where they found Lucas sitting in the kitchen on a bar stool in front of a stylish food preparation island. “Nice place!” Connor commented as they looked around. “Lucas, why don’t you give the guys the tour while I get us some drinks,” Neal suggested, “Do you drink beer, Connor?” “If you’re offering, I’m drinking!” Connor joked, “But you should know that I’m only 18!” “So is Lucas and he has beer while he’s here at home,” Neal replied. “Cool, then thanks!” Connor replied. Lucas showed Xavier and Connor around the house. The brothers took in the nicely furbished living room, den, dining room and four bedrooms on the second floor. They came back down to the main floor and went into the den where Neal was waiting for them with a beer for each person. Lucas nodded towards the patio doors that lined one wall and said, “We have a pool and a hot tub out there!” “Very nice!” Xavier replied, “A little cold for those now, but you guys must enjoy it in the summer!” “The hot tub is just that, hot!” Lucas said with a smile, “We use it all year long!” “Sweet!” Connor replied. He mentioned that fact that he had never been in a hot tub before. “If you want, we can go now,” Lucas suggested as they were getting to the bottom of their beer bottles. “We didn’t bring anything to wear for that,” Connor replied, “We figured we would have to chop a hole in the ice if we were going to swim!” “We can skinny dip!” Lucas quicky replied, “Me and my dad do that when the girls are away, right Dad?” “Yes, we do,” Neal replied, “It feels sort of liberating I guess you could say!” “Do you guys want to?” Lucas asked with a smile. “I mean it’s just us.” Connor looked at Xavier with an expectant look. He wanted to do it, but would Xavier be too shy? “Yeah, sure,” Xavier beylikdüzü travesti replied. He too was okay with being naked around the other guys. Hell, Neal had already seen it all and then some! “Want to go now?” Lucas asked eagerly. Connor noted that Lucas seemed happy at the idea of stripping down to use the hot tub. He was pretty happy about it himself, he kind of wanted to see what Lucas and Neal had inside their pants! “I’ll get us all another beer,” Neal replied, “then meet you guys out there.” As Neal walked back into the kitchen, Lucas was in the den peeling his clothes off and had Connor’s full attention while Xavier tried to be less obvious about it. In a minute Lucas was naked and encouraging Connor and Xavier to do the same. Lucas did not have an ounce of fat on him. He had the beginnings of a 6-pack and a smooth chest with dark-brown colored nipples. Connor glanced down and saw a neatly trimmed dark-brown colored pubic bush and a soft 4-inch cut cock dangling over a pair of big balls. Xavier took a quick look at Lucas’s equipment and thought that the son was larger than father in that department. At least when his dick wasn’t hard! Connor and Xavier took their clothes off under the watchful eye of Lucas, who didn’t make much of a secret that he was looking. Was Lucas into guys, or was it just that he didn’t get to see many guys around his age naked and wanted to compare bodies? After grabbing towels from a shelf by the patio door, Lucas led the way outside and into the hot tub. They were joined a couple of minutes later by Neal. Connor noted that Neal was also in good shape, had pink colored nipples, a cut penis that looked like it was 3-inches long, with plump balls beneath them. It’s cold out here, Connor thought, so maybe he has a bigger dick that it looks right now. Shrinkage! He thought as he smiled to himself. “This is great!” Xavier exclaimed as he sank chin deep in the water. “You’re not kidding!” Connor agreed, this is amazing, I wish we had one at home!” They sat in the hot tub chatting as they consumed their second beer. Neal and Lucas were sitting opposite Xavier and Connor, with Lucas directly opposite Connor. After a while Connor felt a leg brush against one of his. At first, he thought it was Xavier’s, but the angle didn’t make sense. Then he felt it again, this time it was against the inside of his left leg as his legs floated somewhat apart. He glanced over at Lucas and caught him just looking away. Then a moment later the leg was back. This time Connor moved his leg inwards a bit to put some pressure on the leg. He looked over at Lucas and saw that Lucas was looking back at him, so he gave him a slight smile and kept his leg against Lucas’s. “Well,” Neal said after about 20 minutes, “I’d better get out of here and get something going for dinner!” “I’ll give you a hand,” Xavier replied as Neal rose out of the water with his semi-erect cock emerging into view. Connor took that in quickly and glanced over at Lucas, who appeared not to notice that his father had a half-hard cock. “Sorry,” Neal said as he caught Connor looking at him, “the hot water does that to me sometimes!” “No problem!” Connor replied, “sometimes happens to me too!” Xavier didn’t have a hardon before he saw Neal’s, but he did now! It was on prominent display as he stood up to step out of the hot tub. This time it was Lucas who was eyeing the goods and