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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 125 Dad Loves Me Part 125 James hoo) Monday finally came. Last night Jim, Tim, Nick, Paddy, and I all slept together in the same room that Sam danced for us the other night. All we did was a circle suck because the first day of school was the next day. I woke up with Nick in front of me, Tim behind me, Paddy behind him and Jim in the back. I loved the other boys I was with. It also gave all the men a chance to sleep together and do whatever they wanted. When we boys said we all wanted to sleep together the night before school started, they were a little reluctant knowing our teen sex drives were high and might stay up too late fucking each other, but we finally convinced them by promising to behave and get plenty of sleep before school. We also told them we could just as easily be oversexed any other way. They finally agreed and gave their permission. A few moments later the alarm rang and Jim reached back to turn it off. He kissed Paddy, he kissed Tim, he kissed me, and I kissed Nick. After we actually woke up and got off the floor, we exchanged more kisses between each other. We all used the largest bathroom in the house which was attached to the room we were in. It had a large communal shower large enough for 6 people, 3 sinks, 4 toilets in stalls without doors, and even 2 urinals. It looked like the bathroom of a small locker room, without the lockers of course. We all used the bathroom and cleaned up slightly. We went to the kitchen and I fixed the coffee pot for the dads as they would be getting up soon. Just as I was starting some oatmeal, Max and daddy walked in. We all exchanged greetings and kissed. We all called Max, by Uncle now and he liked that. I had a chat with Max one evening and I knew of his desire to marry Marcus, but he wanted to wait to see if their love really is the same or stronger than it was when they were younger. About 5 minutes later Marcus and Wally came in and more kisses and good mornings were exchanged. We all called Wally Papa and knew by this time next year, Nick would be part of the family legally. After we all ate, us boys went to our rooms to get dressed after brushing our teeth. We also gathered our bookbags with 3 notebooks, and numerous pens and pencils each. When it was 1 hour before school started we all got into the vehicle the dads all purchased for us to drive to school. We first drove to JJ’s house and picked him up, and then to Mike’s to pick up Jerry. The seven of us drove to the school and waited in a line for new students to get our locker assignments. We found that JJ’s locker was right next to ours on the third floor, while Jim’s, Tim’s, and Jerry’s lockers were on the first floor right next to each other. At the end of the day we had no homework, but we all had text books we left in our lockers and took only class syllabi home to look through. The first day always seemed just to introduce students to their teachers and vice versa and to discuss what would be happening in the classes. My home ec class was a different story. Since it was mainly a cooking class we had to provide our own aprons and folders for the recipes we would be getting throughout the semester. Most classes were a year long but home ec was only one semester. I decided when registering that I would take the 2nd year home ec cooking class which meant I would be with older students and possibly a few more freshmen that had the same interest in cooking that I did. After school we all met in an area that was similar to the commons in junior high. JJ told us that Tom would be picking him up and then they would pick up Gary. The rest of us were to meet the dads at the gym. All of them set up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to get off work around 3 and then meet us at the gym around 3:30. Of course the other 2 days they would have to work a little extra to make up the 3 hours lost on the other days. Wally’s workday ended at 3 anyway, so he did not have to work the extra time on Tuesday and Thursday. We were all finally in the lobby waiting for the dads when we saw Sam walking in. He smiled and walked over to us and we introduced şişli travesti him to Jerry. He said he would see us later. Jerry said “That is one stud of a man.” Jim said “You should see him naked.” The look on Jerry’s face was priceless. We explained how we met Sam and that he was an exotic dancer and his visit to our place on Saturday. “And you didn’t invite me and my uncle? Some friends.” I could hear the sarcasm in the last part, but said ” Nothing happened except dinner and a show. He didn’t even stay the night.” He was satisfied but probably still a little upset inside. Finally the dads got there and we all signed in and Jerry’s locker was around the corner from ours and across from Sam’s. He caught Sam just finishing getting ready. Sam flashed him a smile and after a quick glance around, Sam lowered his shorts to give Jerry a good look at his cock and then turned to show his ass. He pulled his shorts back up and started to walk out. He kissed his finger and put it to Jerry’s lips. As he passed us, he said, “I just gave your young friend an eyeful of what he missed Saturday.” He shot us a wink and continued to the workout area. We all got changed and the men went to one area, Jim, Tim, and Jerry, went to another area, and Nick, Paddy and I went to our training room to meet with Atlas. A sexy young man, not much older than my older cousins walked in, smiled, and said “Atlas is on the phone and will be right with you.” Nick looked at Paddy and me, and said “What a freaking hottie. Did you see the bulge and his ass? I’d love to get some of him.” We just smiled at him. Atlas walked in and Nick immediately attacked him and asked about the hottie. “He is Scott, my new assistant. As a matter of fact you are going to be seeing him a lot. You see, you three are ready to move to the next stage and start using some of the machines, and Scott will be your spotter and coach.” Paddy had to ask “How old is he?”