Kas 20

Curiosity Continues Ch. 02

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The night after our new experience of jerking each other off, I spent the night at Scott’s house. This wasn’t unusual, but normally, whenever one of us slept over at the others house, we stayed in the guest room. Tonight, Scott’s older brother was in town for the weekend and he was using the guest room, which made Scott and I have to sleep together in his full size bed.

All evening during dinner and TV time, I kept get an on-again-off-again hard-on, reflecting back to the time in the cave and the two of us jerking each other off at the same time. I kept imagining the feel of his legs crossing over and under mine, our upper thighs resting on each other, the smooth feel of his hand on my cock and the wonderful warmth I felt with my hand wrapped around his cock. I noticed from time to time that Scott was shifting himself around, obviously having the same problem I was.

About midnight, Scott’s two sisters and his younger brother headed to bed. The two girls shared a room that was directly across from Scott’s. David, his little brother, had the room next door to Scott. The walls were very thin, so I didn’t expect to be able to get any relief from my aching cock until morning when we could head to the cave again.

About thirty minutes later, I said I was tired too and then Scott agreed. We both went to his room, which unfortunately did not have a lock, and stripped down to our underwear, climbed into bed and killed the lights. With the lights off it was pitch black in his room. His windows had very dark blue drapes and didn’t allow any light into the room.

My cock was hard as a rock and was very uncomfortable inside my tight baby blue underwear. Scott was shifting from time to time too. Finally, after about thirty minutes or so and deciding that the other kids would probably be asleep now, I spoke about our time in the cave.

“Man! I can’t get it out of my mind. Our great jerk-off session this afternoon! My cock is hard as a rock right now!”

Scott whispered, “Mine too! I think I’m going to take of my underwear, maybe that will help.” With that, I could feel him moving around. Then I decided to follow suit and stripped out of my undies too. My cock ached even more that I knew we were both naked and only inches apart.

About five minutes later Scott whispered, “Shit! That didn’t help!”

“Me either! Actually, it’s even harder now!”

“Mine too,” Scott said. “You wanna do anything?” He asked.

“Sure, but what about your brother? Think he’ll hear us?” I asked in a soft whisper.

Scott was quiet for a few minutes then said, “I think he’ probably asleep by now. I haven’t heard a sound come from over there.”

“Cool. Why don’t you go get us a towel,” I suggested.

“I can’t!” He informed me.


“‘Cause my dick is hard as a rock and someone might see me tenting my shorts. Then how would I explain that?” he replied.

“Wuss!” I teased, “No ones’ gonna notice that little cock!”

“Screw you!” he exclaimed, “We both know it’s thicker than yours!”

I laughed as quietly as I could, “Yea, well thicker maybe, but not longer!”

He laughed too. Then I had a thought. “Hey man, I DARE you to go get the towel naked!”

“What? Are you nuts?” he replied, seaming shocked by my dare.

“Come on, I double dare you!”

“Okay, if I do, what do I get?” he asked.

I Ankara escort hadn’t expected that, so I had no instant response.

“Well,” he said, impatiently.

I decided to turn the tables and asked, “What do you want?”

Now he sat quietly for a few minutes.

It was my turn to be impatient, “Well?”

“If I do it, then you have to walk to the kitchen and get us a couple of cokes…naked!” He finally replied.

I thought for a minute, and then decided what the hell. Who would be up? I thought to myself. So, I replied, “deal.” Then added, “but, if I do that, then you will owe me!”

“Fine,” he said. He then slid out of the bed and I heard the door creak open. From the small amount of light coming in from the hall I could see he wasn’t kidding about his cock. It was sticking straight out, hard as a bat. He darted out of the room and was back in less than a minute.

He tossed the towel towards the bed, pulling the door closed and said, “You’re up!”

“No kidding. Oh, you mean to go to the kitchen,” I added laughing.

He sat down on the bed, his legs brushing up against mine. A chill ran through me, causing my already aching cock to stretch out even more. I reached down and ran my hand up his leg, feeling goose bumps pop up as I slid my hand all the way to his cock. I gave it a gentle squeeze and said, “Don’t lose this; I’ll be back in a second.”

I then climbed over him and headed out the door, listening carefully before stepping into the hall. I quickly, but carefully, headed down the hall towards the kitchen. There were only two rooms and a bathroom that I had to walk past. One room was the guest room, which I could see had the door standing open. I slowed down and carefully peaked in. To my surprise and shock, Danny, Scott’s older brother, was not in there! The next room was the den and I could see the dreaded blue glow coming from the doorway, which meant the TV was on and someone was in there, probably Danny.

I quietly walked to the edge of the doorway and looked in. The TV was on, but I didn’t see Danny. However, I couldn’t see the couch either and I had to assume that he was lying down watching the tube. The movie was obviously on HBO as there was a nude girl standing in front of a bed, where there was a nude guy waiting on her.

Deciding that Danny was on the couch, I slipped past the doorway and turned into the kitchen. My heart was racing and my breathing was steadily getting faster and my cock was straining even more than before. I felt that if I touched it, I would explode! I quietly opened the refrigerator door, the light came on illuminating my naked body, which only added to my extreme excitement. I grabbed two cokes, closed the door and began my trek back to Scott’s room.

I didn’t stop at all this time, I blew past the den and the guest room and shot straight into Scott’s room, pushing the door shut behind me.

“What the hell took you so long?” he asked.

“Shhhhhh! Your big brother is in the den watching TV!” I replied, out of breath.

“Really? Did he see you?”

“No! I think he was asleep on the couch, watching some R rated show on HBO.” I answered, still breathing hard. I sat the cokes on the nightstand and climbed back onto the bed. As I did, my dripping cock dragged across Scott’s outstretched legs. “I see it didn’t bother you any, the chance of getting caught Ankara escort bayan I mean,” he said.

