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Dirty Old Pickup Truck Sex

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Dirty Old Pickup Truck SexDirty Old Pickup Truck SexTami is my age, and I’d had an affair with her for a time. She was the one who introduced me to girl-girl fun a couple of summers ago. She’s chosen a different path, and we parted ways, even though we still see each other fairly regularly. Life is funny sometimes, and for a brief time this summer I’d dated her younger sister. Yes, I’d asked Tami about dating Toni before I started, and Tami gave me the Okay, but once I’d started I got the impression that Tami wasn’t really okay with it and was even a bit jealous — even though it’d been some time since Tami and I had been together.Today she came over to me and started giving me a hard time about dating Toni. She pulled me into a quiet corner and started whispering things to me like was Toni really a better fuck than she was and reminding me of how much I had loved to “use that hot little tongue on her swollen pussy” and wouldn’t I like a refresher so I could make a real comparison.I’ve always had a difficult time saying “no” to Tami, and she knew it. Still, I managed to make her understand that I was not going to be part of any competition between her and Toni.She then *informed* me (she didn’t ask) that she was gonna take me to dinner then “have me for desert” tonight. By now, her thigh was between my legs and she was rubbing me through my clothing. Weak-knee’d and breathing heavily, I nodded yes. She put a fingertip on my lips and advised me to “get lots of fluids, I was gonna need them.” She then left, leaving me panting. Holy cats, she still can make me wet and she knows it.Yes, I knew I was being used, but frankly, I didn’t care.I was worthless at work for the rest of the afternoon, wondering what she had in mind.I met her at the diner as planned. I sat in the booth across from her. “Are you all wet, daydreaming about licking me tonight?” was her opening question as I felt her bare foot glide up my leg. I nodded silently. “Well I want you to go home and wash that thing so it tastes sweet for me tonight.” she teased. “Then I want you to meet me in the park at eight thirty sharp. Don’t make me wait.’ She hesitated a moment. “And wear something nice for me. Something … easy.” She knew I loved it when she played the bossy bitch role, and she was playing it well. I fell effortlessly into the role of her obedient slut.She ordered herself a salad and diet drink, and for me, a small cottage cheese and water. I looked at her questioningly. “I want you hungry for my pussy” she explained.Midway through her salad, she put down her fork and stared at me. “I know what you did” she began. “You licked Toni’s pussy for 45 minutes the last time you two went out. Tonight, you’re gonna lick me for an hour. Be prepared.” I reminded her that I wasn’t going to participate in making this a contest. “Sixty minutes” she hissed. The she picked up her fork, had another bite of salad, and smiled sweetly at me. Discussion over. She was playing that role well, I have to admit.***Back at home, I announced that I was going to the mall with Tami tonight and hopped in the shower and washed away the day. I took a vial of my secret weapon (super-concentrated food flavoring) from the kitchen and rubbed a couple of drops in my pubic hair and on my slit, and a little more on my nipples. I did a quick but presentable makeup touch-up, and selected a light pink halter top and skirt to go with the peach flavor. I didn’t have much of a tan, but this color also helped show off what little I had. I put my hair in a single ponytail, got out a new pair of department store pantyhose and chose a pair of cute sandals. “My, you smell like a pie!” Mom said. “Georgia’s finest!” I replied. I asked Dad for the keys to the pickup, and was almost ready to leave. I went to the truck, found the utility knife, and carefully cut a slit in the crotch of my pantyhose.***I arrived on time in the park. She had her car under a street lamp, and was fiddling with her phone. konak escort She was dressed in her high school cheer uniform, her strawberry-blonde hair in a ponytail, and she looked great. She definitely had the better outfit. I parked next to her car. There was a park bench in front of our cars, now hidden from the road by our vehicles.”You look great, Kay!” she said. I sauntered over to her with my sexiest walk and ran a hand down her sweater sleeve. “You know what this does to me” I quietly told her. “You look better than you did in high school” I told her and kissed her softly. She kissed me back, sweetly. “Gawd, Kay, you’re just my little Georgia peach tonight, aren’t you! That’s not perfume. What did you do? Did you do this for Toni?” she asked. I told her no, I hadn’t, and please don’t use it to make Toni feel bad. I explained that I wanted this to be special for her (for Tami.) She smiled sweetly at me and kissed me like she hadn’t kissed me in ages. Not so much a “fuck me” kiss, more of a lover’s soft kiss. I felt myself becoming wetter. She broke off the kiss and went to the driver’s door of her car and popped her head in. “I’ve got a surprise for you” she said as she returned with two sticks from a KitKat candy. She slipped one between my lips and had a bite from the other. “But first …” she patted the hood of the dirty old