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Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 65—Dark Shadows DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 65 A blast leads to whiteness. Jeremy and Jesse are flung through time and space into a kaleidoscope of tinsel like colors, shiny, white, puzzle pieces of time and space. They are… ….two American boys are lost in the swirling maze of past and future ages during a mission to find the Doctor, who himself lost may be regenerating into a new persona…aided by the most powerful Tomorrow People on Earth in the present, the mission met with a strange space phenomena, and went wrong, thrusting the boys into a vast explosion and sending them on a journey….Jeremy Sumpter and Jesse McCartney (who had the song I’LL TUMBLE FOR YOU stuck in his head– well, he thought, what else could he think about as he was thrown past, almost slow motion-like, various time openings of crystal-like texture) now tumble helplessly toward a new fantastic adventure somewhere along the infinite corridors of time… The still whiteness of a hot summer day over Maine. A green cliffside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the waters of which are still on this day, late in June. Emerging from the semi thick woods of healthy looking trees were two figures. One was a boy on the verge of manhood, reddish dark hair, so dark it was almost but not quite brown, thick red lips almost matching his unusual hair, beauty marks making his unmatched face all the more attractive. He was 5 ‘7 and wearing a button down silk and purple shirt, black pants and dress shoes. He and his cousin, a blond, slightly taller girl, emerged onto a stretch of green, well kept land, not far from the woods. Beyond they could see some smaller bushes, a Cliffside and the Atlantic Ocean, the waves now rougher and crashing against the rocks below. “See, David, no one’s here.” “I was sure they were. Just sitting here and…see I told you!” Coming from the cliffside, moving beyond the bushes, were figures. There seemed to be about ten of them. Ragged, dirty, and bearded men. Barefoot. Carolyn tutted, “I told you people before, we do not allow squatters…” At first, the ten looked wary of them and seemed to be trying to avoid them. Carolyn could see they were hippies. They wore peace chains, peace tie dye t-shirts, psychedelic colored shirts and pants, flowers in their hair and different colored sunglasses. She thought they were trying to sneak away. David was not as convinced. He squinted at them. “I don’t like the way they are…” The ten moved, almost as one, toward the pair of cousins. They were unmindful of the way the branches of the bushes scrapped at their legs, arms, and even faces as they came at the two. The knives they pulled were all the same, old somewhat rusted pocket knives. Sharp, glinting the sun, they would cause as much damage as if they were new. That plus the way all their eyes seemed… dull and lifeless, yet full of murder and hypnotic trance…made Carolyn warn David, “Run David!” She picked up a large rock and held it in both hands, ” David, I said run!” David looked at her, “I’m not a little boy any more, Carolyn. And besides, I ‘m not gonna leave you!” “Well, then we’ll both run!” She threw the rock at them and hit one of them in the chest and he fell back. Then he stood up again. They turned to run back through the woods but five more of these hippies came from the woods. They smiled as they moved on the pair. The other ten smiled as well. “Carolyn!” “David, stay behind me!” “But they’re on both sides!” The new five had no knives and began to grope at David and Carolyn, their cold hands, even cold in the summer heat, tried to grab them in a harder grip but struggling, David and Carolyn wouldn’t let them. The problem now was the first ten, coming closer, raising knives. Below the waves were just as cold as the hands, crashing against the rocks again and again, large waves sprouting up large splashes, beneath the Cliffside, unaware of the huge sprawling mansion and surrounding garage, caretaker’s houses, and more. This was Collinwood in Collinsport, Maine, which harbored more dark shadows than any haunted planet. The five began to get their grips on David and Carolyn. A loud whistling sound echoed. Everyone, the hippies included, looked up. From the sky came two figures. Both blond. Both flailing arms and legs. The first, slightly bigger and more muscle bound, landed directly on the ten who held pocket knives. At the same time, the second, longer but straighter blond hair landed on the five behind David and Carolyn. Jesse shook his head and wondered why he was sitting on five men. He had downed all of them with his landing. “What the hell?” David grabbed Jesse’s arm, “Get off them! They’re trying to kill us!” Jesse looked at David. “You’re hot!” Jesse said as David pulled him up. The five men stood as well. Jesse looked at them, “You’re not. I was on top of you five!” He shivered. The five advanced. Jeremy took in what was happening immediately. He kicked knives from hands as he scrambled to his feet. He also turned a few wrists and in no time the men were disarmed. They advanced past him, toward the cousins again. “Did you say…” Carolyn nodded, “Trying to kill us!!! Help us!” Jeremy pulled the arm of one and swung him into two others. The trio fell. He grabbed at the shoulders of another, sprung his feet up off the very green grass and kicked another into another and the one he held onto he shoved as he landed on his feet. He ducked as another swung a rock at him and another picked up one of the fallen knives and swung that as well. Knife hit rock over Jeremy’s head. Jeremy struck out with a kung fu move and made the one with the rock fall. He then ducked again and put his hands out, made as if he were doing push ups and kicked his feet out into the shins of the knife wielder. Soon all ten were running away, or hobbling. Jeremy said, “Yeah, go on, run