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Subject: Doctor Who, Jeremy and Jesse 155 PLEASE SUPPORT NIFTY! fty/donate.html http://www.youtube/watch?v=6QGbsNIZ-uo https://www.youtube/watch?v=51m7cnwoiog The man just dropped his shoulders. “Okay, now, you’ve given us quite a run around. Now, it’s time to come with me. Peacefully.” “I don’t think so.” Jeremy said. He turned to run but the man grabbed Jeremy’s speedo. “Please! Not on the first date!” He exposed Jeremy’s butt crack but Jeremy turned and fist punched the man in the jaw and then turned again and double fist punched the man. The man seemed drawn back…a little. Jeremy palmed him in the chin and punched the man’s stomach but with little effect. “Christmas! You’re Jaws.” “My turn!” The man grabbed at Jeremy’s shoulders. Another man came up behind “Jaws” but Jeremy punched the man. This man fell over the rail and off the bridge but held onto the bottom with two hands. The water was below him. The “Jaws” man pulled him back up over the rail. “I should have let you fall! I told you I’ll handle him!” He looked as Jeremy had another head start on him. He ran after Jeremy. He reached the boy again. Jeremy was tired and there was only so much he could do against all these men. Jeremy ran but the “Jaws” man grabbed at him again. Jeremy struggled as he was grabbed from behind. He tried to turn again but the scuffle was as a huge spray of water came from below the bridge. They battled on wet metal now. Jeremy slipped and fell over the rail and off the bridge! THE RESTART OF THE THEME but then A STING and then another STING as in: https://www.youtube/watch?v=we7BNW8UqZw https://www.youtube/watch?v=eEdD5eyTZbQ FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! Jeremy grabbed on but only had one hand on the bottom of the platform. The water surged beneath him. “Jaws” put his hand down and looked at Jeremy. Jeremy reached up with his free arm and hand. “What the hell, if you drop me, I’m going to fall in anyway.” “I’m not going to drop you. My employer wants to talk to you.” He put his hand in Jeremy’s and Jeremy could feel himself being pulled up. He put his other hand out but the man didn’t take it right away. “On the other hand, so to speak, you just killed several of my colleagues and at least two of my over seers…” “They did it to themselves!” “I should let you drop right here…” Jeremy stared at him. He looked down at the water below. “They say people who fall from great heights are dead before they even hit the ground…or in this case the water…what do you think?” Jeremy just stared at the man. “I thought you might have been different. A man of your word.” “Jaws” pulled Jeremy up and over the rail. He shook him. “Don’t give me any more trouble.” “I won’t.” They started to walk back toward the limousines. “Good. I take it you are a man of your word.” “Hardly a man at all compared to you,” Jeremy noted. “Is that an age-ist joke?” Jeremy shrugged, “Maybe.” “I have some change of clothes you can put on in the car.” “You don’t like me the way I’m dressed, huh?” “I’m not…” “Questioning? No?” Jeremy questioned. “You’re rather big. The clothes in the car will probably fit you,” the man said sardonically. “Yeah, probably our stolen beach stuff, right?” Jeremy chided. “You’ll get everything back.” “Sure! I bet! Who are you working for?” “Who? I’m not going to tell you that.” When they reached the other men at the end of the bridge, one man said, “We have to get out of here, fast.” The sound of police sirens and ambulances sounded. Motorists were pulled over to the sides of the highway. As Jeremy was moved past the car that had his and Jesse’s artwork on the fender, he pointed, “Did you know you have a penis and balls sticking out of your front fender? Are they yours or the driver’s?” “Just get in!” “Jaws” pushed Jeremy into a limousine and followed him. The car took off. Soon, all the limousines were gone. Later, much later, after learning of the stuff Jesse and Jeremy threw out of Bessie’s trunk, the Doctor would say, “You threw what at them where?” “In fact, sometime later, a relatively small family of rodent like homeless people did a clean-up of the area and picked up many of the still usable items. Subsequently, at internet caf� in B. Daltons Book Store in Bohemia (yes, they walked there with grocery store wagons), they sold many of the items on E Bay and Ioffer and became rich. It is believed they all went into politics, on both sides of the two party system. And yes, in America although I am now tracking the possibility that one or two of them emigrated to England where they either went into politics there or married one of the princes.” These are other stories and shall be told at other times. Probably. “I don’t want to let any more people inside and have him talk them again, especially from …what are you from? US INIT?” “US UNIT. Top secret stuff. Your son may be able to help us in our investigations of what happened to him and the others. If we could just come in…” “I don’t think so, Brigadier and what was your name?” “Just Doctor will do.” “Doctor who?” “Mrs. Stengel, if