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Doctor appointment.

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Doctor appointment.I’ve had the same doctor for years, he was some old dude that knew his shit. One day I get a call from a woman, nurse Helen. She informed me that my doctor has retired and sold his business. Would I like to keep my appointment. Yeah sure no worries. A few days later I show up for my appointment, I’m greeted with a smile from nurse Helen. Take a seat the Dr will be with you shortly. I couldn’t help but notice she was a beautiful woman of Latin decent. The door swings open and nurse Helen escorts me back to the room. Nurse Cassandra will be In, shortly she smiled.A couple minutes pass and Nurse Cassandra walks in and introducing herself with a big smile, also Latina. She’s a knock out. She does my vitals and asks me a bunch of questions. I asked is my doctor male or female? Female she smiled Oh okChris were professionals, if you have a problem speak up we’re all here to help. She smiled. Ok…What’s bothering you?Umm having some problems down south…Erectile disfunction?Yeah I guess. Ok well I’ll take some blood and check your testosterone. Don’t worry I can easily fix that she smiled. Ok thanks.Are you sexually active? She asked No not a lot .Married or single?Single Ok great she smiled. And says the doctor will be in shortly. She walked out, her ass in her scrubs gave me a instant erection but it went away quickly. Thank goodness. I heard talking I think they were speaking Portuguese. The 3 talked and the doctor walked in introducing her self as doctor alburkurke. But you can call me dr. Laila she smiled. So nurse Cassandra tells me you are having some difficulty in the man department. Tell me what’s going on. Well ummm. Nurse Cassandra walks in. It’s ok Chris. Well … I can get hard but it goes away quickly. So you can get a erection?Yeah Great that’s a start. Ok get undressed Chris. Huh?Take off all your clothes. Shit …I took my shirt and pants off and stood there in my boxers. The dr grabbed my boxers and pushed them to the floor. I just stared at the wall. Wow no hair, wasn’t expecting that. My soft cock sat at a mere 1 1/2” Hmmm she said. Chris can you get a erection now. What? güvenilir bahis Now?Yeah. I looked at nurse Cassandra, her big brown eyes, her pouty pink lips. Her breasts trying to rip through her smock, those luscious hips and thighs. I remember how her pants rode up her ass. My cock grew to a thick 7” . Nurse Cassandra looks up from my cock, smiling that is a big change. I looked at her face as she bit her bottom lip. My cock got even harder. The doctor grabbed my cock with her gloved hand. Well it seems strong, definitely getting enough blood flow, it’s very hard. I looked down at her holding my cock and it instantly shriveled. I know what your problem is. Stage fright! Nurse Cassandra gave you a hard on but when you seen me holding it. You lost it. Or maybe it’s just me?No definitely not you!Let’s try again. She let go of my cock. I stared at Cassandra, can you turn around? Bend over maybe. She giggled sure. Nurse Cassandra bent over , her pants holding her ass tightly. She put her thumbs in the sides of her pants wiggles her ass and slides them halfway down. Her tan soft ass my cock at attention. The doctor rolled to the side. I watched intently as Cassandra pulled her shirt off and bra, she pulled her pants back up and turned around her beautiful face c-cup tits in my face, no tan lines, her skin was golden brown. She sat in a chair and rolled over. Looking up at me smiling. She grabbed my cock I stayed hard. She looks at me opening her mouth and leaned down. My cock about to go in her mouth, instantly shrinks out of her hand. Wtf ! I complained Nurse Cassandra holding my limp cock, Chris when is the last time you orgasm? About a year…Omg so you can’t even get there by yourself? NopeYou poor man. She sulks The doctor rolls over, have you ever tried prostate stimulation?I’ve tried but I don’t understand it. Ok well the best way to reach your prostate is through your anus. Yeah I know. Can we help you.?I’ll try anything, at this point. You’ve tried anal stimulation?YepOk she poured lube into her hand, they both walked behind me, pulling my cheeks apart. You don’t like hair do you Chris ? Cassandra türkçe bahis spoke. No I laughed. I feel the cool lube on my