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Daughters – Susan Ch. 01

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Daughters of the American Evolution – Susan, Ch 01

Stories from one front of the global war

* * * *

This story is part of a series called “Daughters of the American Evolution.” The stories are all based on the concept of an allegedly sinister (some say beneficent) organization called ‘Family Interactions Therapists”, or FIT, that has put into action a plan to subliminally convert every female on earth to lesbianism, and to non-violently reduce the number of men on earth by 98%. The first story, and the best place to get a look into how this mysterious organization “converts” women, is “Daughters – Rebecca, Ch. 01-04” in the Incest story section.

* * * *

“C’mon Susan, I really think you’d enjoy it. I mean, that”s why I want us to do it!” Joe, my husband, said.

He actually thought I’d believe that.

“You mean, you’d enjoy it,” I retorted.. “Everyone knows that guys get off on having two women at once.” I was really starting to feel angry – not so much at the thought of being in bed with another woman, though I’d never really considered such a thing, but at my own husband for having such little respect for my intelligence.

“No, no, no,” he said. “It wouldn’t be me having two women at once – you’re all the woman I could ever want – it’s the thought of you having fun with another woman. Honest.” He really was transparent, and kind of dense. Still, he was my husband. While I wasn’t about to let him have another girl in our bed, there was no need to hurt his ego or his pride. Maybe if I just put him off…

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “I’ll think about it, okay?” He hugged me then, and nearly broke my ribs.

“Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!” he exclaimed, his blue eyes alight with excitement.

“I only said I’d think about it,” I said as he rushed off to work. Leave it to a man to take a piece of ribbon and try to weave a set of draperies out of it!

Of course, I had absolutely no intention of ever sharing my man, and our bed, with some strange woman. That was just crazy, and I could see it breaking up the marriage of every woman foolish enough to ever let it happen.

Joe and I – I’m Susan Wright, and he’s Joe Wright – had been married for fifteen years . I was thirty five, he was thirty seven. We’d met in college, at the College of Charleston, located in South Carolina. I’d been on the pom pom squad, and he’d been the kicker on the football team, but please don’t think we were complete idiots for that. I was a bio-science major, and he was in engineering.

I’d gotten a pretty good job supervising a microbiological analytical lab with my degree, and Joe had gotten a good job with an engineering firm in Raleigh right after we got married, four weeks after we graduated. Our lives had been pretty conventional since then. We hadn’t been blessed with any children, but we filled that void in other ways, by helping out at our church, and with volunteer groups.

Now, you might be wondering about our love life, since Joe was pestering me about another woman. It’s true we hadn’t been making love as much as we had when we were first married, but isn’t that true of every marriage? We would normally have sex about once every two weeks to four weeks, and I’d manage an orgasm at least a quarter of those times, although the last year had been a little thin for me in that regard.

Joe, of course, came every time, and pretty quickly too, then he’d fall asleep. It wasn’t his fault, men are built that way.

I still had a certain reluctance to use masturbation as a means of release. I know consciously that there’s nothing wrong with that, but a somewhat strict upbringing had nonetheless imposed some subconscious inhibitions against it. So, there was a certain level of frustration, and it had been over a year since I’d cum last. That might have had something to do with subsequent events.

I went back to cleaning the kitchen before leaving for work. I had some volunteer mentoring to do at the church school later, and Pilates after that. My schedule was pretty full.

* * * *

“So, have you thought about, um, my idea?” Joe ventured after dinner.

“Your idea?” I said.

“Yeah, you know…having another woman to help you have a really great orgasm?””

“That’s not how I remember the conversation,” I said. “Didn’t you want to have me, and you, and some strange woman in our bed?”

“Well, yeah, but it’s the same thing,” he said. “Please think seriously about it, okay? And there might be some woman at my office who, uh, could do it.”

“Are you seeing another woman? At your OFFICE?” I nearly screamed.

“No, you know I’m not,” Joe said. “I’m either here, or in the office – working – or volunteering with the flag football team at church. You KNOW I’d NEVER cheat on you!”

“Well, make sure you don’t. I think I’d kill you if I knew you were cheating on me. Or at least divorce you and take you for all you’re worth. You’re a good husband, Joe, why do you want to do this?”

“Don’t you think şişli escort our love life could use a little spice, honey?” he said. “I mean, it’s the same old…it can’t be much fun for you.” I softened at that. I appreciated that my man was thinking of me.

