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Couple Submits to the Varsity Cross-Country Team

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My name is Dexter, and my wife, Debra, and I were born and raised in the Montgomery, Alabama area, raised our family here, and are now empty nesters with our kids in college.  We live in a nice suburb near a high school, park, golf course, and undeveloped fields and forests.  I’m fifty years old now and Debra is forty-eight, and this story begins when I was forty-four.I work as an analyst for a marketing research company, and when I was forty-three my company experimented with letting some of its employees, with mainly computer-based technical jobs, work primarily from home, and my job qualified.  We converted part of our basement into a home office for me, leaving our kids’ bedrooms for when they came home on breaks.  I enjoyed working at home, and Debra still had to commute downtown for her job in human resources. Working from home allowed me freedom and flexibility in my schedule, and I like to start early and then go for runs in the afternoons at around 3:00 pm.  I was a cross-country runner in high school and am still in fairly good shape, at six feet tall and weighing one hundred and seventy-eight pounds, which is ten pounds over my weight in school.  I ran in a park close to home at first, and then ranged out to the track at the high school near us. It was the fall of the year I turned forty-four that I was running on the high school track, at about the time the varsity cross-country team was beginning their track workout, and I found out that, Paul, my old coach from another high school was their coach.  He was only twenty-five when I was sixteen, so he was fifty-three at the time and still in good shape.  I don’t think they normally let anyone from the public work out on the track when the boys are there.  But after becoming reacquainted and reminiscing about my days in high school, Paul agreed to allow me to work out on the track when the boys were doing their interval training, so long as I didn’t interfere with them.  And he said I could run with them during their distance workouts in the park, forest, and fields near the school. The boys on the varsity team are either sixteen or seventeen years old, and although a few of them teased me about being an old man, most of them were polite on the track, especially when Paul was nearby.  But when I ran with them through the woods and fields for distance training, the teasing got more intense.  I held my own with them, even at my age, but a couple of the boys enjoyed blowing past me on the trails. Remembering the Old DaysI remembered from my days in high school that although cross-country runners are usually in great shape physically, and not necessarily nerdy, they were lower in social status than football players, whose season coincided with ours.  I was awkward socially back then, just as I noticed some of the boys that I was running with were awkward.  And there was something else I noticed that got me a little excited. The newer running shorts were briefer and made of lighter material, and I couldn’t help noticing some of the boys’ cock lumps in their shorts, swinging against the fabric.  That stirred up memories of when two of my friends, Jimmy, David, and I experimented sexually with one another when we were training in the woods, since we weren’t having any success with girls. It was the summer before our junior year in high school, and we were training on our own to get a head start on the other boys when school started.  We tried to have fun and extend our training runs, wearing backpacks with snacks and water to enjoy when we rested.  It was on a day like that when we had our first sexual experiences, and where I discovered my willingness to be submissive to them. We had been running down a trail through some thick woods and had stopped in a little clearing that was a few yards off the main trail.  The conversation turned to sex, as it often does with teen boys and their raging hormones, and Jimmy was bragging about having kissed a girl and rubbing her tits at a party we attended kaçak iddaa the previous weekend.  It was our last party of the summer, and all the kids were sixteen and going into their junior year. Not to be outdone, David said, “Yeah right, Jimmy, no girl is going to kiss your ugly face or let you touch her tits.  But I got Becky alone in the basement for a few minutes and rubbed her tits as she rubbed my cock.  She said that it felt huge, and we almost had sex.” I laughed at both, saying, “You guys are so full of shit, and the only sex you’re going to have is with your hands, which shouldn’t even be a handful for you.” David made me sorry for saying that, when he said, “Oh yeah, asshole, let’s get our shorts off and see who’s got a handful or not.” I was sorry because I knew from seeing them in the showers at the pool that summer that both of my friends have big, uncircumcised cocks, that appeared to be thick and six inches long on soft, and low-hanging balls, while my soft dick is only about three inches long, and not quite five inches long on hard. It was even more distressing when Jimmy said, after having seen my soft dick in the shower too, “Yeah, and the one with the smallest soft cock, has to stroke the other two to get us hard.” I knew that it was stupid to play that game and didn’t realize how attracted I would be to their genitals.  