—“He is older than he looks, he is 25 and fully certified on all machines.” He pushed a button and Scott came in. Atlas made the introductions and told him we were his special friends and to treat us right. Scott led us to the machines we would be starting on. We were chatting while working out and Scott said “Atlas is actually my cousin and got me started when I was a little younger than you studs.” He winked and said “Yes, he told me about you all. I will tell you now, I am bisexual and married to a very special lady. She knows I am bi and let’s me do my thing from time to time. You three are very sexy and I’ll do my best to make you look better and make my cousin proud of me. You three are my first students to train on my own.” I looked into his big brown eyes and said “We are good students and you already look amazing, but we’ll do our best to make you look good at your job to your bosses.” He tested our strengths on each of the machines, and started all our charts. He also wrote us in on his schedule so we would meet with him each time. After our 90 minutes was over, Paddy was finishing his last set on one of the machines, when the three older boys came by us mopping their sweat with towels. We introduced them to Scott and then he walked with the six of us to wait for the dads to finish. Scott liked to meet the parents of the junior members. We had already talked about them a little while we got to know him, but it still took him by surprise when he met them in person. We all talked for a bit and right before we left he handed me a note. He said “This is my personal phone number, my schedule, my e-mail, and what I look for in guys. Feel free to contact me anytime.” I thanked him and turned and he patted my ass before I walked off. I could feel him watching us all walking towards the locker room. Before walking in, I turned and looked back and he gave a quick wave and then turned and walked away. We all took showers and while we were dressing, Sam came out of the steam room naked and told us, but mainly talking to the dads, “I am dancing at Club _________ this weekend. If you guys want to come see the whole show, call me and I can leave your names for front beylikdüzü travesti row seats, but the sooner the better. Later Family Stud.” He patted Jerry’s ass as he walked by. As we met in the lobby, everyone was discussing dinner and Wally suggested pizza from our favorite pizza joint. He and Max would go and get the pizzas and meet the rest of us at home. We all got in the vehicles and left. Paddy and I decided to ride with daddy. Marcus called Mike and asked if Jerry could come with us for pizza. Then he extended the invitation to Mike thinking that Mike could then take him home. He had agreed and said he would meet us at our house. We all got to the house and Mike’s car was out front and he was sitting on the trunk having a cigar. We all drove up and multiple garage doors went up and we all pulled into a garage. Jerry walked outside to meet Mike, but since they weren’t out, they greeted with a hug that was typical of male family members. Nick walked out so he could open the front door for them. We had placed a “butt” receptacle in front of the door for our smoking guests. Mike took one last huge drag and as he exhaled, he put the last of the cigar in the container and the three of them walked in. As Nick drew the curtains for the front window, Mike grabbed Jerry and they kissed like long list lovers. Nick just smiled at them. Jerry said “How you doing Unc?”—“Doing great kiddo. How was your first day?”—“Boring but not bad.” Nick invited them to the family room and excused himself leaving them talking about Jerry’s first day of school. Everyone trickled in nude as always. Mike and Jerry excused themselves to strip down. They came back out as Wally and Max walked in with pizzas, beers, and sodas. Everyone ate at a leisurely pace mostly talking about the boys’ first day of school. After all, they all started at a new school. One other topic I brought up was the note that Scott gave to me. I read the part about what he looks for in guys. “I like sincere honest guys, although I’m NOT looking for a relationship as I am already married. If we agree to meet, please be there. I am totally bi and love fucking, sucking and rimming as much as receiving all the same. I’m not into overly huge guys, I like average to well built men, and not really concerned with age or cock size. Please have a good sense of humor as well, be able to laugh at yourself when you fuck up in a funny way. As I have said, my wife knows and let’s me have some time, but not whenever so if we make a date, I will let you know if it’s good and I will be there. If you don’t show up without canceling, there will never be a second date. First date is getting to know each other with maybe some kissing and hugging and maybe some petting and groping. If there is a second date, ANYTHING GOES.” Wally spoke first “He must have really been impressed to have written that in a short time.” I responded “It was printed on a computer. He told us that he was Atlas’ cousin and he already knew he would be working with us from now on. Atlas must have shown him pics and talked to him some about us.” We talked a little more about Scott before Mike said he and Jerry needed to get home. I went with them as as they dressed I asked them if they had sex yet. Mike answered for both of them. “You can bet we have Benji.”