“Alright…I really will think about it,” I said. “But I’m not making any promises.”

“Oh, great,” he said. And I’ll check with this contract worker, Sandy, at the office – IF you say it’s okay, I think you’d like her.”

“What makes you think she’d want to do something like that?” I asked him, suspicious.

“Well, she let it be known that she’s bi, and she already has a girlfriend…and I think she could use some extra money. So, there wouldn’t be any attachment, and she’s a contract worker so she’ll probably be long gone a year from now, meaning no awkward office situation, and if we pay her, all of our consciences can be clear – no attachment.” Joe really was much smarter than people gave him credit for, I had to admit that.

“Um, okay, like I said, honey, I’ll think about it.”

With me, ‘thinking about it’ usually means checking with my best friend since grade school, Penny Alexander. She’s beautiful and smart and clever, and usually right about things. I called her the next day to meet for lunch.

“Hi Penny, how’s Ted?” I asked, when she answered the phone.

“Oh, fine.” And Joe, how’s he?” she responded.

“Oh, he’s fine. And Brianna, how’s she doing?” I asked.

“Oh, she’s beautiful and smart and clever,” Penny said. Brianna was Penny and Ted’s daughter, a senior at NC State. And if you’re wondering, Penny didn’t go to college. She got a four year head start on starting her family.

“Huh, that sounds just like you,” I said.

“So, what’s up, honey?” asked Penny, ignoring my compliment. I explained my situation to her.

She clucked her tongue, and commiserated, and said things like “Men!” and “You should do what YOU think is right” and all like that. In other words, she was a good friend, and didn’t try to steer me in any direction.

Finally, she said, “What do you think you should do?”

“Well, umm, I was thinking of letting Joe go through with it – but just once.” Penny snorted, but didn’t say anything else.

“You think if I do, he’ll eventually leave me,” I said, trying to interpret her snort.

“Or you’ll leave him,” she said. I could hear the shrug in her voice.

I thought about both alternatives. “I think I’m more likely to lose him if I don’t throw him this bone,” I said. “And me leaving him – you mean, I’d either end up hating him, or find out I like girls?”

“Stranger things have happened. And you like me, don’t you?” Penny said.

“Yeah, but that’s different. We’re friends…and we’ve never slept together,” I said.

“Ah ha, you forgot our sleep overs in fourth grade!”

“I don’t think that pillow fights, and eating pizza and drinking kool aid until we puked, were quite the same as a lesbian relationship,” I said.

“No, I suppose not,” she said.

“Speaking of puking, I think I can go through with it, but with my nervous stomach, I might puke all over this chick,” I aid.

“Well, that would teach her some kind of lesson, I’m sure,” Penny said. “Anyway, my doctor gave me a prescription that’s really good for nausea. I’ll bring you some. It’ll take your mind off a queasy stomach.”

“Thanks, Penny,” I said. Then we went on to talk about girl things – I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested.

* * * *

“Okay, Joe, I’ve decided,” I announced that night.

“And…” he said. I could tell he was nervous.

“Joe….I think it would be okay, but, there have to be some ground rules.” I could see a smile start to break out on his face.

“It would be one time, it would be here, and I would meet the girl first, to see if we get along. I’m not giving any of those rules away.”

“Woo hoo! Oh, thanks, honey! I KNOW you’re going to love Sandy, and she’s going to love you. I bet you guys will become best friends.”

“I’m not looking for any new friends, Joe,” I said. “But I do want to make you happy – and I think this will.” I hoped that I was right. The two alternatives I’d thought of with Penny didn’t sound appealing.

“So, if you could bring her over, say, on Tuesday night, I could get to know her, okay? And we will NOT be having sex with her that night – please make that clear.” As awkward as I felt, it would be far worse if she were led to believe we’d be doing anything that first time.

“Sure thing, honey,” Joe said, happily.

We had sex that night, Joe and I, and at least Joe went away happy I sighed as he snored next to me in bed. I could only hope that Joe’s harebrained idea just might work out. I could really use the relief.

I was pretty nervous building up to the big meeting, and finally the big day came. I made sure I had my makeup done carefully, and that my outfit didn’t have any holes or stains – I had let my wardrobe choices slip over the years, so finding mecidiyeköy escort something that looked okay, and that I was comfortable with, was difficult. And I wasn’t going to go out and buy a new outfit just to meet with this woman. If it went further than that, well, then we’d see.

