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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 135 Dad Loves Me Part 135 James hoo) I woke up and propped my head on hand and sat up and just looked at my daddy. I was so in love with him and so glad we can still have sex together even though we have our family around and I am also in love with Paddy. He started stirring and he looked at me and smiled. I said “Good morning daddy.”—“A very good morning indeed. What a site to wake up to.” He pulled me into him and we exchanged a very passionate kiss. We finally broke our kiss and got up to use the bathroom. We stood side by side and my piss stream was hitting as hard as daddy’s. “You see” he said, “I told you over a year ago when you asked about your weak piss stream that it would strengthen as you get older. Look and listen to it now. As strong and loud as mine.” We finished and went out to the kitchen to find everyone up already. Kisses were exchanged all around. Paddy gave me an extra long kiss and I returned it with enthusiasm. Jim poured a cup of coffee for daddy and when he sipped it he asked “Who donated the cream?” Everyone burst out laughing and Marcus put his arm around daddy’s shoulder and said “Bro, we all gave you some this morning. If Benji drank coffee, he would have got the same.” I flicked Marcus’ tit and said “I prefer it right from the source Unc.”—“Anytime baby.” We kissed and he pinched my ass. “By the way, remember Nathan is coming over sometime after lunch. Papa Max, are you still wanting to pull your appearance on him?”—“You bet. My nakedness is enough to get anyone ready.” Jim piped in “And horny.” We all laughed. After we ate breakfast, Nick cleaned the dishes and we all put on some shorts and went about cleaning the house. Around 1:30 the bell rang and I shooed Max out of the room. I went to the door and welcomed Nathan into our house. I introduced him to the family and I could tell he was aroused by everyone. I yelled out “Uncle Max, we’ve got company.” Within a few moments Max walked in naked and when I went to introduce Nathan, he turned and if he had been a cartoon, his eyes would have popped out of their sockets. His jaw also dropped and when Max said “Nice to meet you Nathan.” and held out his hand, Nathan reached out but he was speechless. I saw the tent in his pants and when he finally was able he said “N..nice to meet you s..sir.” Max let go of Nathan’s hand and laughed out loud saying “I never tire of that kind of reaction. Reminds me of my first time in the showers in Greece.” Nathan still hadn’t taken his eyes off Max’s godlike body. I touched his shoulder and said “This is the reason I asked you how you felt about nudity. We are basically a nudist household. All men and all family, except Paddy, Nick, and Max makes it convenient.”—“But you called him uncle when he came out.”—“He’s a VERY close gaziantep escort friend of the family, Paddy is my boyfriend, and Nick is being fostered by my uncle Wally.” We all stripped down with Nathan close behind and I noticed how sexy he really was. He had short hair and had hair sprinkled all over his chest and had quite a pubic bush. His soft cock hung down about 6.5″. We told him all about our family for hours including that we were all gay. He smiled and said “I kind of thought so. I knew you were gay Benji and I kind if got the same vibes from Tim when we were eating lunch last week. I just want to say I’m gay too and I think you are all sexy as fuck.” We also told him that we had sex with each other which he thought was erotic as hell. We talked another couple hours about him and his family. Finally daddy said “How about we go out for dinner since Benji has been so preoccupied to start dinner.”—“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interfere with the routine around here.” Daddy replied it’s alright, just let me go check something.” He left and came back almost 5 minutes later. “We got a reservation for 10 in about 30 minutes at our favorite restaurant in Bob’s section. Let’s all get dressed.” We all dressed quickly, all got into 2 of our vehicles and Nathan’s car and took off. Paddy and I rode with Nathan to show him the way. We all met there with about 5 minutes to spare. We went inside and daddy was greeted by name by the hostess, one of the ladies that flirted with him unmercifully. We were all seated right away. Within minutes of being seated, Bob was at our table taking our drink orders. We introduced Bob and Nathan. Bob said “Another sexy young man for our family group.” and Nathan blushed. We all ate and had good conversation. Bob chatted whenever he came to the table and whenever he had a few minutes between tables. Max and daddy split the bill while Wally and Marcus figured the tip. Nathan tried to offer some money for the bill or tip but the adults told him he was our guest and to put his money away. “END OF DISCUSSION.” We decided to go to Dairy Queen for dessert. Wally and Marcus paid for blizzards for everyone. We made our way back to the house and when we got there, we all ate our blizzards on the back deck enjoying the warm fall evening. While we were eating our desserts, I suggested Nathan call his parents and find out if he could stay overnight. He told us he had already covered that and found out ahead of time, just in case. He turned to me and said “I’d love to spend the night with you. And Paddy too.” I took Nathan to the movies and told him “As the guest, you get to choose 2 movies.” He looked through the comedies and chose 9 to 5 then asked if we had musicals. He looked through those and chose Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. He said suriyeli