you just get Tyler, we can just talk to him out here,” the Doctor told the 31 year old woman. Michelle looked at him and then at the Brigadier. “I don’t know. He’s been through a lot. He can’t remember anything about …” “Mrs. Stengel, we can get a court order for him to talk to us but…” The Brig started to say but was stopped when the Doctor reached back and put a hand on the Brig’s chest. “Like I said, we can talk to him here. It’ll take only a few moments and what he tells us could possibly help the other missing teenagers and children and homeless people…we know you want them to be found, too.” Michelle looked behind her into the house. “I’ll…I’ll see if he’s up to it.” The Doctor turned to look at the Brig as soon as the woman left them to retrieve her son. He shrugged. A moment later and the woman returned with the good looking, if skinny and tall boy. He was, in fact, taller than the Doctor, if not the Brigadier. He had large hazel eyes, half ringed underneath by bags of worry and non-sleep. Light brown hair and smooth skin. For some reason, the Doctor thought the teen had been a lacrosse player. Tyler wore a simple purple jersey and blue shorts. He had no shoes or socks on but the Doctor thought he had never seen feet so good looking, except on Jesse and Jeremy. Oh, and Greyson, too. “Hullo, Tyler, I’m the Doctor…” the Doctor out his hand out in a strange way as if to shake hands in a “teen” kind of way. Tyler just looked at the hand. He backed away. The Doctor could feel the Brig’s impatience behind him. Or maybe it was the huffing the taller, older man did from there. “No.” “What? Tyler, look at me. Look at my eyes. You can tell that I mean you…no harm, can’t you?” Tyler’s eyes widened. In fear. In terror. The Brig noticed it. This puzzled him and he tried not to let that show in his face. Normally, the Doctor had a much more calming effect on people who had been through an ordeal. Possibly, Tyler had been through more than one ordeal. “Steady down, now, young chap,” the Doctor said as he widened his eyes. “I think he’s been hypnotized or …” Michelle, from behind Tyler, stood very close to her son. “I think that’s quite enough.” “No,” the Doctor said, “Please, I might even be able to help him.” “How?” “Remember what happened to him so he can cope with it.” “I do so think he’s not remembering is what’s helping him cope,” the mother said. “Bright woman, aye, Doctor.” “Brigadier, you’re not helping.” The Doctor looked at Tyler again. “Please, Mrs. Stengel. Michelle. Tyler. The other kidnapped victims. You might be able to help us find them if I can just try to unlock what’s in your memory…” The Doctor moved closer to the youth. He widened his eyes larger. He took out a pedant from his jacket and waved it in a swinging motion. “Focus on this. On this. Follow it with your mind, not just your eyes. Focus. Focus. Follow. Feel it. Feel the past. Feel. Focus. Find.” When it came to boys, the Doctor sure had a lot of F words. The Brig tried to push this notion from his own mind. “I…I remember. I think.” “Frank.” The woman called back inside the house. “Frank, wake up. It’s Tyler. I think he’s starting to remember.” She kept calling “Frrrrrraaa-nk.” “You. You did it. You opened up my mind.” Tyler didn’t sound calmed but neutral. His panic had not yet fully subsided. “I know. What do you see there…in the past?” “You. The Master of time.” The Brig moved closer to the Doctor’s back. “That’s it, then. We know for sure. It was the Master.” “Frank!” The woman left them and ran inside. “Brigadier. I think this boy’s been…I feel as if …how old does he look to you?” “13…14 maybe? I dunno. Why? Is it important?” “Considerably. He is about…or looks about 14 and five months and his body shows signs of that. However, I suspect he’s a bit older.” “How can you confirm that?” The Doctor moved in on Tyler and licked the boy’s cheek. Tyler flinched and moved back. This caused the Doctor to move backward, too. “Steady on? Was that necessary?” The Brig asked. “Brigadier. There’s a discrepancy. He’s 14 and five months in body but he’s lived time wise about 15 years.” “I don’t follow. Or understand.” Tyler, as soon as he realized the Doctor licked him, yelled. “MOM! MOM, where are you?” Michelle came back to the door, a very tired looking man behind her. Frank, who rubbed his eyes, asked, “Just where are two from?” “Military,” the Brig showed his pass. “What do you hope to accomplish?” “Finding facts that will enable us to find the others that were taken. Like your son.” “Okay, I guess.” Frank seemed unsure. “Just don’t rile him any…” Tyler turned to his parents. “No! It was him! He did this to me. Don’t let them. Don’t let him get me again.” “The Doctor here thinks Tyler’s remembered who did this to him.” Tyler turned to them. “I saw him. In my mind. I see him. He’s still there. He’s here. He’s here. He’s going to get me.” The Doctor gripped Tyler’s elbows and held him close. “No, Tyler. He’s not.” “That man. The eyes. He did it. No, not him. It was you. It was him. Not a man at all. Him. You. You have to stop hurting me!” Frank moved