Still, I worried. I could just imagine being rejected by the ‘third wheel’, and I didn’t think I could bear that kind of rejection. Of course, I kept Penny updated as to what was going on. Much to my relief, Sandy turned out to be very sweet, and very pretty. More importantly, she put me at ease right away. My stomach was fluttering,, and I was sorry that I hadn’t gotten that medicine from Penny. But it worked out fine.

You’d think I’d worry about her being younger and prettier than me, which she was, but her manner was very comforting and easy, I think because she seemed more like a country girl than some conniving hussy trying to steal my husband. I just trusted her.

Sandy Philips was twenty four, and had been married for three years, getting married at eighteen, and had gotten a divorce three years ago when her husband was convicted for stealing electronic equipment from the technical firm he worked at. According to her story, she’d met a woman at one of her temp jobs since then, and she’d discovered that she preferred women “exclusively.”

“What do you mean by ‘exclusively’?” I asked her, as the three of us sat together, drinking iced tea in our family room.

“I do not want to have sex with men,” she said. I stared at her, then at Joe.

“But…but you said…” I stuttered. I could feel my face turning bright red. “Joe, you said, um, that Sandy…”

Joe looked apologetic. “I’m sorry, honey, I thought that, um, Sandy, well, I saw a picture of a guy on her desk and I thought…”

“That’s my brother Jimmy,” Sandy said, staring at Joe as though he were a complete idiot. “If you’d asked…”

“Look, Mrs. Wright – Susan – I thought Joe had made my position clear. I apologize for the misunderstanding.” While her glance at Joe appeared noncommittal, I could feel the anger. And honestly, I didn’t blame her – I was feeling it myself. If Sandy was going to spend the evening with Joe and I, it would be she and I together, maybe even having sex.

I hadn’t really thought about what exactly might occur in a ‘threesome,’ I just had a vague idea of the three of us drinking some wine, maybe kissing, then Joe somehow getting off. If the girl were bi, I figured that she wouldn’t be staring at me the whole time. But if she were a lesbian, who knew what she’d do?

But as I thought more about it, it occurred to me that I was probably as much at fault for the misunderstanding as Joe, and I softened. The evening was obviously going to be a disaster, and the threesome wasn’t going to happen, but that’s no reason to be rude. Sandy seemed like a nice girl, and in spite of my telling Joe I didn’t need any new friends, well, a woman can ALWAYS use friends.

“Sandy, please don’t worry about Joe…and me,” I conceded. “”I think we tried to rush into this thing, and we didn’t think things through very well. It’s our fault for the misunderstanding.”

“Oh, Susan – may I call you Susan? – I was sort of at fault too,” Sandy said. “I’ve seen your photo on Joe’s desk, and I have to admit, I think you’re very pretty. So, I was hoping…”

I was a little stunned at the compliment. I hadn’t been thinking of myself as ‘pretty’ lately, and to hear this cute, young girl say that was, well, different.

We began talking about anything BUT sex, and that was really the time that I became interested in Sandy, as a person. Her brother was in desperate straits, medically, and Sandy was helping to pay his bills while he was in the hospital. That was a big part of why she’d agreed to the threesome originally.

That certainly gave me something to think about. There’s a big difference between spending time with another woman so that your husband can get off, and helping a friend, right?

“I was thinking,” I began, after a lull in the conversation. “This was supposed to be just one time, right?” Joe brightened a little – he’d been looking pretty sad when Sandy revealed she wasn’t bi, but rather, a confirmed lesbian.

“That’s how I understood it,” Sandy said.

“Yeah,” Joe said, looking from Sandy, to me, then back at Sandy.

I was rethinking my initial objections, and the realization that, if we went through with this thing, that Sandy’s interest would be exclusively in me. I mean, it WAS a little flattering. A lot flattering, actually.

“IF this happened, I wouldn’t have to do anything….you know, um, to you, would I?” I asked.

Joe actually started smiling.

“Not if you didn’t want to,” Sandy said, shrugging. She looked at Joe. “Right?” Joe nodded, several times.

“Sure, whatever you two say!” His smile was so wide, I thought his face was going to split in two. His plan had gone from disaster back to possibly being on the schedule.

I istanbul escort thought about how it would be, if Sandy and I were together, naked, in a bed. At thirty five, you can see where that was inescapable.

