Haz 07

Crazy weekend

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Crazy weekendIt stated off as a slow weekend the weather was beautiful but a bit overcast here in Socal. My friend Lisa called me and invited me to the Santa Anita race track in Arcadia they had a food tuck festival. Now…I had no idea that all the beautiful women in the LA area love the horse races. Santa Anita has an exceptionally beautiful backdrop of these huge mountains that are up close so it’s breath taking. The day had patches of really dark clouds covering half the mountains so it was beyond breath taking. Maybe women love going for the view or to wear tight bone tight pants or short skirts with high leather boots that are otherwise unacceptable at any other venue except Halloween but I quickly figured out why…every time the stallions walked by it was like sunflowers tracking the sun. They had to have a look at the giant horse cock it. One 1xbet yeni giriş girl whisper imagine how big it gets when it’s extended as I walked by them they both chuckled and blushed when they noticed I heard what they said. I realized that this was perfect hunting ground for a BBC. Cupid was no my side because the second a sat down with my friend to watch the race two beautiful voluptuous mature white woman came and sat right next to me. So I had to make my move quickly before anxiety set in ” excuse me I’m new at this race thing how do you know what to pick?” As they are explaining how it’s done their boyfriends appear out of thin air but didn’t seem to be threatened by me at all because Lisa my friend was right next to me it seemed like we were together. I continued to flirt with the women by making fun of their outfits and calling 1xbet giriş them crazy cougars. The guys started touching them sexually to make sure I new that they were taken. Then they grabbed the women by the arm and walked off kinda arguing a bit.About an hour later I see the girls alone again higher up in the grand stands. They were both wearing short shorts and had there legs crossed…as soon as we locked eyes they both turn to each other start giggling and simultaneously unlocked their legs giving me a clear view. My jaw dropped immediately because the didn’t have any underwear and the shorts split the pussy deep I could see everything. So I waved at them at them then walked in to the betting area to get a beer. Sure enough here they both come right behind me after I walk in. I told them how terrible they were for teasing me like that 1xbet güvenilirmi and how they needed to be punished for that. I pulled them into the in field tunnel to the inn field it was dark and had less people. I asked them if they wanted to kiss they both looked at me then at each other nodded and smiled, I told them they couldn’t kiss me because I don’t kiss strangers( I lied), they had to kiss each other. I could not believe it they did it,d then I joined in. One asked me how big I am because they never seen a BBC before in real life, as they reached I grabbed them by the wrist hand and told them ” you get 5 seconds each” so I unzipped my pants. I’m uncut so hand jobs with no lube are great!!!I was so hard a little pre-cum leaking because I had been hard for over 20mins at this point. The 5 second rule was totally ignored but we did have to stop after about a few minutes.I asked for their phone numbers but they said their boyfriends are both cops so they can’t. Cops :O ? Cop+black dude fucking cops girl=OH SHIT!!! So I kissed them one last time and met with Lisa and her other friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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