Connor could see the interest in his eyes. Yeah, Connor thought, Lucas likes dick! As Neal and Xavier toweled off before walking towards to house, Lucas said, “Connor and I will be right with you guys!” “No rush,” Neal said, now standing by the door, “we will get things started and then you can join us.” Conor and Lucas floated around for about 5 minutes longer, talking about where they had gone to school before Lucas said, “We better go join them before our bodies look like prunes!” As he said it, he stood up in the tub exposing a fully erect 7-inch cut cock. As Lucas watched, Connor stood up to show off his own 7-inch cut cock and big dangling balls. Lucas looked Connor right in the eyes and said, “Dude, you are so fucking hot!” “You’re pretty hot yourself,” Connor replied with a grin. Lucas must be into guys, Connor thought to himself. No straight guy was going to check out the body of another aroused guy and tell him that he looked hot! Connor thought about it for a second before saying, “Would you mind if I asked if you are gay or maybe bi?” “I’m Gay, you?” “Gay!” “Hot!” “Does your dad know?” Connor asked. “Yeah, does your brother know about you?” “Oh yeah,” Connor replied, “we have no secrets.” “Very cool,” Lucas replied as they walked naked towards the house. “Today is turning out to be pretty good, I just met a new gay guy!” You met two gay guys, Connor thought to himself. Not that you seem to know it! They entered the kitchen each with a towel wrapped around their waists where they found Neal and Xavier, dressed the same way, talking Navy stuff while Neal was sliding a frozen lasagna into the oven. “I goofed up,” Neal said to Lucas and Connor. “I thought that I had put the lasagna into the fridge in time to thaw out in time for a quick reheat before dinner. But it’s still frozen, so we have at least an hour to wait!” “I told him that wasn’t a problem since we ate lunch late anyway,” Xavier said. “Maybe we could watch a movie or something while we wait,” Lucas suggested. “Sounds good to me!” Connor said, “I guess we should get dressed first!” “Up to you,” Neal replied, “Lucas here is a bit of a nudist when it’s just us two at home. So, we can get dressed or just stay like this. We keep the house warm as you can probably tell.” Xavier laughed and said, “Our family is a little like that too, so going naked is sort of just like being at home!” “Cool!” Lucas said enthusiastically. “Well let’s go watch a movie in the den while we wait!” They went into the den. Xavier and Neal sat on a sofa while Connor sat on a loveseat where Lucas joined him after he had popped a disc into the Blu-ray player. They had chosen to watch the first Indiana Jones movie since it had both action and comedy. Lucas hit play and what appeared on screen instead of Indiana Jones, was a hard-core gay porn video. The scene showed two young guys on the floor of a store’s changing room, fucking. “Oh fuck!” Lucas exclaimed as everyone was treated to the sight of a large cock pounding the tight hole of a hot looking twink. “We mixed up the discs last night!” We? Connor thought as he watched the action as well as Lucas’s red face. I wonder who the `we’ is? “We can watch this if you’d like,” Xavier laughed. “We really don’t mind. That is if it’s ok with your dad!” Neal’s face had turned an interesting shade of red too, Connor thought. Was he embarrassed at the sight of his son’s porn? Lucas sat frozen for a moment before Connor spoke up saying, “I’ll watch it, like I just told you outside, I’m gay!” Outing himself to Neal. “I’m gay too,” Xavier said, trying to relieve Lucas’s fear. He wasn’t sure what Neal was going to say though. “I’m bi,” Neal said quietly. “And it’s my movie, not Lucas’s. We watched it last night…” “I guess now you both know that I’m gay,” Lucas told Xavier. “My dad knows, and I told Connor when we were outside.” Connor’s mind was moving fast. Father and son had been watching gay porn together? What else do they do together? He wanted to find out! Lucas looked at Neal who shrugged and said, “If you guys are all ok with it, we can leave it on. But if you’re not, we will stop it and put the right disk in.” “Let it play,” Xavier said, “Connor and I are cool with it I can assure you!” Lucas sat beside Connor as the video played on. The sex scene ended with a large cum shot and then a new scene began. After about 10 minutes it was obvious that all four men in the room had full erections under their towels. Lucas was rubbing his large bulge through his towel. Connor saw it and followed suit. So did Xavier and then Neal. Lucas let his towel fall open to expose his 7-inch cut cock, standing fully erect. He took it in his right hand and gave to a couple of strokes before saying, “Sorry, but I really need to do this!” Hmmm Connor thought, he isn’t shy to stroke his cock with his father sitting in the same room. Connor slid his hand under his towel and began to stroke his own cock. He was nervous to take it out because he wasn’t sure what Neal thought about all this. He could see that both Neal and Xavier had erections, but Lucas was the only one