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Done Here, Now Who:…

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Done Here, Now Who: Caught in the Act

She always dressed like she was ready for the club or a nice dinner. Never was there a moment, I felt, she wasn’t perfectly outfitted or dressed, that indicated she was putting out her scent to the general public stating, “I’m mating right now, would you be willing to be my companion?”

However, she always did it in such a way that she wasn’t walking around in a matter that appeared as if she was high hooking at a local area turnpike rest stop! You never saw an appearance suggesting anything remotely like that, such is the case with young hookers in high heels, overdone makeup and jewelry!

No way was she even vaguely like that… Never was she remotely like that. She was always nicely dressed in either casual styled clothes or even a very fine dress. She knew her designers! She knew the brands. She knew what looked good on her impeccable figure!

Jan Henderson caught my fancy from the moment I stepped off that airplane on Friday morning. She looked delicious and I wanted, and I hoped she might too of course, her apples, and core.

Later on that early Friday evening, I was getting ready to shower. Jan who handled my initial settling in here was trying to hint that she wouldn’t mind joining me for that shower.

She was saying so in a round about way. I would never have guessed she was like that when I first met her, although I did have some suspicions it could be that way.

Unfortunately, I had enough of interaction for a little while. I was worn out. Thinking of the women, they were more then satisfactory, to put it mildly; I sure didn’t want to disappoint Jan either. I couldn’t disappoint her!

But after playing around with Cornelia, having sex with Joannie already, how much more was there in one day with a woman? I just arrived at the community earlier that day. But I was in ‘foreign territory’ and with the mindset of a foreign area comes the idea that maybe there is fun blood to be had… and there was as the days events already proved that!

I began thinking, “Geez, this place is a virtual den of lust with all the older women here, and I’m prime rib to them.”

“Jan, I told her, I’d love it if you’d stay, I really would. But if you don’t mind, I’m going to get some rest before the Beach Party tonight. Everyone has been so tremendous, including you! I know that for sure. I sure don’t know how to convey my thanks to you and everyone else for how amiable you all have been.”

Being blunt instead of her usual charismatic self, Jan desperately laid it on the table for me and said, “Conk, why don’t you and I lie down together and see where everything leads to. Wow, she continued, I can’t believe I just said that! However, I sure feel like you and I would enjoy spending time together. I’m absolutely sure of it!”

She went on to say, “Do you find me attractive Conk, because I sure find you to be a very attractive and sexy man! I’m putting that mildly, to be honest, honey.”

She initially sounded desperate, however I overlooked that. She smiled at me, put her hand on my arm, and stroked it a few times to make her point.

I responded, as I shrugged my shoulders, “Jan is everyone basically the same here in this community”, as I decided to be just as frank with her.

“In what respect, honey”, she asked.

“Never mind, I replied, but I will say this and I stepped closer to her. I would be very happy to get together with you and spend some enjoyable time alone. For now, I’d appreciate some time alone and I mean alone by myself.”

Then I held her arm, closed in on her, and kissed her quickly on her lips, letting her know I was interested in being with her. Granted, I thought, she was quite good looking to begin with when I first met her at the airport.

She was surprised by the kiss but she liked it. It made her feel as if there was definite hope between us! There was in fact lots of hope, but I wanted to wait for another time, when I was refreshed, for us to be together.

Jan was 50 and like the others, had incredible physical attributes. She kept in good shape with exquisite well-formed curves throughout her body; she had very modest circular shaped breasts, and everything on her appeared so well proportioned! Additionally, her outfits seemed to highlight her shapely figure perfectly.

With a flat stomach and a great ass for someone her age, I saw a viable possibility of having better then just good sex with her in the near future.

“I’d really love to spend some time with you Jan, as I winked at her after the kiss. I’m going to leave anything and everything we could do with each other, up to you. Think about what sounds nice and I’d love to be apart of that, okay?”

Finally I walked her to the door and let her out, kissing her once more on her cheek as I rubbed her back and then she turned and gave me a warm hug.

I went and got my shower afterwards, dried off, and called the office to check messages.

Finally it was about 8:00PM and I headed for the beach. Jan didn’t escort me as casino siteleri planned. I ran into Cornelia and a friend of hers which I hadn’t seen around. She introduced the two of us and it turned out, this friend of Cornelia’s was from Chicago as well and lived several blocks away from me.