out, past his wife and to the Doctor. bursa yabancı escort He took Tyler away from the Doctor, bodily. “That’s quite enough, now. Look, I’m all for helping you find those other poor unfortunates but…” Tyler almost buckled over, facing front. The Doctor caught him as the boy fell from his father’s arms. The Doctor moved his gaze under Tyler’s face. “You shall go back to forgetting. Forgetting it all. You will be all right.” “You. You did it to me.” Tyler cried. Tears came down his eyes. “It will be all okay.” The Doctor told him. The parents took the boy away. As they entered the house, the Doctor reassured them. “He’ll be okay. He won’t remember now.” “He’d better. When we come back out here,” Frank threatened, “I want your names again.” “Brigadier, I think it’s time for us to go,” the Doctor suggested. “I’ll leave my number in the post.” The Brig took out his card. The Doctor looked at it. “You…you have a card now?” “Of course. Doesn’t everyone?” The Brig put it in the mailbox. “Let’s make ourselves scarce.” As they returned to and entered into the army truck the Brig now had, he asked, “What’s that time stuff mean, Doctor?” As the truck started, driven by the Brig, the Doctor explained. “He gained some time but hadn’t aged. It’s similar to…to how the TARDIS affects Jesse and Jeremy when they travel with me. I mean they might have been gone from Earth since 2004 or 5 and when they return to their own time after being with me for eleven years traveling in time and space…they’ve only aged a few seconds. Their lives are longer but they don’t have the repercussions…does that make sense to you?” “No.” “Let me put it to you this way. If I took young Tyler there from this year, 2008, traveled in time for three months or even a year, and then returned to 2008 from the very second he left…” “He should then be older but in the flick of a second.” “Ahhhh, yes, IF Time Lord technology didn’t compensate for that in lesser…sorry, lesser species who cannot handle time travel and would lose time in their lives but…this way, our way, the compensation means that while Tyler lived for a year in the past or the future or during time space travel, that year would not be lost in his life because his aging was slowed down.” “If that’s the case, then how did you detect it? Licking him?” The Brig made a face. “Exactly. I can tell he’s lived extra time out of his own time. He is for intents and purposes, still his own age, yet he lived extra time in the past or the future. Someone sent him into time. This means they are doing time experiments.” “And using Time Lord tech. And by someone who’s smarter…” The Brig caught the Doctor’s expression of shock and amended what he was saying, “…well, almost as smart as you…” “The Master…” “It does seem that way.” “What do you mean, now, Brigadier?” “For a moment, it sounded as if that boy were blaming you.” “Yes, that moment wasn’t lost on me. I can assure you that I had nothing to do with kidnapping boys and homeless people and sending them into time.” “Yes, I know that but…but what’s it for? Why are they doing this? Why is the Master helping them?” “Maybe…just maybe he was forced.” “Forced?” “Yeah, the last time I met him…not to say that this Master or the Master in his timeline is the same one from after that time…follow?” “No.” “It could be anywhere along his life. In any case, the last time, he seemed weary of messing around in time and almost as if he were planning on giving it all up.” “What? Retirement?” The Brig laughed from behind the wheel. “Yes!” The Doctor snapped. “Just because you like your job so much as to never retire permanently, Brigadier, doesn’t mean others, even someone as evil in the past as the Master, wouldn’t tire of what he were doing after some 3000 years or so, give or take a year or so.” “Three…three? Three thousand…” “Yes, well, at times, the Master is older than I am. At other times, not so much.” “Don’t even ask if I follow that!” The Brig laughed. “Question now is, what are we going to do about it?” “I think we have to reexamine that Montauk base. I’m sure there’s something going on there…” The phone rang before the Brig could react. “Yes. Yes, Sergeant Yeats. I’m not sure I get what you’re telling me but first things first: witnesses, you say? Well, make sure they won’t talk…” The Doctor took the phone. “Hold on, Sergeant. Counter hold that order.” “Doctor, what are you doing?” “You’re not going to harm any witnesses are you?” “What? No!” The Brig snatched the phone back from the Doctor. “Sergeant, let me just make sure I understand this, sergeant. One of them was kidnapped from the mizzen top castle of an old pirate ship by a…a Russian on a flying jet back pack and the other was pulled off the bridge by Jaws from the James Bond movies. Okay, understand now. Just wanted to make sure of my facts. Any way of tracing them? Yes, that’s where I suspected. No, don’t move in yet. Wait until my orders, and Sergeant, good work. ” “What’s happened? Another murder?” “No, something far worse, I would imagine. Your two friends.” “Jesse and Jeremy.” “Witnesses saw them …well, one of them was