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Crossdresser gets help from a stranger

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Crossdresser gets help from a strangerA Good Relationship – Cross-dresser gets help from stranger.I had just moved into the country to a nice little cottage that my mother owned, she left it to me when she died. I had lived there for a couple of months, and began to feel at home and took to exploring the countryside. Across the lane from my house was a footpath lined on both sides by a tall hedge, it went past a large mansion house, which was the only other building for miles. The path led to a small wood which I thought I would investigate at some time.My name is Ian I was 25 then and loved dressing as a women (still do). One Saturday afternoon, it was quite sunny and warm. I felt very sexy and decided to get dressed up and walk down the footpath to the wood. I had never seen anyone at the mansion so I felt quite sure that I would not be seen. I put on a white suspender belt, dark tan stockings, white frilly panties, a fairly short flared black skirt, a pink short sleeved shirt and black high heels. I put my favorite dildo into a small bag along with a jar of lubrication cream, I was going to have a good time.I left the house and set of down the path I loved the feeling of the wind blowing up under my skirt onto my bare thighs above my stocking tops. I could feel my cock getting harder as I walked on past the mansion house, I could hardly see it for the high hedge and trees that surrounded it. I walked on into the wood ducking under branches, I lifted up the hem of my skirt to around my waist exposing my suspenders and panties. The long grass was tickling my upper thighs and my panty covered crotch. My cock was really hard now, I began to stroke it and wank it as I went further into the wood, pulling my panties to one side my balls and cock came out into the open it was lovely to feel the wind around them.I came to a little clearing, the grass was quite short a tree had fallen down at sometime the trunk was partly overgrown with weeds, It made a good seat. I sat down and slowly played with my cock with one hand, the other playing with my balls. After a while, I stood up and pulled my panties down to my knees I lifted my skirt up high and sat back down on the tree trunk the roughness of the surface and the weeds felt good on my bare ass. I took the jar out of my bag, opened it, took some cream onto my fingers of my right hand and began to rub it around my ass hole.I continued wanking with my left hand as I pushed one finger up my hole working it in and out, lubricating it then I worked in another finger alongside the first and worked them both in and out. then a third, my hole was ready for my dildo, it shone brightly in the afternoon sun as I rub on some cream I was getting very excited now, the dildo shagging my ass always gives me a huge orgasm. I placed the tip of the dildo against my hole it felt quite cool as I gently began to push it in, the end began to force open my hole stretching it further as it slowly entered, deeper and deeper it was soon as far in as it would go. I pulled it slowly out then pushed it back in, then out and in getting faster each time soon I was thrusting away like mad wanking my cock at the same time really enjoying every thrust.Then from nowhere a man’s voice asked if he could help. I just froze, I did not know what to say or do. The man was middle aged 46ish average height and build in smart trousers white shirt with an expensive looking tie. He did not wait to long for a reply – he just knelt down in front of me grabbed hold of my panties and took them off, he pushed my legs wide apart took my hand of the end of my dildo, then slowly he began to push it up me. Slowly at first then gradually getting faster, soon he was giving my hole a good fucking. I was still wanking myself really beginning to enjoy this new experience, having never been with a man before.I looked at him, as he was ramming my dildo up me he was undoing his trousers with his free hand, he said he was sure I would enjoy the real thing more. He pulled the dildo out of my hole stood up took off his trousers and pants and knelt back down in front of me. His cock was quite a size bigger than mine, already erect the tip moist as he pulled back his foreskin. He took hold of my ankles one in each hand lifted my legs up high in the air the tip of his cock touched my open hole. He thrust forward in one movement his cock was totally embedded in my ass. I let out a big sigh, I was being totally filled by his cock each thrust he was ramming his cock as far into me as it would possibly go, his balls slapping into my ass each time.I can tell you are enjoying this he said, as he fucked me some more. he suddenly pulled his cock out of me and told me to get up and turn round and bend over the trunk on my knees. I just did what he said, he lifted my skirt up out of the way, as it was covering my ass, then I felt his cock back up inside me again. He fucked me for a little while longer then I could tell he was just about to cum he pulled out and sprayed my ass with his spunk. I could feel it running down between the cheeks of my ass and down the back of my thighs. He stood up and I got up and sat on the trunk. He picked up my panties, wiped his cock and balls in them and gave them back to me.He said he owned the mansion house. He lived there alone and if I wanted to join him the next weekend at his house we could have some more fun but in more comfortable surroundings. If you do come make it, he said, come Saturday afternoon and to dress like a tart – fishnet stockings, mini skirt etc. Then he left.I was totally amazed – the whole thing seemed like a fantastic dream but my sore ass and the cum dripping off me told me it was very real. My cock was still hard so I continued to wank myself off, having an amazing orgasm. Then I pulled on my panties the mans cum soaking into them from my ass. It felt good, as I walked back up the path, I could feel the damp patches on my stocking tops where the man’s cum had run down to and soaked in. As I passed his house I was thinking about next weekend, should I go, or not. My ass felt quite sore from the pounding but it did feel good.A Good Relationship Ch. 2 – Cross-dresser visits neighbor Howard.I had been working away all week, when I got back home Friday night I read my mail then got my messages from the phone. There was one from my neighbour asking me to go over Saturday afternoon after two, I now knew his name “Howard Good”. I had not been able to make up my mind whether to go or not, but hearing his invitation I decided to go.Saturday afternoon came, I had bathed, shaved my legs and pubic hair (as I always do) and dressed in black suspenders, black fishnet stockings, skimpy black panties, pink skirt, white blouse and white high heels. It was after two o’clock when I left my house and walked over to Howard’s, he had a long gravel drive, I was finding it hard to walk on in my high heels. Eventually I reached his door, the house looked magnificent from outside, I did not have to ring the bell as the door opened as I got to it. Howard greeted me warmly and complemented me on my choice of clothes.He showed me into his living room, it was fantastic, huge armchairs and sofa’s, a luxurious carpet on the floor, huge paintings on the walls, it really was a palace. I sat on a sofa, howard sat in a large armchair opposite me, a long low coffee table between us. A bottle of red wine was on the table he asked me if I would like to try it, I nodded , he opened the bottle and poured us both a glass. That began a wonderful afternoon we sat and talk for hour’s, he told me about his business, how he spent months abroad working on big construction sites, and all the different counties he had been too. We had just about finished a second bottle of wine when he said he would like to show me around the house.He should me the ground floor first, his office, dining room, kitchen, a big boardroom meeting room. Then he said he would show me the upstairs, he motioned for me to go first, I started up, Howard followed a little way behind ,I glanced over my shoulder to see he was looking up under