asshole, she rubbed her fingers in a circle. Ok lean back up. Cassandra sits in front of me her naked breasts, she’s biting her bottom lip. You ready she smiled. Yes. I feel a slight pressure against my hole. A finger slipped in , not concentrating on my prostate she swirling her finger around. I feel a second and a third slip in. So what do you use in your ass Chris? A dildo. Oh great cause the toy I use is quite large ok?Yes Cassandra stands up. Her hands on my chest she moaned get hard for me Chris. Her tongue licks my lips, her hand slid down my stomach and grabbed my hard cock. She sits back down looking up. Thanks baby…I feel the doctor removed her fingers, a bigger presence pushed against my asshole. Relax for us Chris. I feel the girth of the object press in my ass. Omg that’s big. I moaned. You like it? The doctor saysYes ma’am Mmmmmm ma’am.! That’s a good boy. It felt like it would never end sliding in my ass. It thrust in and out of my boy box. I felt her hands holding my hips and at that time I relized I was getting fucked. My cock was so hard. I seen the doctor reflection in the cabinets. She that beautiful woman has a huge cock. Her big fake tits out bouncing as she slammed deep into my ass, her balls slapping mine. Cassandra held my cock her mouth open wide. Give me your cum she begged. She slowly stroked my hard cock. I felt my balls spasm and my cock erupted. Thick white streams of spunk shot it Cassandra’s mouth and all over her face, mmmmm she moaned as she swallowed it all up and started sucking my cock. Her big brown eyes staring up at me as I moaned out loud. She stood up and started making out with me and my cum. My ass still being fucked, Cassandra pushed her pants down, her big brown cock flopped out. Omg you too! She smiled, and pushed my head down to her cock. My mouth willingly opened and I took her cock in my mouth. She held my head and fucked my mouth. The doctor grunted and I felt her cum shoot inside me. They both pulled their respectful cocks güvenilir bahis siteleri from me and switched places. I suck my ass juices and the doctors cum from her cock, and Cassandra slammed her massive cock inside me. She held my hips and her balls slapped mine ultra hard. The doctor exhausted sat down holding my new hard on. Cum Chris cum again she ordered. Cassandra pulled my back up to her chest, her big tits on my back, she thrusted her cock deep inside of me. My cock flopping and leaking all over the place. The door opened and shuts its nurse Helen, standing there smiling she strips naked, small tits but I nice cock . She climbed up on the table in front of me and Cassandra shoves my face into her ass. Eat her Chris! My tongue darts into Helens asshole, she moaned. My tongue explores her asshole walls . Softly I nibble her ass and get it sloppy wet. I suck Her brown bud into my mouth and lick her balls , she pushed her cock back between her legs and I suck it in. My ass being plowed by Cassandra I was in heaven. Cassandra digs her nails into my hips and moaned so loudly as I felt her fill me up. I returned to eating helens asshole. She moved forward, and looked back… fuck me chris!I climbed up behind her and shoved my cock in. I pumped a few times and went soft. She hopped off the table and slammed into me. My cock got hard again, leaking all over the table. Helen came in my ass too. I laid there exhausted, they sat in their chairs. We know what your problem is Chris. Your a bottom! But that’s not a problem for us Cassandra giggled. So I’m gay?No , not gay. You just like getting fucked. So yeah gay…Do we look like men?Hell no!Then your not gay. Oh btw your not single anymore, I’m your girlfriend. She smiled. The other 2 got dressed and left. Cassandra hugged me and made out with me. Are you serious? We’re dating?Yeah is that good with you?Hell yes!Good I’m moving in this weekend. I’ll see you after work tonight baby. And she walks away. I sat in my house thinking she was joking, 6pm a knock at the door. Cassandra standing there with 2 suitcases. Hey baby, why are you still dressed?I pulled her and her bags in and locked the door. I stripped naked, dropped to my knees pulling her pants down and took her in my mouth. Oh you’re going to make the perfect boyfriend she moaned. I have something in store for you tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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