Mar 11

Cuntry Walk

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Cuntry WalkThe day had dawned bright and clear with a deep lapis lazuli sky, quite at contrast with the murky overcast days of the last week.Amanda hummed to herself in her kitchen, listening to birds chirruping in the garden and smelling the first summer scents wafting in through the open window.‘It’s gonna be a hot one’ she mused to herself, idly watching a dragonfly buzz over the river behind her cottage while she emptied the dishwasher.She loved her little chocolate box cottage, the rose trellis hanging over the front door and the little garden at the back where she could sit with a nice G&T and relax in the sun.‘Perfect’ she thought wistfully, as her chocolate labrador choose that moment to lick her hands.She jumped, causing the colander she had just retrieved to land on the floor with a crash and skitter the dog back to his basket in the corner.‘Sorry girl’ she said to the dog as she retrieved the fallen implement and placed it in the cupboard, ‘you made me jump.The dog eyed her and gently wagged its tail, the dark eyes looking soulfully at her. ‘Woof’‘Oh, you like the weather as well do you?’ she asked. ‘Well shall we go for a walk?’The dogs tail lifted in response and wagged faster as ‘Walk’ was recognised. ‘Let me get changed out of these house clothes then and off we go.Amanda headed upstairs to her cosy bedroom and rummaged through the wardrobe.‘Not jeans’ she thought, ‘too heavy and hot, something light’.Her hands alighted on a summer dress she’d bought last year.‘No, I couldn’t wear that’ she muttered, looking down at herself, ‘I’d bust out the top’. Stripping off her house clothes she pondered herself in the mirror. ‘Enough to turn a few heads there still lass’ she said to the dog as it padded into the room, ‘Nice legs, full bust, winning smile’ she grinned, ‘we’ll have them falling over themselves won’t we?’She was single, divorced single as the magazines liked to point out, but what did that matter, it just meant that she wasn’t constrained in having some fun anymore and having married young, she was determined to more than make up for what she regarded as now in the past. Besides she thought, ‘everybody is so more liberal nowadays, there’s always both sides of the bat’ grinning wolfishly.‘Oh what the hell’ she said, ‘I have a bra on’ and pulled the dress on over her head. The light chiffon material felt welcome and cool on her skin leaving her legs free. She looked at herself in the mirror again and caught herself as she bent over. ‘Mmm, must remember the eyeful I’ll be giving if I do that’ she said to herself.Heading downstairs, the faithful dog following, she put on a pair of sandals and picked up the dog’s lead from the hall hangers. ‘Not too far today’ she said to the dog, ‘its too warm’ and headed out the door.Ten minutes later after a short car journey, she was walking through her favourite wood towards the meadow, the summer heat shimmering across ripening wheat fields on the hills and the coolness of the babbling brook breaking any oppressiveness. ‘Ah, this is perfect’ she said to a passing sparrow, which been a sparrow, didn’t reply and swooped into the branches of a nearby şahinbey escort bush.‘Off you go girl’ she said slipping the dog’s lead. Sure enough, but not too quickly as though recognising the heat of the day, the dog bounded off down the path. Woof, woof echoing through the trees.A few minutes later, the wood started to thin out and she started across the edge of the meadow next to one of the wheatfields, staring at the huge agricultural machinery that stretched across the field as far as she could see. Ahead, coming in the opposite direction she could see another figure approaching and as she reached the mid point of the meadow, a brown streak shot out of the tall grass, bounding towards the closing figure.‘Woof, woof’‘Heel girl, heel’ she called ‘bloody dog’ as she jogged towards the exuberant a****l, now bouncing round the new attraction.Suddenly, everything tilted on the side and she crashed to a halt in the warm summer grass. ‘Oof’ she thought, unsure of what had happened and rolled back to a sitting position.‘Are you ok?’ came the sound of a male voice rapidly approaching, as she re-focused and remembered the figure she had been moving towards.‘Yes, Yes’ I’m fine she snapped somewhat irritably, more out of embarrassment. Amanda, stood up and then buckled as her ankle gave way. ‘Ow, that stings’ and she looked down to see her sandals had given way at the heel and there was a red looking scrap down the side of her foot.‘Here, let me help’ said the stranger kneeling by her feet and without asking permission he picked up her ankle and expertly moved her foot around. ‘Doesn’t seem to be too serious, it will bruise, but nothing broken, a slight sprain.’Amanda looked at him, bemused with his easy self assured manner. His light wavy brown hair was quite unkempt with a natural ‘no product’ look while he had strong features and a prominent nose. His mouth was wide and as he smiled he flashed white teeth at her.He was dressed in walking clothes, flannel shirt with t shirt underneath and hiking trousers. She caught a whiff of masculine sweat as he kneaded her ankle with a spicy aromatic tang underneath, obviously an expensive aftershave.He was also younger than her, possibly a good fifteen years younger, though his tanned skin suggested an outdoorsy type.She shivered, despite herself, ‘I’m fine’ and trying to muster up what was left of her dignity she said ’You can put my foot down.’He had the grace to look slightly abashed as he let go of her ankle, she couldn’t let on to him that her feet where one of her erogenous zones and despite the pain of the sc****, his kneading had awakened an altogether different ache that at this point was making itself known throughout her groin.Trying to stand again, she slumped back with a small cry of frustration. ‘Here let me help you’ he said standing over her and offering a shoulder, ‘Use me’.Hefting herself up on his shoulder, Amanda totally forgot about her earlier warning to herself and until she was at eye level with him didn’t realise that his gaze had drifted to the expanse of flesh peaking out over the neckline of the dress.Embarrassed, she flushed, feeling her nipples tighten against the bra with the obvious look. Caught looking, he didn’t bat an eyelid and grinned at her. ‘Lovely’She felt like slapping him, ‘How dare he!’ yet part of her was flattered with the attention and she settled into a ‘Would you help me to my car please’‘It would be my pleasure’ and supporting her weight against his shoulder, they set off once again towards the wood.