We pushed down our shorts, and since none of us were wearing underwear, I saw their big cocks and plum-sized balls hanging between their legs.  I was attracted to their thick cocks and couldn’t help staring at them.Both boys looked down at my smaller dick, and David said, “There’s no doubt who has the smallest cock.  So, come on, Dexter, you have to stroke us to get us hard.  That shouldn’t be a problem for you since you seem to be so interested in our meat.”I was sitting on a stump at the right height for them to have their cocks at my face level, and when they stepped in front of me, I was aroused by the sweaty and musky aroma of their crotches.  Both boys were smiling down at me as Jimmy said, “Go ahead and stroke us, Dexter, you know you want to, since you definitely have the smallest cock.” My dick is circumcised, so it felt weird at first gripping their thick shafts with the foreskins covering their cock heads.  I began stroking them, and in only a few seconds, their cocks hardened.  David’s cock appeared to be almost eight inches long and Jimmy’s was a little over seven inches.  They were getting turned on and starting to thrust into my hand, as precum was oozing from their cocks. David looked down at me with an aroused, glazed, lustful look on his face that I had never seen before, and he said, “Oh fuck, Dexter, that feels so good, and your mouth is so close.  Suck it for me, buddy, get a taste of my cock and suck me.” I was already feeling submissive and humiliated doing that with my friends, and I realized that I did want a taste of their cocks.  So, I leaned in and took David’s cock into my mouth, and I liked the feeling of his thick meat, as well as the taste of his precum. Jimmy laughed, and said, “Oh shit, David, I didn’t think that Dexter would even touch our cocks, much less stroke them to hardness for us, and now he’s chowing down on your meat.  Oh fuck, suck it, Dexter, suck David off and then you can suck me.”I hadn’t thought it through when I started sucking him, but after hearing Jimmy’s taunting, I knew that I wanted to experience having his cum spurting into my mouth.  I had been sucking David for only about four minutes, when he held my head so I couldn’t pull away, as his cock throbbed and pulsed, squirting repeatedly into my mouth.  I had tasted my own precum before, but that didn’t compare to taking the full load of another boy’s thick cum into my mouth and swallowing it. David’s cock softened as I continued sucking it, and he was moaning as he said, “Oh fuck, Jimmy, you have to try this.  Dexter sucked the cum right out of me, and it’s going to be great having a friend as a cock sucker, kaçak bahis at least until we start having luck fucking girls.” I sucked off Jimmy next that day, and I became their cock sucker for the rest of high school, sucking them off about once a week or so on average, even after all of us started having sex with the girls we were dating.  The strange thing was I didn’t suck any other boys in my school, and lost interest in being a cock sucker in college, as I became more serious with the girls I dated. Debra and I met in our senior year of college and got married a year after graduation.  And after becoming busy with my career and raising a family, I had pushed my memories of being a cock sucker for my friends to the back of my mind.  Debra and I were still having frequent sex into our forties, and as I’ll explain, it wasn’t until we had a swinging relationship with another couple that I sucked a cock again for the first time in decades. So, it’s not like I was being neglected sexually, but after having become acquainted with cock again in that swinging relationship, and then seeing those boys and the cock lumps in their running shorts, I was feeling sexual urges and lusting for their cocks and cum. Engaging More with Two of the Boys and More Personal Insights With my reawakened lust for sucking teen cocks, I identified James and Mason, two juniors on the team, to become closer with.  They wore the tightest shorts and seemed to have two of the bigger cocks, at least as far as I could tell with their soft cocks hidden and swinging against their shorts, and they seemed to be the friendliest with me.  They were also good-looking boys, not that I was interested in their faces. I got into conversations with them, especially during their distance training, and was careful not to be bossy because of my age, or to offer too much advice that might conflict with how Paul was training them.  Instead, I took the approach of telling them about some of my experiences with cross-country, and even my social experiences with girls and boys back then, and they usually wanted to know more. After a couple of weeks of focusing much of my attention on them, I was running with them on all their training runs and came to watch their meets in the afternoons after school, as well as their weekend meets.  We ran together on weekends when there weren’t meets, and since their parents weren’t taking much interest in their sport, I think I was becoming kind of a father figure to them, as well as a friend, and they called me by my first name. I had told Debra about the boys, and she teased me about how much time I was spending with teenage boys.  