—“With you two being so top oriented, how do you guys work it out? If you don’t mind my asking.”—“Not at all. We have both taken a purely versatile role. We’d love to find an exclusive bottom to be a throuple, but until then….” He smacked Jerry’s ass and Jerry smacked his in return. I smiled and said “Maybe one night, Paddy and I can stay the night.” Mike and Jerry looked at each other and Jerry said “That would be hot.” After we all, walked back out, kisses were exchanged between everyone and as they were leaving, Jerry turned and said “I’m looking forward to nailing your ass and Paddy’s too.” He kissed the air and turned to leave. I locked up the front door and rejoined everyone in the main room. I mentioned about Mike and Jerry having sex and daddy said “I’m glad he really has someone now who istanbul travesti can take as well as give. Mike is a great guy and I care about him, but we always knew we could be nothing but good fucking friends.” It was finally about 9:30 and we discussed sleeping arrangements. Daddy wanted to be with his brother and nephews. Max was with Nick, and Paddy and I got to be with Wally. When we got to my bedroom, three-way kisses were made and then separate kisses between each of us. Wally was more of a top, but discovered his bottom side after moving in with us. He said “I’d love for both my boys to fuck me tonight.” I asked “Spitroast and then changing places?”—“No. Both at the same time. I did it with your dad and Uncle so I know I’ll be able to handle both of you.” Paddy layed back on the bed and Wally started sucking and deepthroating him while I started eating his ass. I was digging in with my tongue more than usual as he would be taking two cocks. We stayed like that for about 15 minutes before we rearranged and Wally turned around presenting his ass to Paddy while he started deepthroating me. I knew Wally was a great cocksucker and he showed me jusat how good he was again. We were like that for about 15 more minutes before Wally sat up. He turned around again and positioned his ass over Paddy’s ass and then lowered down and sank all the way taking Paddy’s cock to the root in his ass. He raised and lowered himself a few times and then sank down taking Paddy’s cock as deep as he could and leaned down kissing Paddy. I knew what to do next, I crawled up behind Wally and then I licked right where Wally’s ass and Paddy’s cock were joined, the I lined up my cock with Wally’s ass. I pushed meeting a little resistance and then breaking through hearing Wally moan into Paddy’s mouth and feeling my cock sliding into his ass rubbing against my boyfriend’s cock. I loved that feeling when we have done it with others. Quickly I started thrusting doing most of the work. Wally stopped kissing Paddy and said “OH YEAH! FUCK MY ASS BOYS! FILL ME WITH ALL THE TEEN CUM YOU GOT IN YOUR NUTS!” I leaned in close to Wally and said loud enough for Paddy to hear “We’ll give you all our cum, but don’t you dare cum. You hear me you cumdump?”—“Yes sir.” We all liked a little role-playing from time to time, and I thought this would be a good time. I fucked Wally’s ass and Paddy’s cock for at least 25 minutes before I said to Paddy “You ready to fill this ass babe.”—“Ive been ready for nearly 5 minutes feeling his ass and your cock.”—“I’ll tell you when.” I picked up the pace and really started pounding as hard as I could. A few minutes later I couldn’t take anymore and shouted to Paddy “NOW!” and I shoved in hard and started shooting my load and felt Paddy’s cock pulsing and shooting alongside of mine. We were filling his ass very full together. There was cum coming from his ass right where our cocks came together. When I stopped feeling our cocks pulsing and cumming, I pulled my cock from his cum-filled ass and saw him rise from Paddy’s cock. “Did he cum babe?”—“No. Why? What did you have in mind?” Using that same dom voice I said “Raise your legs babe.” As he raised his legs, I said “Now fuck him Wally and fill him like we did to you.” He got up behind Paddy and shoved his cock in and started fucking him. I moved up and told Paddy “Clean my cock.” He started sucking our mixed cum and Wally’s ass juices from my cock. Jim, Tim, and Marcus had the ass to mouth fetish and it kind of rubbed off on the rest of us. Anyway as Paddy was sucking me, I told Wally “Fuck that ass cumdump. Make him your cumdump.”—“Yes … sir.” He sped up and finally yelled “FUCK! TAKE MY NUT!” After he came down from his massive orgasm, he pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to Paddy. They kissed and then I kissed them both. I sat down just above their heads rubbing them both giving them a chance to recover a little. Paddy said “That was wild.” We got up and went to the bathroom to shower. We cleaned thoroughly paying special attention to Wally’s and Paddy’s asses. We made our way back to bed and Wally laid between us. We all said goodnight, and after setting the alarm, we turned off the light and slept well. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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