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Daughter was Big the Mom was Bigger – An Adult Sto

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Daughter was Big the Mom was Bigger – An Adult StoMy dick was stuck to the side of my leg. It was all dry and sticky form doing Tracy Bittler all night in her Cinderella Bed. She had just turned legal and I had seen her around the used car lot checking me out. I worked in the body shop and loved when hot chicks would come in to check on there cars. I had gotten many phone numbers and pussy working as a mechanic. I learned long ago to fuck little girls hard but there mothers harder.I rolled over and looked at her Hello Kitty alarm clock it was just after 7am and saw her 40 stuffed a****ls strewn across her bedroom. She had a little pink desk and chair and a little pink computer with her screen saver of Care Bears. Tracy was in the little girls room just down the hall. She had a twin size bed with four large brass post and had about 8 pillows on the bed when I got in last night. She woke me up when her 40 DD smashed my chest and her hand rubbed my cock. She told me to be quite because her mom was getting ready for work and would be mad if she saw me in here. Her Dad was a traveling salesman and was always gone. He left two weeks ago and was to be back in about a week.I was scratching my big hairy balls when Tracy came back. I told her to go down stairs and get me something to eat and drink. If she was good I would fuck her before I left for work at noon. I heard the garage open and a min van back down the driveway. A few seconds later Tracy came in and she had some Pop Tarts and OJ for me to eat. She had on a small pink top and a white cotton thong that barely covered her clean shaven pussy. Her nipples had popped out of her small blouse and she had two big pony tails and a small gold chain with a heart around her neck. I patted the bed next to me and Tracy crawled over to me and started to feed me a Pop Tart.I ate with my right hand and reached with my left to cup her ass and slid my middle finger inside her thong. Her pussy was wet and she moaned and bit her small lips. She closed her eyes and I continued to rub her pussy. I slid my ring finger in her ass and she let out a small moan and her pussy was getting wetter. I stuck another finger in her pussy and she orgamsed and pulled her top off and right nipple hit my chest. I had finished off the two Pop Tarts and sat my drink on the night stand and started to suck her nipples. I fondled her tits and tugged on her big nips. She had pink aeroles the size of half dollars and she started to rub my cock. I told her to spit on her hand and massage my balls as I got to work eating on her pussy. She rolled on top of me and I split her legs wide open and ate her pussy from behind. She engulfed my dick and got half my shaft down her throat before she gagged and chocked on my cock. I smacked sarıyer escort her ass and spread her cheeks and she screamed and moaned.I barely got going eating her ass when Tracy tensed up and stopped sucking my cock. “Mom, I thought you left for work?” Tracy said. “What are you doing little girl?” Tracy Mom said. “Mom this is Buck he works were we take the van to get service. He gave me a ride home last night from Summer house,” Tracy said. “You met him at Summer house?” Tracy nodded and then said “he was giving Summer Mom a ride home from the dealership and she said he could take me home also. I had fucked Summer Mom in the ass behind a supermarket before I took her home and decide to take Tracy home so no one would get suspicious why Summer Mom was late for dinner. “Tracy, we have told you a thousand times about boys. He is not even a boy. He is a big hairy man who is in bed with my little daughter. I smiled and Tracy began to cover up her breast and pussy while looking at her mother.Tracy mom was abut 5ft 10 and weighed about 185lbs and had two of the biggest breast I had seen in awhile. Her breast were a size 46 GG. She had a brown skirt that went down to her ankles. She had on navy blue 2 inch heels and pantie hose that were tucked underneath a brown garter belt. She had on a white button down shirt with two big pins on the front. She had on big navy blue glasses and her blonde hair was in a bun. She had on small earrings and her red lips matched her finger and toe nails. She had on a gold thick necklace and 4-5 gold bracelets around her wrist. I could see she was wearing a big brown push up bra that allowed her cleavage to push together and peek out her top just above the top two buttons from her neck. She had on a big brown belt that was tight around her 34 inch waist. Her ass was about a size 40 and was completely encased in white silk panties.She was stomping her left foot and staring at me. I looked down and saw my dick was semi hard and the top had a little pre cum leaking on to my thigh. Tracy saliva made my cock glisten and I put my right hand behind my head and stared at Tracy mom. “My name is Anita Bittler and I see you have met Tracy.” I smiled and said “good morning Mrs. Bittler, its nice to meet you. You should not be mad at your daughter. Most women fall for me. Can you move to the right just a tad.” The sun was coming through the window and now I could see into Anita white top and checked out her big juggs. My heart was pounding and a million thought were going through my mind. I thought for a second to jump out the window or gather my things and head to my truck down the street. I then had a better idea.”Anita come over her and stand,” I esenyurt escort pointed to a spot next to the bed. Anita was now arm length from me and her daughter. I slid my left hand over to Tracy