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Discovery-Part 4

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Part 4  As they walked through the store, Diane’s eyes went from one beautiful display of bras and panties to the next. The colors were wonderful. Some of the garments were quite daring. She was excited to find out what Marsha had planned.Going past the regular fitting rooms, Marsha led Diane to a door tucked away in back of the store. “This is our private room for special guests. You will be comfortable here and should feel very safe as I am the only person that has a key to this room.Inside was a room approximately twelve feet square with a series of full-length mirrors mounted at various angles against the far way. The mirrors were designed to give an almost wraparound view of the person standing in front of them. There was a table and a large, overstuffed chair. Seeing the chair, Diane guessed that a man might sit there to see his woman trying on lingerie. The idea captivated her.Once they were both in the room, Marsha said, “Why don’t you get undressed so I can see what I’m working with?”“How undressed?” Diane asked, somewhat surprised, but then realized it was the only way to be fitted for lingerie.“Completely,” Marsha said with a friendly smile. “I need to see how you’re built and take some measurements before I start selecting things for you.”Diane quickly reasoned that she’d spent most of the last twenty-four hours naked. A little more wouldn’t make any difference. Her life had indeed taken a significant turn in a short period. But as she began to undress, she knew that this change was one of the best things that could have taken place.When Diane stood in only bra and panties, Marsha knew instantly why Mr. Kingsly wanted this woman in new lingerie. She could see that Diane had a fabulous body, but her underclothing was hideous. “Go ahead and take those off too while I get my measuring tape.”When Marsha found the tape and turned around, she stood stock still looking at a naked Diane. “If I had a body like yours,” she told Diane, “I’d become a high priced hooker and retire with millions of dollars in two years. You are stunning.”“Thank you,” Diane said, feeling her face flush. The last time a woman had seen her naked was her roommate back in college.“Come stand here in front of the mirrors,” Marsha directed. “We have lights here that make it easier to see.” The woman wrapped the tape around Diane’s breast, waist, and then her hips. “I’ve got your measurements. Do you have any ideas about what you’d like to try?”“I really don’t,” Diane said as she watched the woman through the mirrors. She could see that Marsha was admiring her naked body. “You’ll have to be my guide, Marsha. I just don’t know anything about fancy underwear. I’ve never owned anything that wasn’t cotton and white.”Marsha moved escort beylikdüzü to the side to inspect Diane’s breasts. The only word that came to mind for her was ‘perfect.’ There was absolutely no sag to them. Diane’s breasts were firm and round, with lovely pink nipples. “You make me wish I was a lesbian,” Marsha said jokingly, making Diane blush.Finally tearing her eyes off of Diane’s body, Marsha said, “Give me a few minutes to pick out some things for you. You can relax in the chair if you wish. It will take me about ten minutes.”As the store manager reached the door, Diane stopped her. “Marsha, how do you know David?”“He’s been a customer for some years now,” she told Diane. “He’s been giving gift certificates to his employees for a while. He directs them to come to this store and request me to help them.” Then noticing Diane’s expression, she added. “I only know him as a customer. He’s always been very kind and thoughtful. I’ve never seen him outside the store if that’s what you’re wondering.”When Marsha was gone, Diane turned back to view her reflection, studying her naked body from all sides. She compared what she saw here to the view from the mirror in the bathroom, scanning her body from toes to nose attempting to see herself as David saw her. Her eyes examined her newly shaved crotch. Turning from side to side, Diane decided that she liked the new look. “I could even wear one of those tiny bikinis now,” she said to herself.Putting a hand between her legs, Diane felt the softness of her skin. Touching herself made her understand David’s remarks about having his face sandwiched between her thighs. A shiver ran through her as she remembered David’s tongue and probing fingers in the shower. “I hope that happens again,” she said softly.Marsha came back into the dressing room with her hands filled with a variety of multicolored garments. “Have you ever worn thong panties?” she asked.“No. Never,” Diane answered. “I’ve never worn anything other than what I had on when I came in.”“I thought that might be the case,” Marsha said as she sorted through the pile. “You may not be comfortable in thongs, but they would be perfect for you for two reasons. First, you have a remarkable bottom, and a thong would show it off better than anything else. Second, thongs hide any panty lines. I have several types of thongs. I’d like for you to try on this one first.”Diane took the tiny piece of lace from Marsha and stepped into it. Turning toward the mirrors, she said, “I love lavender, and these are just beautiful.” Turning from side to side, Diane studied herself in the mirror before she turned to see her backside. “Oh my,” she gasped. “It’s as if I’m wearing nothing.”“Some women don’t like escort akbatı the feel of the strap running up their butt crack. How does it feel to you?”