exposing himself. “I guess I need to tell you guys that Lucas and I have been pretty open about sex since he turned 18 nine months ago,” Neal said quietly. “Since then, we have both masturbated together a few times while watching videos.” “Yeah,” Lucas said, pausing the stroking of his cock, “It’s my fault, I kinda set it up for my dad to catch me doing it. So, it’s not really his fault.” Connor looked at Xavier and nodded, giving him a sign that it was ok to say something about their lives. “Well,” Xavier said as Neal and Lucas turned their heads to look at him. “Me and Connor have done that sort of thing for years now, so we are cool with whatever you guys do!” “Fuck yeah!” Lucas exclaimed as he went back to stroking his big cock. “This is so hot!” With that, Connor opened his towel and let his 7-inch cut cock spring free. He wrapped the fingers of his right hand around it and began to stroke it up and down as he watched Lucas stroking beside him. Connor heard Neal moan, “Nice!” as he took a good look at Connor’s rod. “It’s just like your brothers!” That comment got him a look and a wink from Lucas. Connor wondered if Lucas already knew about his father and Xavier. If he didn’t before, he sure did now! Xavier was the next to drop the towel and start masturbating. Then Neal let his 6-inch cock free from the confines of his towel. Lucas has a bigger one that his dad, Connor thought to himself. But they both have nice ones! Then he felt Lucas’s right leg pressing against his left. He looked over and watched Lucas’s hand sliding up and down his cock. Fuck I want that cock, Connor thought to himself. I want it in my mouth! Lucas took it a step further when he reached his right hand over and let it rest palm down on Connor’s left thigh. Meeting no resistance, he went for Connor’s cock causing Connor to moan when his hot cock in Lucas’s hand. That was enough for Neal. He reached over to take Xavier’s cock in his hand and began to stroke it. In a moment, Xavier and Neal were stroking each other while Lucas and Connor did the same. And then, Neal sank to his knees on the floor in front of Xavier and sucked his cock into his mouth. “Oh fuckkkk!” Lucas moaned as he watched his father giving Xavier head. He turned to Connor, smiled, then placed his lips against Connor’s and they began to make out as they stroked each other’s cocks. “Can I suck you?” Lucas asked breathlessly between deep kisses. “Can I suck you too?” Connor asked, sounding just as breathless. “I gotta have your cock!” “Oh, fuck yesssss!” Lucas exclaimed he got on his knees. “Me first, ok? I want to taste your cum so bad!” Lucas got to his knees and quickly went down on Connor’s cock. Connor moaned softly as Lucas’s obviously experienced mouth sucked his cock while using a hand to gently cup his balls at the same time. Connor looked across the room and saw Xavier humping his hips upwards thrusting his rod into Neal’s mouth as Neal bobbed his head up and down. “Awww fuckkkk!” Xavier moaned after a few minutes, “Gonna cum!” Neal sucked harder and a moment later Xavier’s load was filling his mouth and sliding down his throat. The sounds coming from Xavier as he came caused Lucas to suck harder on Connor’s cock. It was the biggest cock he had ever sucked istanbul travesti so far, and he was liking it. He wanted to taste Connor’s ball juice and he didn’t have long to wait. “Ohhh godddd!” Connor yelped, “I’m cummingg!” As his jizz spurted into Lucas’s eager mouth to be quickly swallowed. Lucas loved the taste of cum and as he swallowed Connor’s he knew that he wanted more of it before Connor and Xavier left. More cum in his mouth and hopefully in his ass if he could make it happen! Connor looked down into Lucas’s eyes as his new friend looked up at him from his spot on the floor and said, “That was fucking hot, now let me taste yours!” Across the room Neal was getting to his feet. He and Xavier looked over as Lucas stood up and fed his cock into Connor’s mouth while Connor pulled him closer with his hands on Lucas’s pear-shaped ass. “Feed me your dick the same way, Neal!” Xavier told his former bunk mate. “It’s been a long time since I tasted your cum!” Neal happily obliged and soon the brothers were each sucking on father and son cock. Lucas put his hands on the sides of Connor’s head and took a couple of tentative thrusts of his cock into Connor’s mouth. Connor have a positive grunt and then Lucas began to fuck Connor’s mouth with his 7-inch tool. His balls contacted Connor’s chin as he pumped his cock into his mouth. Fuck yeah Connor thought to himself as he took Lucas’s cock deep into his throat. I hope he fucks ass too! Lucas fucked Connor’s mouth for about five minutes as Xavier was going down on Neal’s cock on the other side of the room. Then Lucas’s thrusts slowed and became jerkier, and he opened his mouth and emitted a repeating, “Uh, uh, uh!” sound. Connor knew he was about to taste cum and in a couple of seconds he felt it spurting against the back of his mouth. Lucas pumped out a large load of juice and Connor savored the flavor before swallowing it all. Neal