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Big Dicks

Subject: Dad, Me I’ve missed you a whole lot”. He replied quietly, “And I’ve missed you too kiddo” and gave me a slow soft kiss on the lips. I felt the lump throb beneath me. Dad arrived back with the beers and said to his brother, “This boy is a lap magnet, I hope he’s not bothering you, he’s hardly left my lap since his mother left.” Uncle Carl said, “No bother at all, actually I like it, I think I’m starved of affection these days.” Dad laughed and said “I’m sure you get plenty, being young free and single.” He replied quietly, “Not really” and I thought he looked a bit sad. Dad changed the subject and started talking about work stuff and after a while announced that he was going to sort out the dinner. Uncle Carl offered to help, but Dad declined. I could still feel a heat and hardness under me as uncle Carl engaged me in conversation. My willy was painfully stiff, and he must have been able to feel it as his forearm was lying across my lap. I wiggled my bottom a bit and he groaned. I asked him if he was ok. He whispered, “I’m ok but soon I’m going to have to go to the bathroom, or I’ll have an accident”. I whispered back “is it because your willy is stiff?” He nodded and said, “You have no idea.” I said quietly, “Maybe we can go to the bathroom together.” He shook his head and said, “Better not this time honey.” After a moment I whispered, “Dad’s willy gets stiff when I’m on his lap too, I’ve never seen it bare when it’s like that, but I’d like to”. Then after a pause I said “Dad sees mine stiff a lot when we are in the swimming pool changing rooms, it’s always stiff then.” kocaeli escort He shushed me and said “Let’s save this conversation until we are on our own.” I nodded an “OK”. Then in a louder voice he started asking me about school and stuff. I happily talked with him about all that, but I really wanted to talk about willies. It wasn’t long before dad announced that dinner was being served. We had my favourite, spaghetti Bolognese and uncle Carl announced that it was great and was his favourite too. Dad smiled and said, “I remembered”. For a moment I thought uncle Carl was going to cry, then I slurped up some spaghetti making a rude noise and everyone laughed. Dinner was fun and although Dad and uncle Carl talked a lot about stuff I didn’t know about, they tried not to leave me out. After dinner we settled down for a movie and I sat between my Dad and Uncle on the sofa, I didn’t know which way to lean so I got them to move in closer so I could feel them both. I was never happier. Dad and Uncle Carl each put an arm across the back of the sofa, one resting on the other. After the movie Dad said that it was time for me to go up for a bath and bed. I resisted using my uncle’s visit as an excuse. Reluctantly I eventually agreed but asked that my uncle did not leave without saying goodbye to me. To my delight he asked Dad if he could stay over and he said “of course”, that seemed to make Dad happy. I then said that I wanted to be tucked in by both of them, one at a time. They laughed, and agreed. I didn’t know who was coming up first but I took a gamble and lingered in the bathroom. I called darıca escort out that I was ready for bed, but stayed naked with a towel just draped over my shoulders. My willy was hard. I heard the stairs creak, Uncle Carl appeared at the doorway and I turned to face him. His eyes went down to my stiffy and said, “You’re a saucy boy, I should spank your bare bottom.” I giggled and said, “Ok then”. I took his hand and walked him into my bedroom. He turned back the bedclothes and said, “You’d better get in before we get into trouble”, I replied, “if I do will you give me a kiss”, he nodded. I laid down but didn’t pull the covers up. He stared at me and said, “I could go to prison for what I’m thinking”. He lent over and softly kissed my lips, I put my hands up and held his head, keeping us in contact, eventually he pulled back, but ran his hand gently down my body and stroked my stiffy. He smiled at me and said, when we’re alone I want to kiss this too. I giggled then said, “will I be able to kiss yours too?” He nodded and said, “I hope so, but I must go now. I love you, you sexy little minx.” I replied, “I love you too, my sexy uncle.” He pulled the covers up and left the room. I was at risk of getting hyper with thoughts and feelings I was having but forced myself to calm down. Dad arrived soon after and sat on the edge of my bed. He said, “You OK?” I nearly burst with my reply. “Dad, having uncle Carl here is so awesome, please can he come over more often.” Dad smiled and said “Looks like I’ve got competition”. I looked at him seriously and said, “No Dad, no-one gölcük escort is ever going to be better than you. I really love uncle Carl, but I love you even more. You both make me feel all warm inside, but I only have one Dad.” He gave a soft smile and said, “We are so lucky to have you, uncle Carl is going to be a much bigger part in our lives now, actually I’m thinking of asking him if he wants to move in with us, I don’t need to ask you what you think, I can guess that. With all the trips I have to make for work, being away from the house might become a problem now that your mother’s gone, so if uncle Carl was living here you’d always have someone around.” I think my huge grin said it all. He lent over and kissed my lips gently. After saying goodnight he said “I’m going to have a chat with him now”. I was desperate to hear their conversation, but there was no way I could get downstairs without being heard. I thought I would never sleep, but I must have fallen asleep at some point. I don’t remember hearing them come up even. I was awoken the next morning by Dad, it was quite late, but I had no school that week, so it didn’t matter. Once I realised the time I commented to Dad that it was late. He said “I thought I’d let you sleep on for a while, I doubt that you had much sleep. Too excited I think.” I grinned at him and said, “Did he say yes?” Dad told me that he’s thinking about it for a couple of days, but hoped he would agree. He said “Carl seems to have something on his mind which he needs to resolve first, I guess we’ll find out for sure Friday, he’s coming over to sit for you, I have a day full of meetings. He’s staying the weekend too.” Then he said “Come on lazy bones, time to get moving, I’ve been up 2 hours and Carl left for work an hour ago.” Chapter 2 to follow soon Please consider donating to Nifty fty

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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