Oddly, she was only 3 years older then me, instead of at least 10 years older, as the others were but she didn’t seem to harbor that same lust or passion, which Cornelia, Joannie, and Jan did. That wasn’t to say she was not overly friendly; she was definitely a flirt but nothing more then that.

I wondered if that made the other three happy because she created no additional competition for my time. I know that sounds egotistical, but I wasn’t trying to be that way. I was only surmising the situation.

She and I chatted while ignoring Cornelia all the way to the beach. In fact the woman I met ended looking for me the next day, but only as a friendly gesture since we were closer in age. I wasn’t going to be around Saturday because I already had plans.

Finally, we were at the beach and I met a few other men. A couple of them were around my age, while a few others were between 50 to 55 years of age. I liked my odds that night at the beach party. There weren’t too many distractions in my opinion as I was maybe the best looking, although not a God in anyone’s circle; I though I was the most attractive and hoped I had the best personality overall.

Everyone was immediately escorted to a large portable outside beach bar. Music was playing on mid-size speakers. It was older pop music. Everyone was dressed in casual wear, which most seemed like it was designer clothing. Shorts, tops, halters, sandals, and some bathing suits were worn by the guests.

For a while, I discussed issues with the guys, but finally I said boldly, “Guys there are at least two women to every man here and I’m going to take advantage of that! I’m out to socialize and dance tonight. I am on the prowl gentlemen.” I laughed heartily and that was out of character for me.

Joannie heard my laugh I think and strolled over with a drink in hand, and saw that I hadn’t been drinking at all.

“Oh, I don’t need a drink to have fun or whatever, I said, your presence including the others here is an elixir in itself. Of course I was trying to be charming once again. All of you, to say the least, look incredible tonight! And Joannie, you look especially nice, that’s for sure!”

“Awww, that’s sweet of you to say. By the way honey, I sure had a wonderful time this afternoon. I still feel great from being with you. I sure hope we can spend some time soon with each other. Can I plan on that? Should I plan on that?”

I took Joannie by the arm and slowly headed towards a palm tree and told her, “Joannie, I’m here for a solid week”, smiling when I said that in my usual friendly and easy tone of voice.

“I don’t have any day to day plans, but I sure would love to spend as much time as possible with you as I can. Now granted, I will have other things going on while I’m down here. Tonight though, let’s all just have fun. But plan on keeping your week open, all right, will that be okay I hope?”

She came back and said, “That’s how I planned my week. I’m planning to take a trip up the coast in a couple of days to a place where I get some solitude as a matter of fact. It’s a little known beach house I have and there are a few others around, but each is enclosed by a large grove of palm trees and is on the water, near the gulf. I love it because I get some time away from here and occasionally I may entertain a friend or two. If I’m fortunate… that may be you Conk. Does that sound appealing to you?”

I winked at her, took her hands carefully, and said, “That sounds perfect!”

“Maybe we could have another couple or Cornelia?”

“Now, now Joannie what are you trying to do to me with a suggestion like that?”

“Well I’m sure suggesting something of that nature isn’t giving you the wrong impression is it Conk. I wasn’t insinuating that you, she, and I are doing anything well, umm other then… uhhh… enjoying each others company sweetheart. That’s all I was suggesting”, then she winked at me and squeezed my hands.

Leading her further away, and hidden from everyone completely, she wasn’t sure what my intentions were but she followed my lead.

I took her inside another grove of trees which was also surrounded with heavy shrubbery. I grabbed her, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her quite passionately. Doing so stirred her up as her body formed orgasmic bursts that rushed quickly into her beautiful desirable garden!

“Ohhh, we can’t do that”, she said excitedly! Contradicting herself immediately she begged for it again and said, “Ohhh, kiss me like that again Conk, that was special! Oooohh, mmmm… Do I feel, well, wow… turned on by that! I’d love to chase this down further and perhaps later tonight”, she exclaimed.

“Perhaps, as I agreed, perhaps! Let’s see how everything goes, okay?”

She walked güvenilir casino away first towards the party while I waited behind so everything was as inconspicuous as possible.

“God she kisses well, I thought aloud! She sure knows what she wants! They all seem to know what they want around here!”