Sandy was twenty four years old, with short, blonde hair – I have mid length glossy black hair, she was about 5′ 6″ tall, two inches taller than me, and at 130 pounds, she weighed ten pounds less than me. In addition, she was pretty athletic.

“I play a lot of softball…when I can,” she explained. Clear blue eyes, unlike my brown eyes, and with a pleasant expression, she explained that she’d grown up fishing and hunting with her three older brothers in Georgia. I had to admit that she was very pretty, but she had a slim build, with smallish breasts and a boyish bottom, as opposed to my slightly plumper body.

That was actually a little bit of a relief to me. I have fairly large breasts, even if they are starting to sag a little, and a round, full ass that’s always excited Joe. And my Italian heritage, with an olive-complexion, contrasted with her Scandinavian background. I was becoming more certain that Sandy wouldn’t be stealing Joe from me.

“I guess I’m a little bit of a tomboy,” she said with a smile. I felt a little tingle at that, for some reason.

The rest of the conversation ran along those lines. As I said, I found her to be very nice, and not at all to be a competitor for Joe – which was my biggest worry. So, I took a deep breath, my stomach fluttering again, and made a decision.

“Joe, I think Sandy’s very lovely. I hope you like us, too, Sandy?”

Sandy smiled. “I think y’all are just a sweet couple, I do,” she said, then got up from her seat across the room, walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. I was charmed by her gesture, though momentarily alarmed when she first approached me!

I though Joe’s face would split, what with the shit-eating grin on his face, but I was happy that it looked like things were working out. It really seemed to mean a lot to him, and I was beginning to think we could get through this without any damage to our marriage. I never wanted to lose Joe.

We three decided that Sandy would come over next Saturday night, and that was when Joe would get his big chance to have a threesome. Sandy left, and I wasn’t too surprised when Joe proceeded to fuck me within an inch of my life – he hadn’t been that enthusiastic in the last ten years. Unfortunately, I didn’t cum, and I lay awake for hours thinking about the whole thing. I was really wondering what Sandy would be doing, where I wouldn’t have to reciprocate.

I knew that women with other women would probably kiss a lot – that’s something that every woman likes, and I couldn’t believe lesbians wouldn’t like it. Massages, too – that would be very nice. Everybody likes that, too, and if Sandy massaged me, I knew I’d like that. It was just if she tried to touch my pussy or ass that I might feel queasy. And of course, I wouldn’t touch her there, though maybe – maybe – I’d touch her breasts, if it seemed right, But other intimate areas, no way!

I didn’t know what to think of other things that women sometimes do with other women. Would she kiss me, um, down there? I had no idea, or if I would even allow it. I hadn’t much enjoyed it when Joe tried it. He still didn’t seem to understand the function of a clit. Dozens of thoughts flew through my brain, keeping me from sleep.

Eventually, though, I did fall asleep, and awoke hoping I had made the right decision.

That next day I met for lunch with Penny again.

“So, spill it,” she said, with a smile on her face. A wisp of her long, brown hair blew in the breeze, while we sat at a small table for two at her favorite sidewalk café. Her big, floppy hat kept her face in shadow – it was hard to read her eyes.

I told her about the whole thing, and that we were set for Saturday night.

“Really?” Penny exclaimed with a grin. “That sounds really exciting! I can guess how Joe feels about it – how do you feel about it?

“Well, our sex life hasn’t been very good for a long time,” I said. “So….maybe this will really make a difference…”

“What’s this woman – Sandy? – what’s she like? Is she nice?”” Penny asked.

“Oh yeah, she really was very nice. I think we got along well,” I said.

“No uncertainty or jealousy? I know how you sometimes take things to, well, not ”an extreme’, but you DO worry…” I thought I heard concern in Penny’s voice.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said. “She is cute – very cute, as a matter of fact – but she’s a lesbian, not bi like Joe first thought. I don’t think she has any intentions other than what is expected. As a matter of fact, she specified that she wouldn’t have to have anything at all to do with Joe, just with me…”

Penny laughed. “Well, now! Our little girl’s gonna take a walk on the wild side – I want to hear all about that!” She took a sip of her iced raspberry tea. Then she spoke again.

“So, it sounds like it was a good idea,” Penny replied.

Again, I had trouble reading her eyes with that hat. “Would you like to do lunch on Saturday, sort of a pep rally? And that’ll give you a chance to make sure your stomach’s okay – you know how nervous you get,” she said.

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