then!” Jesse was punching one of the five, “A little help here, show off!” the one he punched fell and another grabbed his arm and another grabbed his other arm! The other two were holding Carolyn and David, one choking Carolyn from the front. The other was trying to strangle David from behind. Jesse jumped through the air, foot hit into the back of the one holding Jesse ‘s right arm and as he landed, he twisted so that his elbow smacked into the chin of the one strangling David. Both fell, Jesse free on the right side, swung his right arm and fist into the one holding his left arm. That one fell as well. Jeremy landed and smacked his fist into the one on the floor and sprang up again to face the one choking Carolyn. Jesse and Jeremy both attacked him and soon his arms were free of the girl. All of the hippies ran off now. “What the hell was that?” Jesse asked. David coughed, “Carolyn, are you all right?” He caught his breath. “Yes,” she coughed as well. “Thanks to you two.” “Yeah, thanks,” David turned to look at them. His breath was clearly taken away again. “Wow.” “Who are you two?” “Oh, we just, ahm, drop in from time to time,” Jesse shrugged. “More importantly, who are they?” Jeremy asked, “And shouldn’t we call the police?” “Sheriff Tom Sawyer? He’s…” “Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Jesse put his hands up, “You have a Sheriff named Tom Sawyer?” “Yes, he’s new on the job, the other one retired and the one before him was killed so…” “Where is this place?” Jeremy asked, shaking his head and cleaning his hands off from dirt. “Collinsport, Maine,” Carolyn shook her head. David said, “Boo! Welcome to the beginning and the end of the world…” Carolyn went on. “And you two are very strange…” “Carolyn, they just saved our lives.” “It’s all right, we get that a lot,” Jesse smiled at the boy, “Uh, I’m Jesse…” Jeremy put his hand out to David, “Jeremy…” David shook it. Jeremy wanted to kiss it. It was so soft and hairless. “Carolyn Stoddard.” She put her hand out to the blond boy. Jeremy kissed Carolyn’s hand, which made Jesse blink. Jesse took his mind off Jeremy’s kissing Carolyn’s hand. “We, ahh, we’re looking for….supposed to meet a friend here but so far, no luck…” Jesse said. Well, it wasn’t really a lie. “Yes, well, shouldn’t you call the police anyway?” Jeremy told Carolyn. “Yeah, I’ll go to Barnabus’s and Julia’s house. It’s closer and since Barnabus finally installed electricity there’s a perfectly good phone I can use,” she stared at the direction the hippies went in, “They won’t bother me, they went another way. For all the good it will do, I’ll report it.” She took off, wondering about the two newcomers. Jeremy followed her with his eyes, “What does she mean?” “Carolyn, my cousin…” Jesse smiled, “Cousin. Oh, good, for a moment, I thought she might have been your girlfriend.” David blushed, almost as red as his hair. “She just meant that we’ve report squatters before and nothing’s been done. They’ve never really attacked us before. Just harmless hipsters, that’s all. Leftovers from the hippy era. Like real ungroovy man.” “So why tolerate them?” Jesse asked. “Our family has been here for a long time but many families here owe their pasts to the summer people, who came here years ago, artists and painters and stuff like that. It’s kinda tradition to let them alone. Not too many come anymore. My father used to hate anyone living on the grounds. Cousin Barnabus isn’t too fond of them either. Or rather the idea of trespassers.” “Well, if those are the types that they are, I can’t say I blame them!” Jeremy posed. “Those call themselves the Cult of Angelique. She, ahh, if you believe in such things, she was a witch who lived here years ago. She also…well got involved with my family in a big way…” Jesse muttered under his breath, “Oh no, not another witch…” “A witch? How do you know all that?” “I don’t know,” he said, trying to avoid this conversation. “Oh, I guess I might as well tell someone. I’m something of a warlock myself, I mean more like a wizard…” “You mean like Harry Potter?” Jesse asked. “Who?” “Never mind,” Jesse nodded. “This Barnabus. He had no electricity?” “He’s pretty low on modern conveniences and machinery,” David smiled, “He ‘s only now just stepped into the 20th century.” “Interesting,” Jeremy said, “Has he lived here his whole life?” “He acts like he has. I mean he seems to know these grounds better than any of us or anyone for that matter. Feels like he has. But, no, he arrived in early 1967 or so…” Jesse looked at Jeremy. It could be the Doctor. But someone so low tech, might not be. Jeremy looked around them, “Is there a hotel nearby?” “For you to wait for your friend?” “Yeah,” Jeremy went on, “Or to see if he’s checked in.” “We also need someplace to sleep,” Jesse put in. “Fraid not. The Collinsport Inn, well, the new manager there just inherited it from his father. His name’s Owen Wells. He’s got his hands full I’m afraid. He’s asked us to take in some guests and we’ve…well, I’ve obliged. There’ s…” He nodded for them to follow him and they began to take the path back to the mansion, which the boys could not yet see. “…supposed to be a fireworks show in a few days, you know to celebrate the bicentennial…big thing. ..all along here, Collin’s Bay all the way to Shipwreck Point and beyond, dozens of ships are involved. The hotel’s had a bit of an overflow…” Jeremy asked, “So there’s tons of new arrivals in the area?” “Yup.” “Just our luck.” Jesse murmured. He nodded, “David, you said Bi-Centennial, huh, so this is 1976…” David turned to look at him in a funny way, “Yeah…” “July?” “In ahh, about two days,” David said, “It’s June 29th…there’s the 30th…. ” He laughed. “We’re not…crazy, David and since you trusted us, I’ll tell you….” Jeremy said. “We’re just kinda lost in time…” “Yeah, I kinda figured…” David said. “You’re accepting it kinda well,” Jeremy said. “My family’s had ahh, well, a sort of love/hate relationship to time travel and