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Cuck’s Wife

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My wife and I have known each other for a long time. We have been best friends and lovers since third grade. We have now been married for quit awhile and she has always controlled everything.

She is the only female that I have ever had sex with, although she has had thousands of lovers. Our relationship has grown into a way of life that I enjoy immensely. I love watching my wife enjoy herself with her many lovers.

I always stay horny thinking of all the men she has fucked or sucked off. It all started back in high school when my girlfriend Kim fucked the football team. When I found out about it I was really mad and disappointed in Kim that she would do something like that.

Needless to say we fucked that night and everything was all right except for the rumors that were floating around about her fucking the football team. Kim was a very horny girl, and we had sex five and six times a day. Before we graduated from high school we had been caught having sex by both of our parents and almost everybody we knew.

After a while I couldn’t keep up with her. So one night we had fucked about three times and Kim wanted more. My older brother walked in on us as I was shooting a wad of cum down her throat. Kim pulled my cock out of her mouth and motioned for my brother to come on in.

She then told him to take off his pants and join us. I started to protest, but I looked in Kim’s eyes and I could see how bad she needed this. My brother got on the bed and Kim started sucking on his cock. I watched as my brother’s cock got bigger and bigger.

Than I noticed that his cock looked just like mine. Same length and same girth. balıkesir escort His balls looked the same as mine too. The only difference was that mine was shaved and his was hairy. Kim makes sure my cock, balls and ass is always shaved. After she sucked it for ten minutes she called me over to the bed. She reached out and took my cock in her other hand.

She stuck both of our cocks together. Head to head and committed that both of them looked like twins. She than opened her mouth up wide, and we both stuck our cocks in her mouth. I couldn’t help but cum as our cocks where rubbing together.

Kim swallowed every drop and told my brother to get down and fuck her. Kim than told me to sit back and play with my well-spent cock. I sat over in the corner and jacked off as my brother fucked Kim. She made him cum three times before she let him go. I had cummed twice watching the action. After he left, I got up and Kim remarked that I must have liked watching her fuck him. By all the cum I had on my chest. I looked down and cum was everywhere. We both went into the bathroom and cleaned up.

I started telling Kim how l loved the way she let my brother fuck her from behind. And how she looked when he started rubbing his cock head against her asshole. At the time she had never been fucked in the ass. But I could tell by the look on her face she wanted a cock in her ass.

So the next night when I was sucking on her pussy I started slipping my tongue lower and lower. All of a sudden she started grinding her ass into my face. I was sticking my tongue in and out of her asshole. While she was telling me that she had bartın escort an itch deep down in her hole.

I suggested sticking my cock up her ass to see if that would reach the itch. She spread her legs and that was our first anal experience. The next night Kim had her first double penetration. I was deep in her ass while my brother fucked her pussy. We all three cum over and over.

And with my brother having the same size cock, he couldn’t stretch her out know more than me. We all three fucked like that for about two months. Being young and full of cum, it was a lot of fun. Then one Friday night Kim and I went off and got married. I had my brother as my best man. And later on that night when we were on our honeymoon.

My brother and I fucked her for a total of twelve times. Me five and him seven. That relationship stopped when my brother got a bitch for a girlfriend. So Kim and I would go out clubbing and we would bring her home a new lover every night.

Kim has a black book that she keeps with all the phone numbers of her studs. It has a scoring system by their name, cock size and how much pleasure she received. That was the way it was back when we first started her being my Mistress and me being a cuck.

Now I am a full fledged cum hungry cuck that loves to see my wife have a good time. What so good about this setup is that I get to fuck her right along with her boy friends. My wife gets fucked at least four times a day. We have a different man in our bed every night. She lies in the middle and loves to play with two cocks.

She has become quite a little cum whore lately. I love it when we sit batıkent escort up a party at the local motel. Kim will dress real slutty and we will have cocks lined up to fuck her. I usually get to fuck her after she has had a couple cocks.

I will shoot off in her. Than get down and suck all three loads out of her. Kim loves to be gang banged. I make sure I’m always the last one to cum in her. I guess it’s a man thing. After a night of fucking it’s hard to tell how much cum I have digested.

And a lot of it was my own. Kim’s pussy has grown over the years of hard sex. And I’m loving it more and more. I made the mistake one time of telling her that her pussy was getting loose.

She got mad at me like I have never seen. The next night while we were playing around in bed. She talked me into letting her tie me to the bed. Spread eagle with my ass up in the air. She got down behind me and started licking my asshole while her fingers started to probe my asshole.

She kept spitting on my asshole and massaging it into my hungry hole. Kim got out a dildo and started inserting it into my ass. She than started telling me how stretched out my asshole was going to be. She told me that when she gets done with me. My asshole will be as big as her cunt.

She started off fucking me with little carrots than we worked up to a very large cucumber. Now she makes me put a show on for her lovers. I get on my hands and knees and she works a Miller Lite beer can up my ass.

When it is all the way in she pops the tab and the beer pours into a glass. I can take a beer bottle half way. One time I had a beer can up my ass and she made me stand up against the wall. As she bent over in front of me and fucked me till my balls exploded and the can shot out of my ass like a bullet. That’s the reason I love my lifestyle, and I love my cuck wife.

If this turned you on cum, taste it and e-mail me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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