my skirt, he noticed me looking at him, he smiled at me then carried on look up my skirt. He showed me the eight bedrooms and the two bath shower rooms. He then said he was very interested in photography and that he had a studio in the attic penthouse. He led the way up the narrow stairway into a large room set out with lights camera tripods and numerous pieces of furniture.He asked if he could take some photos of me, he said they would be for him only and that they would not leave the house. By now the wine was having it’s affect, so I said yes and asked him what sort of photographs did he want to take and where did he want me to be. He said he would like to take lots of different photos and that he wished he had his camera when he saw me in the wood last week. He had me sit in an armchair and he arranged the lights to his satisfaction then he took a couple of photos of me from different angles. Then he came over and said he would like to re-arrange me, did I mind, I shook my head and said to carry on , I was quite enjoying being a model. He told me to cross my legs, then he pulled my skirt up a little to show the top of my stockings. He then took some more photos.He had me uncross my legs and part them slightly still showing my stocking tops. He took more photos again from all angles. With my legs a lot further apart this time, he took some photos looking straight up my skirt at my panties. He then wanted me to stand up and bend over the back of the chair, patted my legs slightly and knelt down and took some photos up the back of my skirt. He told me not to move as he lifted my skirt up my back, then, taking hold of my panties at the waist, he tugged them up pulling them really tight, the back of them sliding into the crack of my ass. He said how sexy that looked and took a lot more photographs.That was all the photos he wanted to take, he asked me if I would perform for him what he watched me doing in the wood while he filmed me with his video camera. I was feeling pretty sexy by now, but I said I had not brought a dildo or cream. Howard went over to a drawer in a desk in the corner opened the bottom one and pulled out a big black dildo and a jar of cream. He had me sit back down in the chair, he placed the dildo and cream by the side of me, picked up his camera, and told me to begin. The best thing to do, I thought, was to pretend that he was not there filming me. So ,I slowly ran my hands up my thighs sliding my skirt up over my stocking tops opening my legs as I did so. I began rubbing my balls and cock through my panties then with out getting up I wriggled my panties down and out from under me, I slid forward in the seat my ass was overhanging the edge a little, enough for me to begin fingering my hole. Taking some cream on my fingers I spread some around my hole and I soon had two fingers up me lubricating the entrance.Howard was filming the action from quite close up as I poked three fingers up my hole as I was getting really excited now. I picked up Howard’s dildo smears on some cream, and wanking my cock with one hand I began to press the dildo up against the entrance to my ass. With steady pressure it began to find its way in, it was bigger than mine I could feel it stretching wider than I had been before, just for a short while I felt a little pain then it slid in smoothly. I began sliding it in and out slowly at first, then gradually speeding up, wanking at the same time. I glanced up at Howard to see he was filming with one hand whilst the other had opened his zipper taken out his big cock and was now wanking furiously. I continued fucking my ass and wanking when suddenly Howard was above me trying to push his cock into my mouth. I opened my lips and the tip of his cock touched them, he pushed harder the wetness on the tip moistened my mouth as he pushed a little harder it forced my mouth to open wider to allow it further inside. Only half its length was in my mouth I was sucking it enjoying the taste and licking my tongue over its head.Howard was obviously very excited too, for, with out warning he pulled his cock out and showered my face with his cum, some landed in my mouth, I enjoyed my first taste of another mans cum. His sperm was dripping of my chin as I tried to lick it up Howard was wiping his cock in a towel which he then passed to me so I could clean up. We both got dressed, he cleaned the dildo and placed it back in the drawer. I had just finished straightening my suspenders and pulled my skirt back down as Howard said we would go back downstairs. Back in the living room he put the video on that we had just recorded ,we finished drinking our wine as we watched it . Howard said it was quite good and that it would be nice to get someone else to record the video so he could have a lot of fun with me and we could watch it together afterwards. He asked me what I thought of his idea, I said it could be a lot of fun! I left soon afterwards, it was dark outside, I walked back up the gravel drive, thinking, this could be “A GOOD RELATIONSHIP”. A Good Relationship Ch. 4 – Cross-dresser plays a blushing bride.It was two weeks later when Howard rang me to ask me to visit him. It was a nice warm Saturday night, about 8 o’clock when I reached his house. He invited me in and we sat and soon had a glass of wine each and we were chatting away. He had said he had another outfit for me to try on, it was to do with the theme for a video he would like to make.He went on to explain that he had fantasies about a wedding him as the groom me as the bride Matt would be the vicar and we would need a few guests and someone to film the scene. He asked me if I liked the idea, I said yes, it sounded like it could be a lot of fun. Howard said he knew I would agree. He took me to the table at the top end of the room, under the window, there he had laid out a new set of clothes he had bought for me. Every article was white, high heels, stockings, suspenders, panties, padded bra, dress, gloves, veil, a black wig and a make-up bag. He said he would leave me to try it all on. He left the room, I got undressed and put on the underwear then the dress, it fitted very well the hem was a little above the knee.Howard came back into the room and helped me on with the veil. He said he was very pleased with the way everything looked on me. We arranged the “wedding” for the following Saturday, he would do all the organising all I had to do was turn up on time, I assured him I would be there and I was looking forward to it. I took the dress of, Howard told me to stop there, he led me back to the sofa me in just my white undies. He sat next to me and he handed me two thick photo albums both full with photos of me and him and Matt in all manor of pornographic poses. I looked at every photo in each book, they were very good, they made me very randy, Howard could see the bulge in my panties, he already had his cock in his hand wanking it slowly. With the TV remote control he turned on the TV and video, on came the first film of me on my own pushing a dildo up myself while wanking. Howard took my hand and placed it around his cock, I was wanking him whilst we watched the video.The second film with me sucking off Matt and being shagged by Howard was just coming to the end when Howard reached for my empty wine glass and aimed his cock into it and after a few more wanks he shot loads of cum into the glass. He got up and put a little wine in the glass his cum floating in it. He got his video camera then handed me the glass with the wine and his cum in. He told me to drink it slowly. He began filming, first the glass then I slowly raised it to my lips and slowly sipped it until I had swallowed every drop. Howard stopped filming and said that was fantastic. I got dressed back into my other clothes, Howard said to leave the wedding outfit there I could change into it on the day of the wedding. I left soon after and went back home thinking back over the events of the night and had another good wank thinking about a wedding.IIHoward had left a message for me to go round at ten o’clock, so I duly arrived on time a gentleman in his late thirties answered the door and said he knew who I was from the photo’s he had seen. He took me directly upstairs, we didn’t see