time itself.” “How so?” Jeremy asked. “Our timeline’s been bursa escort bayan changed I would say, more than once. The house for instance, it was built in three different years, one in the 1800s, one in the 1700s, and one in the 1600s. I still don’t know which has stuck. Why I had a governess who I liked a lot… ” “Not that a lot,” Jesse murmured. “She vanished into time, not once, but twice. The second time I never saw her again.” “And you know all this stuff because…?” Jeremy asked. “Because I’m a wizard. I wasn’t always privy to a lot of stuff…but I am now.” Jesse wondered, “What do you do, I mean for a living, David?” “I’m just 18…” “How nice!” Jesse said. David eyed him suspiciously, “…So I’m still deciding but right now I run the fishing fleet my aunt and my father used to run. She’s retired from it really…not that she ever really did much with it. My father’s the one…who did most of the work. I’d really like to maybe run a restaurant in New York or maybe move to Jamaica. I think that’d be so romantic.” Jesse eyed Jeremy behind David’s back. They both thought it. David didn’t look gay but he most likely was. They purposely let David out pace them. Jesse pulled Jeremy back to a lightning blasted tree. “Jer, if the Doctor’s regenerated…we might not recognize him as the Doctor.” “I think we might be able to. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. You and I…we both know the Doc’s soul pretty well.” “I dunno.” Jesse nodded, “Maybe…but there’s something else, if he’s as loopy after these changes as the TARDIS databank says he’s been in the past—I mean that opening vortex—and the loopiness might have…made him, well, forget us…” “He’d never forget us…” “He might if he forgot himself…” “Hey, let’s keep walking before David notices…” David did notice. He had to turn back. “Hey, you two coming or what?” “Yeah, sorry, we were just talking about our lost friend.” Jeremy nodded. ” We’re a bit worried about him.” “Welp, we’re almost there…you found your way here, maybe….maybe he landed here the same as you did.” “That’s what we’re hoping.” Jesse nodded, “And in one piece.” They walked out of the forest toward the house…mansion. “Holy shit!” Jesse said. “Mansion? It looks like ten mansions combined into one.” “Over 80 rooms. The West Wing had some closed off rooms but we just recently reopened a it totally. The East there is still closed off. We had some people hired to clear up the exterior but the inside is still…” He shook his head. “I like it.” Jeremy commented. “You may not once you’ve lived there for a time.” David said. “That was Widow’s Hill we were just near and on and that is Collinwood. Welcome to the house of Dark Shadows, Jesse and Jeremy.” It was magnificent and imposingly great but even in the summer gleam and warm wind, it looked like a great dark hulk, looming over the crest of Widow’s Hill, which was where the three had just come from. Wings extended in three directions and it appeared to be three stories in height. From the front, they could see the top of some Tower built into the house, the point extending far above the third story. They walked across the carriage road which added majesty to the entrance. A yellow taxi limo just pulled away, having let in some new guests, what appeared to be a man dressed like a pirate shipmate and a black haired curly haired little boy in a white and red striped short shirt. The pair had hurried in quickly. The 20 something year old “pirate” held two tubes that could have housed plans for architecture. The muppet of a boy held another. But they were long gone into the house by time the trio approached the entrance. “Oh, I see Harry Jones has let off two more guests who couldn’t find rooms at the hotel…” The entrance had an overhang that curved slightly. It looked Elizabethan British Victorian mixed with a specific French Château of the Renaissance period but Jeremy suspected it was older, much older. The designed wooden doors were the height of at least two men, all carved out in repetitive patterns with huge door knockers which Jesse made mention of. Jeremy shushed him. “What knockers!” “Will you be quiet. Just look at this place.” Jesse nodded up and down, “Yeah, it’s great. Impressive. ” Inside the doors, there was a small alcove which held a coat rack on one side as well as a small stone shelf for sitting beneath the square windows. A four legged chest was on the other side. Beyond the alcove was a greater foyer, a large space with a huge dark wooden table with flowers and a table cloth over it. The walls were dark gray but the overhanging stairwell and steps had wood linings were dark brown. This matched the doors to the kitchen area, which were open. There were also overhanging balconies and windows into the room. A large chandelier hung over. Above the second floor landing and balconies were stained glass windows aligning the slight but open hallway toward another wooden and fancy door. To the right, just beyond the couch like and very blood red Divan, there was a statue of a man digging…a grave maybe, Jesse wondered and snickered at his own thought. Beneath that was small stand with a black and very old fashioned telephone. At least that looked normal and somewhat pedestrian. These people have…or had money, Jesse figured. He was somewhat amused by it all and not at all frightened or serious about it. Jeremy was staid. He turned to a painting of a craggy faced man in a dark cape and dressed as though he were from the 1700s. Sporting a dark onyx ring. ” Hey, Jesse, remind you of anyone?” Jesse passed Jeremy and went up close to examine the painting. “The…Doc…” “Tour?” David turned to ask them. “What?” Jesse turned to find David directly behind him and they were now face to face, breathing on each other. Jesse took in his smell and breathed in deeply. “Incense?” “Hey, who’s the old guy?” Jesse gasped, looking into David’s deep light brown eyes and almost found himself lost in them. Those lips didn’t hurt either so he