‘I’m Tom’ he said ‘do you live around here? Nice dog’‘Yes thanks, Amanda and she thinks she’s a bloody puppy again because its summer’‘Oh, she’s in heat?’‘What? No, just likes the weather like me’Idle chit chat carried on for a couple of minutes as they gainfully advanced back towards the agricultural machinery. ‘Would you like a break’ she said to which a grunt of assertion was heard in reply as he gently lowered her to a sitting position.‘Water?’ he enquired, unclipping a bottle from his belt. Amanda drank deeply. The cool taste of the water refreshed her as she realised how hot it had become. He sank down beside her as she looked into the sky, ‘Not a cloud in sight’ she murmured as she started as something cool splashed on her skin, rapidly followed by more.‘Huh? Rain?’ Suddenly, a great deluge of cold water dropped out of the sky, rapidly soaking her and causing her to gasp.‘Quick’ said Tom, ‘over here’, as he pulled her to her feet and they dashed as quickly as her ankle would allow into the meadow before crashing back to earth in the soft warm grass.‘bloody sprinklers’Amanda gazed over at him, grinning and shivered, that water was cold. He reached over and rubbed her arms, the friction quickly evaporating the moisture and the sun warming her skin. She glanced down and almost covered herself with her arms, the thin summer dress was now hiding nothing and the plain white lace bra and panty set were shown starkly, the dark smudge of her areola standing out under the material and the bra itself doing little to hide her erect nipples. Even worse, the panties weren’t covering anything, clinging to her sex and exposing that she was hairless underneath clinging to her mound and the groove underneath.The rubbing on her arms, had become a stroking, ‘Relax’ Tom breathed, causing her to jump at his nearness ‘We’ll get you warm in no time.’She looked at him, trying to sense what he was saying, aware of the closeness of him and the movement on her skin. Without thinking, she lent forward and kissed him on the mouth hungrily, the ache between her thighs spiking abruptly.He lowered her back onto the grass, kissing her passionately in return before nibbling her neck and across the top of her breasts.She clawed desperately at his back lifting his shirt up, until laughing he broke apart and lifted it off in one motion, revealing a lightly haired chest and toned muscles. She pulled him down towards her, hands snaking across his back as he continued to kiss her, then he broke the kiss and his tongue snaked across the top of her breasts, his hand roaming under the hem of her skirt across her thighs until it came to rest on the crevice of her wet panties.‘Lift up’ he mumbled and Amanda tilted her hips up as he smoothly pulled her panties down before his exploring hand once more delved into moisture, only this time it was Amanda who caught his wrist and shoved it between her thighs, the rough edge of his hand catching on her smooth skin.She gasped despite herself, she usually didn’t get so aroused so quickly as his fingers quested further and he sank two fingers deep inside her. She moaned, desperately tearing at his belt on his trousers and plunging her hand inside his boxers. Her hand closed around his cock, smooth and hard and on the full side and she wanked him furiously, pulling the cock tip out of the confines of his trousers as he struggled to push them down.‘Fuck me’ she growled rubbing the glans of his cock across the top of her smooth mound and rubbing herself against him. ‘Hard’.He raised up, pushing her legs apart and up and in one motion thrust himself inside her. She felt herself open up in response, a rush of warm liquid easing the passage. ‘Oh yes, now fuck me deep’ she roared, her hands popping open the halter top of the dress and pulling her breasts free of the bra.Frantically rubbing them, she crossed her long legs behind his back forcing him into her, rubbing herself against his hard body. She’d never felt so wanton and his cock felt like an iron rod inside her as she ground her clit against his pelvis. ‘C’mon fuck me’ she shouted, ‘I want to cum’ and she pinched her nipples, blood surging through them as they stood proud.Tom to his credit, pushed her down and grabbed her hands, forcing them to beside her head. His thrusting angle changed as she felt him take the weight on his thighs and then he was rubbing himself hard against her, the warm grass and earth beneath her and the sun on her breasts.His actions became smoother and smoother as her body released more moisture, coating his cock and slickly allowing it to move in and out of her pussy. She felt the building of the orgasm, deep in her core and gasped at him, ‘Yes, Yes, keep going’. He kept thrusting and without missing a thrust, leaned forward and gently bit her nipple. The pain of the bit mingle with pleasure coming from his cock and she felt the wave break over her, ‘Yes,Yes,Yes, fuck ,arggghhhh’ she screamed as the orgasm hit her, swiftly followed by another and then another, Tom’s actions triggering her clit into paroxysms of delight as she sobbed into yet another orgasm.‘No, no, no, no more’ she gasped, as her grabbed her thighs and bent one backwards. With his whole weight resting on her clit, he thrust forward and exploded inside her, his body arching as he tried to thrust deeper.‘Urgghhhh!!!!!’ She groaned his twitching cock sending pulses through her spasming pussy as his warm cum shot into her.‘Oh Christ!!’ ‘No more, No more’ as their frenetic coupling subsided, his cock still deep inside her.‘Don’t move’ she gasped, as he adjusted his weight, more tingles signalling that more could happen, ‘get off’.He slipped out of her, leaving a trail of cum behind and he mischievously reached down and stroked her clit, watching her body react even as she moaned’ You bastard’.‘Ah’ he said, rolling her onto her stomach and lifting her hips up ‘I think we should thank the dog!’ as he thrust into her from behind.

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