truck, “Hop up here for me.””Really? On the dirty old truck? This outfit is new” I complained. Tami snapped into her character voice. “Then put down a fuckin’ rag.”I went to the driver’s door of the truck to look for something cleaner than the hood. Just as I was reaching for the old blanket we used as a seat cover, headlight beams swept across the field next to us and a squad car drove up. Tami waved to them. “The park closes in 90 minutes, ladies” said the officer. I carried the blanket to the hood as the cops swept the shadows with their light, waved, and drove off.”You heard ’em” Tami said, “We’ve got 90 minutes. Two hours, tops before they’re back.” She patted the hood of the truck again.”Where do you want to go to be alone?” I asked her.”Right here! Under the streetlight, where anyone can see. I always cum harder when there’s a chance of getting caught.” she explained.Oh. Wow. This was a surprise.I spread the blanket and climbed up on the hood and had a seat. Tami stood in front of me with a hand on each knee. “I’m gonna suck the peaches outta you” she said in her roleplay voice “Lay back.” Tami grabbed her phone and pressed Audio Record on it. “You’re recording this?” I asked. “Shush”, she replied “You don’t get to ask questions” she said in her roleplay voice. “Yes, ma’am” I replied in my submissive voice and leaned back on my elbows to watch her. She flipped my skirt up and used her phone to keep it in position. Tami looked at me and smiled. “Sooo sexy” she said. “But this will never do.” Then she noticed how I’d sliced the pantyhose and used that to rip a much wider hole in them. “There, now I can get at that nasty little hole of yours.” She beamed at me. She started softly kissing my mound and sucking at my lips. Slipping into her normal voice for a moment she said softly “Gawd, Kay, you even TASTE like peaches!” I felt her tongue go from asshole to clit. “Oh Sarah …” She stopped. I had called her by the wrong name. “Holy cats that feels sooo good, Miss.” I watched her face as she went back to licking and sucking. Is there anything in the world so amazing as a pretty face between your legs, licking away? I lay back, looking up at the night sky, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her slippery tongue. It wasn’t long before I was grabbing the back of her head and grinding against her. In my mind, I knew that we were in the back lot of the park and had plenty of time before anyone would return, but between Tami recording this and it all taking place outdoors in a public park, I came fast, and I came hard. Really hard. She was right about that konak escort bayan much. Tami stopped sucking on my clit and started softy and slowly tongue-fucking my hole. Once I was breathing normally again, she slipped her middle finger in me and started an in and out motion. “Is this the little hole you fuck all the boys with?” she asked. Then, in her regular voice, she asked how long it’d been since I had a dick in there. I didn’t answer. In her roleplay voice, she asked “Or do you take them up the ass” and slipped the tip of a finger in my butt. “Jeezuz, Kay, when was the last time you had some dick? We gotta get you stuffed.” She then started licking my asshole. I met her eyes and watched her lick away. Holy cats, it was good.She returned to my clit, this time doing little circles around it and finger-fucking me too. It felt wonderful. I watched her face again as she sucked and slurped at me. She did pause at one point and say “Gawdamn, I love this peachy little pussy”, but went right back to it. She soon gave me my second orgasm, even stronger than the first.She fiddled with her phone while I got my breath back. Then she slapped me on the clit several times, said “Tick-Tock little girl” and climbed onto the blanket beside me. She flipped her skirt up, looked at me, and announced that “it ain’t gonna lick itself” in her roleplay voice.I climbed down off the hood of the truck. My knees were still a bit wobbly. I reached up and pulled down her cheer uniform panties. There was something strange about the regular panties she wore underneath. There was a big stain in the middle. “Anything I should know about?” I asked. “Smell it” she commanded. I obeyed. “Chocolate?”I peeled her panties down and it seemed we had had similar ideas. Her lips were covered in chocolate. “A treat for my favorite little twat licker” she informed me in her bossy voice. “Now clean me up.” She had hidden the first two sticks from the KitKat bar in her slit, and they had melted. She pulled out one of the cookie parts. “Awww, they weren’t supposed to fall apart.” I retrieved the other cookie portion with my tongue and lips. “Pussy cookies” I thought to myself. “They taste like you, though.” munch, munch. “A little, yeah. Oh well, live and learn” she said. Then, in her bossy voice, “Now clean me up!”I took a quick look around for headlights, then began to lick her clean. “Chocolate and hot puss” I said loud enough to be recorded, “two of my favorites.” She had been standing for most of the time the cookies had been hidden, so the chocolate was within easy reach. I kept reminding myself to make extra loud sucking and slurping sounds for the recording. After a couple of minutes, I stopped and asked about the time. “Don’t you worry about the time. Your job is to worry about the suck” she said. I reached down and gathered up her cheer uniform