focused on them to divert his own blue green eyes away from David’ s. Thick red lips to match his velvety almost red auburn hair. Jesse couldn’t avoid thinking it. David was HOT! “Never mind Cousin Barnabus, do you want a tour?” “A Doctor,” Jesse smiled, “Thanks to your looks.” Turning red again, David sniggered and moved to the drawing room doors. Jeremy moved over to Jesse, not taking his eyes off the portrait of Barnabus, ” Hey watch it, remember this is 1976, not 2007. Minds were not as open here and now as they were…” Jeremy blinked his eyes to clear his mind, “…are…back then.” “Time travel lingo,” Jesse whispered, “You’ll never get the hang of it.” “I have,” Jeremy laughed and lightly and teasingly elbowed Jesse in the side, “In the future…” “This is the drawing room,” David opened both grand doors. Jeremy fingered a candelabra off to the side of the portrait and turned to see David. To the left of the doors was a grandfather clock. Jeremy squinted at it. Was it working? It felt familiar somehow. He shrugged it off and moved, with Jesse’s hand on his back, toward the drawing room. When he opened the doors, the room was as bleak as the foyer but it seemed there was some effort to make it less so. Inside the Drawing Room, to the right was a liquor cabinet, wooden and antique but that was nothing compared to the writing desk in front of it. A true collector’s item. Beyond those, where were several plush red chairs and a comfortable looking red sofa in front of a more modern day…well 1960’s coffee table. To the far right of the room was a cabinet with a fantastically detailed model of a sailing ship on it, possibly a ship from the 1700s. There were more portraits in the drawing room such as Benjamin Collins and further from that Theodore Collins but it was the foyer painting of Barnabus that captured both boys’ imaginations. Was he somehow the Doctor? That question was in both their minds. As for this room, Jesse whispered to Jeremy, ” Reminds me of a room in the TARDIS.” Jeremy smiled, “Shhh…” He didn’t mind if David overheard them but the man and boy they had seen enter not long ago, were here, both with maps spread out across a very white topped and black lined piano to their left. Taking their eyes from the spectacular view out a long almost floor to ceiling window/door set…which showed the ocean beyond…the boys looked at the man and the boy. The man seemed to be in his mid to late 20s and was exceedingly handsome in a rugged, manly sort of way. Pretty green/hazel eyes and his silk shirt open to the chest, with some chest hair showing through. He reeked of time travel. “Doctor?” “What?” The man asked, his arms spread across the maps. “I’m Phineas Bogg …” “Glad to meet you,” Jeremy crossed the large room and shook his hand, ” Jeremy…and that’s my friend Jesse.” Jesse sighed. They had just come out in their own time zone of 2007 and now here they were playing it safe and closeted thanks to be in 1976. “Nice to meet you.” “They’re guests too,” David smiled, “I’ll show you to your rooms.” “What do you, uhm, do Mister Bogg?” Jesse put forth. They both noticed the young boy, probably about ten years old, looked worried. Bogg smiled, “You can call me Phineas. Everyone does. Strange name, I know but it’s one I’m stuck with.” The boy nodded, “Bogg…” “Oh, this here’s Jeffry Jones. He’s my…” “Son?” Jeremy asked. “Nephew.” Bogg said, “I’m probably going to adopt him. His parents, well, they’re sort of out of the picture right now.” “Bogg,” Jeffry pushed, “They asked you what you do.” “Smart kids give me a pain,” Bogg laughed, “We’re here working with the fireworks crew…” Jeremy eyed Bogg’s pants. Leather pants. For obvious reasons. Boots. Attached was some sort of orb like device. Sonic Screwdriver? “That’s what all these schematics are?” “Yes,” Bogg said, “We’re trying to plan out the logistics of having so many fireworks on so many ships in the area. We want it to be safe.” Jesse nodded, “Yes, better safe than sorry.” “My Aunt Elizabeth’s hosting a party here tomorrow night for all the guests to get to know one another,” David said, “I do hope you will all come.” “I’ll come,” Jesse picked his hand up, staring at Bogg’s eyes. Everyone stared at him. “Yeah, I will. I’ll come.” David laughed, “I’ll take you to your rooms now and finish the tour as we go.” He walked out of the drawing room, “Through those doors is the kitchen where you can find a cook or two. Mrs Johnson doesn’t really cook, as it’ s not really her thing. Makes a great mayonnaise though.” “So do I,” Jesse whispered but Jeremy playfully slapped his arm. And smiled. David didn’t catch that, “Been in her family for a thousand years.” “Who’s she?” Jesse asked but hung behind and pulled Jeremy’s arm to remain behind as well. “What?” Jeremy whispered. David answered about who Mrs Johnson was, going on about how she was really the landlady of Burke Devlin’s—a former and now once again current friend of the Collins’s but had come to work at Collinwood to check up on the murder of some other guy Bill Malloy that they suspected was killed by Roger, David’ s dad. As David went on, Jesse whispered to Jeremy, “That guy…dressed funny, silk shirt, looks like he’s from pirate times, travels with a little cute looking boy who’s wearing a striped shirt one size too small for him…” and together with Jeremy, they both said, “Doctor…” “Still…I dunno,” Jeremy shrugged. David was on the middle of the steps when he realized the other two were not behind him, “What?” “We ahhh,” Jesse said, “We just dropped in on your time without our things. We haven’t any clothes…I mean other than the ones we have on.” “And that’s too bad,” David joked. They raised their eyebrows. “Oh I’m sure I have some that will fit you both and if they’re a bit too small, that’s just grand, isn’t it?” “Yeah,” Jeremy laughed. They followed him up to the landing past the stained nilüfer escort glass windows that made the place look like a church. Hanging over the foyer was a