anyone else, we went to the far end of the corridor to the last türbanlı escort bedroom, we went inside. Laid out on the bed was the same set of clothes that I tried on last week all ready for me. Mike, the man that brought me up here, left me to get ready, he said that Howard wanted him to make sure that I was alright, and he would be back shortly.I soon got dressed in the white suspenders, stockings, panties, padded bra, dress and high heels. I then put on the black wig and sat in front of the mirror and began putting on some make-up. Mike came into the room and looked me up and down and said I looked fine he said he all I needed now was some lipstick on, he picked out the bright red one and I put some on, mike watched me telling me to put it on thick, that’s what Howard wanted. so I put on a few more layers, Mike nodded his approval.He then told me to stand up, he said that there was another thing Howard wanted him to do and he was going to enjoy it. Mike told me to bend over and put my head on the bed, I did as he asked knowing this was what Howard wanted, he took hold of the hem of my dress and raised it up over my back. He was rubbing his hands over my bum then he grabbed my panties and tugged them down to mid thigh, he inspected my ass then he took some cream and began to smooth some into my hole, he was very gentle as he worked some cream deep inside me. He told me to stand up and put my dress right, I pulled my panties up and re-arranged my dress. then he put my headdress on my head and pulled the veil over my face. Mike looked at his watch and said it was about time to go down stairs, he was playing the father role. He looked good in a light grey suit, he took my arm and we left the room and walked back along the corridor and down the stairs towards the main living room.We reached the foot of the stairs and turned into the room, there was a few rows of chairs on each side with an aisle up the middle, just like a church, there was a few men all looking smart in suits sat in some of the some of the chairs on either side, some chatting. At the end was a table with a blue cloth d****d over it to look like an alter. Matt stood by it dressed in a long blur robe, a white cord tied around his waist. Howard was stood talking to another man who was carrying the video camera. Mike stopped at the entrance to the room the man with the video came down to meet us smiled at me and said his name was Adrian and I looked lovely. Mike led me slowly up the aisle, Adrian filming us now, we reached the front facing the alter and Matt. Howard whispered in my ear to play the part and repeat the words when asked etc.Matt began to speak :-“We are all gathered here today to witness the wedding of Howard to Wendy” he looked at me and smiled and nodded his head in my direction and said:-” Do you Wendy take this man to be your occasional husband ” he expected an answer so I said yes. Matt continued:-“Will you submit to all his sexual demands, when ever and where ever he chooses,” again I said yes, for the video. Matt went on:-“Will you obey him in all his sexual demands in every way and do everything that is demanded of you with out question” again I answered yes. Looking at Howard Matt said :-“Do you Howard take Wendy for your occasional wife, for your sexual gratification, to use as you see fit ” Howard replied yes.Matt said:-” Will you use Wendy to the fullest extent in any sexual manor you choose and to accept the responsibility of Wendy’s body and use it for all the sexual activities you wish” Howard looked at me with a big smile and said a loud yes.Matt then said to me :-” Do you surrender to the power of the mans mighty cock” I had to say yes. Matt then said in a louder voice so everyone could hear :-” I now pronounce that Wendy has consented to be Howard’s occasional wife and will obey and submit to him in all his sexual demands and that Wendy will surrender to mans mighty cock, you may now kiss the cock you now serve.”Howard’s zip must have been undone, for he quickly pulled his semi erect cock out. He reached up and lifted my veil and pushed my head down towards his cock. I knelt a little and kissed the moist tip, Howard’s pushed my head a little further down his cock pushing it’s way into my mouth. He then allowed me up I could see lipstick on his cock, he took me by the arm and we walked back down the aisle the guests clapped as we went, Adrian still filming. Matt asked us to come back to the alter as the witnesses needed to see that the vows are indeed going to be honoured. The guests gathered at the front as Howard guided me to the end of the “alter” and sat me down on the edge, Adrian had put a new tape in the video camera and was filming the scene. Howard took his trousers and shorts off and guided his cock into my mouth.I began to suck and lick it, soon it was rock hard, he pulled it out and made me lay down on my back on the alter. My legs were dangling over the end of the alter. Howard put his cock back to my mouth from the front of the alter, his right hand went to my legs sliding the hem of my dress up my thigh, some of the guests moved down towards the end of the alter where they could see up my dress. Howard had uncovered my stocking tops and suspenders for all to see, soon his hand was feeling the bulge in my panties feeling my balls. He removed his cock from my mouth again and moving to the end of the alter he pushed my dress up as high as he could, he hooked his fingers into the waist of my panties and tugged them roughly out from under my bum sliding them down my legs and off over my high heels taking an ankle in each hand he raised my legs high in the air then really wide apart, the table was at the right height for his cock to line up with my arse. He smiled when he saw my hole was ready creamed for him, he moved closer in towards me the tip of his cock touching the lips of my hole, then, leaning in between my spread legs his cock started to push against me forcing my hole to open and take his big purple tipped cock inside. With a big thrust he rammed it’s total length up inside me, his balls slapping my bum, he began shagging me.One of the guests had stripped from the waist down and appeared along side me his cock was pointing at me, he reached over and guided my mouth onto his cock. Howard continued giving me a good fucking, then he let go of my ankles, my feet fell back down onto the floor and pulled his cock out and shot every last drop of cum into a long champagne glass, the man with his cock in my mouth pulled out and moved to my feet and like Howard hoisted my legs high and wide ramming his cock up my wide open hole, he was soon thrusting deep inside me as another cock found my mouth. Adrian appeared with his camera to get some close ups, he to had no trousers on, he was getting ready to join the party.With a few last deep thrust the cock slipped out of my ass again to empty another load of cum into the glass. The man pulled his cock out of my mouth to be replaced by Adrian’s, he had handed the camera to some one else to continue with the filming. The cock that I had been sucking was now up my ass, pumping in and out this went on until, like the others, he to shot his cum into the same glass as the others. This went on and on until everyone had given my ass a good shagging, Matt had been the last his fat cock had stretched my ass, he shagged me for a long time at last I didn’t have a cock to suck eventually Matt emptied his cum on top of the rest in the same glass.Matt helped me up of the alter I could hardly walk my ass was so sore Howard came over and in his hand he had a jar of cream, he took some on hit fingers and rubbed some into my hole soothing and cooling the lips. He gave me my panties and told me to put them back on, I did and pulled my dress back down. Matt picked up a glass of champagne and said loudly :-” We will now drink a toast to Howard and Wendy who have just showed us that they will and have honoured their vows as we have been fortunate to enjoy please raise your glasses, we have a special one for Wendy.” Howard handed me the glass with the cum in, it had been topped up with champagne.Adrian had the camera back now and came over to me as Howard told me to drink it. Everyone had a sip of their