“Huh, who knows what they want, Jan asked from several feet away through the ticket of shrubbery. Is that you honey? Conk, is that you? She headed into it to find me alone in the shrubbery and wondered why I was in it. Now, what would a visiting soul like you being doing in a deserted and hidden area like this”, she continued.

“Ohhh hi Jan, I was, I suppose, hiding for a moment from Cornelia and a friend of hers I met. I feel as if, well I suppose I have issues”, I told Jan. Not that it was true, but I had to say something.

“Do you care to tell me about them, Jan asked. Do you want to discuss what’s bothering you?”

“No, I’ll be okay, I said. Sorry I didn’t wait up for you. I assumed you’d be there when I came down at 8:00 and you weren’t, so I headed out here alone”

“Ohhh, it’s a long story, but I had a call from my ex. Let’s not worry about it, okay? Sorry I couldn’t escort you down here.”

We went to the beach party. The usual mingling was going on as was any expected flirting. Cornelia’s friend was astounded that these elder women could casually hit on the men with such grace and style. She thought it was startling in fact.

She even tried to get my attention since I was closer in age and from the same area. She got my attention for a little while, but so did the other three.

I loved all the attention and why shouldn’t I? Three or four women all for myself and all had one purpose in mind! All of them were interested in me and I was willing to return the favor!

Everything was fun. However, I did was also out of respect for their graciousness, as well as a natural desire to experience a sexy, fit, and an older woman! I wasn’t disappointed so far!

Heck even Joannie proved that earlier! She proved that well, that’s for damn sure!

The party went on until 1:30 in the morning. I was whipped as I hadn’t had any rest since early that morning. I graciously said good night to the women and each seemed slightly surprised I was heading out so soon.

All the women I knew hugged me, in their own way, giving me great hugs, and offering words of ‘friendship’ too. At the same time, each tentatively was trying to make plans with me to do something together. I headed back to my place and soon after, I fell asleep. I slept until 11:00 Saturday morning.

When I woke up, it seemed my neighbors were also waking up, and making their own coffee or tea. I was planning a shopping spree at the grocery store. Just as I stepped out on the balcony, Jan called.

“Hi sweetheart, how did you sleep?” She was in a cheery mood. You’d never know she was out late and she was up already since 9:00AM.

“Care to head to breakfast or even an early lunch, she asked. In fact, you and I could head up the coast and see the sights, if you care to.”

“Boy, I’d love to… that sounds nice. I’m sure the neighbors will be knocking at my door too and soon. I’d bet on that!” I laughed quietly. “I’m so lucky, and you have no idea how much Jan. This area is… well it’s an awesome vacation spot. I sure hope I don’t overstay my welcome… ever!”

“Conk honey, you won’t… believe me, you won’t. Just after you left, everyone said how nice and enjoyable it was to have you around here. Even some of the men who come here often mentioned how pleasant you were.

“That’s interesting… let me a quick shower, okay? Where should I pick you up at?”

“Take a walk down the lane to the end of it as if you’re heading towards the beach and I’ll pick you up there, she said, see you then?”

My doorbell rang as I was about to hang up, “Sure, sure… that sounds great. Someone’s at my door. I have to go.”

It was Cornelia. Dressed in a one piece bathing suit with a sheer top on; she asked me what my plans were for the day.

“Well I was offered a sight seeing tour today and so I’m not quite sure what time I’ll be back in the area. What ever you had planned, I’d love to take a rain check. By the way, that bathing suit looks verrrrry nice on you Cornelia. I’d love to go swimming sometime with you, if you’re up to it.” She smiled, quickly looking down at it and back up at me.

“Aren’t you the lucky one, she hastily responded. Here’s an incentive that I am quite sure will interest you to hopefully spend time with me.”

She gave me a long hug and a kiss to go with it. That kiss got her point across clearly! Wow, was I having the best time of my life down here. I hoped it continued throughout the week.

I became playful by squeezing her ass and said, “You can bet your ‘bottom dollar’ we’ll get together soon and enjoy some time together. I mean that too. What about your friend, is she enjoying herself?”

“Oh Karen, yes… she’s had a nice time. Isn’t canlı casino she a fine looking young woman? Do you like her? Do you find her interesting?”