brilliant chandelier that impressed them both. Past the top of the steps was a doorway covered in cobwebs. Jeremy looked at it. David nodded, “Don’t mind that. That’s that East Wing I told you about. It’ s still pretty much unused.” He took them down a hallway where the usual tables and lights were, even a lamp or two on tables. All of it seemed old fashioned and out of another era, some of it was updated to include more modern conveniences. “That’s my aunt’s room and oh, that’s my room…” He pointed to the right, across from Liz’s room. “The room adjoining mine used to be my cousin’s, Carolyn, but she moved, you can use that room. It’s big and has a huge canopy bed…” Jesse raised an eyebrow again. He wondered if David wanted to visit them during the night. “It used to be Carolyn’s but she moved into Vicki’s room just last year. Her’s used to be across from it. Carolyn used to love the view of the Tower it gave her, you’ll see it from your room, no one’s in it now but with all these guests, one never knows…” Stuck on the name Vicki, Jeremy wondered, “Who’s Vicki?” “Friend of Barnabus. She lives in the past now.” “That’s right, that governess you told us about?” Jeremy commented more than asked. “Yes,” David said, “It’s still a bit strange. Barnabus having a friend and my governess living in the past.” “Where in, like what time? Troy?” Jeremy asked. “What makes you think Troy?” David laughed, “Not that far back I don’t think. More like the 1700s. I think something like 1796 or 97.” “Oh,” Jeremy nodded. “Our friend has a lot of friends living in the past. One of them named Vicki, too.” “Where does that hall go?” Jesse wondered. “West Wing,” David answered. “It’s all very spacious,” Jeremy commented as David opened his bedroom door. He moved past a giant globe to an adjoining door and opened it to their room. He moved to his dresser and started to take out clothes for them for the night and the morning and the days to come. On his dresser he had a model airplane, the starship Enterprise Model, A Charlie Brown doll, and models of the Flying Sub and the Spindrift. Not to mention a stand holding up the model of the Voyager from FANTASTIC VOYAGE cartoon and the Proteus from the movie version. David soon joined them in their new room. He handed the clothes to Jeremy. Who passed them to the big antique canopy bed. Oblivious, Jesse took off his dark blue jacket which had the sleeves rolled up and put them on the bed. “I’m bushed.” He had a green and stylish T shirt under that but he began to remove his blue denim pants. “I’m ready for some…” He looked up as both the other two were staring at him. “Oh. Wha?” he took his wrist watch and red bracelet off. “There’s a time and a place,” Jeremy said. “The Doctor’s always saying that…” Jesse thoughts wandered off a bit, thinking about the Doctor, “…but he, nor I, nor you for that matter, follow that.” Jesse said. “Jesse,” Jeremy made a face and shook his head forward. “It…It’s all right, Jeremy,” David said, “I gather you’re both from the future. My future. I also gather that things are a bit more, uhm, permissive there…? At least I hope they are…” “Yeah,” Jesse said, “A bit…” He started to open his pants and unbuttoned the top but Jeremy waved him off finishing. “That’s groovy,” David said, almost ignoring the pants opening…almost. ” I think things are getting better here too. What after the Stonewall Riots in New York…” “That’s just the start,” Jesse smiled. “But don’t be fooled,” Jeremy nodded, “It’s still dangerous and it’ll be a long, hard…” Jesse giggled and put on a Beavis and Butthead voice, “Ahh, ha, ha. You said, Long and hard. Hee ha ha hee.” “Sigh,” Jeremy puffed. “Well, I”ll see you two later?” David hoped and moved to the door, ” Would you like something to eat?” “I think I’ll eat in my room.” “I”ll have something sent up.” “Yeah,” Jeremy nodded, “Definitely.” “That’s not what I meant.” David smiled as Jesse took off his pants, his big burgeoning dick flopping out, no underwear on at all. He turned red. David left and shut the door, leaned against it and sighed. Jeremy looked at Jesse. Jesse just continued to strip, “What?” “Go easy. This isn’t the 2000s you know. Things were not as…gay here, even the gay things weren’t. They mostly still had to be undercover…” Jesse was nude already and he came to Jeremy and bit Jeremy’s white Nike shirt which had sleeves just about to his elbows. It wasn’t all white, it had green stripes lining the arms and sides by his ribs. He bit the collar and pulled at it, “Get this off.” “Jesse,” Jeremy looked toward the door to David’s room. “It’ll teach him good,” Jesse said, “If he’s listening in…” He was. David had his ear to the door. “I don’t…” Jeremy half heartedly protested but lifted his arms up to allow Jesse to firmly remove his shirt. His puffed up, outstanding chest stood before Jesse. Jesse nibbled on both Jeremy’s tits, “I’m sorry, man, we haven’t had sex since the Doctor’s left us.” He licked up Jeremy’s neck and Jeremy’s body tingled to it. “I know…” “At least I can’t remember us having it…” “We haven’t…” “Then I tell ya, I miss the Doctor…” “I know you do.” “And I know you do but…” “But?” Jeremy said playfully and pulled his pants down, shoving his ass at Jesse. It was clean, shaven, and tanned. His hole seemed to pucker at Jesse. Jesse made an animal sound, “But I can’t really wait any longer. Come over here! Never mind, I’ll cum to you!” He ran at the 6’1 lover and grabbed him around the waist and threw him toward the bed. Jeremy laughed, his pants around his ankles, “Let…lemme get my pants off fully first!” “NO!” Jesse tore him to the bed and laid him down onto his back, the bed springs squeaking. “I love you! I love your fucking curly hair!” Jesse put his nose into Jeremy’s head and wagged it! He rubbed his body against Jeremy’s now nude body. “It’s been too long!” “It’s only been…” “TOO FUCKING LONG!” Jesse grabbed Jeremy’s dick with one hand and put his hand on Jeremy’s left side with