“No, it didn’t. Actually, I think my cock is even harder than before!” I replied.

Scott fumbled around in the dark, searching for my cock and gave it the same kind of squeeze I had given his. “You’re right! It’s very hard!”

“Mmmm. That feels nice,” I responded.

“Well now what?” he asked, gently stroking my hard-on.

“I think we both need relief,” I replied, reaching for his cock.

“Okay, let me jerk you off first,” he said, “lay down.”

I lay down and let him begin his stroking. He didn’t start of slow, as he usually does, he was stroking my cock quickly and had a tight grip. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, as my cock was already throbbing. After about five minutes, I felt my balls tightening up and knew I was about to cum. I reached my hand out and stopped his in mid stroke.

“Wait! I want to cum on your ass!” I said.

“Cool, move over!” he responded. I moved aside and Scott laid face down on the towel. I wanted to do something different, so I straddled the small of his back, facing away from him. I eased the head of my cock forward until I could feel the crack of his butt. I placed the head of my dick firmly into the top of his crack and began to jerk off, leaning forward a bit to insure my cum would land where I wanted it.

Scott was moaning and said, “Damn! That feels cool!” His breathing was ragged and his words were whispered between breathes.

I felt my cum begin to rise, so I took my left hand and placed it at the bottom of his crack, forcing his legs to open a little wider. He moaned again and then my cum began to spurt out of the head of my cock, filling his tight crack and coating the sides of his ass cheeks. I continued to shoot and could feel my cum damming up on my left hand. There was a large river of cum filling the crack of his butt.

Scott was moaning softly and whispered, “Man, that is so cool, your cum is so hot.”

“Do you want to smear it around on your butt?” I asked, hoping for a yes.

“Oh, yea, that would be cool!” an even better response.

I then took my left hand that was serving as the make-shift dam and drug it towards me, forcing the river of cum to flood up onto the globes of his ass. His room was so dark, I could barely make out the outline of his cute butt. I reached down with both hands and began to slowly massage my cum into his butt cheeks. I took my right index finger and traced it along his smooth crack, feeling the cum slide around in it. As I drug my finger over his tight, little hole, he moaned slightly. I decided to linger in that area, dragging my finger back and forth across the tiny hole, never getting more than a half an inch on either side of it. He moaned lightly with each tiny stroke across his hole.

With my left hand, I continued to spread the sticky cum all over his butt cheeks. I reached below his butt and scooped up the cum that had slid down onto his balls, which got a deeper moan. My right index finger was still playing around his little hole.

I realized that the head of my cock was resting in its original place, the top of his ass, twitching each time I heard a moan.

After several minutes, I decided to concentrate solely on his hole. My finger was now making tiny circles directly over it, lightly Escort Ankara pressing down. I kept this up for some time and could feel Scott getting goose bumps on his butt and back as I gently pushed the very tip of my finger into his butt. I didn’t push far, only letting the very tip sit inside. I wiggled my finger around, not going in, not pulling out.

His moaning was now constant. I finally broke the silence and asked, “Does that feel good?”

“Yea,” was the breathless reply.

“You like my cum on your ass?”


“Do you like my finger touching your butthole?”

“Oh yea,” he said, moaning.

I then slowly pulled the tip out and his ass was instantly covered with goose bumps again. I then slowly pushed it back, this time a little further, almost half of the finger tip was in his butt. It felt like his butt was trying to pull my finger in further, so not wanting to freak him out, I pulled back. But before I could get my finger out, he raised his ass up, forcing my finger to slide deeper inside him. He couldn’t raise up much, with me still sitting on his back, so I asked him if he wanted more.

His reply was, “yes!”

I then slid my finger in a little more, now it was up to my first knuckle. Sensing he was still liking this, I went in further pushing a bit harder until my finger was completely inside his butt. My cock was hard again and he let out a sigh and said, “Don’t move it! I think I might cum if you do.”

I grinned to myself and slowly started pulling out until it was about half way out, then I pushed back in. After finger fucking him three more times he started to cum. His entire body was shaking and he begged me to stop. I slowly pulled my finger out of his butt and he rolled over. The entire lower part of his stomach and the towel were covered in his cum.

“Man! I just blew my load and I never touched my dick!” He said, his breathing shallow.

“Bullshit! You were jerking off when you had your butt up,” I replied.

“NO! I swear! I didn’t touch it! I just started shooting and couldn’t stop!”

I reached towards him and smeared the cum all around his tummy. I was still not too sure about what had made him cum, but he had.

“That sucks! I didn’t get to jerk you off,” I complained.

“Who cares? You made me cum!” He exclaimed.

“Well, I think you owe me big time now!”

“Yea, I probably do. Man, that was really cool. You’re not going to say anything about fingering my ass are you?” He asked.

“I guess not, as long as I get to do it again!” I replied, laughing.

“Anytime!” He said, “and I’ll return the favor if you want.”

We folded the towel up and laid back down and soon drifted off. I woke the next morning around nine and we were both laying face down naked, with the sheet around the foot of the bed. That wasn’t a big deal. The big deal was that the door was open about a foot, meaning someone had already seen us! I quickly reached down and pulled the sheet over us, waking him.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Did you do that?” I asked, pointing to the door.


Well, someone had seen us. We snuck over to the door and listened carefully. We could hear his older brother, his little brother and his mom. It made sense that his little brother might have been the one, since he had to walk past the room to get to the kitchen. We were both scared now and decided to just act cool and not do anything outside of the cave again. We quickly dressed, headed to the kitchen, where no one said anything. Whoever it was must have planned on using it against us later.

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