taken by a man on a flying belt and the other was snatched by man who resembled Jaws from the James Bond movies.” In a dark room with only one spotlight, something interrogates Jesse, who’s on his knees, naked and beaten…he looks up bruised and bloody…and laughed…or was his captor laughing. He wasn’t sure. He hoped Jeremy got away. He thought about his life. It was a good one. He was thinking, however, this might be IT. He thought about his mother and a conversation they had a while ago. “Please come home. For good. In years time, when I see you, it’ll look like you but it won’t be. You’ll have over 1000 years of travel in time and space and God knows where else. You won’t be Jeremy anymore…” “Oh, mom.” “That’s how I want it,” Jesse tells his mom. “But who is he?” He recalled Jeremy telling him that he and his mom had pretty much the same conversation. “No regrets,” Jesse told himself. “Jeremy. Good-bye, Jeremy. I’ll see you again…another world…maybe. Jeremy,” Jesse wanted to cry but wouldn’t. “Jeremy, that’s your name.” A man questioned Jeremy. They were in a small gray room. He was naked, too and tied by his chest to a chair. There were also ropes around his ankles which held them to the legs of the wooden chair. His hands were tied behind his back. A large, shirtless bald man in light colored gray work pants had Jeremy tied up. The larger man now stood by the door, arms folded over chest. The walls had slight indents to their design. There was a small shelf on the side of the wall near the door. Jeremy was tied with ropes around his chest and his hands behind his back. Another, smaller man had arrived and that was the one announcing his name. This second man had thick rimmed glasses on. He was in his early 30s Jeremy guessed as the man entered, in black suit, of course and with a severe crew cut and slight beard. He was shorter than the other man and slighter. Almost skinny. “You must be the man in charge. I mean you’re much smarter than Oddjob over there, aren’t you?” The larger man unfolded his arms and put a fist into his other hand. He made a face as if he didn’t like being called names. Jeremy looked at the lead man. “You know my name, how nice and smart of you.” “We’re not as stupid as you might think.” “Oh no?” “No. We know what we’re doing. We’ve had help.” “Mmm. Alien help, I’m sure. You humans are too stupid to do all this on your own. Although actually…” “Humans? Aren’t you?” Jeremy just stared at him. The man circled the chair a few times. Then, he stopped and leaned his face down to Jeremy. “Here’s what’s going to happen. You will tell me everything and tell me everything right now. If not, Oddjob over there…” The shirtless goon bristled at this. “…is going to cut it out of you. If we get nothing, at least we’ll know what you’re made of, if, by your own admission, you are not quite human any more. I’m sure Gan there will find some DNA. He’s good at extracting it. That will be useful to our allies.” “Allies? Oh, not the Daleks, again?” “Daleks?” “You’ve heard of them, have you?” “I…I am the one…” “…asking the questions, are you?” Jeremy smiled. “How very clich� of you.” After he stopped circling a few more times, the interrogator looked down at him. “Maybe if I’ll tell you a bit. We, as you may have guessed, the government…we think…” he examined Jeremy’s reaction to that. Jeremy tried not to show any expression. He’d known, of course, that governments do illegal things. Things that they don’t always own up to in a timely fashion, if ever. But to hear that your own government…if this man were telling the truth and was not part of some splinter group or pseudo government, was shocking. His eyes widened just a bit and he knew the man noticed. He was trained to notice reactions, even small ones. “Hey, if I could touch myself, I’d show you the reaction I got for you.” The man ignored him. “We believe the problem is with our artron and chronon energy.” “What’s that?” Jeremy bluffed. “You know full well what that is. You have it all over you. I believe it keeps you young, younger than you are. If we could harness that energy more precisely…” “And you want my help?” “You and your lov…friend,” the man thought better of calling Jesse, Jeremy’s lover. He didn’t want antagonize Jeremy if the blond was now willing to help. Jeremy gulped and the man noticed that, too. “I won’t threaten your friend, Jesse, for now. He can be of use to us.” “He won’t talk either.” “Oh, he won’t have to. We still have experiments we need to run on the time travel device, the transmigration of matter, and …other things. I mean you caused it, if you won’t talk to us or help us with your artron and chronon energies…maybe he will if we rip it out of him using our time machine. Not of our own volition or desire. You see, if you and he cooperated…” “To kill more people.” This made Jeremy drop his flip tone. “You’re a monster. You know I’ve seen a lot of monsters in my time but you…you’re human, at least I think, bursa sınırsız escort unless you’re…” The man having turned to go, turned back. “Yes?” “Dorothy Gale?” “From the Wizard of Oz?” “Yeah. I heard