his right hand and rubbed his hand up and down, up to the shoulders, “I love your fucking massive shoulders! I love the feel of your tremendous chest against my own! I love your nips!” He nibbled down on them and then thrust himself up, so that their chests touched again. “I love you! I love everything about you! I love your chin!” He licked on Jeremy’s chin and then up to his lips and MEMMFFFFFED there. “I love your fucking thick lips! I love…” “You have thick lips too and…” “Shut ta fuck up, love! I love how you are so serious sometimes and happy almost all the time! I love you, you fuck!” Jesse kissed Jeremy’s lips so hard and Jeremy responded. His dick grew between them and Jesse’s was thick against his and the penises seemed to fight for control of space as they nubbed past each other and rolled onto bare flesh, near bony curved hips! “I love your abs!” “I love…” “Shut the fuck up!” Jesse smothered Jeremy in kisses. Then he deep kissed him. He hugged him and brought him as close as he could. “I’d love to just meld you into myself! Absorb you so that…” “You mean like that creature on…” “I mean like fucking entering you!” Jesse put his arms under Jeremy’s legs and made Jeremy’s ass sit up as Jeremy’s shoulders hit the bed. “Never this long again, man!” “LONG!” Jeremy gasped through grit teeth as Jesse entered him. ” Aggressive! You’re so aggressive today!” “I know!” Jesse banged and slammed his whole torso against Jeremy’s buttocks and with an audible smack. “I Know!!!” “I like it! Keep it up!” Jeremy’s own penis rose up straight and as Jesse hunched over him, the tip hit Jesse’s belly button and pushed into it. On the other side of the door, David was looking through the keyhole, bent over, his pants down around his ankles but he stepped out of them, never taking his eyes off the sex happening in that other room. “Oh shit!” He gasped as he began to fondle himself with his left hand while holding onto the wall next to the door with the other. He jerked and jerked, his cut penis finding itself fluiding up. “Shit…” He shut his eyes and stroked more gently now but the heat from the pair in the other room found its way, physically to the door and his hand almost burned. He slid down the door, turning his back to it and slid and slid, bending his legs. He swallowed and shut his eyes slowly stroking up and down his penis, which gave way to growing harder and harder, filling his hand, his palm. His fingers. Soon he put both hands onto it and pressed. “Oh yeah, yeah ha yeah!” Jeremy’s dick erupted and splashed in and out of Jesse’s navel and across his stomach, up and down from it. It dripped as well in large spotty clumps. It also flung up at Jesse’s eyes but Jesse had his head up at the moment, his own eyes closed in ecstasy. He looked down then and shoved in and in and in. ” I fucking love you!” He let loose inside Jeremy’s ass and then pulled out and finished the load across Jeremy’s belly, smoothing it over with one hand while supporting himself with the other. David: “OH my Gosh!” David covered his mouth when he realized how loud that was. He tasted his own pre cum and dick cells as he did so. Jeremy gasped and his bent head backward saw the Tower outside their window. He was sure even upsidedown that his sight was not impaired and that he saw someone moving about inside the window of the Tower. Nobody was supposed to be up there he thought David said. At least at the moment. Jesse put cum to his mouth and kissed Jeremy, a mix of both their cum. He spread it across his own belly and then as he leaned down, laid on top Jeremy, smacking their cum soaked bellies together, pressing, tight, untightening, flexing, unflexing. It was so hot! “You know David’s listening…” “Let him listen, cute little guy,” Jesse nibbled on Jeremy’s left ear lobe and stood up from the bed, “I don’t fucking care. He’s welcome to come in and join us..” David, on the other side of the door, heard the word, “Come,” and did so. He shot a load over his own shoulder, his forehead and the top of his head, panting and trying to keep both the panting and the cum in…but this just made him fire it out all the more stringently and urgently and with hot and heavy breathing. “OH SHIT!” He gasped and then laid back against the door, partly with his back sideways onto the wall. He had to catch his breath. “My turn,” Jeremy said and got up behind Jesse and rubbed his shoulders and engulfed him from behind, putting his arms around his lover and squeezing tightly. Jesse could feel Jeremy’s dick, not the least bit deflated, rising between his butt cheeks and soaking up his back and back down the cleft between his glutes. Jesse squeezed them together to tighten a vice around Jeremy’s member. Jeremy didn’t flinch but felt it and his veins twinged. He kept his dick moving up and down there and then stabbed it into Jesse’s clear butt hole and pushed. “My goodness, even after all the sex you’ve had, you’re…” he gasped and pushed, “Still tight as a …ahh, ahhh, a keyhole…” David looking through the key hole had his eyes widen as Jeremy looked right at him in saying this. “Holy shit,” David said and began to fondle himself to raise his own deflated penis. Jesse went to work on his own penis too to make it rise again but Jeremy took his hands, hand over hand and moved them. Jesse rubbed up Jeremy’s strong forearms as Jeremy himself began to fondle Jesse, first moving away from dick, up to belly and abs, fingering navel with both fingers at the same time and then at different times, rubbing up to his nipples, making them so hard and rubbing them so much they were sore. Outside the Tower took no notice of the boys in their room but something was moving in the Tower window. türbanlı escort Figures. Jeremy didn’t care even as he felt the movement. He had his own movements to concern himself with. He shoved into Jesse a bit more and then careful to shove in just a bit more as he rubbed up and down Jesse’s front and down to the torso again, careful