and started to play with her left breast. I grabbed Tracy head and motion to her to start sucking my dick again. I looked at Anita and she was breathing heavier and her mouth was open. She was watching her daughter suck my dick again and said nothing. I said “Anita come closer to the bed.” Anita was now next to the bed and her thigh was against the sheets and she looked down at me. I took my right hand and ran my hand up her leg and cupped her ass. I pulled on her white silk panties and she was unbuttoning her blouse and closed her eyes.I reached up with both hands and yanked her blouse open sending her button falling onto the floor. Anita moaned when I started to touch her bra and run my fingers on her juggs. Her tits sat high on her chest and her bra drooped slightly as she stared at me. I glanced over and Tracy had stopped sucking my cock and was checking out her mother tits. I open my mouth and whispered for her to remove her bra. She reached back and unclasped her large bra and it flip over and was hanging from her waist. I slapped her ass and she was now backwards and I reached up and tugged off her bra past her hips and onto the floor. I reached up and unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. I reached around her waist and slid my fingers underneath her waist band and pulled off her panties to the floor. She moaned as the cold hair from the fan in the room hit her big puffy pussy lips. Her labia was huge and swollen and was wet from her first orgasm as I diddled her pussy.She reached down and bent over and played with my cock. Her juggs rested on my stomach and side and her nipples were hard as rocks. She had two large silver dollar purple and dark brown aeroles topped off by two thumb size nipples. I groaned as she squeezed my balls and tugged on my shaft. I reached down and started to smack my cock onto her big juggs making a large “slap!!” Tracy had slid up my left side and her breast rested on my left side and she started to french kiss me. I whispered in her ear “go get that big pink vibrator I used on your pussy last night and help your mom.” Tracy smiled and rolled off the bed and Anita looked at me with a puzzled expression.Anita had bent over and now was sucking my cock and I was fondling her tits and did not realize Tracy had found the vibrator until I heard Anita moan and her mouth tighten around my cock. I leaned to the right and saw that Tracy was on her knees behind her mother eating her mom big fat pussy. Tracy face was wet from her mother pussy and I reached over and tugged avrupa yakası escort on Trace Left breast and we both smiled. Anita stopped sucking my cock and tensed up and flooded Tracy mouth with her 2nd orgasm. Trace crawled over and we Frenched kissed again and I could taste Anita on her mouth. Anita went back to sucking my cock and Tracy turned on the pink vibrator and worked her mother pussy. I grabbed Anita breast and sucked on her nipples and fondled her big fun bags. After ten minutes Tracy got up and got on the bed and Anita looked at me and she climbed on top of the bed.I propped my ass in the air with a pillow and Anita climbed on cowgirl style and started to ride my cock. Anita was a little tight but her pussy was very wet and she had another orgasm and screamed as she rode my cock. Anita’s hair now cascaded down her back form being in a tight bun and her bracelets around her wrist are hitting together. The big gold chain around her neck was bouncing on her big beautiful breast. I watched wit delight as Anita huge boobs bounced up and down in front of my face. Her pussy was slamming down on my cock and made a sucking noise as she fucked me harder. Tracy got on her knees on the bed and watched her mom go up and down on me. I plunged my cock into her mom pussy and Tracy grabbed Anita breast and sucked on her right nipple. I grabbed the left nipple and Anita yelled “mother fuckers, god damn I love your cock. Mommy needs to have more of the big fucking cock. I think I need to take the rest of the day off and spend some quality time with my daughter.” I laughed and arched my back and started to pump my goo into Anita big wet pussy. I reached down and rubbed her big labia and Anita tensed up and her fluids were mixing with mine.Anita rolled over and Tracy began to lick me dry and then she started to eat her mom snatch. I stared as Tracy brought her mom to another orgasm and they Frenched kissed and swapped my sperm from her mom pussy. Anita started to suck my cock and in no time brought it back to life. I got on my knees and Tracy got in front of me on her knees and Anita got behind me. I can feel Anita big tits as the rest on my back and I reach in front of me and suck Tracy tits and she fucks my cock again. The Bittler women have me smashed between them. Its a tremendous feeling with both women fucking on riding my cock and having there breast all over my body. I pull out of Tracy hot little box and stand up on the twin bed and fire my load on there waiting breast. I aim for both girls breast and they lick and suck each other nipples and tits sharing my big load.I lost my job, but when you can’t leave for a few days from a house with two large chested women it makes it easier to handle. I opened my own garage from home. I am lying under a classic 45yr old and fixing her rack. I’ll get back to work as soon as my new assistance get up and come down to the garage.The sign on the street reads “Buck and Girls Garage – women customers only – specialize in Font and Rear service – ask about are new full Rack service – Lube $99.00 first 9 3/4 inch’s is free.Buckxoox

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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