the experiences in Oz changed her. But…nah, not even those experiences would result in something like you.” “Odd…Ganjie, you know what to do. If he’s not in a talking mood, you can have your way with him.” As the man left, he stopped, turned to Jeremy and said, without a smile, “We won’t be seeing each other again. Pity as I would have liked…” The man left. “Didn’t finish his sentence, did he? I don’t think I would have liked it.” Jeremy tried to show no fear…as the large man moved at him, a wry smile on the larger man’s face. The man straddled Jeremy and wrapped thick strong legs around his tight, muscular torso. Jeremy leaned back into the wooden chair and watched the man, who drew up a knife to his face. Jeremy tried to force his rising penis down. The man said, “You have a rising interest don’t you? We can do this the hard way…as I see you …” “I was just thinking of my friend, Jesse. You see, that happens whenever I think of him. You, you’re gross,” he lied. The man was not unattractive. Just evil. Jeremy could tell the man got his kicks, his rocks off by doing this. “…like I said…the hard way or the …” The man stood up. “No, maybe the hard way…” Jeremy’s dick was sticking straight up. The man was about to beat him with his fists. He put the knife on the shelf. Jeremy eyed the knife. “I can take beatings. If traveling with the Doctor, one doesn’t get beaten up here and there and everywhere, and can’t take it, one doesn’t last long.” “Doctor. So you are willing to talk some more?” “You all seem to know all of that anyway.” “I’d prefer the knife. I can last a lot longer with the fists. You? You seem to like the knife.” Gan took the knife back. “Kid, you have no idea. I can make you last with this stuck in you in so many places…Like I said, the hard way or…” As Gan sat down on Jeremy’s front again, pre cum leaking down Gan’s front from Jeremy’s prone penis, Jeremy leaned forward quickly and head butted Gan in the forehead. Gan fell off him, slightly, his upper body dangling over but his legs stayed somewhat attached to Jeremy’s torso. “Gee, I wonder what the other way was.” Jeremy said through grit teeth. As Gan dropped the knife, Jeremy managed to catch it in his teeth! He leaned back over his shoulder and let it drop to his hand and cut his hands loose. “If you leave me now, Oddjob, you’ll miss the biggest part of me. Wo who.” He cut his hands free and tried to stand up to let Gan drop off him. A man entered with a sandwich, presumably for Gan and not for him. “Time for a break, Gan…” Jeremy and the man stared at each other as Gan fell more solidly to the floor, legs off the chair and off Jeremy’s thighs. Pre-cum still attached the two of them. Jeremy’s dick dangled. The new man dropped the tray and reached for a gun at his shoulder holster. Jeremy backed his back up into the wall and smashed the chair off his back. “OWWW! That hurt!” As he did this, passing an awakening Gan (“You are hard…headed!”), the new man had the gun out but Jeremy’s impact sent him flying forward. The wooden chair was in pieces under Jeremy now but Jeremy had kicked off the wall, grabbed a piece of falling wood and lashed out at the man’s gun. The gun fell, going off. Jeremy smacked the wood into the man’s face and knocked him down and out. Gan stood up and punched Jeremy in the jaw and sent the boy back toward the shelving. Jeremy’s back hit the metal and he said, “OWWW!” Again. Gan came at him and lifted him up and sat him on the shelf. Jeremy launched himself off it immediately and double punched Gan’s face and also sent a knee up at Gan’s crotch. “Not much there, is there?” Jeremy joked. He found the knife on the floor by the wall and as Gan reached up to punch Jeremy’s side and Gan connected, making Jeremy double over, Jeremy brought the hilt of the knife up into Gan’s jaw and as he bent over, Jeremy also rammed his head into Gan’s belly. “Hard abs though. Something on you might as well be hard.” He felled Gan again. Jeremy kicked him to make sure Gan was out this time. Good thing, too, as Gan stirred some more. Jeremy shook his head and set about recovering the ropes that had tied him to the chair. He started to tie up Gan and the man who had brought lunch. But first, he picked up the sandwich and started to eat it. “Ham and cheese, Gan, old man, that stuff’ll do you in, in the long run.” He looked at the lunch guard and thought that his clothes, a blue uniform, would do. He took only the pants, socks, and shoes. He looked at the gun and found it empty of shells. He put the gun on Gan’s lap. He patted it before dressing. “You seem as if you’ll like it there.” Jesse was given a pair of gym shorts and nothing else. He looked down at them as two men in black sweat shirts and black pants held him by the arms and practically dragged him out of the room. He shook his head. “Look, guys, I can withstand interrogation. I’ve been by the best of em’ but honestly…” He looked up as the same man that interrogated Jeremy approached them in a wide open hallway of gray. “…dying in 1970s gym shorts…with an elastic band…that…that’s just diabolical.” “I see