to give ministration to the hips and the bare, beautiful boy flesh on and around them. He bypassed the dick base itself and found his fingers down around Jesse’s balls. Jesse gasped, “no, no, no not there,” but he laughed as he tingled there and felt the juice built up there and continue to move from that thanks to Jeremy’s continued motions. Jeremy pulled out a bit and then went in a bit. He put his head against the back of Jesse’s. “I love you too,” he whispered. He smelled the boy’s hair and rubbed his nose down the neck to the base and lower to between the shoulder blades and then back up, careful to nudge, lick the right shoulder. When he went back to the head and was tempted to side angle toward the other shoulder, he almost bit Jesse’s shoulder, “So much. So so so much…” He shoved his dick all the way into Jesse and Jesse gasped and breathed in. “Oh man, yeah, that’s it,” Jesse said and squirmed in Jeremy’s grasp. Jeremy went up and down and lifted Jesse off the ground with dick and arms, wrapping the slightly shorter boy. Then Jeremy bent his knees and forced Jesse to do the same, bending knee into knee crook. He led Jesse back to the bed, lifted him up and followed at the same time. Together they were on the bed, Jeremy’s dick just slightly descending out of Jesse’s perfect round pink, inviting asshole…back on the bed, on their knees, Jeremy behind Jesse and reentering him. Jesse felt the full effect of having moved around with Jeremy’s dick still inside him. He moaned loudly and in joy. “Ohhh, ahhh, yeah, that’s so amazing! You still got it!” Jeremy fucked Jesse from behind and then pulled out. He held it in as he turned Jesse to face him and kissed him as their dicks met and splashed simultaneously together. Their chins felt the blast from below and the cum spilled up to their lips and some got in their mouths. Jeremy rubbed Jesse’s face with his own cheeks and cum spread all over them. Jesse put his arms around Jeremy and Jeremy did the same. They kissed each other all over. David took his eye from the door’s keyhole and shook his head. His eyes were wide. So was his dick slit as cum remerged from it in a burning style he never felt before. He never did it twice in one night. He gasped as the cum flew across the room, for he moved away from the keyhole as it trying to escape its temptation. The cum hit the keyhole and filled it, dripped from over it, and blocked it. “Damn!” David was both delighted, amazed, and somewhat sad. He wanted what Jeremy and Jesse had. And being a wizard/warlock should have been able to make him get it. Or so he thought. He laid down on the rounded brown and lightly tanned colored rug in his room which sported American Indian designs. He had to catch his breath again and think more clearly. “Shit that was amazing,” Jeremy lisped. “I fucking love you.” “Yeah, me, too,” Jesse said as Jeremy laid him back down on the bed, their legs unfolding. Jesse loved the smell of cum all over their bare flesh and slowly shut his eyes. “I’m so glad I have you. And glad you have me…” He drifted off to sleep now. “Yeah, me, too,” Jeremy said, “Ditto.” As he rose his head up, his eyes caught sight of the Tower Room. There were figures moving around in there. Then, he too, felt tired. He fell asleep. When he woke up, he noticed a clock on the wall. It was almost eleven o’clock. Jesse continued to sleep, softly and quietly but deeply. Jeremy kissed him naked in the small of his soft skinned back. Jeremy wondered if the spooks or whatever they were in the Tower would wait for him. He took a shower, careful not to wake sleepy head Jesse up. He came out of the shower dry, except for his stomach which he forgot to dry off, a slip of water dribbling out of his belly button. He put on a t-shirt, a white one of David’s which was too tight around the chest and too small, barely covering his belly. He stretched it, not thinking David would mind. It came down to his dick and just barely covered his legs and his hanging dickhead peeped out beneath. He didn’t think anyone would be up at this hour so he opened the door and found food there. He found it on a cart and the cart was still hot. Bless David. Jeremy ate the chicken that he found under it. He normally didn ‘t like to eat meat but he was very hungry and wondered if Jesse was as well. He brought the cart inside and sat at a chair to finish his meal. By the time he was done, he looked at the clock. It was five to midnight. He noticed the door adjoining David’s room to their own was open slightly. He couldn’t resist a peek inside after he finished his meal. He peeked inside. David was sleeping in his bed, the sheets wrapped over him like a cocoon. The cute redhead slept on his back in blue Pajamas. Jeremy’s heart melted. “He’s such a darling. So cute…thanks for the food, baby.” Jeremy smiled and without waking David or Jesse, left the room. He wanted to explore the Tower but the East Wing caught his attention as he passed it. Then he thought of the West Wing. Part of it was shut down and parts of it were opened to new guests. He wondered in his current state of undress if he should explore but old houses, especially haunted ones, stirred his interests. He moved to the door that lead to the West Wing. He decided to go to the East wing anyway. He pushed an old door open. It creaked. He dusted away some cobwebs and found a candle on the wall. He picked it up and made his way into the apparently ancient hallway. A blond boy with a t shirt too small for him, now stretched over his hips not hiding his muscled legs and swinging almost passive penis…holding a candle as he made his way down a corridor. He wondered if any gothic novels ever held this vision. He smiled to himself as he passed several blocked off rooms. Pieces of roof had been replaced and never moved away from doors, poles blocked some, coat hangers were over others. Something was making a noise. Someone. He was not sure at first what it was or if it was male