drinks then all stopped and watched me slowly drink mine the thick cum sliding down the glass into my mouth. I swallowed mouth full after mouth full feeling the thick cum slide slowly down my throat. Howard took me back to the bedroom I had used, I got changed and took off my makeup off. Howard said it had been a good day and that he had found it real turn on to see me well fucked by a lot of men. I left Howard’s house and slowly walked home my ass was still very sore but I did enjoy it. A Good Relationship Ch. 5 – He entertains African dignitaries.Howard phoned me a few times over the following weeks. The last call he told me he had been away a lot but said he had some African businessman coming to stay next week, I told him that was the week I had arranged with work to have as a holiday. Howard said he would try to get some time free during that week so we could have some fun, he asked how my arse was after the wedding gang-bang, I told him it was fine after a couple of days and a lot of cream he said he was looking forward to giving my arse another good shagging, I told him my arse needed it. He said he would ring again and let me know when he was free.I was enjoying my Monday morning not having to go to work, I saw three large cars go into Howard’s drive they must have the African guests in them that he said he was expecting. After about an hour I saw the cars leave again, I continued to enjoy a very relaxing day.The following morning was nice and sunny and warm I was out in the garden, it was getting near to lunch time, I thought, I looked over towards Howard’s and saw him walking up his drive towards me, I waited for him. I invited him in and made us both a cup of tea, we sat at the kitchen table and he told me about the very important people he had at his house, and that they were hopefully going to give his company a very big order. He then went on to tell me he had left the photo albums with all our pornographic pictures in on the table and that his guests had a good look at them, in fact they had enjoyed them very much. Howard went on to say they had asked if there was any more pictures as they had not seen anything like it before, where they come from that sort of thing is forbidden.He said he thought it would be a good idea to show them the video’s, as he really did want to please them so as to get the order, and they had enjoyed the video’s as well and had insisted they meet me. Howard said would I give up part of my holiday and come and meet them to keep them happy, so he could get this big order. I said I would meet them and asked him when would he like me to go across. Howard said to go across in about an hour, I asked him what he wanted me to wear. I took him to my room and showed him my wardrobe he picked out an outfit he said he knew they would like, then he left. I had some lunch a shower and a all over shave, as always, and went back to my room to get dressed in the clothes he had put out, a white suspender belt, dark stockings, white frilly panties, white fully padded bra, pink blouse, a black flared skirt about mid-thigh length and white high heels. Then I put on the blonde wig, and some make-up with lots of red lipstick I knew Howard liked that.It was about 1:30 in the afternoon when I Howard opened his door to let me in. He told me that the important man he would introduce me to was a government official the others were like his juniors or servants but to be nice to all of them was important. Howard took me into his living room, sat on the sofa was a black man perhaps late 40’s, quite tall, he got up to greet me, he was quite athletic looking, he spoke perfect English when he said he was very pleased to meet me. He was dressed in a long beige loose fitting robe with a little black round hat with a tassle coming out of the top. The phone rang, Howard went of to answer it, Sied, was the mans name, and I sat next to each other on the sofa, he asked me my name I told him that Howard now liked to call me Wendy. He told me he was educated at Cambridge, and that he was now the government oil minister for his little African island of Mabutto.He had been back there for nearly 20 years and it wasn’t until he saw the photos and videos that he realised what he had been missing. Howard came back from his phone call and said unfortunately he had to go back to London there was something wrong with some importation paperwork that needed his urgent attention. He took me to one side and said he wanted me to look after the Africans until he got back which would be about tomorrow lunch time. He said I ought to stay the night here to keep an eye on them and the house. I told him I would take care of things. He called a taxi Quickly packed a few things said good bye to the minister and left. Sied said he wanted to take a walk in the garden would I show him.He took my arm and the went out through the patio doors onto the large lawn a path led down the side furthest from the house towards the wood were Howard and I first met. He led us towards the path telling me more about his island. We walked on down the path and we entered the wood, he was saying how he had dreamed of seeing suspenders and stockings. He said now we were out of sight of the house, he would like to see mine, he asked if I was wearing them, I said yes, Howard would not let me wear anything else. He took hold of the hem of my skirt and lifted it up higher and higher so he could see my undies. He sighed and ran his free hand up over my stocking top and traced the suspender up to where it disappeared under my panties.He said he liked the way legs looked in suspenders and stockings when walking. He told me to hold up my skirt and walk down the path a short way turn round and walk back. I did as I was told, I got back to where he was stood, He said it looked very sexy, we walked on a little further into the wood and came to Howard’s picnic area, a wooden table with a bench on either side, Sied sat down on the end of a bench and beckoned me to him. he reached to my waist and undid the fastenings of my skirt letting it fall to the ground, he helped me step out of it then he picked it up and put it on the table. He said he would be able to see much better now, he told me to walk backwards and forwards a short way until he told me to stop.I walked up and down for ages he was obviously enjoying the sight I could see a rising bulge in the front of his robe. He called me over and he unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. I stood in front of him in just white high heels, stockings, white suspenders, panties and bra. he had me walk up and down again. Then this time he took off my panties, he was really enjoying himself. I walked back down the wood and when I turned to come back I saw he had parted his robe, he had the most enormous cock it was the thickness of my wrist about 9 inches long. he was wanking it slowly as he watched my walk back towards him,his cock was that thick his thumb and fingers would not meet around it. he told me to knee on the ground, he stood up, holding his robe up his huge cock inches from my face. He wiped the tip of it over my face and across my mouth, he continued wanking it at the same time, then he put a hand behind my head and pulled me towards him his cock was touching my lips.He pushed his cock a little harder against my lips, I opened them to let the tip begin to enter my mouth. My mouth was soon as far open as it would go, he was holding my head and pushing his cock, he just about managed to cram the purple head of his big black cock past my lips. I was flicking my tongue over the end while he wanked, he tried to get more of it in my mouth to no avail, it was just to fat. He gave a little shudder and he emptied the contents of his big black balls down my throat nearly choking me, but I managed to swallow it all.He said, as he pulled it out of my mouth, that he hadn’t cum like that in many, many years and, before Howard got back he would like to have another session with me. I got up and got dressed again and we walked back to the house. One of Sied party had cooked a meal for us all, his name was Joseph, Sied introduced me türbanlı escort bayan to him, younger and not as tall as Sied, he was the general helpdriver of the