had been watching his son fuck Connor’s mouth and when he heard his moaning as he came, he came hard himself, letting Xavier take a mouthful of his spooge. When Neal and Lucas had finished cumming, they both sat down beside their partners to catch their breath. “This was unexpected!” Neal exclaimed. “But fucking hot!” Lucas said with a grin on his face. “Damn straight!” Connor enthusiastically replied. He was very happy to have had a hot experience on a trip where he thought he would get no sex at all. “I had no idea,” Xavier said, “I mean when we sailed together, I knew you were bi, but nothing about Lucas.” “Nothing was going on back then,” Neal replied. “It’s only been a few months now that Lucas and I knew we share some of the same sexual interests.” Connor wanted to ask what else they shared but held back. He didn’t think that father and son were about to declare anything more than that they watched porn together and jerked off in front of each other. Although they had both just engaged in sexual activities in front of each other without any hint of embarrassment. Maybe there was more to this, Connor thought, and I hope to find out! “Maybe we should have dinner,” Neal suggested, apparently trying to change the subject, although there were certainly questions in everyone’s minds. Lucas and Neal were probably wondering why Xavier and Connor felt so free to do sexual things in front of each other too! They wrapped their towels around their waists again and moved back into the kitchen just in time to hear the timer go off indicating that their meal was ready. They ate while sitting on stools around the kitchen island, drinking another beer and talking about life in general. It was Xavier who brought the subject back around to the events in the den. “So, um, have you guys done anything like this before?” he dared to ask. Neal and Lucas blushed a bit and Neal replied, “Not like what just happened. Like we told you guys, we have watched porn together and have masturbated while watching. But nothing with other guys or anything.” “Ah, okay,” Xavier replied, “Just wondered because you guys weren’t shy about it.” “Neither were you two,” Neal replied, “Have you guys done things with other guys in each other’s presence?” Xavier glanced at Connor who gave a slight shrug, then replied, “Yeah we have, we have some friends.” Leaving out the fact that they were family now! “That’s hot!” Lucas commented, “I want to do something like that again,” he added as he glanced over at Connor. “So, everyone is cool with what happened?” Neal asked. “Hell yeah,” Connor replied as Xavier and Lucas nodded in agreement. “What about you?” “Oh, for sure,” Neal replied, “I just wanted to be sure nobody was uncomfortable or feeling bad.” “Not us, that’s for sure!” Xavier replied. There was still the unasked question on both sides. Had anyone done anything with their other family member? After dinner they cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher, Lucas asked, “Anyone up for another dip in the hot tub?” “I’m in,” Connor replied as Xavier smiled before saying, “Sure!” So off came the towels and back to the hot tub went the four naked men. The chat got sexual after a while with Lucas complimenting Xavier and Connor on their big dicks and Connor delivering the same to Lucas and Neal about their nice-looking cocks. The sexual tension was on the rise again as the guys described some of the porn videos that they had seen and liked. After about 20 minutes of this Xavier announced, “I’m really horny again, I don’t know about you guys,” “I’ll suck you!” Neal offered, looking at Lucas as he said it. “Can we watch?” Connor asked. “I found it hot seeing Xavier get blown.” “I want to see it too,” Lucas said, “Seeing my dad suck another dick is sexy!” Another, dick? Connor thought to himself. Hmm, maybe these two do have something else to disclose! Xavier stood in the hot tub and Lucas and Connor watched as Neal licked the head of his hard cock, kissed the tip, then slowly took the whole thing into his mouth. “Fuck,” Lucas whispered as he watched his father give Xavier a slow, sensual blow job. He slid closer to Connor and reached for Connor’s hard cock and held it as they watched Xavier buck his hips gently, matching the rhythm of Neal’s mouth action. In five minutes, Xavier placed his hands on the back of Neal’s head and let out a low moan as he blew his second load of the night into Neal’s mouth. “Damn that was hot!” Connor commented, “Now I’m as horny as hell too!” “Want me to take care of that for you?” Neal asked, hoping to be able to suck off Xavier’s younger brother. Connor was hot and he had a big cock, Neal wanted what was inside his balls. Connor looked at Lucas and Xavier who both just gave him a wink. “Yes, please!” Connor said as he stood up and took his brother’s place. In a moment, his cock was balls-deep inside Neal’s mouth, and he felt his hands gripping his firm ass cheeks. Oh man, Connor thought, I can see why Xavier liked getting oral from Neal. He’s good! Connor lasted about the same amount of time as his brother had before