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Daddy’s litle Pet Bitch, Part 2

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Daddy’s litle Pet Bitch, Part 2You crawl first into the bedroom, cheeks pink from embarrasement at having her crawl behind you, knowing what she is looking at, when the tail is not blocking her view at least… You glance back, and your thougts are confirmed.. Nathalia is also blushing however… Daddy sees his sexy little pet crawl over the threshold to the master bedroom, Nathalia following close behind, intimately close… First once well inside, and having passed the far corner of the king-size bed, do Nathalia notice the bed of daddy’s little pet bitch on the floor in the far corner behind the bed. “You sleep there?!” she says abruptly, in a state of disbelief, making your cheek flush even more. If you hadn’t found the humliation to be such a turn-on, you’d not known how to cope with it. You bark in response, feeling a hint of deep pride at being such a good little bitch, and you see Nathalia’s eyes widen, also realising that she has gone out of character in her state of shock, making her cheecks redden a little more too. Damn, that girl is a hot little piece of ass you think, as you stop crawling, and turn around to await daddy’s instructions, leaving place for Nathalia beside you, sitting on her heels, assuming the beging position beside you, tongue out, breathing like an eager little bitch…Daddy comes in, carring her wet panties in his hand, cock hard, swollen, robe now just hanging from his shoulders. Daddy stops in front of both his sexy pets, then looks down on the both of them, and tells them that he will test Nathalia’s limits, without the guidance of his slutty little fuckdoll first. He then orders his bitch to open her mouth and then he balls togeteher Nathalia’s soaked panties, and stuff them into the mouth of his little pet bitch, knowing fully well that it has been long since she enjoyed the taste of another pussy, and never one wet from the same kind of fantasies as herself… “I’m going to show you how to be good little pet Nathalia, and we will both use your body for pleasure in the pricess. Your safe word is Red, in case anyhing becomes too much for you to handle, physically or emotionally. Is this acceptable and understood Nathalia?” Nathalia glance to her side, at you, seeing you give her a little comforting smile. Her cheeks flush red with shame, but she barks… “Quick leaner hmm.. Promising… Now, up on the bed little slut-puppy” daddy says as he slaps his hand on the bed a few times to indicate where. Nathalia crawls up, trying her best to imitate your crawling…From your standpoint, sitting on your heels, legs spread, mouth stuffed with her delisciously wet panties, you see Nathalia get up on all fours on the bed, where she is ordred to spread her legs wide, then to lay her upper body down kilis escort on the bed and use her hands to spread her ass for her new master… Her daddy… She eagerly complies, and you can see her exposing her dripping wet, pink pussy, and her tiny pink little star… She looks tight, smooth shaven, delicate small pussy lips, her clit pierced with a little stud… Her pussy juices are literally on the verge of dripping, a strand of pussy juice ending in a drop hanging from her wet lips… The girl had clearly been very motivated to come over… You can’t wait to get a proper taste of her, but know you have to be satisfied with her wet panties for a little while yet… Daddy then orders you to crawl over to the toy chest, and bring back another tailed plug, and you eagerly do so, coming crawling back with a furry tailed plug, having made space for one of your smaller, training plugs in you mouth, along with her wet panties… Daddy takes the plug from you, rubs your head and says “good girl”. Nathalia sigh a little upon hearing this…Daddy then asks the young slut-puppy to bark if she has has har a tailed pluig in her ass before… She remains silent.. He then ask her to bark if she has had a toy in her ass before. She remains silent… Daddy shares an intrigued look with his little bitch. Daddy then ask if she likes to pay with her ass? She barks. A muflled little “wow” can be heard as she barks into the cover on the bed. Daddy gives her a little smack on the inner part of one of her butt-cheeks, on the inside, below of her own hand… She stiffens, moans, turns her head in your direction, making eye contact, then barks again.. “Wow”… Her whole face is flushing, but there is no denying she is enjoying it from the obvious state of her pussy…Daddy strokes the upper part of her ass a little, telling her that she is doing good. You can see a glimmer of pride in her beautiful face, a deep psychological need being properly awakened, and ready to be fulfilled… Daddy spits at her pink little star, then place the steel plug against it, and use the tip to rub in the spit on her tight little anal. Daddy then use the tip to probe her tight little hole a little, making her moan… You can see her biting her lower lip, breathing hard, moaning a little…”Are you ready to become a proper little slut-puppy?” daddy asks, Nathalia, aand you see her blush more, then bark in response. “Good girl”, daddy says, then spits down the crack of her ass, letting it run down and coat the tip of the plug, as daddy slowly swirls it around as he applies pressure to it, gradually stretching her pink little hole around it… She bites her lower lips and moans, grunts as she keeps her ass held open, then you see the plug kırıkkale escort passing it’s widest point, and her ass closing around