party, he spoke a little english, not much. The others came into the room, I was introduced to them, Sied’s assistant and his advisor, neither spoke any English, and were all often chattering away amongst themselves in their own language. After the meal, Sied said he was going for a lay down he was feeling tired, it was about 4-30 in the afternoon, Sied went up to his room saying to Joseph to wake him at 8 o’clocks he had some paperwork to do.The others looked at each other, Joseph said in his poor English that they would like to get to now me, it was a lovely afternoon Joseph picked up a blanket and we all went out on to the lawn, we sat down, Joseph tried to be an interpreter. The assistant, his name was Masura, and the advisor, his name was Naobi, and Joseph were all black like Sied and they had lived on Mabutto all of their lives. We talked as best we could for a while Masura’s eyes were often wandering to my legs he moved his position and placed his hand on my knee. He looked at me with a big smile on his face, I thought back to what Howard had said about looking after these people so I did nothing as his hand moved higher up my leg towards my skirt. He turned to the other two and said something, he turned back and his hand went higher up under my skirt the others gathered round and pushed me backwards to lay full out on the blanket.Masura soon had my skirt lifted up and hands were all over my suspenders tugging at them. Joseph left for a short while and came back with a jar of cream. I was lifted up a little and my panties were taken off, then I was turned over and made to get on hands and knees. Fingers were probing my bum, cream was smeared around my ass soon fingers were up me I could hear the slurping noise as they took turns in shoving cream up my hole. One got undressed and knelt at my head and was pushing his semi-erect black cock into my mouth. At the same time another cock was opening my ass stretching it wide as it forced its way in, it felt quite big as it began fucking me, rocking me forwards with each thrust sending the cock in my mouth further down my throat. he continued to fuck my ass plunging deep then with a few short thrust he shot his load of cum deep inside my ass. He pulled his cock out and seconds later another slid up my slippery hole, a little fatter than the last cock, it was soon pumping away. The cock in my mouth spurted jets of cum down my throat, the second load today. Then my ass received a second shot of hot cum I felt it spray deep inside me.They all got dressed, I turned around and sat on the blanket and watched them, I pulled my skirt back down, I looked around but I couldn’t see my panties. They all went back towards the house a and left me sat on my own on the blanket, I could feel cum seeping out of my ass, so I got up picked up the blanket my panties were screwed up under the corner, I picked them up not bothering to put them on and went back into the house and to the bathroom to get cleaned up. When I returned to the living room they were sat watching TV so I sat and watched as well. I hadn’t noticed the time until Joseph got up saying he was going to wake up Sied. They both came downstairs Sied opened the folders he had with him and spread them out on the table. He began to work, then he looked up and said to Joseph that he needed some quiet and wanted the tv off.So Masura turned it off Joseph said we should go up stairs and watch it. Masura jumped up first took hold of my wrist and headed for the stairs, the others followed close behind. I was led to one of the biggest bedrooms, it was used by Masura. we went in, the others entered behind us. They all jumped on the bed, with the remote control they turned on the TV, Masura picked up the other remote and pressed a few buttons, the video turned on, it was a porno movie. They were all very interested and we watched as a guy fondled and touched up a woman licking her cunt and her arse, she then sucked his cock, then he fucked her up the cunt, then up the arse. He wasn’t finished there, he then slowly worked his fist right up her cunt past his wrist and then worked it in and out a few times, the Africans loved this, they were talking feverishly amongst themselves.The guy on the video had now taken his fist out of the women’s cunt and was now attempting to shove it up her arse, a gasp came from the Africans when they saw this. Slowly the guy worked his fingers up the women’s arse to the widest part of his hand, then he began to turn his hand back and forth, pushing it deeper inside then all of a sudden his hand just disappeared from view straight in her arse to his wrist, the Africans were jumping about with excitement, the guy then worked his further up her arse, again with this twisting, turning movement until half his arm was in her arse, it was incredible.The Africans were having a very excited discussion, in their native tongue, and were pointing at the screen, then they turned and looked at me. Masura, being the higher ranking of the africans seemed to be the ring leader, came over to me and pulled me up out of the chair and we walked towards the big bay window, the late evening sun was shining on the other big, well padded armchair. He led me around behind it as Joseph left the room, he bent me over the back of the chair until my head was touching the seat my ass high in the air. My skirt was lifted up over my back my panties pulled down and taken right off. Masura parted my legs a little, Joseph came back into the room carrying a large bag, reaching in he handed Masura the jar of cream, taking a handful he began to work some cream around my hole in this position my arse was totally defenceless.First one finger, then two, then three were worked up me, beginning to stretch my hole open. He reached into the bag and pulled out a huge cucumber, he smeared the big fat end with some cream and ran it up and down over my ass, then pushing it against the lips of my hole he tried to get it in. He was slowly turning it back and forth as in the video, I could feel it stretching me wider and wider as he slowly worked it in. It felt like my arse was being invaded the pressure he was putting on the lips of my hole as it expanded to take this huge thing, as the cucumber entered me further it reached the fattest part then, with Masura pressing on it, it suddenly slid up my ass as far as it could go.Joseph and Naobi clapped and cheered, to see more than half of the huge cucumber embedded in my ass, they stood back to enjoy the sight of the small end of it poking out of my hole. Naobi came over and slowly pulled the cucumber out of my ass, it was such a relief then he put some more cream on it and shoved it back in as far as he could. he did this maybe six times until it was sliding in and out very easily making slurping sucking noises. He put the cucumber down, I heard Joseph say he had the smallest hands he should go first, he smeared cream all over his right hand, has fingers making a arrow head he began to push his fingers up my stretched hole twisting and turning opening me out wider and wider, then as the fattest part of his hand entered me his hand slid in the rest of the way to his wrist quite easily, then inside me he made his hand into a fist spreading out inside me then he slowly pulled his hand out then pushed it back in again, in and out many times then he pushed it as far up inside me as it would go, almost half his arm was up me.This brought on more African chattering, Joseph pulled his fist out of me and Naobi took his turn, his hand was definitely bigger but it too was soon embedded as far up my ass as he could shove it. Masura wanted his turn and creamed up his hand and took over from Naobi, he was enjoying slowly inserting his hand up my ass just when I thought he had reached the widest part and his hand would slide up me he would pull it out, then he pushed it right in, I let out a gasp as his big hand stretched my ass even wider. Like the others he was soon working it in and out of me until even his big hand was sliding back wards and forwards reasonably smoothly. Eventually he took his hand out of ass, I stood up slowly, Joseph slapped my bare ass and handed me my panties I didn’t stop to put them on,I told him I was going for