escort “I love Dolly Parton.” After the movies, we knew Paddy and I were going to be with Nathan, the twins were going to team up with daddy and Wally while Marcus and Max were going to team up on Nick. As Paddy and I practically dragged Nathan into one of the bedrooms, his cock, and both of ours, became rock hard. His cock was extra dark and almost as big as daddy’s or Marcus’. Paddy and I locked eyes and he nodded to me. I stepped up to Nathan and our faces moved closer to each other until our lips met and we embraced and our kiss became more urgent. Paddy grabbed both our cocks and rubbed them together. Sooner than I wanted, Nathan broke the kiss and grabbed Paddy and kissed him the same way he kissed me. After they broke their kiss, Nathan pressed us together and without speaking, told us to kiss. We embraced and kissed with as much passion as usual but with Nathan’s hands on our asses gently rubbing. We broke the kiss and we both got on our knees in front on Nathan and started working his cock and large balls with our mouths. One of us would suck on his cock while the other worked his balls. After some time, Nathan backed off and said “I don’t want to cum yet. Stand up guys.” We did and Nathan dropped to his knees, grabbed Paddy’s cock and took my cock all the way down deepthroating it easily. He was jacking Paddy while working my cock with his mouth. Then he switched and took my cock in his hand and took Paddy all the way down as he had with my cock. He went back and forth between the two of our cocks. After about the same amount of time we took care of his cock, he stopped sucking. “If it is OK with Paddy, I would like to fuck you first Benji.” He looked to Paddy and Paddy nodded. I layed on my back on the bed and raised my legs. Immediately Nathan went down and started rimming my ass for the first time. He was really good at it and soon had my ass wet and waiting for his large cock. He stands and pulls me to the end of the bed and lines up his cock with my ass. Paddy said “Fuck him.” Hearing that he slowly pushed his big cock deep into my ass. Paddy slowly pulled on his cock watching Nathan push into his boyfriend. He was in all the way and asked if I was OK. “Fuck me big boy.” Hearing that he started pulling out until just the head of his cock was inside my ass and then pushed in deeply. He started thrusting and said “Paddy eat my ass while I fuck him silly so my ass will be ready for your cock when I finish with his ass.” Paddy got behind him and it took quite a few minutes for us to get a good rhythm going, and once we did, we went on for 45 minutes to an hour. Finally he told Paddy to stop and shoved into me hard and deep and sighed “Oh fuck, take my load.” rus escort Then I felt his cum shooting into my ass. He finally came down from his orgasm and pulled his cock from my ass and layed on his stomach next to me. “You have such a hot ass Benji. And Paddy you have a very talented tongue. You ready to take my ass?” Instead of a verbal answer, he grabbed Nathan’s ass and pulled him to the end if the bed and lubed up his cock and slowly pushed his cock into Nathan’s ass. Nathan groaned out “Yeah baby. Fuck me and show me what you got.” With that Paddy started really fucking him with gusto making him grunt with each thrust. He moved over to start sucking my cock. He seemed to love being in between two younger guys that were boyfriends. After about 35 minutes or so, Paddy finally let his orgasm go and filled Nathan’s ass with a good load. After he came down from his orgasm, he pulled out and Nathan said “Your turn Benji, fuck me as good as your boyfriend did.” After him sucking me so long and his ass full of cum, I knew he was as ready as could be. I was hard as a rock and my cock slid into his ass easily since it was full of cum. I was pounding away as Nathan sucked on Paddy’s cock. I did my best to make it last, but his ass was so hot and slick and I loved the look of my white cock fucking in and out of his black ass. I lasted about 45 minutes and Nathan sensed I was about to cum by my actions. “Fill me with your cum stud. Add to your boyfriend’s load.” That did it. I shoved in with all my strength, grunted loudly, and shot my load deep into his ass. Between my load and Paddy’s, cum was leaking out around my cock. After I came down from my orgasm, I pulled out and it was a good thing a towel was under Nathan’s ass because cum started gushing from his ass. He said “You two both fuck fantastically and I hope there will be another time so I can fuck you Paddy. Just so you know I am more of a bottom, but I am very versatile. I would love if your family would all fuck me, especially that fucking sexy Max.” I interrupted him “Nick is almost exclusively a total bottom slut. The only people I know he has topped is me and a black FTM trans guy we know.”—“Well I’ll be happy to fuck him then. I am really a cum slut.” Paddy decided to put his two cents in “Well all our sex wore me out. How about we take a shower, clean out your asses, and go to bed?” We all got up and Nathan tucked the cum towel under his ass so he didn’t leave a cum trail to the bathroom. We showered but Nathan didn’t stop there. He got on his knees and sucked Paddy off and then he gave me the same treatment. “You both have great tasting cum.”—“We’ll taste yours another time.” We all crawled into bed in put Nathan between us. We snuggled up to him and we all fell asleep rather quickly. I’ll have to tell him soon about the agreement that Paddy and I made between us concerning the new member of our family of friends. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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