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Dixieland Delight, Chapter 1

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My name is Michael Jackson (no, not that Michael Jackson!) and I am an executive manager for a major corporation based in New York, but with offices in Chicago, St. Louis, and Seattle. My job in this corporation is to set up new offices and branches when we move into a new market. And it was that aspect of my job that had brought me to Savannah, Georgia this trip. Our company wanted to plant roots in the South, and they picked me for the job of establishing the first foothold in The Peach State.I had always had an interest in the Deep South–it’s history, it’s scenery, and most importantly, Southern women were just so fucking hot! So I was thrilled when they asked me to fly down and help the new office get up and running. It was just after Christmas when I got the notification that they wanted to open a new branch in Savannah to start off the new year. January in New York City averages around between 40F (4C) degrees for the high temp and 27F (-3C) degrees for the low. But this was a really cold year with temps below normal for a lot of the time. The day I flew out of JFK it was 34F (1C) degrees. So I was glad to head south like the geese and get into some warmer weather!The company picked Jan 7th for me to head down there. It was the first full work week of the new year and all the holiday travelers should be back home by then so the rush would be over. I decided to go down a day early–Sunday the 6th–so I would be in place and ready to start first thing that morning. Plus, I wanted to get settled and organized in my hotel room as well.The 730 mile, two-and-a-half-hour flight was uneventful and before I knew it, the captain came over the plane’s intercom advising us we would be landing shortly. We landed and I got through the airport with minimal fuss. My bags even landed with me (something that didn’t always happen when I traveled!) so after a twenty-minute cab ride, I arrived at my hotel. The front counter had everything ready and less than ten minutes later, I was laying in a very comfortable queen-sized bed in a spacious and quite nice hotel suite. I had gotten a suite because I was going to be there for a bit and didn’t want to be cramped in a small hotel room. Plus it was on the company’s dime so why not enjoy myself!The rest of that day consisted of getting settled into my room, getting cleaned up, and then going out to grab a bite to eat and look around what would be home for the next few weeks. I knew from experience that I would be here in Savannah for at least a month while we got this fledging office up and running. Sometimes, like in the Seattle office, it took longer–I was there for almost two months because of complications in the setup and communications with the home office. Plus, as I said, I wanted to see the casino siteleri sights of Savanah. I especially wanted to check out the old plantation mansions and the streets covered over with weeping willow trees. I had seen tons of pictures of the south and I wanted to see if it was still the same.[img]https://images.lushstories.com/5137371c55e28a24f0ce6bc1/three-astericks.jpg[/img]After a day of travel, a little sightseeing, and a wonderful night’s sleep, Monday morning meant back to work again. The new office wasn’t very far from the hotel, so I got there a little after 8:00 am. I wanted everyone to be in their place when I came in so I could see the operation I was going to organize.Our company had bought out a smaller rival company and we were going to use their already established offices as our new southern office. Most everything we would need was already in place and also the old company had become familiar to the people of Savannah so the transition to our company would be easier.I walked through the double glass doors of the office building and turned right to get to the elevators. The office was on the fourth floor, so during the ride up, I went over mentally what I was going to say to this new crew. The doors opened and I walked across the hallway to the front door of our new company office.A quick scan of the front office didn’t show anything unusual, however, the only thing within first sight was the receptionist desk, a large wall behind it with a huge clock and an opening at the end of the wall that obviously led to the “inner workings” of the place.”Hello, can I help you sir?” the young receptionist said as I approached.”Yes, my name is Michael Jackson. I’m from the New York office. Who is in charge here at the moment?””Oh yes, Mr. Jackson. We were expecting you. Right now Mr. Blake is in charge. If you will follow me I will take you to his office.” The receptionist stood up and I came around the counter to follow behind her. “What is your name miss?” I didn’t see a ring on her finger so I just assumed she wasn’t married.”My name is Tina, sir. Tina Reynolds.””Well, Tina it is nice to meet you.””It’s nice to meet you too sir. Here we are, Mr. Blake’s office.” She knocked softly on the door and I heard a man’s muffled voice come from behind it. Tina opened the door and announced me, and then after giving me a smile, went back to her desk out front.After a brief introduction and a handshake, I got right to the point. “Mr. Blake, my job here is to help in any way I can to get this office up to speed and running smoothly. I understand this office has been here a long time and the people you have here have been with your company for some time.””That’s right. And now that your company is taking us güvenilir casino over people around here are nervous