“I don’t think it’s uncomfortable,” Diane replied. “It’s just hard to imagine me wearing something so… bold.”“If Mr. Kingsly saw you in those, he’d be hard in seconds,” Marsha said in a voice that was almost a whisper.“That’s the way I like him,” Diane said before she considered what she was saying.“Let’s see you in this one,” Marsha said as she handed Diane another tiny piece of lace.Pulling the panty up, Diane turned to look at her rear.“That style is called a ‘cheeky,’ because it shows about half of your ass without the thong strap. That style is also helpful in not showing a panty line. As you can see, the one you have on has an almost transparent back, so your man gets a look at all of your rear while your front is still hidden.”“I like these,” Diane said with a smile. “How many colors do they come in?”“More colors than I can name,” Marsha laughed. “But with your skin tone, hair, and nipples, I’d recommend black, blue ombre’, and a color we call suntan bronze.”“What’s next?” Diane said, excitedly.“This is something new this fall,” Marsha said, holding up the next one. “It’s called a Brazilian V and comes in half a dozen colors.”After putting the new panty on, Diane said, “It fits quite high up on my hips. I would think it would be a problem with a skirt.”“Quite honestly, Diane,” Marsha said with a grin. “I don’t think this panty was made to be worn under anything. To me, it was designed to draw your man’s eyes between your legs. It’s something worn to arouse. There’s nothing practical about them.”Looking in the mirror, Diane understood what Marsha was saying. “I got it,” she mumbled.“But you can see that they fit like a glove. There are no mysteries with this panty,” Marsha said as she pointed at the way the garment fit Diane’s ass.Handing Diane another style, Marsha said, “This one is called a hip hugger. It is designed to cover more skin, but still, show off your natural assets. It comes in about fifteen different colors. I would like this one on you in nude blush. It has a waistband that looks like leopard skin. It would also look great on you in grey and white.”The women spent almost twenty minutes trying on the different styles of panties and selecting the styles that looked best on Diane.“Ready to try some bras now?” Marsha asked. When Diane nodded, the store manager picked up one and held it out. “You’ll find that these are a different size than what you’ve been wearing. You are at least one cup size larger than you think. If I were you, I’d want to show off rather than cover-up.”“This first one is called a triangle bra,” Marsha escort beylikdüzü said, holding it out to Diane.“There isn’t much to it,” Diane said as she slipped her breasts into it.“The object of the exercise in this one is to show off as much as you can. As you can see, that is just a small patch of fabric covering your breast, and it is unlined. That way, your erect nipples can show through.” Reaching around, Marsha said, “I hope you don’t mind if I demonstrate.”Marsha’s fingers lightly touched Diane’s nipple and rubbed. It took only a few seconds for the nipple to harden and show through the fabric. “This one is to tease your man.”Picking up another, Marsha said, “If you want to expose a lot of your breasts, you might want to try one of these longline bras. They push everything forward and together.”“I’ve never exposed anything,” Diane confessed, “But perhaps I’m going to.”“Try this one on,” Marsha said, holding it out to Diane. “These are new and quite bold. There’s a bit of lace that covers your nipples, but the top and bottom of your breast are visible. This is not something you would wear for support.”They spent another twenty minutes looking at the variety of bras before Marsha looked at her watch. “I think it’s time to start making some selections before Mr. Kingsly comes back. He said to fit you out for at least a week, so that would be seven sets.”Diane was now at ease, standing in front of Marsha completely naked. She picked out four bras, telling Marsha that she would like to have two of each in different colors. Then picking our four different panties, she asked if Marsha could match the panties with the bras.Making note of what Diane wanted, Marsha picked up her samples. As she started to leave, Marsha stopped and turned back to Diane. “I have a question that is absolutely none of my business, but I’m going to ask anyway. Is Mr. Kingsly good in bed?”Diane blushed, looking away for a second. Turning back to the woman, she said, “I’ve not very experienced in sexual matters, but I can tell you that David is a magician in bed, and on the couch, in the shower, and against the wall. I get orgasmic as soon as he touches me.”Marsha smiled. “Thanks. Let me know when you get tired of him.”When the store manager closed the dressing room door, Diane picked up the clothes she had worn in and realized how unattractive they were. Picking up the bra, she pitched it into a nearby trash can and slipped her blouse on over bare breasts. She considered throwing away the panties as well but didn’t like the idea of wearing slacks without panties. Looking into the mirrors, Diane could see her nipples poking through the fabric of her blouse. “He’ll like that,” she said aloud.Standing at the checkout counter beside Marsha, Diane saw David strolling in through the store’s front doors. He looked so handsome in tan slacks and a navy blue polo shirt. Her memory brought up a mental picture of him naked, and suddenly she wanted to be back in his bed.

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