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Day Off Pt. 1

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Day Off Pt. 1Nacho sat up quickly when he heard the doorbell ring. His head was pounding, and he immediately began to regret drinking so much last night. “Who is ringing the bell so early?” he thought, before he looked at the clock and saw that it was 11 am. Shaking out the cobwebs, he threw back the sheet and stood up, just as the bell rang a second time.Nacho was naked, the way he always slept, and his thick meat hung heavily between his thighs. He usually awoke with his prick fatter than it would be fully soft, but not a full scale erection. He scooped up a pair of white briefs from the floor beside the bed, and moved quickly down the stairs in hopes of opening the door before the bell rang again.He failed, and thought his head would explode as he stood next to the ringer in the hallway as it rang a third time. “I’m coming! I’m coming!!!” he shouted, quickly opening the front door to his sizable San Diego home.”Heyyyy man!” When Nacho opened the door, he saw his friend and frequent collaborator Rocco waiting. Rocco was very excited to see Nacho, and he slid through the doorway and wrapped his Spanish friend in a big, manly hug. As he finished the embrace, Rocco kissed Nacho on the cheek, brushing his lips against Nacho’s jawline, coming close to his neck. Nacho felt a stirring in his crotch, and though he hadn’t seen Rocco in months, Nacho hoped his friend hadn’t planned a long visit. Always horny when he was hungover, Nacho hoped he could get a bit of privacy so that he could jerk off. As Nacho’s mind wandered to the girls he’d seen out last night, Rocco began to describe his recent travels.”It was great, man! I never knew how beautiful things could be out in the country. Nothing like Prague or St. Petersburg; it’s amazing to get away from all of the crowds. It was the perfect setting for Butt Breakers.”Rocco had been traveling throughout Eastern Europe, shooting and performing in a porn film to launch a new series. There had been a lot of talk and speculation about the film, but Rocco had kept things under wraps, which only made people more curious about the work. Nacho led Rocco towards the living room and lie down on the sofa, hoping he could rest his head while his friend regaled him with stories of his recent adventures.Rocco started talking about the fun he’d had off set, but he quickly found himself distracted by his friend’s body. When Nacho wasn’t working or partying, he was in the gym, and it showed in his solid muscular istanbul escort frame. Beneath his heavily tattooed skin, Nacho boasted a set of solid muscles, with strong shoulders, firm pecs, and a tight six pack of abs. Wearing only a pair of briefs, Nacho also displayed his strong, lean quads. Though he was distracted, Rocco continued to describe a cute Czech blonde that he’d met on one of his last stops, and as he got into the details, he thought he could see Nacho’s briefs becoming a bit more snug. Nacho had hoped conversation wouldn’t turn in this direction, and try as he might he knew that he was on his way to showing his arousal. The combination of the hangover and the detailed description of the way the pale, petite 20-something had rode his friend’s cock was too much for Nacho. He tried to doze off, and nearly succeeded before he was startled by the fact that Rocco had stopped talking. Lifting his head with a start, Nacho saw Rocco staring. “What’s wrong, buddy?” Rocco asked. “I thought that story would keep you entertained, but if not, I can get out of your hair.””Sorry, I’m just so horny!” Nacho’s frank response surprised himself and his friend, but once he started he figured there was no reason to stop. “I went out drinking last night and I didn’t get laid, so now I really need to jerk off.”Rocco raised his eyebrows and chuckled slightly, but didn’t respond at first. Decision time had come, and he figured he should make his move. If not now, when? “Well, I can get out of your way… or not.” Rocco stood up from the chair and stepped towards the sofa. In two long, steady strides, he stood next to Nacho, and placed a hand on the Spaniard’s strong shoulder. This startled Nacho, but he didn’t recoil or move away. Perhaps he was simply too surprised to react. “Maybe I can give you a hand?” Rocco suggested, as he placed his other palm firmly on Nacho’s right pectoral. Nacho began to take a series of short breaths, as his Italian friend’s strong hands started a gentle massage on Nacho’s shoulders and chest. “Hey what are you doing, man?””I’ll stop if you want,” Rocco responded. “But don’t rush to decide.” Nacho didn’t think that was likely, and though his heart had started to speed up he felt like his brain had slowed to a crawl. Nacho and Rocco were both big men – each a bit over 6 feet tall – and they typically towered over their costars and partners. But avcılar escort now, Nacho found himself pinned beneath a man of similar size, and he marveled at how good it felt to have Rocco’s large, strong