about their jobs. Savannah is a very nice place to live and no one wants to leave here.” Mr. Blake said.”Mr. Blake I understand completely. And trust me when I tell you I am not a company ax-man or anything–no one here is in any imminent danger of losing their jobs. I am only concerned with smoothing out the wrinkles and offering my assistance in improving the efficiency and expediting this birthing stage of the Savannah office.””That’s good to know Mr. Jackson. When the New York office said they were sending someone down to straighten things up here… well you can understand how nervous people got! “The economy has hit Savannah pretty hard, and there isn’t a lot of job opportunities here right now. Some of the people here were really afraid for their jobs.””Well, unless you can show me differently, no one here is headed for the unemployment line yet. But maybe a company meeting might settle some nerves and make things a little less tense here. Is there a place around here where I can get everyone together in one place at the same time?””We have a pretty good-sized conference room at the end of the hallway. It’s a shared conference room for the whole floor, but it’s usually empty. It will be crowded, but I think we can fit everyone in it.””Great, have everyone go there right after lunch so I can address everyone all at the same time and put their minds to rest. In the meantime, is there an office I can borrow?””Of course let me show you.” He led me to another office that until now had not been used much. But it had a large desk, a couple of file cabinets, a bookshelf and a computer. “Will this be sufficient for your needs Mr. Jackson?” “This will do nicely, and please call me Micheal. I’m not your boss so we can be on a first-name basis.””All right Michael, you can call me Tim then.””That’s a deal. Now, I will need a secretary or assistant… someone to help me find my way around all this.””Of course, I will send in a few people and you can pick whom you like.””That will be fine.””I will start sending them right in. And I will let everyone know about the meeting after lunch.””Thank you.” And I took a seat behind my desk opening my laptop and began transferring the files I would need onto the main computer.About twenty minutes into my work, I heard a soft knock on the door. I went to the door and standing in front of me was a young dark-haired girl, probably twenty years old. “Mr. Jackson, Mr. Blake said you might be looking for a secretary to help you? I would like to be considered for the position. I can type and do all the regular office work. I have been working here for a couple of years canlı casino now and I know the job.””I see, well come on in and let’s have a talk shall we?”The girl, Amanda, followed me inside the office and took a seat in front of my desk. I proceeded to interview her to get inside her head a bit. After a few minutes, I knew that she wasn’t the girl for me. Nothing wrong with her, it’s just we didn’t “click”.”I will consider your request and let you know. I have a couple of other girls to interview first and then I will decide.””Yes, Sir. Thank you.”I went back to my work and a few minutes later, there was a second knock on the door, this time stronger and more confident. I went to answer the door again. This time a more mature woman was standing there when the door opened.”Hello, Mr. Jackson, my name is Annie Thibodeau. I am here to offer my services as your secretary and assistant. I am a born and bred Savannah sweetheart and I know just about everything about Savannah there is to know. “As far as work goes, I have been a secretary for the better part of fifteen years including a four-year stint as a private secretary ‘Girl Friday’ for an executive which I am not at liberty to name. “However, I was responsible for his daily scheduling, I traveled with him on business trips, and I was invaluable to him–his words, not mine.”I heard her sales pitch, given with the cutest Southern drawl, but in all honesty, I wasn’t paying much attention to her words… I was staring dumbstruck at the vision of Southern charm standing in front of me! Annie Thibodeau was a strikingly attractive woman around forty years old with platinum blonde hair that cascaded down her back and shoulders like a blonde waterfall to the middle of her back. She had beautiful blue eyes and full lips that practically begged to be kissed. Annie had an amazing figure too… five-foot-four-inches tall (five-eight with the four-inch stiletto-heeled pumps she was wearing) and built like a brick shithouse! But the most prominent and eye-catching of her features were her tits. They were enormous! Like two inflated airbags, they stuck out in front of her as if they were inviting you to come and play with them. Annie wore a long-sleeved red stretch knit dress that day that hugged every delicious curve she had, showing me just what she was bringing to the game. The scooped neckline of the dress wasn’t overly low, but it didn’t have to be–her tits were showing plenty of cleavage just as it was, trapped under that restrictive dress. The hemline of the tight, clingy dress was high enough to be very interesting without being slutty.”Won’t you come in, Miss Thibodeau?” I stood to the side, holding the door and sweeping my arm towards my desk.”Actually it is Ms. Thibodeau. You see I was married once, but my husband couldn’t handle me.””I see. All right Ms. Thibodeau. Now I just have a few standard questions I am asking all the applicants for the job and…””Just a moment Sir. Can I say something before you start asking me a bunch of questions?”

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