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DISCREETOFFICESERVICES.COM… Chapter 8      “I’m sure you recognize this,” Marla said, setting a small bottle of a popular feminine hygiene douche on her desk.      On my return to her office after my very first time with a client, I’d mentioned how dry I’d been, how painful the sex was while the first exuberant thrusts were filling and stretching my pussy before I’d produced enough of my naural lubricant. Later that week a client hadn’t even given me the time to take my bra off before pinning me to the wall with more very painful thrusts into my dry pussy. Telling me that I was in the wrong business if I wanted romance and deep, breath taking kisses before sex, Marla was giving me a lesson on how to avoid that pain.From her desk drawer another, much larger bottle appeared and was placed on the desk. “This is a popular lubricant gel marketed for women with naturally dry vaginas. Simply empty the douch, clean the bottle out and…” Marla began opperating the finger pump to begin filling the empty douche bottle with gel.”Once filled, a small square of plastic wrap on top to keep the gel in the bottle and screw the wand on to secure the plastic wrap in place. Place it into a plastic, zip lock bag and carry it in your purse. Before you meet with a client, remove plastic wrap, insert wand and squeeze the bottle. Obviously you don’t need the entire bottle of gel, but a one good squeeze should do the trick and, voilà, you are lubed up and ready for frictionless and, hopefully, painless sex…”*******************************With so many men touching and undressing me, I felt excited enough to think I wouldn’t need the gel today. Once naked, I was pushed to my knees with cock after cock of all sizes and colors offered for me to suck and give short hand jobs to. Pulled back to my feet I was hemmed in. My head being turned in one direction after another to kiss and be kissed as hands roamed over my tits and ass.I wasn’t sure which man the hand belonged to that pushed between my legs to roughly finger my pussy. There was more laughter when a voice that sounded like the groom’s told the waiting men, Boys, this bitch is wet and ready. After one hand reached in to squeeze one of my tits especially hard and rough, there was more laughter as another voice declared that he’d won his bet because my large tits were natural.The groom had been given his choice for which woman he wanted first and he’d chosen me to laughter as he declared, “My wife-to-be is only five-four so this may be my last chance to fuck a tall girl!” The flask was taken from my hand and eager arms helped me onto my back atop the bed. It was the prospective groom who covered me while still more hands grasped my ankles to spread my legs wide for him.Whoever it was who’d pronounced me ‘wet and ready’ had told the truth as the groom’s cock easily slid inside me. Our sex was watched amid catcalls and shouted advice given by our audience. I could hear similiar shouts from the nearby bedrooms where the other two ladies had been led. The groom started by moving slowly inside me as we kissed but it wasn’t long before he raised up on locked arms to pound his cock into my pussy. I couldn’t resist touching myself while I was fucked. Again, cheers and jeers and shouted advice came from the men watching. From time to time hands would grab my ankles to spread my legs wider as we fucked. Through slitted eyes I watched as men undressed and began pendik escort jerking their already hard cocks. God, there’s so many men… and most of their cocks were already wet with pre-cum as I watched. To the enjoyment of my audience, over the dull, rapid ploof, ploof, ploof sound of our bodies coming together, I was making the grunts of expelled air expected from a woman recieving hard sex. The grunts may have been from being fucked hard but the groans all mine as I got caught up in the excitement of having sex in front of others for the first time. My yell of, Oh, shit! Fuck me harder! was matched by other yells of, We will! I think I might have come right then if the groom hadn’t come deep in me first!When the groom pulled out I was quick to use my fingers to press my pussy hole shut so his cum wouldn’t leak out and be wasted in my ass crack. There was a lot of money riding on who could fill their flask first! My ankles were released and I raised up on my knees. Handed my flask, I put the opening just below my pussy. I relaxed my fingers and watched as a small stream of cum slid down the long neck of the bottle. This is too slow, I thought and began pushing the six inch neck of the