the base of the plug, her tail in place, making her a a little slut-puppy in training… Daddy tells her to get back up on all fours, and she eagerly complies. Daddy then gives her ass a smack with one of his big hands, telling her to arch her back and look straight ahead. She barks a bit nerveously in response… You see daddy pet her ass with his hand, calming her nerves a little, distracting her with his fingertips gently stroking over the smoot cheeks of her firm, little butt… Daddy then tells her to wiggle her tail a little, then to crawl down and roll over on her back in front of daddy’s little bitch, her ass towards you… She does so, but she is clearly embarrased… She does get down in front of you however, and you can see her pussy being glistening wet, and you can clearly smell her arousal, which turn you on even more.She lies there in front of you, tail in place, pussy glistening, nipples hard, breathing heavily and has a pleading look in her face when she looks at you. You can see that she is morethan ready to cum already, but you know daddy won’t let her get it so easily…Daddy looks down at you, and tell you to open your pretty little mouth, and you do. Daddy fishes out her panties from your mouth, and throws them over on your bed in the corner, saying that we’ll keep them as a souvenir. Daddy then looks down at Nathalia, and tells her that for her to play in daddy’s house, she first needs to earn the approval of daddy’s pet bitch, that she needs to earn your approval… Your acceptance. Daddy goes to a chair in the corner of the room, sit down and pour a glass of wine, still hard and ready to just enjoy the show for a while.”See if you find her taste acceptable my little pet” daddy says, and you go down on all fours, head between your legs, and at first you just inhale her scent. sniff a little… She looks at you with big, pleading eyes, obviously desperately wanting your approval… Wanting your to allow her to play more. Desperately needing it…Daddy sees you start to tease her.. Lick her flat little tummy… Taste her skin… Tentatively at first, then slowly moving downward… She arches her back in response, making herself look sexier, more eager, spreading her slim legs more, licking her own lips in anticipation…You move down to her wet little pink slit, then seperate her delicate lips with your lips, then inhale deeply… Inhaling her sweet scent… You feel your hot little body respond, and you know you want to play with her to have her as an occational play partner… You place your hands gently on both sides of her pussy, escort bayan then gently open her up, exposing her dripping wet little hole… You glance up, and she is blushing profusely, obviously a little ashamed at how turned on she is by this… You know the feeling all too well. You stick your tongue out, make it as broad as you can, then you start to lap up her juices… Slowly at first.. She moans like the horny little slut she is. You glance up at daddy, and you can se him enjoy the show, massive cock in one and, slowly herking off at the sight of you two sexy young pet sluts…You lick her pussy for a good while, making her approach orgasm again and again, only for you too deny her. You know daddy doesn’t want her to cum yet. She tastes sweet and salt, just like yourself… Cock in hand, daddy then tells you to sit up, and bark if you approve of her tight little pussy. You sit up on your heels, look at daddy, lips glisening wet, obviously aroused, and bark. Twice… Daddy then tells you to get up on the edge of the bed, lie down as she was. You eagerly comply, crawl op on the bed, flip your tail up, grab your own ass and pull your cheeps apart, exposing your own pink, glistening little hole for daddy and her to enjoy. Daddy then tells Nathalia to earn your approval, by making you cum. She barks and gets up on all fours on the floor behind you, wiggle her tail a little for daddy then place her delicate hands on top of yours, thumbs next to your soked pussy, pulling it open. She is an eager one it seems, her tongue starting to lap ove your oussy as if she was drinkng from a bowl on the floor… She licks you whole pussy, gets her tongue in deep… She uses her lower lip to stroke gently over your clit as she digs her eager tongue inside you, tries to scoop your tasty juices out… You moan… She is a bit of an eager little slut-puppy, but she is still doing very good… You glance back over your shoulder at daddy, and you can see him enjoying the show… His cock-head glistening with pre-cum. You look at him and moan as she is eating your pink, little pussy out, giving him a signal that you are enjoying yourself, that you find Nathalia appealing… That she has your approval… It doesn’t take very long before the young little slut-puppy have you moaning loudly… Getting you closer and closer to cumming… This only spurs her on, really pressing her cute face in between your legs… Her tongue laps over your clit… Touch it more and more.. Fast.. Light… Until you can’t hold back any longer, and you cum with a loud moan gainst her mouth… You body twiches and spasms, and she gradually slowns down her licking, now more concentratd on catching your juices on her tongue, which she eagerly swallows… As you gradualy start to cum down from your first orgasm with a girl in quite some time, she leans back on her heels, face glistening from your juices, assumes the begging position, tongue hanging out, then barks, obviously wanting his praise.. His approval of her eagerness to please…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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