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Doing some odd jobs 1

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Doing some odd jobs 1On following some adventures of a fellow XH friend this week has spurred me on to something that happened to me a number of years ago!During 2004 I was yet again made redundant from my employment and did not find another job quite straight away and was asked by quite a few friends if I could do some odd jobs, fencing, painting, gardening etc.I was at my employers office picking up some final papers etc and a good lady friend of mine asked if I was working or up for any jobs? I said I could do something depending on what it was! She wanted all her interior doors in her house re-painting. I thought that would be OK and arranged to to come and start a couple of days later. It was arranged that I went over to her house before she went to work and I would stay to her return!First day got there around 08.30 and she made me a cuppa and I set about canlı bahis her doors. She went off to work and spent all morning rubbing down. Before I knew it lunch time and she came home and made me lunch! she then went back off to work and I was working on the doors upstairs that afternoon. I was working on her bedroom door, as I stopped I was looking around and a bit of white nylon was sticking out of a dresser drawer.Curiosity got the better of me and I found myself heart racing a bit taking a closer look! I opened the drawer and pulled out a sheer nylon pair of white panties with a very delicate white lace edging. They were of a bikini style but absolutely huge 4 or 5x. I have to say at this point my lady friend is quite a large lady and though she has a lovely personality she has let herself go in her 40s.These Panties were by far the best in the drawer though bahis siteleri there were some other pastel shades of blues, pinks and yellows but mostly your cotton variants!As time was drawing on, I decided to put them back when I will have more time tomorrow.Next day same as previous, she went off to work and I made a beeline for her knicker drawer! shock those white nylon panties weren’t there!! She must have been wearing them! oh well back to my Painting.Day 3 and all upstairs doors painted I was working downstairs. I decided to take a breather and have a cuppa out the back garden. I noticed those nylon white panties high up on the washing line with a lot of other clothing. How was I going to get at them panties now as this was probably the last day I need to be there! With houses all the way along on both sides and houses at the back, I would be seen taking them güvenilir bahis off the line!Fortunately I had a turn of luck, as my lady friend came home for lunch, it started raining and she shot outside and got all the washing in! After lunch she went back to work and I took my chance! I got hold of those nylon panties and went to bathroom to try them on! Oh they felt good! being a few sizes too big for me gave me plenty of room for a very stiff dick! The feeling of all that sheer nylon wrapped around my member was causing me to be so very horny. It goes without saying after grabbing a fistful of cock, a few strokes later, I was pumping sperm all over the inside of her panties and leaking all over the bathroom floor.I then had a very quick clean up, rewashed her panties, put them in the dryer for short while but got them out before they were too dry and put them back from where I got them.This is something I will always remember as a bit of naughty but good fun, will it be repeated? I don’t know but I have not seen that lady now for about 10 years nor her Knicks!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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