you’re as stubborn as your friend we caught, are you?” “Jeremy?” Jesse asked. “Right about now, he’ll be being carved up for his DNA.” “I’ve always said he needs to be more giving of his DNA. Of course, I have no problem extracting it.” TIME TUNNEL soundtrack https://www.youtube/watch?v=Pt_fMafKu6k “I bet you haven’t.” The man nodded and the two security men moved Jesse along the corridor which opened up into a wider room. Jesse looked up at a contraption on the ceiling. “What’s that?” The contraption had a huge chessboard on the ceiling, each square a kind of trap door that opened up. Each trap door was attached to a larger octagonal shape that spun around at times. When the spinning stopped, the trap doors opened. Sometimes one or two of them opened, sometimes three or four. The doors, when opened, were positioned over large cushions that were on metallic bed shapes. The bed shapes were raised and lowered. A voice called down. “Test successful, sir. It’s in fine working order.” “That thing for me?” Jesse nodded. “No. Nothing like that. It tests whether or not someone can survive a fall. You see not having perfected our time mechanism yet…we find that anyone or anything traveling using it falls out of the vortex and can emerge at great heights. Our job is to determine at what height can someone falling out of it survive.” “Why the trap doors though and the turning?” “The vict…the traveler needs to be unaware of the drop or the height or even if they will be dropped. Our machine sometimes just whisks them away and pops them in.” As the man talked, Jesse made fun of him by making gestures with his hands when he said the word “whisk” and the word “pop.” The security men were nervous with this but the leader nodded to them not to harass Jesse. “You don’t seem very worried about your friend.” Jesse shrugged. “We’ve been through a lot. Can handle a lot.” The four of them came to a huge wall that spanned some 70 feet high. There were two doors that slid open. The man nodded and the two guards pushed Jesse through. Inside, he saw a huge complex. “A…a time tunnel…” And so it was. http://www.projectrho/public_html/rocket/images/timetravel/timetravel56.jpg “Well, NOW I’m impressed.” “I’m glad,” the man moved into the room. There were lab coated technicians working on banks of large computer walls on both sides of the elevated room. They were white lab coats and were of all races. Some were female, some were male, and some seemed to be both. Jesse stared at them and then looked at the three major consoles that were in front of the vast tunnel. It was comprised of circles within circles. And it seemed to stretch into infinity. In front of the tunnel and between the console, which also housed techs but these techs were sitting in uncomfortable metallic chairs, was another chair. Jesse looked at everyone. None of them blinked that he was nearly naked. He moved along, freer now. He examined the console up close. A small square like device was plugged into one of them near a woman, who had a short bob haircut, in a chair. Jesse palmed the device, unplugging it, and eased it into his gym shorts’ elastic band. He looked at the brunette woman in a metallic chair. “Not very comfortable chair, is it?” “Yours…” the man snapped his fingers. The two men grabbed Jesse by the shoulders and forced him into the chair. One took out ropes and tied him to it, arms down but enough to bend. “…will be slightly more uncomfortable.” “What are you going to do to me?” “Someone with your particular type of artron and chronon energy…about which questions you’ve not answered…might have a more, shall we say, effective mix with our process of time travel. Teleportation has been effected…” “Yeah. We saw the seagull, the poor dead thing on the beach, and the chap …oh, wait, the apple with wings.” Jesse snarled, unable to keep the disgust out of his voice any longer. “That reminds me.” The man withdrew an apple from his pocket. He held it out to Jesse. “Is that apple loaded?” Jesse asked. The man nodded for the two guards to leave the area. He forced the apple into Jesse’s hand. “I beg of you to hold it. It gives our beams more focus. It’ll be easier for you if you keep holding onto it as the journey starts.” “Journey?” “Well, if it is a journey.” “What do you mean?” “There is a chance that the process will be made better by your energy. However…” “Oh, there’s always a however with you evil folk…” “The way I see it, we are not evil…not the evil ones…” “No, my pal, he’s called the Evil One in some sectors of space…” Jesse whispered in a joke. “I have no doubt…” The man smiled and then dropped it. “It’s you who are not wanting to share time’s secrets with us…” Jesse drew serious. “We can’t.” “Shame. See, the process might also be incompatible with your brand of energy.” “And…that’s a bad görükle escort thing?” “It might be. It might rip you to shreds. This experiment will show us if you can survive the process and maybe the tunnel can code your energies…if not…if it does, we shall try to bring you back.” “Great. Another time trip without the T…” “Without the…?” “Banana.” Jesse