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Daddy, Take Me Ch. 03-04

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Groping Breasts

As always, a huge thanks to Kenji for his patience.

Chapter 3

I woke the following day, happy and relaxed. My hands swept over daddy’s shirt I was still wearing, then changed into a fresh pair of panties. I blushed because I usually dressed in my clothes for bed, but it felt good to have at least one part of him close to me. I heard my sisters downstairs, so quickly peed, brushed my teeth, and slowly walked downstairs. I walked into the kitchen, and Maggie and Lily were eating quietly now. I hugged them both, embarrassing them with a multitude of kisses. MomC and MumE looked at my attire, and smiled angelically.

“Morning, darling. Did you sleep well…finally?” MomC asked, a little wry smirk across her face. I walked to her, took her in my arms, and gently kissed her lips, keeping them attached for far too long. She looked stunning, as always, in her silk blouse and boy shorts. “I did, mum. Thanks,” I whispered, and let my hands trail down to the slight indentation between her back and butt. We looked at each other, smirked, and then giggled, both knowing what was going on, and enjoying it.

I walked to MumE, still at the stove, and wrapped my arms around her waist, and then my hands surreptitiously rose to just under her breasts. I leaned in, just as my daddy would, and kissed her neck, my body slowly moving against hers. “Morning, Mum,” I smiled, just as seductively.

“Hmmm, someone’s in a good mood, eh?” she smiled, her lips touching mine in the most-loving gesture. “So glad you’ve dressed for breakfast, darling,” she chuckled, somewhat sarcastically.

“I am,” I said, bringing daddy’s shirt up to my nose and inhaling. MumE turned around, and swatted my almost bare ass.

“Is daddy gone already?” I pouted.

“He is, darling. He had an early morning today, but he did ask us to give you something, though,” MomC said.

I smiled. My daddy didn’t forget me!

“Wait a bit, and we’ll give it to you, okay?” she said. “C’mon. Sit. Eat. You probably have another full day.”

I sat with my sisters, both excited about another school day. They were weird! As we always had, we chatted, joked, and pestered each other. God, this house was so filled with love, I thought. They finished their meals, and ran upstairs to prepare for school.

“So,” I asked shyly. “What did daddy have for me, hmm?” I asked.

My mums looked at each other, and had me stand by the island.

“Bend over, darling,” MomC asked, as she pulled my hair away from my face.

I felt two sharp spanks on my panty-covered bottom.

“Owww!” I shrieked. “What was that for?”

“Your daddy told us to tell you, his will be, uh, firmer. You are certainly misbehaving, young lady, and don’t think your father doesn’t notice. Now, sit and finish your breakfast,” she said, laughing at my visible discomfort.

“Did he…really?” I asked, not sure if I was shocked…or pleased.

“Your gentle teasing is having the desired effect, Chloe. In more ways than you can imagine!” she giggled.

“I assume daddy took my teasing out on you both last night?” I asked brazenly.

MomC walked to where I was sitting, pulled my head back, and kissed me, her small hand drifting into her husband’s shirt. Her warm fingers felt glorious on my breasts.

“He did, Little One. Thank you,” she laughed.

“Humph! Well, at least you two are having fun!” I feigned being perturbed.

“Take it slow, Chloe. We all want this to be right for you, to be memorable. We also think we need to talk with your father before this goes to where it seems it’s heading. We need to talk about how this is all playing out. He’s concerned for your mum, and me and bringing you into the mix. We knew he’d have reservations, even though he’s a guy, and loves you dearly,” MomC giggled.

“Mom, I’ve already said I wouldn’t come between you three, okay? But yeah, I can see why we need to talk this through. God, it would be SO much easier if I went behind your backs!” I laughed, both mums tenderly swatting me.

MomC kissed me as she scurried off to work. I was dressed, and ready for another day at Kew, so I hugged my sisters, and MumE.

“I…I love you, mum,” I sighed, uncertain if she understood my words.

“And I…we love you, Chloe. Now, out!” she smiled, and swatted my butt…again!

My day was filled, and busy, so went for a drink afterwards with Maisie, my cohort-in-crime at work. I loved these times alone with her, our bond growing steadily since we met. I could open up to her about anything. Almost. I was nervous to head home, but why, I wasn’t sure. I was always so confident at work and home, but now that my desires were known to everyone, I was unsettled. I felt terrible that I couldn’t open up to her, though, so I dealt with the angst and stress, on my own. We hugged and kissed, as we left the pub, assuring each other we’d catch up tomorrow.

I drove home faster than I would have thought. I pulled into the drive, daddy’s car there already. My heart was beating, and my face was crimson. Get a hold of yourself, girl! I chastised myself.

I took a deep breath, and walked in. I porno don’t know what I was expecting, as everyone was in the kitchen, talking and giggling. I hugged Maggie and Lily, asking about their day, then made the rounds from mom to mum, and finally to my dad.