bottle between my lips. The one inch diameter glass tube with its thick walls filled me completely. I knew it wasn’t just collecting cum but also my own pussy juice from the wall of my vagina. I’m not one of the women who has the problem of a dry vagina! I produce a lot of juice especially when I come. I hadn’t come but I’d been close from just the first man to fuck me. I’ve returned home from dates many times with the crotch of my panties discolored with dried and drying pussy juice even if I hadn’t had sex. I’d gone out on a lot of dates in high school and I’d left a lot of panties lying on the bathroom floor until after I’d finished washing between my legs.deletedEspecially after I started letting boys touch and finger my pussy inside my jeans. Fucking myself with the long neck of the flask wouldn’t just collect the men’s cum faster, it would help me fill the flask quicker with my own pussy juice.Watching me ‘fuck the flask’, as it soon was called, became a crowd pleaser. But I wasn’t given much time with the flask as it was taken away and I was on my back again while another man positioned himself between my legs. During the groom’s ‘inaugural’ fuck, the men around the bed had given him the space to fuck me. That space was gone and never to reappear as the second man slid his cock inside me. deleted Another man moved onto the bed and, pushing a pillow under my head to raise it up, began to mouth fuck me at the same time. Other hands reached in to grab and squeeze my tits as I took two men for the first time. Still other men captured my hands to place them on their cocks expecting me to give hand jobs as I was fucked in mouth and pussy.This was all new and very exciting to me. One of my favorite porn thrills on my laptop had been watching a woman with many men. Fantasizing about multiple partners while masturbating… I was discovering that the real thing was sooooo much better than fantasy. I came during the second fuck… And again during the fourth…What wasn’t exciting was when a man using my mouth while waiting his turn in my pussy would lose control and come. It had been declared a rule that cum in the mouth couldn’t be used to fill the flask because of a girl cheating with spit. I didn’t escort pendik mind them tributing my face with cum, though. They could finger nudge that cum into the bottle as well as the cum tributed onto my stomach and tits.But, it was the cum in my pussy that would probably win the first place prize for me. Giving me a chance to collect not just the man’s cum from my pussy but, also, all the pussy juice I’d produced. Thankfully all the men were horny. After watching and hearing me getting fucked time after time and reaching in to squeeze and fondle my tits, they were very close to coming once between my legs.In my experiences while dating and my limited time as a whore, I’d become a pro on the different types of cum. From thick wads of white cum that clung to my face and tits without moving to the watery, almost colorless cum that gushed out of my pussy to stain the bed sheets. All these types went into filling my flask as time went on. Thick clumps of white suspended in a watery soup of cum and pussy juice.deleteddeleted     Other men showed up to the party while we were upstairs in bedrooms and they were soon joining the men who’d already come. Fresh, larger loads of cum were interspaced with second and third loads of smaller amounts as men moved from room to room, girl to girl and pussy to pussy. It was right then that I gave up all hope of keeping count of the number of men I fucked during my time as a whore.One thing I noticed was that men in a group act much cruder. Or perhaps they were just more honest expressing what they were really thinking. Shouts of, I’m going to fuck that bitch’s pussy so hard and Hurry up and come in that whore and I’m next on the slut plus other equally abusive terms were common. Things very few men would say if they were alone with a woman were shouted out for me and all present to hear. Which was fair I thought when I had time to do any thinking. After all, I was a whore and I was the one on her back or on her hands and knees letting ten, twenty and more men fuck her. I was the one having orgasms even if the men believed them to be fake.The only thing I didn’t allow was anal sex while the contest to fill the flask was ongoing. I kept pushing men away from my ass. Yea, I’d given myself pretty thorough enemas before coming to the party but I didn’t even want to think about trying to collect cum from my ass! It took over two hours of fucking and by the time the shout went up of We have