or female. At first, it sounded like more than one person. He wanted to call out but decided against it. As he traversed the hallway, holding the candle before him, he realized there were more sounds than one person. Someone with a bandaged head moved across the adjacent hallway. The man seemed to be wearing green clothes and parts of some kind of uniform. “Hey,” Jeremy called out to it. The man, dark curly hair sticking up out of his bandaged head, came back. He stared at Jeremy with a blasted out eye—the other was covered by bandage— and then the former man moved off down the same hallway he had tried to go down. “hey,” Jeremy said but with less force. The eye had scared him. It looked as if the bandaged man had been shot in the head and it did a great deal of damage. Jeremy gulped. “This place really is haunted…” He carefully made his way to the hallway crossroad where the phantom had been. He was about to move down this new hallway when a laugh echoed from the one he was at first proceeding down. This laugh was a woman. So unearthly and so moving and yet cold as ice. Then another laugh overpowered the first. Another woman. Both icy. Jeremy’s breath became icy as well. He could see it in front of him. “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you move on?” He swallowed. Something dark and shadowy passed behind him in the hallway he just walked down. A major part of him wanted to sprint out of this wing and retreat back to Jesse, wake him up and get him out of here. But then he remembered quaint little David and how David spent his whole life in this house… and if David could bear it…to find the Doctor, so would he and Jesse. Jeremy swallowed. He moved to a room that didn’t have cement blocks in front of it. He heard sounds inside. Another woman. Crying. He opened the door with less trouble then he expected. Inside was a figure. He had to squint to see it. It was in a corner of the room, its back to him. Long red hair down her back. ” Hello? Why are you crying?” He felt like Wendy talking to Peter Pan. That movie seemed so far behind him now. Tossed out of time and space, life seems so strange. “Ma’me?” The woman turned around and for a moment she looked crazy, hair disheveled, messy, tied up as if she were a little girl. Green eyes. And a glow about her. She was clearly angelic as the glow changed her to a neat, clean woman with her hair finely combed. She also held two babies in her arms, one a boy and one a girl. One looked…to Jeremy as if it were slightly hairy…but the whole crying thing ceased as she turned around and the heavenly glow changed her from crazy Jenny to angelic Jenny. “I’m Jenny. Go to the Tower Room. Find what you will there. And know the Collins family needs you, needs you.” “Are you…dead?” “Yes….” Jeremy gulped. “And no. There really is no death. Matter never dies. It just changes its form.” “That’s what my friend the Doctor always says…he…” “Yes, I remember now…the Doctor…” “Jenny. Jenny, do you know the Doctor? Have you seen him?” “I haven’t much time. I’m only here for a friend of mine. Two friends. One can talk to the dead.” “Ryan.” Jeremy gasped, “Ryan Dalion. He …he’s a Tomorrow Person.” “The other is not as nice. But he’s …he’s okay. He can make the dead move through time if he wishes it and if we wish to cooperate. I do. Help my family and I will help you. The Doctor…the Doctor might have regenerated.” Jeremy grew a bit impatient, “Yes,” he held the candle up higher to see the face of Jenny. She was a stunning woman and much taller than himself. In life, she must have been formidable and quite a stunner. “Yes, we know that, Jenny. Why did Ryan and Rollin send you here? Are they trying to get us out? Is the Doctor …here? Dead?” “The Doctor was hit hard by the mini CVE. He might have…the Tomorrow People think he might have lost his memory.” “He might be here but not remember us. Might not even remember who he is. And without us knowing who he looks like, how do we know, how will we find him?” “No more time. Go to the Tower Room.” “Is that where the Doctor is? Is the Doctor there?” Jenny repeated, “Go to the Tower Room,” over and over. “Jenny, stop saying that, I will. I will!” Jeremy yelled. “I will.” Jenny kept saying this until she vanished slowly, almost TARDIS-like, back into the wall and into the air as well. Hearing more but fainter strange sounds such as the clanking of chains, women crying, and other women laughing almost manically, Jeremy made his way to the Tower Room. He carefully padded, bare feet on the floors, toward the staircase that lead to it. Once there, he found it cold stone and almost as bare as he was. In one corner he saw a white object. “Oh no, not another ghost.” The traditional kind of ghost? A white sheet ghost? It wasn’t. What he found was an artist’s canvass, covered with a white sheet. He padded over to it and put his hand on the top of the sheet, ready to tear it off. He hesitated. “I haven’t come this far to stop now.” He tore the sheet off. Beneath was a very old painting. Of a man in a fancy 1800s suit and tie, pants, vest, timepiece, and the works. Well, Jeremy thought, it was once a man. For the face was that of a wolf. The hands were hairy and the fingernails were claws. This was a painting of a wolf man. “A werewolf…” The laughing started again and this time it was loud and felt as if it were right next to him. He turned, expecting to see some woman near him, witch, demon or what ever. He flung himself away from that direction and turned to see whomever it was. No one was there. When he turned back to the painting, the face of the wolf man was now a man again. A handsome distinguished man with most unusually long sideburns. Without even asking anyone, Jeremy knew somehow that this man was a Collins. The painting had changed from wolf to man… Tbc… DOCTOR WHO, DARK SHADOWS, AND VOYAGERS! are all owned by others. No copyright infringement is meant.

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