Ağu 04

Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01

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I knock at the door to your house, standing out front with my legs shaking. A million things go through my mind, “I’m a good girl, what would people think?” “Maybe he won’t answer the door.” “Could he be a serial killer?” “What if I don’t like it?” Finally after hours, OK moments, the big heavy wooden door opens. In the doorway stands the man I’ve fantasized about for weeks, tall, strong, intimidating. Something about you draws me in. You can give me what I need. What I crave.

I’m frozen to the spot, you grab my arm and pull me in. “Hello, Sub, I’ve been waiting for you.” I look into your eyes, still unable to speak, the rest of the world melts away. I know that this is the last time I’ll be able to look into your eyes without permission, so I look carefully. In them I see myself, writhing in bed, tied down, being abused. I shudder. You know all my secrets, my desires, my fears. Since we met online you’ve drilled me, seeing my potential as a submissive, readying me for this moment. “Strip,” you command simply.

I beşevler escort remove my clothes, revealing a body curved in all the right places. My swinging DD tits, wide womanly hips, and soft stomach show no signs of abuse, only creamy flesh crying out to be marked. You watch as I quickly reveal myself to you. “The photographs you sent barely did you justice, Sub.” You say as you trace my nipple and puffy aureola. “I think these would look lovely pierced, don’t you?” You twist my nipple, just hard enough to make me cry out. “Ahh, there it is. I was beginning to think you had lost your voice, pet.” “God knows you’re not shy dear, you told a mere stranger all those nasty things you wish me to do to you after all.”

“I think you should crawl, sub, down on all fours.” You lead me farther into your house, and upstairs. I crawl behind you, my nakedness in contrast to your fully dressed state. Right down to your tie and shoes. I crawl up two flights of stairs, and into your attic. Your special beylikdüzü escort room. You unlock it and lead me in. My eyes widen at the array of intimidating tools lining the walls. I know from our conversations that the room is fully soundproof. You lead me to a tall bed, so tall that there are steps to climb. I look up to realize that it’s lifted to be waist level for you. You pat the space in the middle, standing at the foot of the bed and I climb the steps. “On your back, pet.” I lay there, in the middle while you watch me. Cat and mouse. The anticipation is torture.

I watch while you place the restraints on the four corners, “For later.” I try to calm my breathing but it’s difficult. Finally you pull me by my legs, down to the edge of the bed. Pushing my feet up onto the edge, you nudge my knees apart. I lay there, fully open and vulnerable and as I watch your hand falls onto my mound. Hard. The sting isn’t as bad as the surprise. The anticipation of bilecik escort this moment has been excruciating, and the slap is almost a relief. You proceed to spank my hairless cunt and thighs to a lovely shade of red. I can feel the warmth of it spreading throughout my pussy. My cunt hole is drooling with anticipation. You walk away, coming back with a flogger. You trace my tits, stomach and thighs with it, finally pulling back to bring it down onto my cunt. I moan and twist on the bed, crying out. Several strokes to my tender parts, and you drop the tool. You push my knees farther open and I feel you pull apart my lips roughly. You look intensely at my wet, creamy love hole and then at me. You smile slightly, “good girl.”

The warmth of that small statement washes over me. I close my eyes and savor it. I want to be your good girl. I’m so caught up in my own thoughts that I don’t even hear you remove your clothes. Suddenly your cock, hard and hot, is at my entrance. “Look into my eyes Sub,” you say. “Look into Daddy’s eyes the first time he takes his little girl.” Our eyes meet and in one hard thrust you fill me. I cry out and shudder, feeling totally possessed by you. Finally I’ve found my Daddy and he will take good care of me.

More to come….

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