a shower.I left the room and had a shower cleaning up my over stretched ass and put on some soothing cream, then went to bed. The following morning I woke and got out of bed and dressed, I had no change of clothes so I put on the same outfit as yesterday. Washed and I went down stairs to the living room everyone else was there already. We all had breakfast, Sied came over and sat next to me on the sofa and said he wanted to carry on from yesterday. Opening his robe he began playing with his cock then he took my hand he placed it around his hardening cock, I was wanking him slowly my hand travelling up and down his monster black tool. He pulled my head down towards his lap the tip of his cock was soon entering my mouth, again the head was all that could be crammed into my mouth. Masura and Naobi came into the room and watched what was happening, they all began talking in African, then Masura and Naobi came over and pulled me up onto my feet, Sied got off the sofa and lay on the floor and was holding his big black cock straight up at the ceiling.Naobi lifted my skirt up then Masura pulled my panties down and lifted one foot at a time, taking them right off. Naobi made me bend over a little while Masura applied some cream to my ass pushing a few fingers inside to lubricate the entrance, then they walked me backwards until I was astride Sied. Then they made me bend at the knees and slowly lower myself down towards Sied waiting cock. Masura was on one side of me, Naobi on the one side with an arm of mine each they lowered me further, Sied guided his enormous cock towards my ass. I felt it touch the lips of my hole then as I was lowered a little more the head of his cock began to open out my sore ass. Then stretching it had last night, the head of his cock was soon buried inside me the rest slid up as Masura and Naobi lowered me the rest of the way until I was sat on Sied facing his feet, all that could be seen was his big black balls under me, all of his cock up my ass, it filled me. Naobi and Masura began lifting me up and dropping me downagain riding Sied huge cock, up and down, in and out his cock plunged. This went on for ages it seemed Sied wanted to make it last I was getting more sore with the extra pounding from his big cock. Eventually he gave a loud groan and I felt spurts of cum spray inside me. We all relaxed I sat back on top of him and felt his cock deflate a little inside me, eventually I found the energy to move, I slowly got up, feeling his cock slip out. I got to my feet, I was about to leave the room when Joseph, who had just come in stopped me and guided me towards two dining room chairs.Masura had placed them side by side with a four inch gap between them, Joseph guided me and sat me down half on each and then tied my hands be hind my back and then tied them to the chair, I was unable to get up. My ass was across the gap in the chair, Masura was lying on the floor his right hand went up through the gap in the chairs and found my ass his fingers were soon probing where Sied cock had just come from, higher he pushed his hand going further inside me, twisting and pushing it was soon wrist deep, I couldn’t move I Just had to sit there as he was thrusting his fist in and out of my hole. Joseph came over with a gigantic rubber butt plug two pieces of string hanging from the narrow end. Masura removed his fist from me and put some cream on the plug then he worked it up me ass it was enormous it was shoved up until just the bar on the end could be seen, one string was taken up the back of my bum pulled tight and tied to the waist of my suspender belt.Masura then came round in front of me a big grin on his face as he reached down between my legs and pulled the other string up in front of me pulling it tight he tied it to the front of my suspender belt, the butt plug was fixed in my ass now. Masura was untying my hands when we heard Howard come in the front door, he came into the room and asked how every one was, Sied said they were all fine I had kept them very well entertained. I got slowly to my feet I was finding it difficult to walk, the size of the plug meant I had to walk slightly bow legged Howard gave me a strange look and followed me out of the room, he lifted my skirt up and saw the plug and helped me untie it . I bent over so he could get it out when he pulled it out he looked at it and said he thought it was about the same thickness as a horses, now there is a good idea he added.A Good Relationship Ch. 6 – Transvestite meets new man.The next weekend, Howard decided we would go for a drive. I was at his house, and he said he would like to go for a drive and stop some where for a picnic. He went upstairs for a while. When he came down he had some clothes over his arm, he said he would like me to wear them. He said he was going to get a picnic hamper packed and left the room.I undressed, I had shaved off my body hair that morning, and started to dress in the clothes Howard had picked out, first a very well padded white bra, lacy white suspender belt, white stockings, white frilly panties, pink little girl style party dress which fitted up under my padded bra then flared out from there, then a pair of white high heels, then a blonde wig with pig tales. I looked like a little girl going to a birthday party. Howard came back into the room carrying a hamper, looked me up and down, he said all I needed was some red lipstick, so I went and put some on. Howard put the hamper in the car, we both got in and we set off, it was a bit cloudy but nice and warm as we drove along almost deserted country roads.We reached a main road and turned to the north, it wasn’t far to Scotland, we passed a few lorries on a steep hill, then the road went into a forest, a sign said “picnic area & toilets”, Howard pulled in. We drove passed the toilets, which was an old bungalow type building, to an area with set out tables and benches with a big grassy area all around. Howard parked the car and he picked up the hamper and said we would have the table over the back near the edge of the forest were the grassy area ended. Only one other table was in use when we got there, a couple were sat drinking tea from a flask, they hardly noticed us as we reached our table and sat down. Howard unpacked the hamper and poured some tea for us both, it had been a while since breakfast, it was 1:30 in the afternoon now. We tucked into some sandwiches and buns that he had made, we were both hungry.The couple had finished, packed up and left, a lorry had pulled up a scruffy man thick set with a big black beard jumped out of his cab and looked at us then walked off in the direction of the toilets, glancing back at us a couple of times. We continued our picnic, the lorry driver came back and lay out on the grass near his truck. Another truck pulled in a while later as we were packing up, Howard put the hamper back in the car, he said he was going to the toilet before starting back, I said I would go as well.I was in a bit of a dilemma as to which toilet to use, as there was no one near I followed Howard into the men’s. He went to one of the urinals, I went to the far end into a cubicle, the place was not very well lit. a couple of bulbs were missing, but the sun shining through the windows helped to light the place. I lifted my dress and pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet seat, I was soon reading some of the messages and looking at the drawings on the door and walls. These toilets. it would seem was used as a meeting place for people for all types of sexual activities. I finished using the toilet pulled up my panties and re-arranged my dress, I flushed the toilet and unbolted the door and walked out of the cubicle, Howard wasn’t there, I assumed he had gone back to the car.I was part way towards the door when in came the big bearded lorry driver with another man, probably from the other truck that pulled up. I went to walk round them but the big man grabbed me by the arm. escort türbanlı Not so fast he said as he pulled me towards the far end. He said he would like to now what I was doing in the mens toilet, he opened the cubicle at the far end, he pulled me in behind him then he shut and bolted the door. There wasn’t much room in there he