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Double Blacked in the Country

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Double Blacked in the CountryI had been keeping in touch with Ernie in the country after our hot session at his country home 40 miles outside the city. We chatted on the phone and I sent him some pics when he wanted me to dress up in some stuff at times. He wanted me back again and one night he called and told me his buddy he had been friends with for years was up for some fun with us.After our first meeting he told me he had a buddy who might be game for some white head and ass. Ernie told him he met me online and what happened at our first meet. His name was Willie he said, and he had been a good friends for some years and they swapped some porn videos and magazines over the years also and did work together at times .I asked him what he looked like and he told me a lil about him….Been knowing ole Willie for years he’s married lives a lil ways from me we hang out drink some beers and just good friends he’s a straight guy like me Ernie said…..I Said how did you tell him about me…….Ernie said he was at his house and they were drinking some beers in his workshop and Willie dropped off some porn tape and he put it in his VCR in the shed to preview it .It was an interracial film with the white women and had some anal in it. Willie told him to keep it he was hiding it from his wife in his truck at the time. Ernie was checking out some of the video and Willie was commenting on the film. Man look at that white ass them niggas got their dicks all up in that shit said Willie. Ernie said he was laughing and stuff and turned the video off and told him he would check it out later on tonight. Willie was still commenting on the video, man I wish I had me some of that white stuff while sipping his beer . After another beer Ernie said he told him , Man I know a white boy that does that kind of stuff in those movies he kinda like a lil sissy but he’s cool…..Do what man !!! Willie said, Yeah he like black dudes replied Ernie……So Ernie came out and told him everything about me coming to his house…..Damn he sucked that dick good then huh ? said Willie and you got him in his asshole too ? Damn man shit I might be game for some of that stuff Willie said…..Ernie told me a few days later Willie stopped by his house and after a beer said to Ernie…..Man you had you me all hard and shit the other day my ole lady don’t do too much sucking and stuff these days you might have to set me up with that whiteboy he can suck on my dick if he wants to..Ernie said ok cool but we on the D/L with this ok…..Yeah man Willie said…….So Ernie called me and said man can you come up this Friday to the place I got my boy Willie up for it. He told me ….I can take off work that day yeah I said .Ernie said it was a good day because Willie was off work that day also. I asked what Willie looked like Ernie said he was about the same build as him but a lil shorter with bald shaved head dark complected and he was 54 Ernie was 55. I hope he has a nice cock like yours Ernie…..Well I see him piss sometime and it don’t look little hanging out he said with a lol……. I was all excited and told him I would be there about noon Friday then…Make sure you bring your lil stuff to dress up for my buddy Ernie said…..I went and got some more sexy attire and packed up the night before and got on the road Friday am for the country I was really excited and a little nervous with the thought of being a lil bitchboy for two black men at the same time having never met one of them……When I got to Ernie’s house he was in güvenilir bahis the workshop and waved me over I was just in shorts and a shirt….Hey there baby how you been good to see you again as he rubbed my ass….I rubbed his crotch back mmmmmm can’t wait for some more of this I said…….So where’s Willie ? ………He coming in a lil while Ernie said…….I wanted you here a lil earlier so you can get ready with your panties and stuff ok I said and got my stuff and went into his house…..Go ahead and get ready and come out the back door into the shop I got a sofa bed out there with tv and a/c going Ernie said….So I got dressed in the hall bathroom with some dark nylon stockings, pink panties, sports type bra and a Pink terry Robe.I heard a vehicle in his driveway pull up and went to the side window it must of been Willie as Ernie walked over and was chatting with him. He inside getting ready I heard Ernie tell him……They went inside the shop and a minute later Ernie came in the back door …..Hey sexy Willie here you wanna come on out in a few minutes I’am gonna be in there getting the tv going and stuff just come on in when you ready…ok sure I said……Ernie went back to his shop out the back door…..I grabbed on of his towels and put my lube in it and went out the back door I was really excited ….. I opened the side door and Ernie was at the tv putting in a vhs tape on his tv /vcr combo…….Hey there she is he replied come on