bluffed. “I do so love bananas more than apples.” “I do believe you.” “Bananas are good.” The man raised an eyebrow. “Good luck.” Jesse raised his eyebrows. “Yes. I want it to work as much as you do. I don’t want to see you die. I want this process perfected.” “Hey, Eve, thanks for apple.” Jesse nodded and waved the apple at him. The man smiled. The woman Jesse was near before, called out, “Activate the tunnel!” This startled him into reality again and the man too. For a moment, Jesse’s eyes showed some fear. The man smiled at him, looking him in the eyes. The man stood back, behind the trio of consoles. “Start acceleration power.” As the men and women began to work at all the various controls on the consoles and the wall computers, the hum of the tunnel rose. A man did a countdown from 16 to zero. https://www.youtube/watch?v=j_5gDv4hsUM&list=PL9B734F00286CE531&index=6 (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 1960 music, TIME TUNNEL stock) Jesse closed his eyes and flung his head back as large sparks flew across the gap in the tunnel. Huge white clouds of smoke billowed up and outward. What seemed to be bursts of power exploded in the tunnel, at first, further back and then closer and closer. The man yelled at a younger man who sat in a chair on the right console. “Focus.” “I’m trying, Colonel M…” “Don’t use my name in front of the boy!” Jesse yelled, “Don’t worry on my account. I won’t tell anyone!” “What’s wrong?” The man asked the younger. “I don’t know. I can’t seem to focus on the exact time.” The woman looked at her console. “The stabilizer is missing!” “What?” “He must have it!” Jesse was being lit up by all kind of colors from the tunnel. Suddenly, the back doors of the tunnel complex opened. Wearing only the blue uniform pants, the white socks, and black shoes, Jeremy pushed a guard in and smacked him into the guard in the room. He had a small gun pointed out toward the others. The two black suited security guards ran at him and started to draw their guns. Behind them were four more. “Kill him!” The leader yelled. But as three more guards drew their guns, he added, “Not that way! The radiation bath’s started and the magnetic pulse will …you remember what happened last time!? The guns will backfire on you!” With that Jeremy tossed the gun and hit one of the six on the head and felled him. Jeremy threw himself into the air and his feet landed on a second one’s chest and his fists hit the other one’s face. He felled both of them in one move. Three men down, three to go. Jesse yelled, “Radiation bath!?” The leader snapped. “Anyone where you are is shielded from it. You’re perfectly safe!” Jesse answered, “Your definition of safe leaves a lot to be desired, Colonel M.” As if in a rebuke, the man looked insultingly and menacingly at the young man at the console. The young one said, “Without that stabilization device, he could end up anywhere.” “Then so be it! Ann, hit the button.” “You just used my name!” The man moved her out of the way, sliding her chair away from the console, pushing her arms. He started to hit buttons. As he did this, Jeremy faced the three guards, who drew out knives. “Oh, you’re big pointy sticks. Making up for something you’re missing…” he looked at their crotches, and added, “…somewhere else?” As he said this, he flung himself into the center of the trio and took a karate stance. Then, he dropped his arms and moved backward quickly as one swung a knife at his chest. “Oh, wait, that’s not fair!” “Fair?” The one who swung asked. “What rules?” As he said this, Jeremy noticed the hum of the tunnel rose to a crescendo. Jeremy put his hands out. “We should get the rules straightened out.” The biggest guard lowered his knife. “Rules? In a knife fight!?” The one to his left said, “No rules!” As he swung his knife, Jeremy had walked up to him and kicked him between the legs. As that one dropped his knife, the other two moved at Jeremy. Jeremy yelled, “Jesse!” “Yeah!” “Since there’re no rules, get the fight started. One, two, three GO!” Jesse laughed. “One, two, three go!” He said this really fast. Jeremy double fist punched the closest one and he fell. The other one looked at his friends on the floor. He was alone now. “Jes, okay?” “No! I’m starting to vanish!” Jesse looked down at his own bare chest and tight belly. Then, to his rising crotch. “Jer, you fighting always gets me hard.” He saw through his own body to the chair under and behind it. As the man recovered and thrust his arm out at Jeremy, Jeremy turned the man’s wrist and kicked the man’s hip, dropping him onto his back. Six more guards ran at him with knives. “Shit!” “NOT NOW!” Jesse yelled. “They allowed me that back in the dark room.” Jeremy bent his arms and as the smaller guard came at him, an Asian, he covered the man’s arm—the one with the knife being thrust at him, with one hand and pulled it in at himself while using his other arm to chop at the man…who blocked it with his other arm. Jeremy used his other arm—the one holding the knife arm of the enemy—to punch the man’s face…and used the man’s own knife holding hand to do