a winner!, I was speckled with dried cum on my face, tits, stomach and back. I was in such a hurry to fuck the flask and hand it off to take the next cock that it wasn’t until I was on my back and spreading my legs again that I realized that the shout had come from the man looking at my flask! I’d won!Second and last place prizes were still up for grabs and as I placed the stopper into my flask it was agreed that I be allowed to rest until those prizes had been decided. Taking my flask with me outside to the pool, I presented it to our host who, after looking at the fill line, agreed that I’d won.deleted     I didn’t want my hair to get wet so I walked down the steps into the pool and let the cool water wash me free of cum while the other ladies still fucked for lesser awards. Damn, that cool water felt good between my legs!*******************************The taxi slowing in front of my building brought me back to the present. Shaking my head, I dispelled the last of pendik escort bayan my memories and paid the cabbie off. In the foyer of the building I took off my heels to run the stairs to the fifth floor. I was in a hurry to shower off any remaining cum from my body and the stale smell of cigarette smoke from my hair.Out of the shower I dried my hair as much as possible then wrapped a towel around my head to keep the wet strands out of my way while doing my makeup. Taking a quick look at the clock beside my bed I knew there was nothing for it but to show up at Danny’s apartment with wet hair. I like my long hair but sometimes it’s a real pain! You try enjoying a meal when your date thinks it’s romantic to sit at an outdoor table at a cafe ‘under the stars’ and it’s windy.      First of all, you can’t even see the damned stars because of the lights of the city and second of all, I’m trying to get one damned forkfull of food without chewing on my hair!All day I’d been trying to decide what to wear. The clothes I wore to ‘work’ were totally inappropriate. Short jeans and a t-shirt would do.deletedI was still hopping around on one foot putting on my last sneaker when there was a knock on my door. Eight o’clock on the dot… I opened the door to let Danny in.”Right on time. I guess traffic wasn’t bad,” I joked and began gathering my things.”Actually, I’ve been standing outside your door so I could knock at exactly the right time. You told me not to be late.””I’m the one running late and I’m sorry,” I apologized, pointing to the towel on my head. “I’ll have to comb and brush my hair out at your place.”Danny and I hadn’t seen each other much during the week except in passing. I’d had clients and he’d had exams and studying. Danny seemed so nervous and upset I was surprised he wasn’t shaking. Talking only to answer direct questions and then with short answers. Walking down the stairs to Danny’s apartment his nervousness seemed to increase. When I asked if something was wrong he said there was nothing. Stopping, I didn’t enter his apartment after he’d opend the door.”C’mon, Danny. You’re acting squirrlier than usual. What’s up?””Ok,” Danny sighed and came back out into the hallway. “I’ve been trying all week to figure out what this is.” “What, what is?””This! All of this. You asking me out and all.””If I remember correctly you asked me out.””You told me to!””You didn’t want to ask me out?””Of course I did.””Then what’s the problem?”Danny threw up his hands. “Stop twisting my words. I feel like I’ve been here before and the rugs about to be pulled out from under me again. So, just be straight with me. Is this a real boyfriend/girlfriend date type date or just a two friends date. Or do you still want me to do something for you, so you…””You’re too smart for me, Danny,” I interrupted. “I do want something.””I knew it! I knew you couldn’t be interested in me.” Danny seemed to deflate like an old tire. “What is it you want?””A pizza. I’ve been on the run all day and haven’t stopped to eat. I’m hungry and popcorn just ain’t gonna cut it.””A pizza… You want a pizza?””I’m buying until you get a paycheck, but the only thing I want from you, is for you to order me a pizza.””That’s all?””That’s all, except for this…” I began before leaning down and forward to kiss him. His lips were stiff from shock at first but soon we were kissing like a couple should. I think we both tried to deepen our kiss at the same time. Our tongues kind’a met in the middle.deletedReleasing his lips after several seconds, I whispered, “Danny, you tell me.  Was that a girlfriend/boyfriend kiss or a kiss on the cheek between just friends?”

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