“Evening, daddy,” I shyly said. God, where was my fearlessness?

He wrapped his arms around me as he always had. Was it just me that felt this uneasy?

“Evening, Chloe,” he murmured, as he gently kissed my head. “Are you all right? You seem…different.”

“I’m…I’m fine, daddy. Just had a hectic day, that’s all. I’ll be fine, though. I’m home so…” I said, and he hugged me tighter.

“Why not go and change, hmm? Put on one of my shirts? That may help you feel better,” he smiled.

I blushed furiously, but headed upstairs, their snickering echoing in my ears. They were playing with me! Hmmm, we’ll see about that! I thought, defiantly. I pulled my tightest jeans on and, as daddy said, grabbed one of his worn work shirts from the basket. I resolutely walked downstairs, and sat with my sisters, helping with the last bits of their homework. I smirked at my mums and dad. I left too many buttons undone, the still-crisp, starched, white shirt offsetting my fair skin. My fingers absentmindedly toyed with the collar, then gingerly trailed down the placket, and slowly rolled up the too-long sleeves. I leaned over, the shirt opening, and showing off my stiff, aching nipples, as I helped my sisters with maths and English assignments. I caught my perverted parents looking at me, whispering among themselves quietly.

I stood up slowly, and asked my parents, “Would anyone like some wine? Daddy? Whisky?” I asked, a coquettish look glinting in my eyes.

I walked by him, not waiting for an answer, as my fingers trailed across his chest, and I walked to the wine rack. I swayed my supple hips just a bit more than usual, knowing that three sets of eyes would be on my tight ass. I found the glasses, and poured the wines; my hands were now confident and calm. I felt daddy’s presence behind me as I poured the last drink. He silently walked behind me, his hands quietly wrapped around my slim waist.

“Does my Little One need a hand?” he glibly asked. I stealthily rubbed my taut ass across his groin, turned around, smiled, and slipped from his grasp.

“Thanks, daddy. I’ll be fine, okay?” I smirked back at him, handing a glass to my mums, smiling as I did so. They both stifled a little laugh, knowing exactly what I was doing. I grabbed a tumbler, and poured daddy a single malt. As I sauntered over to him, as he had re-seated himself between my sisters. I held the tumbler just out of his reach. I leaned over, the shirt opening a touch more; my small, but firm mounds were on display for him.

“Here, daddy. Is this what you want?” I grinned, handing him the drink. My eyes never left his. As I turned around, he took a short sip, my firm butt practically in his face. He spluttered as he took the swig, spilling a tiny bit on his lap. I rushed to the island, grabbed a tea towel, and returned it to him.

“Daddy can’t even handle his…single malt anymore, Maggie,” I giggled, as I wiped up the imperceptibly small amount. My fingers swept over his hard daddy-cock, the cloth collecting little, if any, spilt whisky. I shivered, as I touched his covered cock. I applied more pressure, as if I was dabbing the spot. Daddy was speechless. I looked at my mums, and then at my father, my face calm and nonplussed.

“Better…daddy?” I asked, a light lilt in my voice, and walked back to the island, my ass swaying even more.

I stood in the kitchen, and snickered to myself. Not bad, Chloe, I thought!

We carried on, catching up on everyone’s day, as if it was the most normal of evenings. The timer went off, and dinner was ready. I helped Maggie and Lily set the table, ensuring my daddy was seated. Okay, maybe bending over was a bit passé, but I couldn’t help it, all right?

“Do you have our date night sorted, daddy?” I asked, between mouthfuls of lasagne.

“I have a few ideas you may be, uh, interested in. It’ll be a surprise, Chloe. I just hope I don’t disappoint you, sweetheart,” he said, teasing me.

“Daddy, you could never disappoint me, all right? Whatever you choose will be wonderful. I just know it,” I enthused, still playing with the lapels of his shirt I was wearing. I know he wanted to say more, but with the kids here, so he was quiet. I laughed to myself.

“Chloe, darling, would you help me clear the dishes? Your father, and Emily can go to the front room, and watch the kids, okay?” she asked, her eyebrow cocked, saying so much.

“Of course, mom,” I answered, and followed her to the sink.

We were standing together, as she turned to me, and chuckled.

“Very subtle, young lady!” she giggled quietly. “You’re driving your dad to distraction, but you know that, don’t you?” she asked, and wrapped her arms around me. “And me,” she sighed, and our lips met. “You do know you’re playing with fire…from us all?”

“God, I hope so, mommy,” I snickered, and kissed her, my tongue porno slipping between her wet lips. I took her bottom lip in my mouth, and gently bit it. I loved how she shuddered, her hands on my tightly-covered butt.

“You do know your mum and I, want you as much as your father, hmm?” she asked.