panties and her chocolate stained panties and dashed over to her car and tossed them on the floor and ran back. Now, at least, all we had to do was keep our skirts down if someone showed up suddenly.”I’m gonna dock you two minutes for stopping.””That wasn’t more than 10 seconds!””Three minutes. Lick!”I moved back between her legs and started licking her. “Thank you, Miss” “For what?” “The chocolate covered asshole treat.” “You’re welcome. Lick.”She tasted good. i slipped a finger into her and sucked her clit. “Two fingers” she commanded. I used a second finger. After a moment, she said “Three”. “Really?” “Yes, really. Three. And now, if you don’t mind.” I curled my pinky back and held it with my thumb. “Three” I said, and put three fingers into her. She closed her eyes and laid back. Soon, she was gyrating her hips in time with my motions. “Mmmm, that’s good baby.” I started licking her clit again. She sat up and looked at me.”Give me your hand.” She measured my hand against hers. “You got some tiny fuckin’ hands, Kay.” She studied my face again.”Four.””Are you sure?””Yes. escort konak Four.”I slipped four fingers into her. Her eyes got big, but she didn’t seem to have much trouble with it. I licked her clit and watched her face. She wasn’t having trouble, she was loving it. I wiggled my fingers inside her. I felt her grip my fingers, her eyes closed, and she gave a low, very satisfied sounding moan. I withdrew slowly, and rubbed her tummy. She opened her eyes. “Oh Kay…””I’m sorry. I wish I’d have brought some lube. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”She sat up, grabbed my head with both hands, and planted the biggest kiss on me that I’d had in a while. “No, no, no.” she told me. “I’m fine! More than fine. You didn’t hurt me. I’m fine without lube.” I gave her my ‘are you sure’ eyes.”Yes, I’m sure. You’re a-fucking-mazing.” She kissed me again, then looked into my eyes for quite a while. “I want your whole hand in me. Just go slow. It’ll be okay. Please, Kay?”I looked around for headlights. only darkness. “Are you really sure? No lube at all?””Yes baby, I’m sure. I trust you.” Her eyes pleaded with me. I thought back to every “how to fist” movie I’d seen. I checked my nails again – yes, they’re pretty short. I felt pretty confident, even though I’d never done this before. “Really?” I asked again.”Yes, baby, really. I promise I’ll eat your little pussy every day until school starts. Please?”I looked into her eyes. It seemed like she really did want this. “You don’t have to lick me every day. I’ll do it.” She smiled a huge smile. “How much time left?” I asked. She looked. 30 minutes.””Here?””Here. Now!”I looked for headlights again. “Okay.” I gave her my free hand and said “just squeeze if I hurt you.” I started with three fingers, then four. She nodded at me. I looked around for visitors. “Quit checin’ traffic and fuck me!”I pressed slowly forward. I curved my fingers around, as I watched her face. She felt so good. It was like the very first time I put a finger in another girl (which, interestingly, was her) only it was my whole hand. Warm, soft, slippery. Somehow unreal.And yet it was real. My entire hand inside her. On the hood of the truck. Under a streetlamp. With cops due back at any moment, as far as I knew. I swear I felt a trickle run out of my hole and down my leg.”It’s in. All of it.”She reached down and felt my wrist. Her breathing was fast and shallow. She stared into my very soul.After a moment, she laughed and said “Gawddamn, Kay, you’re really fisting me.”I laughed nervously, looked around, and said “I’d wondered if you’d notice.””Go easy” she said. “I’m afraid of hurting you” I told her and looked around again. “Pay attention to what you’re doing” she snapped. “Just keep your hand in a fist until I tell you different.” She then grabbed my forearm and started moving my hand for herself. “Gawd, Kay, you’ve got me really stretched out.” then she smiled at me and added “and I love it!” After a moment she said quietly “even more than that time I took two dicks.” She shot me a look and added “Don’t ask”.Before long, she was using me as a dildo and had a couple of orgasms before the phone alarm went off. Feeling her muscles contract and spasm against my entire hand was nothing short of amazing. At the sound of her alarm, she instructed me “Okay, back it out, but go slow.” I licked her clit as I withdrew my hand, reversing the steps I’d used previously. She sighed, smiled at me, and said “Marry me!” I just smiled and continued to softly lick and kiss her slit.I stepped back and sat on the park bench, amazed that we’d gotten away with this. She fiddled with her phone and joined me. She sat next to me and kissed me sweetly, saying “Thank you Kay, that was truly amazing.”Se sat there for a couple minutes, quietly gathering our thoughts. She held my hand and would squeeze it and kiss me occasionally. We watched the headlights pull into the park and the searchlight playing in the shadows until it rolled back to our area. A door opened and he stood at the car. “Closing time.” We both waved to him, said our goodbyes, and drove home.***I walked in the house, and past mom. “Kay …” she said, sniffing the air, “take a shower before turning in. Your peaches have turned.””Okay, mom”==========

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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