pushed me up against the bolted door, he was much taller and heavier than me, he took my head in his hands and turned my face towards him his mouth pressed against mine he forced his tongue between my lips and it shot deep into my mouth, flicking over my teeth then probing down my throat. I felt him tugging my dress up and a hand was soon squeezing my balls and cock through my panties. The other man was banging on the door asking what was happening.He removed his mouth from mine to tell the other man to shut up he could have his turn next, he then shoved his hand down the front of my panties and grabbed hold of my cock and began roughly wanking it, unfortunately it began to respond to him and was soon hardening up. He went back to kissing me some more, his tongue down my throat again, with his free hand he undid his trousers and they fell to the floor, he then pushed his underpants down ha took my hand and placed it on his cock, it was rigid already. He then placed his hands on my head and began pushing downwards I was soon kneeling on the floor his cock just inches from my face. He took great delight in rubbing it all around my face before finally shoving it to my lips and pushing hard he forced my lips open and then on inside, it was soon crammed in as far as it would go, his balls up against my chin, the head was down my throat nearly choking me.He held my head in his and then began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, he stopped and pulled me to my feet, I looked up, there was his mate looking over the partition wall from the next cubicle. The man turned me ruond to face the door, he sat down, then reached up under my dress and hooked his fingers into the waist of my panties and tugged them down around my ankles then lifting one foot at a time he took them off and through them up to his mate. He forced me to bend over and spread my legs, he pulled me back towards him, then he began to lick up and down my ass, his rough beard scr****g my bum. The tip of his tongue was pushing it’s way into my hole, which was then replaced by a finger, his spit was the only lubrication.After a short while of him fingering me he stood up and pushed me forward, my head was pressed up against the toilet door, his cock was pressing up against the entrance to my hole then with a sudden lunge he was up to the hilt inside me. With the lack of grease his shagging me was a little painful, thankfully it was not long before he emptied his balls inside me. He quickly pulled his cock out and unlocked the door and pushed me out, his mate was waiting his dick already in his hand, he pushed me to my knees and made me suck his cock, then I was made to get on hands and knees and the man knelt behind me and rammed his cock up me, the cum from the last bloke was a good lubricant, at that moment another guy came in from outside and watched for a short time, the man fucking me up the ass.Then his cock was out and he knelt in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth, each thrust from the cock up my ass thrust me forward so the cock went deeper into my mouth and down my throat. The guy behind me shot his load of cum up my ass, the other man took his cock out of my mouth and made me lay out on the floor on my back by the urinals, the floor was damp with piss and was soon soaking into the back of my dress. The last bloke took my legs and lifted them up and over on top of me a knee on either side of my head, the first man with the beard knelt down and held my legs there.The last bloke knelt by my bum and lowered himself down on top of me his cock slipped straight up me to his balls, then he was shagging me long and very deep his balls slapping my ass, his cock making a slurping noise as he thrust in and out. Soon he pulled his cock out just in time to spray my belly, suspenders and my cock and balls with his cum. He stood up his cock still pointing at me, my legs still held firmly, he began to pee, he aimed his piss at my belly and then over my stockinged legs, all the men began to laugh at my plight, I was unable to move as the second man puled out his cock and began to piss on me also. When they had finished they put their cocks away, then the bearded guy finally let go of my legs and I straightened them out and slowly stood up, I noticed Howard standing in the outside door way, how long he had been there and how much he had seen I don’t know, another man was there he had been watching.The three men left the toilet, I walked towards Howard, he looked me up and down, my dress was soaking wet making it see-through and it clung to me I was trying to pull it down to cover myself up, Howard turned and walked outside, I followed, he said there was no way I was getting into his car like that. The piss was dripping from me as we walked, it had mixed with the cum on my belly and was now running down my legs. Howard just got into his car and without another glance drove off, I shouted after him to stop, but he just kept on going and disappeared down the road. I didn’t know what to do I was in the middle of nowhere, I was going back to the table we were sat at when a man said to wait, it was the man who had been in the doorway with Howard, he caught up to me and said he had seen what had happened, Howard driving off and leaving me as well, He said his name was Dan and he lived quite near he would take me back there to clean up etc. I accepted his offer.The man with the black beard went by in his lorry and through my panties out of the window and laughed. Dan picked them up and said there didn’t seem any point in putting them on, he put them in his pocket then got an old blanket from the boot rapped it around me and helped me into the passenger seat and put the seatbelt on for me. As we drove along he said he was 61 years old, I commented that he only looked about 45, which was true , he did. He went on to tell me he lived alone and often went to those toilets, to read the writings on the wall and see if he could meet anyone, that was his only sexual excitement. We had gone a few miles when we hit a traffic jam, he said we were very near his house to, he said he wanted me to tell him all about myself and my relationship with the man that abandoned me.The jam was a long one, I was nearly finished telling him all about the times with Howard, the wedding, the Africans, the horses he kept asking questions and wanting me to go into great detail about what we did, how we did it etc., by the finish he knew everything, he really did seem very interested, he asked me if I enjoyed the dildos and the big cocks up my ass, I nodded in reply. We were moving again, and he told me he found it difficult to get an erection, and that he got most of his enjoyment, from watching, voyeurism, and giving pleasure in any way he could. We pulled up in the road outside his terraced house, he got out and came round and opened the door for me and helped me out then went and opened the front door and we both went inside. He said the first thing was to have a bath while he took my clothes and put them in the washing machine.He took me to the bath room upstairs and told me to help myself to anything I needed, razor etc., he turned on the taps and told me to get undressed, which I did, he left with all my clothes and my blonde wig. I had a long leisurely bath then shaved all over legs, pubes etc. Dan came back with a dressing gown for me to wear when I had finished. I got out of the bath dried, put on the dressing gown and found Dan in the kitchen, he had made us both a cup of tea, we sat and drank it together then he showed me around his house, the rooms were not big but there was three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and living room, kitchen and dining room down stairs. He said he had a big basement also, it was his “playroom” and he would show me it another time. He said it was getting late he would show me to my bedroom, we went up stairs, he took me into the single room, he said we would have to think about getting me some clothes, as he took my robe and hung it on the back of the door.I jumped into bed naked and Dan tucked me in and gave me a long kiss on the lips, then left wishing me a good nights sleep. I slept well woken by Dan coming into the room