hands rubbing his body. Rocco traced Nacho’s well-defined abdominal muscles, moving closer and closer towards the waistband of the younger man’s briefs. Nacho hadn’t explicitly consented to this massage, but the growing bulge in his underwear said more than he needed to. Rocco wrapped his hands around Nacho’s slim waist and cocked an eyebrow at the younger Spaniard. Once again, his body did the talking, as Nacho’s hips raised off the sofa almost involuntarily, slightly thrusting his crotch up towards his friend.Nacho’s cock had grown substantially, though it was held firmly by his tight white underwear. It lay pressed atop his left thigh and though he had seen it many times while they worked together, Rocco marveled again at the fact that Nacho’s tool stretched nearly all the way to his hip. Slowly moving his hands inwards, Rocco brushed his fingers against the waistband of Nacho’s trunks, dipping his left hand down Nachos right thigh. Nacho’s heavy breathing was the only sound in the room, but that stopped suddenly when Rocco’s hands moved again. Rocco moved his left hand to the center of Nacho’s briefs, resting it gently on his balls, and his right hand on Nacho’s plum-sized cockhead, which looked ready to break through the thin white underwear. Nacho stopped breathing in hopes that it would keep him from cumming.He’d edged before while he was masturbating, and he loved the feeling of prolonging his nut so that he could have a mind-blowing orgasm after fondling his prick, sometimes for more than an hour. But this sensation was almost unbearable, and when Nacho’s ass finally fell back onto the sofa, both he and Rocco laughed at Nacho’s involuntary thrusting and in happiness that the Spaniard hadn’t exploded yet. Seeing that Nacho had himself under control, Rocco slowly moved his right hand down Nacho’s shaft, amazed that he could see several of the most prominent veins in Nacho’s penis through the cotton underwear. He also began to knead Nacho’s nuts, and wrapped his fingers around the shaft, giving a world-class handjob through the almost-threadbare fabric. “Mmmm.””Fuck.”Neither was sure who had said what. Nacho finally moved his hands, holding Rocco back for a moment so that he could pull his underwear şirinevler escort off and free his raging prick. Nacho laughed to himself at the fact that he’d always called them his “lucky drawers” and tossed them to the other side of the living room. Rocco knelt now beside the sofa, keeping his eyes on the fat Spanish meat which lay heavily at Nacho’s waist. He grasped it again, rubbing the fat vein near the base and smearing a large drop of precum around the head. Nacho had started breathing again, though he gasped when Rocco gently kissed his inner thighs and began moving up towards his crotch. Apparently an expert tease, Rocco slightly nuzzled Nacho’s nutsack and moved his head higher, placing kisses along Nacho’s abs, and even running his tongue gently along one of the muscular creases. “Oh you little bitch!” Rocco smiled slightly at the compliment, continuing his ministrations to Nacho’s swollen cock and tightening balls. Both men could tell that an end was near, though they wondered exactly how it might come. Rocco knew before Nacho, and while he continued to rub the fat cockhead and nuts, he suddenly moved his face, placing a soft, yet firm kiss on Nacho’s prominent dick vein. “Ohhhhh ffffuuuuuuuckk!”Nacho’s hips thrust wildly upwards, but Rocco kept his hands and lips in place so that he could feel the orgasm coursing through his friends genitals. Nacho’s head also rose up off the sofa, so he had a perfect view of his cockhead as the orgasm ripped through his body. Cum exploded out of his dick, and the first shot hit him firmly in the chin. His hips continued to thrust up and down, and his cock spurted wildly, spraying cum on his neck, chest, and finally over his firm stomach. As his hips finally stopped moving, Nacho breathed deeply, and Rocco continued to gently rub his friend’s slick tool. Nacho’s prick began to soften, and he felt tremendously happy and satisfied. He’d been fucking on and off camera for decades, but he felt like he’d never shot so much cum or been so delighted by the rapid, powerful contractions in his cock and balls. AFter a moment’s hesitation, Rocco thought, “in for a penny…,” and moved upward slightly so that he could lick and suck the thick, creamy jizz off of Nacho’s torso. Though he had just received an expert handjob from the older Italian, Nacho was slightly surprised by this. Rocco continued to kiss and slurp his way up Nacho’s chest and up to his neck, cleaning up or smearing the cum from Nacho’s tan, muscular body. Rocco reached his friend’s chin, and gave a final, loud slurp to clear up the remnants of Nacho’s first shot. Rocco looked into Nacho’s eyes and the two men grinned at one another. He looked down, and saw that Nacho’s cock had already begun to harden again, and he smiled even wider.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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