so. He then over punched the man’s blocking arm and smacked him in the face. The man yelled. This was not over yet. Jeremy twisted the man’s arm, kicked him in the chest. This effectively flung him away from himself. A third, this one Hispanic, swung a knife wide at him. He let the knife go past him, took his own arm and covered the man’s swung arm and kept it at bay. The man recovered his right arm and thrust the knife at Jeremy’s face again. Jeremy wrapped the man’s arm in both his own, twisted the arm and flung the man onto his back. He snapped the man’s wrist, trying to get the knife. Another man came at him so he rolled onto his own back and back flipped away from this smaller man, who was wearing green and looked Mid-Eastern Indian. The man in green came at him so he already hopped up into a squat but then rose up higher as the man thrust. Jeremy angled his body sideways to the man’s thrust and with his left fist punched the man’s face, which was very close to his own as momentum carried the man in green at him. He ripped the knife from the man’s hand and turned the man at the five others. Of the five there was another Asian hanging back, a white man with a goatee (“Dude, goatee’s are so seventies Master like, get a shave! Use your knife to do it or I will!”), a younger preppie looking one who was white behind him, an African American was closet to Jeremy, and behind him a man who looked mulatto, lighter skinned than the black man in front. Jeremy tossed the green guy at them as the goatee moved in first instead of the black man. Jeremy used the hilt of the knife to hit the goatee man under his goatee, effectively hitting him in the throat, felling him and at the same time using his other arm to block the man’s knife thrust. The black man took a swing at him before the green clothed man fell and before the goatee man fell away. He nicked Jeremy’s bicep but the black man kept coming. Jeremy wound the black man’s arm up and broke it as he swung the man around and down. The preppie came at him at the same time as the Hispanic so Jeremy turned his back to the preppie while elbowing the man in the face and at the same time, turning to face the Hispanic. He also grabbed the arm of the preppie while spinning. The Hispanic kicked Jeremy in the chest and drove him back into the preppie. Jeremy turned and kicked the preppie down and smacked the hilt of the knife into his jaw, dropping it. The Hispanic attacked him from behind so he side turned and used his right leg to kick the man in the chest and felled him onto his back. He turned quickly to kick the Asian in the chest but another Asian came at him and knelt on one knee to try a stomach jab. Jeremy swept kicked his legs out from under him, turned in midair and punched the man in the face. He, too, fell. The Hispanic came at him again so Jeremy avoided all his sweeps of the knife and blocked his attempts. He then grabbed his knife arm and spun the man under his arms and in front of his chest and used his twisted upper arm to drop the man. Jeremy thrust his own knife, taken quickly, hilt down into the man’s chest. “It would be so easy to just kill you all.” The two Asians ignored him and came at him again. He hugged one with one arm and flung him away. While avoiding the other one’s swipes. He then punched one in the face and kick dropped the other one. He ran to Jesse and untied him. Jesse asked, “What kept you?” “Some guys thrusting at me,” Jeremy quipped. As he pulled Jesse up and to him, their fronts touched, skin to skin and Jeremy couldn’t resist and drew him into himself even more. The two of them had the same idea and kissed deeply. Behind them, the tunnel was alive with a rainbow of colors. Fitting. The roar of the tunnel rose even higher and anyone speaking had to shout to be heard. https://www.youtube/watch?v=j_5gDv4hsUM&list=PL9B734F00286CE531&index=6 “We can now, sir!” The woman looked up at the leader. “Good. Men…” the man looked around and found no more guards on their feet. He hit an alarm. Jesse looked around, “Now what do we do? Where can we go?” “Out…” Jeremy saw ten more men come into the room and this time they were armed with machine guns. “Quick, into the tunnel!” “But we can’t. It’s unstable!” Jeremy nodded to him and held out his hand. “Come on, Jesse! We must, we must.” “We’ll get torn apart!!” Jeremy looked at the men who took aim. “What are you waiting for?” The leader yelled, “Shoot them both! KILL THEM!” “The mist. The smoke. It’s hard…” “Hard yes.” Jesse looked at his own rising dick, which started to poke out the elastic band. He looked at Jeremy, who was sweating, “We’ll get ripped to shreds in there!” “We’ve got no alternative. Come on. Come on.” Jeremy held his hand out. Jesse smiled and took it. Jeremy lead as the two of them ran into the misty tunnel! From the console point of view, explosions covered their escape…or destroyed them! TO BE CONTINUED… …OR NOT if YOU do not support —I say I say SUPPORT NIFTY!!!! GO TO THIS PAGE: ube/watch?v=Kn7GG6mqz5w&list=UUxeg9rEgI5T5qLY4nnQdGng&index=10

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