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Doctor visit

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Doctor visitI had fever. Did not manage to get out of bed. New to the neigborhood I went through the yellow pages to find a doctor. Found a Moroccan sounding name and gave her a call as I had lived there before and like the thought of a female doctor. She had a sweet voice and said she would be able to drop by in an hour. An hour later the doorbell rang and this young woman I traduced herself as the doctor that I had called. I couldn’t help letting my eyes wonder up and down. She was wearing tight jeans, long boots and a tight white shirt. I could see the limits of a push up bra of what was clearly a handful. I had been home for a week and despite the fever, couldn’t stop having fantasies. I felt high and had difficulties concentrating. She was pro, followed me back into my bedroom and started going over the classic tests. As she was taking my fever, she leaned over and the top button of her shirt popped and I saw two boobies leaning forward, trying 1xbet yeni giriş to escape the cups. She hadn’t noticed and kept checking my ears, throat…. I felt my dick swelling and started to panic that she would notice. My pj’s were kind of loose so it was hard to avoid a tent forming. I managed to catch my dick between my thighs. I could feel my dick head throbbing . She was talking about medicine, I tried to think of anything that could put me off. She leaned forward again and I could feel her nipple piercing through her shirt, gently touching my arm. My mind was going wild and my dick escaped my thighs, out of my PJ’s, and leaped forward, bumping into her side. As if trying to swath a fly, her hand went backward and before she realized, she had her hand around my dick head. Realizing, what was happening, she turned bright red, jumped up, but slipped over the magazines beside my bed and fell forward. The second button on her shirt 1xbet güvenilir mi gave in and her two boobies popped out. She screamed and tried to cover them with her small hands. Here we were. Me trying to cover my dick and my doctor trying to push back what were the most soft perky boobies I had seen in a long time. We were both stuttering and apologizing. We were both nervous and started giggling. I had to cough and my dick escaped again, trusting into her back. She froze. I did not know what to say. To my surprise, she leaned back into my dick, closed her eyes and let go of her boobies. I heard her stutter “this is not happening, it is not real”. I had two incredible boobies jiggling in front of my face, while she gently rocked her hips, swayed her leg over me and sat down on top, repositioning my dick against her ass. I was sweating. My mouth was gasping to catch one of her nipples that had become super stiff. She started rubbing 1xbet giriş against my dick, faster and faster and I could feel the heat of her pussy lips and some moist coming through. There was nothing left from the little professional doctor. She went into a trance and started moaning and breathing heavily. She moved her hips and started dry humping me. I leaned forward and let her boobies gently slap me as they were swaying back and forth, trying to catch a nipple. By know she was really pushing her hips down, and I could feel my cock slide between two wet lips. Her jeans were wet with her juices. I felt my cum climbing up. She felt it, pushed hard a few times and lifted herself up, watching me cum all over my chest. She dipped her finger, and put a thin layer of cum over her lips. The salty taste brought her back and looked up sheepishly. We both looked at each other in shock. She tried to snap back into her doctor mode, got up, gently squeezed her bookies back into her bra, closed the shirt and stuttered that I should stay in bed. Before I could thank her she was out of the door. I fell asleep and woke up hours later still high on fever, not knowing what was real or not. The doorbell rang….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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