When I told her their last names on a Friday evening, that rang a bell with her from parents’ meetings years ago when our son, Tommy, and those boys were playing in the same soccer league, but in different age groups. She said, “Oh yeah, Dexter, I know their parents, and it would be interesting to see how they’ve matured over the years.  If you’re running with them tomorrow morning, it would be nice if you’d take a break on your run at our home for a few minutes, before I need to leave home at 9:45 am, to catch up on some work at the office.  It might be fun to see how these young studs compare with the boys I fucked when I was in high school.” Debra’s request was fortuitous for me, since I had been trying to think of a way to bring sex into my conversations with the boys, which is tricky when you’re dealing with teenagers.  I knew that when they saw her, a sexual discussion would easily ensue.  Even at forty-two years old Debra was in great shape, since she took advantage of her company’s membership in a health club near her office, and she worked out at least three evenings a week after work.  She’s five feet and eight inches tall and weighed about one hundred and thirty-four pounds at that time.  With her brown hair, hazel eyes, and athletic physique, she reminds me a lot of the actress, Jennifer Garner, when she was fit in illegal bahis the ‘Alias’ series, except that Debra has larger, 34D breasts.  She also wears tight yoga pants or leggings much of the time, and tight yoga tops. It wasn’t that out of character for her to mention fucking boys in high school either, since only a few years earlier in our marriage, we had a swinging relationship with good friends who had since moved away, and Debra’s a highly sexed woman.  That swinging relationship started after Debra was out drinking with the other wife, Margaret, and they started talking about their sex lives. Margaret told Debra about her husband, Mike’s, big, thick, uncircumcised, eight-inch cock, and Debra told her how I’ve got a small dick, but I love to eat pussy.  Our wives initiated a get-together, and Mike ended up fucking both of our wives and I cleaned their pussies and his cock with my mouth.  I even met with Mike privately a few times to suck him off. First Sexual Encounter with James and Mason My home is about a mile from the school, across a city park and other undeveloped lands.  On Saturday morning I jogged to the school to meet the boys at 9:00 am, and we ran back to my home together.  We ran at a good pace, so we were there by 9:07 am.  James and Mason were at first disinterested in coming by to meet Debra, but I reminded them on the way over that they might remember her from years past, and after meeting my wife, they were happy they came.Debra was wearing tight, black leggings and a tight yoga top, and the boys couldn’t keep their eyes off her shapely ass and camel toe, as well as her bulging breasts that were only partially concealed by a light coverup.  We had a good conversation, and Debra prepared us some light snacks and energy drinks before she had to leave.  I caught the boys rubbing their crotches a couple of times when Debra wasn’t looking, and there was no question that she turned them on.  I also saw Debra checking out the bulges in the boy’s shorts, and she smiled and raised her eyebrows to acknowledge to me that she was impressed by them. After Debra left, James made the first comment, teasing me saying, “Damn, Dexter, I wasn’t aware of girls a few years ago the way I am now, and didn’t realize how hot Debra is.  She puts all the girls and teachers in our school to shame.  It’s hard to visualize an old guy like you having such a hot wife.” That was my chance to turn the conversation back onto him, and I said, “Thanks for the compliment on my wife, and believe me when I tell you that she is hot, but there must be some pretty girls in your class, that a couple of good looking and athletic boys like yourselves could be dating.” Then Mason chimed in saying, “Yeah, well, most of the hot girls are fighting over the more popular football and basketball players, and it‘s not like it’s that exciting for the girls to come out and watch a cross-country race, where they can usually only see us at the start and finish.” I thought I knew them well enough by then to take the risk of talking about sex, although I didn’t really expect them to respond.  I said, “I can still remember when I was your age and looking at all the pretty girls in my class.  My friends and I were horny all the time, so I’m guessing that you have to do something to relieve the pressure too.” Mason smiled as he held out his hand like he was gripping his cock, and made a slight stroking motion, before saying, “Sure there’s always a way to take care of it, without needing girls.” That was an even better opening for me, and I laughed before saying, “There were other ways besides that and girls in my day since there were always a few boys around who, let’s say, had a taste for helping other boys.  Don’t you have any boys like that in your class?” James seemed to be getting a little nervous, when he answered, “Yeah, I’m guessing we have more of those guys around than you had in your day, but most of the straight boys don’t want to be seen with them and risk being called gay or anything.”I got more explicit, saying, “I guess I understand those concerns, but some of the boys in my day were bisexual, and still liked girls and pussy more than anything, but still didn’t mind pumping a…

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