“I…I’m picking up on that, mom,” I chuckled. “You and MumE really, well, desire me, too?” I asked.

“Chloe…we can’t wait to get between your legs, sweetie,” she gasped, and pulled me firmly onto her, her mouth so soft, and sensuous.

“Ohhh, mommy…God, really? I…can’t wait…for all of this,” I smiled. It seemed all my infatuations were coming to fruition at once!

We broke apart, quickly washed, dried and put everything away, then shuffled out, as my mums corralled the kids upstairs for baths, reading and bed. They left me alone on the sofa…with my daddy.

I sat close to him, neither of us uttering a word. I felt so small, so vulnerable. I could feel him turn his head, and look at me, my cheeks burning.

“Hey, Chloe. C’mere,” he whispered, as he wrapped his arm around me, and pulled me into him. My head went to his chest, and I started crying. “Hey. Hey…what’s wrong, Little One?”

“I’m so confused, daddy. I know my mummies have told you about how I’m feeling. It’s true, okay, I…I’m in love with you, daddy,” I said, looking into the kindest eyes. “I…I don’t know what I’m doing, all right? Or if I should even be acting on my feelings. God, daddy…have I messed things up, hmm?” I stuttered.

“C’mon, now, just let it all out, sweetheart. It’s okay, you know? Everything is fine. I think you’re wonderful, and mature beyond your years for dealing with this the way you have, understand? You’ve been honest with your moms, which means the world to us. That tells me you’re serious about…us. We just need to talk this through so you don’t get hurt. We’re all concerned about you, Chloe,” daddy said.

“Does that mean that you…you want me, too?” I asked, my heart beating and almost dreading the answer.

“God, Chloe…how could anyone not desire you? My God, darling…you’re beautiful…in so many ways. I love you, I always have, but yes, my feelings have turned pretty inappropriate the last few years,” daddy chuckled.

“Ohhh, daddy!” I whimpered, and hugged him tighter. “All of me?”

Daddy looked down at me, gently pulled the shirt I was wearing open, looked down at my small mounds, sighed, “All of you, Chloe,” and kissed me.

“Oooooh, daddy,” I moaned, as our lips locked together. I could feel his whiskers on my face, as his mouth sucked in my lower lip. I pulled away, and clambered up on his lap, my legs spread, our eyes locked. I leaned and kissed my daddy, and all was well with the world. At last. His wet lips took mine, as his strong hands swayed through my hair, his gentle tugs a hint of what was to come. I rubbed my covered crotch against his bulge, my fingers holding his head as we kissed, long and slow. With both hands, he lifted my chin, my head forced back, and his lips moved to my neck, devouring me with his gentle bites and wet tongue.

“Ohhh, daddy…I’ve…wanted you…forever,” I sighed, and opened my shirt to him.

Daddy looked at my mounds, my long nipples teasing him. He groaned a long, ‘Fuck’, as his fingertips swirled over the tips of my hard nipples. God, how I wished I had worn a skirt tonight. My hips, almost involuntarily, began to glide over his hardness. Daddy didn’t reprimand me! I slowly slid over his manhood, excited that I was the one to make him hard. We slowly kissed, our desire building, but then pulling back from a furious make-out session. I had daddy’s head in my hands, as I tenderly kissed this man’s lips. This is what I needed, I thought as my hips urgently humped his cock, my back arched, and my mounds pressed into his chest. I moved my hands between his open shirt, my fingers touching his chest, then his shoulders as if I was holding onto him as I dry-humped him. I felt like such a wanton, little slut. There I was, making out with my daddy, and rubbing my covered cunt on him. Daddy’s lips never left mine, his large, strong hands now on my tight, jean-covered butt, pulling me onto his daddy-cock. Fuck! Next time, I’ll wear a fucking dress! I thought.

We moaned into each other’s mouths, our bodies almost sweating, and hands tugging at each other.

My hips flicked onto the shaft, each precious graze rubbing my too-anxious clit. I felt hands pulling my shirt open, I was bared to daddy’s eyes. I pulled away from the lips I desired, and looked. My mums were on either side, silently stripping me. Daddy looked at my taut nipples, and little mounds, lifted me by my ass, pulled me in, and engulfed one of my tits.

“Fuck! Daddy!” I shrieked, too loud. “Just…suck me…daddy…that’s…ohhhh, fuck…just…like…” I moaned, knowing daddy didn’t need any motivation.

Daddy sucked, and bit me, knowing exactly when, and how much, to bite my nipples. His whiskers rubbed against my soft skin, irritating me beautifully. I dry fucked him harder.

“Fuck…daddy…just….that’s türk porno it, daa–” I moaned, my mums gently stroking me, as they knew my orgasm was coming.