thrusting his hips forward and pumping a large wad of cum into Neal’s mouth. Neal was happy, he had just swallowed cum from two brothers. This was great! Connor moved away and saw that Lucas was standing up, his cock as hard as a rock, his face flushed. He was very, very aroused after having watch his father suck off the brothers. He seemed not sure what to do next. Connor had an idea. “Why don’t you let your dad take care of that for you?” he suggested. “He looks like he wants to.” Connor was right. Neal was eyeing his son’s cock and he had licked his lips a few times. “That would be bad, right?” Lucas asked, looking back and forth at the brothers. “I mean would you guys do anything like that?” Xavier thought for a second, then took a chance and followed a hunch he had. “We already have,” he replied. Both Lucas and Neal looked relieved. “Us too!” Lucas blurted out. “Sorry Dad!” “No, no,” Connor spoke up, “It’s 100 percent cool with us, we should talk later!” Lucas smiled and stepped up to stand in front of his father. He held his cock in his right hand and shook it a bit before saying, “Please suck me, Dad!” Neal smiled and leaned forward with his hands on his son’s nice ass and pulled him closer and sucked his cock into his mouth. “Fuck,” Connor murmured as he watched father suck son. “That’s what I’m talking about!” Xavier was standing and Connor was sitting in the water as Neal went down on Lucas’s cock and sucked it with a passion. You could see that he loved what he was doing and could tell that it was not the first time. Lucas as not shy to thrust his cock into his father’s mouth and run his fingers through his short hair as he received an intense blow job. Connor looked over at his brother and saw that his cock was hard again. “Gimme that thing!” he told him. So as Neal sucked Lucas, Connor went down on his brother and was still sucking his cock as Lucas blasted a load into his father’s mouth and down his throat. The sight and sound of that was amazing to Connor and Xavier. They had found other guys into family fun! Lucas pulled his cock from Neal’s mouth and said, “Your turn!” Waited for his father to stand up, then went down on his cock. Xavier came for the third time that evening as he watched Lucas give Neal a sensuous blow job. He and Connor both watched as Lucas swallowed Neal’s cum a few minutes after Connor had drained Xavier’s balls. “Now that was fucking amazing!” Connor exclaimed when Lucas and Neal parted. “I had a feeling when we were in the den, I was right!” “We have been doing that for a month or so now,” Lucas said. “My fault again, I got Dad so horny that I was able to convince him to let me do it. And then he did it for me!” They all got out of the hot tub, dried off and went into the house to have a cold drink. They sat naked in the den as they sipped a cold drink, talking about what had just happened. “I hope that was ok for you guys,” Neal said as they sat relaxing. “I’m afraid it might have been way too much.” “We are totally fine with it,” Xavier replied. “We have been doing that for each other for a long time now.” “That sounds so hot!” Lucas exclaimed, “It was so amazing to see Connor suck you off in the hot tub! How did you guys get your start?” Xavier and Connor took turns relating their story of their sexual history together up until the time that Xavier left to join the navy. Lucas and Neal listened and afterwards thanked them for being so open. They told their own story of discovery starting from Lucas making sure that Neal caught him masturbating to gay porn and Neal eventually joining in on the masturbation and their graduation to mutual oral. When they were done, everyone was turned on, but also quite tired. Xavier and Neal both had to be up early and off to the naval base. Instead of more sex they all opted to get some sleep with the understanding that there would likely be more fun to be had the next day. Xavier and Connor slept in the guestroom and shared a queen-sized bed. They lay awake for a few minutes before falling asleep. “I’m surprised that you didn’t sleep with Neal tonight,” Connor said to Xavier, “I thought maybe you guys might want to fuck or something.” “I thought about it, but decided not to suggest that sleeping arrangement,” Xavier replied, “I wasn’t sure that Lucas was ready to know that I fuck his dad.” “I’m sure he already knows, I mean, he didn’t bat an eye when Neal went down on you in the den.” “True,” Xavier replied, “I am kinda beat though and wanted to be with you tonight even if it’s just to sleep.” “I love you,” Connor murmured. “I love you too,” Xavier replied before taking Connor in his arms and locking their lips together. They made out for a little while before fading off to sleep. ******** Thanks for reading my story. I’m sorry that it has been so long between chapters. I found it hard to be motivated with a pandemic going on. There’s more to come! In the meantime, I am always happy to hear from you. Hearing from readers is very motivating. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

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