with my clothes, he said breakfast would be ready soon, he left and I got dressed, all my clothes all spotlessly clean. I put on my wig last then went down to the kitchen, Dan greeted me with another kiss on the lips, I was quite getting used to that by now, he said I looked lovely, the party frock suited me. We sat down and had breakfast, he said he hoped he didn’t sound to forward or anything like that, but would I like to stay a while because he enjoyed my company and wanted to get to know me better, and that he would take me home to get some of my things.I thought about it over breakfast, I was owed some holiday from work and he was a nice man and I needed a change so I told him yes. I used his phone and found out I had two weeks owing me so I took the lot. Later that morning we left the house Dan gave me a long raincoat to put on, it came down to my ankles, just above my white high heels, he fastened it down the front as far as my waist, we went out and got in the car and began the drive to my house. We had not gone far when he reached over and put his hand on my knee and said he hoped I didn’t mind but he would like to see my legs, I said that was okay and he parted my raincoat, my dress had ridden up a bit, he could see my stocking tops which pleased him so I left them on show for him. We got to my house, I said I would like him to come in and choose the clothes he would like me to take, he went through my wardrobe and picked out mainly girly things, short skirts, tiny panties etc., he was enjoying going through them.We didn’t stay long and we saw on sign of Howard, I had picked up makeup and toiletries and we loaded the car and went back to Dan’s house. It was lunch time when we got back the conversation was getting quite sexy he asked me about dildos he knew I liked them and would I go into town with him after lunch and choose one or two. I said yes of course he was being good to me and I would like to please him. So, after lunch he got me to put on some lipstick, then he helped me on with the raincoat, again he only buttoned it down to my waist, he said he wanted to see the men’s faces, as it parted occasionally, and they could see my hot skirt and legs and maybe more.He said we were going on the bus because parking in town was bad, we walked down to the bus stop, we didn’t have to wait long before a bus turned up, there was hardly anyone on board, Dan told me to sit in the side seat just inside the door so every one getting off or on the bus would have to pass me. He said he was really going to enjoy this it was his voyeur thing taking over, I said it sounded fun, he was very pleased that I would do this for him. We got on the bus Dan having paid the fare, I duly sat in the seat as planned, Dan soon made signs for me to push my coat off me knees, I did and it opened out right up to my waist.A few people got off an on the men were looking at my legs, Dan had a big smile on his face, he then made signs for me to raise my skirt a little and part my legs slightly, I did so showing just a little of my white stocking tops. Dan who was sat directly opposite could see bare thigh in between my legs and a flash of my white panties, he was really enjoying himself and I was too. A middle aged man got on and walked past staring at my legs then turned and walked back and sat next to Dan still staring at the view. Dan winked at me and mouthed the word “more” I smiled back and shifted in my seat making my dress ride up higher, he could now see all of my stocking tops now and a lot of my panties as I opened my legs just a tiny bit more. We soon reached our stop and we had to get off. Dan said he had enjoyed that so much, he loved the expression on the mans face as he sat and stared at the view I was giving him.We walked a short way and Dan directed us towards a sex shop, the outside looked very plain, but inside was a different thing, everything that had a sexual flavour was here. I spent ages looking round, there was a few men browsing as well, they gave me the occasional glance and the odd stare, it was probably my blonde wig or maybe it was the times when my coat opened to show my short pink dress. Dan beckoned me to him he had found the biggest selection of dildos I had ever imagined, he asked me what size I would like, I picked up one it was about 9 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter, putting my hand round it my index finger and my thumb were nowhere near meeting. It was black and shaped like a cock with a giant head on it, it was rubber and flexible, I got more looks from passers by as I was bending it.Dan had found another which was a little smaller but had a hose coming out of the base to a blow up bulb, he pumped it a few times and it got really big. So Dan bought those two and we left the shop, we went back to towards the bus stop but he needed to go to the super market for some food. We got a trolley and entered the shop and began going up and down the aisles, we were less than half way round when Dan said we were being followed by the man off the bus. I looked back and saw him pretending not to notice us, but it was definitely him, I said to Dan perhaps he was hoping for another flash, would he like me to give him a good look. Dan had a big grin and nodded enthusiastically, the next aisle was empty I undid all the buttons on my coat, then I reached up behind me and lifted my dress up above my waist at the back then I leaned far over the edge of a freezer pretending to get something from the very bottom and waited for he man to come round the corner.Dan had positioned himself to watch both me and the voyeur, he came round the corner and saw us and began to walk up towards us, I waited until he was very close and pulled the back of my coat fully round to one side. Both he and Dan had a good view of my undies to above the waist, they could see all of my white suspender belt, my white frilly panties, bare thigh down to the tops of my white stockings. The man stopped and stared making sure he got a very good look, Dan loved it, he was very excited, I stayed like that for a short while until some other people came round the corner into our aisle and I quickly covered myself up, pulling my dress back under my coat. The man went on around the corner, Dan and I finished the shopping and went back to the bus stop still talking about the voyeur. We got on the bus it was very full we had the last couple of seats, so we were unable to get up to any more mischief.Dan and I got off the bus and went indoors, we sat down and talked about our wonderful day, we had tea then watched a bit of tv then Dan said he would like to show me his basement. He unlocked the door under the stairs and we went down a flight of stairs, he turned on the light, there was two biggish rooms one was a workshop with many tools and gadgets on the wall and the bench. He took me into the other room, it was like a living room with carpet on the floor, a low doctors type couch was across the middle, one end up against the wall, he sat down on it and I sat along side him, the black leather was cold on the backs of my thighs, he turned to me and began kissing me, soon his tongue was probing my mouth, then his hand was sliding up my leg, over my stocking top and up to my panties.He pushed his hand between my thighs and cupped my balls and was squeezing them gently, then his hand went higher and slid inside the top of my panties then down onto my cock then was slowly wanking it. I responded to his touch and my cock was soon hard, he stood up and gently turned me round so I was lying out my head at the wall end. he reached behind him and picked up a pillow and placed it under my head, then he lifted my dress up over my padded bra. His hands went to my panties, he pushed one back under the waist and was playing with my cock the other was tugging them out from under my bum, I lifted my self a little so he could take my panties down. He was soon sliding them down my legs and right off, he looked down at me then reached under the bed on both sides and brought up some heavy leather straps which he fastened at my waist, I began to ask him what was happening, but he told me to lay back and enjoy, so I did.

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