“Umm sure I do, but not like I find you interesting and nice! Nope, that’s for sure, it isn’t like you or Joannie. You two, well you make my heart skip a beat, to be truthful. Sorry that I have to be rude, but I have to go actually. I’ve to get a shower.”

“Alright, well thank you and have a nice day sweetheart”, she said. We embraced one more time, but it was only another typical long, loving embrace with no sexual undertones.

I showered, packed a bathing suit and change of clothes, and a few other necessities, and dressed for the day with Jan. I headed down the lane and met her near the end. Her top was down on the car, which was perfect because it was a warm, sunny day with clouds that passed through the sky.

“Hiii sweetheart, she said, we’re going to have a splendid time. I’ve packed a great lunch and we’re going to drive up the coast. We’re going to go to a beautiful scenic area a couple of hours from here. But we’ll enjoy the drive in the meantime, I guarantee that honey.”

I had a hard time taking my eyes off her as we sped away and headed up the coastline highway. Jan looked playful in an outfit she wore consisting of a floral print camisole and a solid matching denim bandana skirt. How would I know? I asked her after complimenting her on her clothes. She appreciated that I noticed her outfit!

In my opinion, she looked wholeheartedly playful in a quest to enjoy the days coming events. The outfit she wore seemed perfect on her and it worked its magic on me!

“Jan, I’m the luckiest guy in town. I feel like I’m in college again, during spring break, and all the girls are pulling out all the stops with their summer wear tantalizing and teasing me.”

Jan turned as I viewed the most glamorous smile ever! Then she emitted a playfully loud laugh, which drew me into laughing with her.

I opened up and expressed some true feelings! I began wondering how delicious she might be. Now I truly was beginning to have my own sophomoric ideas.

“That skirt you have on, well it’s… it’s… simply sexy on you, as well as the top you are wearing!” I felt as if I was going to drool; thankfully I didn’t.

“That’s as straightforward as it gets Jan! How can a man like me not be captivated with a gorgeous woman like you?”

“I’m happy that we decided to go on this trip. I sure am proud to say that I’m your date today. I sure hope you feel the same.”

Jan came back proudly saying, “Well aren’t I the blessed one? Receiving compliments like that will get you everywhere.” Then she winked at me, reached over, grabbed my hand, and held it between her fingers while she drove us up the highway.

I wanted to undress her while she was driving.

“Well, Jan, I suppose it’s my turn to be straightforward as it was yours yesterday.”

An inquisitive look came over her.

“I’d love it somehow, if I… then I hesitated for sounding downright rude… I’d love it if you and I could become intimate physically. I’m trying to be as subtle as I can, honey, but that outfit you are wearing, sweetheart… well its overwhelming! It is a burden on my soul! It’s breaking down my self control… how else can I put it? You look simply incredible and, and…” I paused trying to choose the right words.

“You’d love for me to… well remove my top or skirt so you can have all the fun? Right out here on the open highway, while I’m driving, you’d like to do that? Conk… oooooohhh… do not tease me like that. I’d love for you to find a way to get down underneath the steering wheel and the floor, push up my skirt, pull down my under wear, and do what it is that you want to do. I would love it if that could be done. But I think I’d run off the road into one of the deep ditches!” She began giggling excitedly as if she wanted it badly, I think. I didn’t know about her but the idea of eating her out while she was driving or not driving became welded on my brain!

Then out of nowhere, Jan pulled off the highway onto to the brim. She looked at me and said, “Personally honey, I am very happy you chose to vacation here at our community. But this has been an added bonus for me at least!

Why you chose this area is beyond me! You easily could have gone up the road and stayed with a younger group closer in age to you.”

She went onto say, “If I can speak for the majority of the residents, we are especially thrilled that you have come to stay near us; I know that for sure as far as I’m concerned!” Her eyes glowed and a loving smile showed up on her face!

“Honestly Conk, I find you extremely… well… is tasty a good word? As a guest and I’m not afraid to tell you, I would love it too if you would do what you intimated you wanted to do! I’d love to become intimate with you too… and right now honey!”

Hormonal imbalances surfaced everywhere in me! God, my cock became hard! I wanted to know if she was horny at all! I hoped she was as horny as I felt at that point! I didn’t necessarily want to get off the highway and lay out a blanket and either eat her out or just plain fuck her brains out, but I felt as if the timing was perfect for whatever was about to occur! I was sure of that!

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