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Cuck development

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Cuck developmentI am a late 30’s, mwm, with a trophy wife that I can’t stop thinking about sharing with another. She is tall, attractive, blonde and an overall great person. She understands my fantasy but worries that it would affect our marriage if we start but there is a little interest; so I am holding onto that…lolNot sure where or how it started but several years ago, I awoke with a raging erection and interrupted a great dream. The dream; I was swimming, late at night with my wife and my best friend. We were in a local pool after hours so in boxers, undies, and bras. We jumped in the car to leave and my buddy was laughing how tight his undies were on his body now and it outlined his cock. My wife, in her wet bra and panties, reaches over and says “put that away.” She grabbed him and the way she handled it was over the top. We all just got silent and she started to stroke him over his underwear. He leaned back as his penis began to canlı bahis grow, she just continued to vigorously shake his cock. I just sat back and watched. He came very quickly and it was over…..i woke up. It started from that thought, and I have progressed over the years. Ive never wanted something so much more than to see this. I started to think back to all those times when my friends flirted a little extra with her or when that stranger in a bar tried to hit on her and pick her up. All of a sudden, I started to realize why that made me so hot in the past . I was starting to understand it. That has started my interest in chatting online about her to others; and more and more personal/intimate thoughts about her. Even in great detail, just to meet this fantasy at this time.To describe her better, she is a 5’8” 130lb, short blonde hair cutie. She has blue eyes and small little breasts (34b and some 34a bras). She is in great shape and bahis siteleri works out consistently. She shaves and has nice, full, round ass. I always think of the moment when I see the man taking down her panties. Something really hits me when I think about his hands on her waist band and slowly rolling them down over her ass, past her pussy and down her thighs. As my wife’s little, pink panties lay on the floor, he starts to massage her nice, full mommy ass which eventually leads to his hand on her shaven, wet little pussy.He continues to slowly rub her clitoris and then penetrates her body with his fingers. After she is sufficiently turned on, he guides her very slowly down his body to his erect cock. At that moment, I know, I cant take this back. Her pretty little mouth touches this tip of his cock, then takes it an in.I watch as my wife bobs her head up and down on his cock, knowing how good that feels and how well she does sucking.All güvenilir bahis these thoughts….I have so many other versions and people who I would love to see with her. I just have to get her over that last hurdle.After I had this dream I started to reflect on my past and realized how I probably had these feelings in high school when I started to date her. Her first boyfriend was a good friend of mine and of course at that age you share every detail of your sex life with your buddies. I knew so much about from my friend, even before we started to date. Now I reflect on knowing so much of that information and it really drives my thoughts about sharing her today. I feel like I was a pretty young cuck wannabe, just didn’t realize it. My friend would tell things about them to make me mad after they started to date regarding their sexual encounters, he told me which panties he had bought for her, and presented all of this as an example of him helping out. Some was true, some was false but to hear all about it, then to ask her and to hear her version of the story was a double dose for me. I didn’t understand why I liked it so much, just thought I was odd.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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