It wasn’t just his mouth and tongue that excited me, building me up; it was how he held, absorbed, and almost owned me. I could hear his deep, erotic growl as he gently abused my tits, his firm hands cupping my ass, as he slid my willing body over his. His teeth rubbed my nibs, biting them just so, not too hard, but enough for me to gasp at every unyielding nip. I could feel my mothers’ hands in my hair, their breath on my neck, whispering all the things a mother shouldn’t be whispering to their daughter.

“Do it, Chloe. Take your daddy. God, darling…you look so beautiful. Do you want daddy to bite you, hmm? Just tell him, darling. You know he’ll do it…for you. Do it…cum on your…daddy,” MomC moaned, and I did.

I shoved my hips against his hardness, his stiffness; mommy’s words adding to the sensations flowing from my clit, up my body, through my nipples, and out my mouth. I shrieked a long, “Oooooohhh…fuc–” as I came in my panties, my daughterly juices flowing from my valley, soaking my jeans, and hoping I would mark my daddy.

Daddy held me close, our lips once again finding each other, and we kissed through my orgasm. I felt as if he was breathing life into me. With every thrust of my pelvis, more sap gushed from me, my clit so happy and throbbing. My daddy held me, and helped me through my climax. My head sagged to his shoulder, as he breathed deeply into my neck. I could feel his nose nuzzling me, and smelling my now damp hair. This is what I needed; this deep, emotional bond is what I somehow craved. My mummies felt this with my father, and they were willing to give me this and share it with me. My hands were wrapped tightly around his neck, as if someone would pull me away. I opened my eyes, and saw MumE looking at me, her fingers lightly touching my cheek. She smiled, leaned in, and kissed me lovingly. I turned my head to look at mom; the same glorious passion shone in her eyes. Her hand gently swathed my back, and she kissed me with desire. My pussy was still throbbing, still needy for my daddy. I rubbed my rough jeans on his still-hidden member. He firmly swatted my ass.

“I thought we were going to go slow, Chloe?” he smirked, and spanked me again. “Are you okay now?”

“Ohhh, daddy,” I moaned, and kissed him. “Like you wouldn’t believe,” I giggled.

He pulled my head to his chest, and held me, his breath in my hair, and warming me. Eventually, he

moved me off his comfortable lap, MumE embracing me, my head now on her chest. Her blouse was open, so I leaned my head in, and smelled her womanly scent, so different from daddy, but just as exhilarating. God, how I missed the scent of a woman.

“Did you see what daddy did to me? He made me cum all over his trousers,” I giggled.

“Yes, sweetie. We ALL saw! Given the circumstances, shall we let Chloe sleep with us tonight?” MumE asked.

“Hmmm,” MomC replied. “That sounds…dangerous, but…if she promises, and I mean PROMISES, to behave, all right? Can you do that, Chloe, hmm?”

“Uh huh…and if I don’t…or can’t, I’m sure my mommies will be there to stop me, okay?” I smiled, happy to spend the night in my parents’ bed. “I promise, okay?” half-believing what I just said.

“Are you okay with this, Tom? Can you behave yourself, too?” MomC asked, chuckling.

“Hmmm,” he said. “I’ll behave with our daughter, but…” he laughed, and looked down at his still-hard cock.

“I think we can help with that, darling,” MomC cooed. “C’mon. Bed. Let’s get you cleaned up, though, Chloe. God, you’re shameless!”

My body was shattered, the orgasm completely wasting me. I was shocked at my state. I never had cum so hard, so relentlessly, without anything penetrating me. God, I could only imagine what daddy would feel like deep inside me. But we agreed to go slow, hmm? I snickered to myself.

Daddy carried me upstairs to their bedroom, my hands wrapped around his neck, and then he gently laid me on the humongous bed. I watched as daddy shook his shirt off his broad shoulders, then threw it at me with the evilest smile…which I loved. My mommies unbuttoned my jeans, slowly slid them over my hips, and pulled them off, carefully folding them and putting them on the chair. They looked down at me, my blush betraying my simmering lust. Two sets of fingers played with the edges of my wet, gushy panties. MomC leaned down, her face buried in the soft material, as I lifted my hips, allowing her to smell me. Fuck! She looked up at me, smiling as they both pulled them down.

I saw them both inhale, as threads of my secretions clung their fingers sliding through my labia, as I breathed in. Fuck! Just as quickly, they pulled away, MomC grabbing a pair of her panties from her drawer. MumE walked quickly to the ensuite, and came back with a warm cloth, sponging my face, then sliding the soft cloth through my pussy lips, my cunt still leaking my juices. MomC pulled her fresh panties up my legs, asked me to lift, and covered my butt with them, her fingers teasingly smoothing them out. MumE leaned down, and kissed my freshly-covered pussy, her light fingers touching my stomach. If this was how they acted now, God knows how they’d be later!

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