in this is Willie he said …..Willie was sitting on a sofa at one end I said hey how are you ……I could tell somewhat he was a lil nervous also especially with a younger white guy in a pink robe and stockings in front of him…Hey Mr Willie I said in a soft tone……Damn what you got on under that you all dressed like a girl he said…. Well just a few lil things nothing really great I said…..Looks sexy to me he said…….Willie was dark a lil shorter than Ernie he was in a pair of shorts and T shirt with dark smooth legs with sandles on…..Ernie then said he got the tape started and was going inside to get some stuff and will be back out in a lil bit…..As he left I sat down on the sofa and looked at the tv while Willie sipped a beer….Oh this looks like a good movie I said watching the porno on the tv….It’s a good one I been having he said…..So after a lil small talk with Willie I could see he had a bulge going down his leg from his shorts…..Looking back at the tv I said oh man this looks like a hot film as a black guy was getting blown by a blonde chick…..Willie said to me , So I hear you like doing that stuff to black men ……..Yeah I do I said……..So what you gonna do with me he replied …..Well let me move over there a closer and rub those shorts i said…..Come on he said………I moved over next to him on the sofa and reached over and started rubbing his bulge…….mmmmmm yeah he said…. his big prick was going down his leg under his shorts so i ran my hand up his leg till i got to his cock….. His cock was big ……Why don’t you stand up and get those shorts off if you want to I said………He stood up undid his shorts and dropped them down he had on no underwear……Wwwwhhooooo I said look at that big cock, His cock was about 9 1/2 and a lil fatter than Ernies he had big low balls and black with some graying pubic hair he was cut and had a nice head on it, I grabbed it while he stood up and I said that’s a nice fucking cock……He sat back down oh yeah so show me what you got he said….I layed türkçe bahis across the sofa and got my hand on his shaft and started at the top of his head licking ,and sucking his head while working my hand on his shaft slowly up and down…He was moaning oh yeah he said that’s good keep sucking it just like that.He had a musty smell as it turned me on also and I worked on his black rod, He enjoyed watching the movie as I was blowing him……suck that dick he said…….The side door opened Hey yall started with out me huh said Ernie …..Damn this boy giving me some damn good head replied Willie….While rubbing my head….I swirled my lips around his pisshole and tasted his precum it was sweet and he liked my mouth on his head…suck it baby suck it…..Ernie had some drinks and beer and put them on the bench here’s some drinks yall….. Ernie looked at the tv where by this time a black guy was fucking a girl in the ass damn that’s hot he said……Willie replied back to me while I was blowing him tapping me on the head, You like it in that ass too ? Yeah we can try it out later if you want I said….Ernie said hey yall stop and lets get the bed out ….Willie grabbed another beer and went inside to the bathroom….Ernie rolled out the sofa bed and layed down on it come get those lips on my dick now he said as he took off his pants…..I got between Ernies legs and got his 9 up and rubbed those big low hangers working up and down on his black shaft…. Willie came back in …….Yall gots the bed all ready huh I see there ……He suckin your dick good Ernie……Hell yeah Ernie said he bout ready to have me in that ass here shortly……Willie layed back down on the other side and I reached over and took his cock in my other hand and played with it while blowing Ernest…….Stop and stand up and get out of that robe Ernie told me show Willie what you got on do your lil dance for him…..I stopped stood up and in front of the bed I started a lil dance removing my robe and bending over on Willies side of the bed he felt my ass thru the panties as I wagged it at him, damn that ass is soft and so white he said….I gonna prep that ass now Ernie said as he stood up I’ll be back in a few he went inside his house….Get back on this dick Willie Ordered me …….I got between his legs and started pleasuring his rod and balls again his black cock was so so sweet and the musty smell really turned me on….He was watching the tv as I blew him…..Ernie came back in and got behind me I felt his removing my panties….Let’s get those panties off you not gonna need them anymore. He rubbed my ass as I was Blowing his buddy ….Wheres that lube you gots he said……ok I got it he said…I felt his finger and some lube on my asshole and with a lil shove he got one in my and started fingering my tight pink anus…..I let out a moan and started bucking with his finger as I went further down on Willies shaft till i was about to choke ,He them had another finger in and my ass was getting real hot and I was sucking Willie faster….Damn he sucking the shit out my dick Willie said……Suck it whiteboy suck it whiteboy he said…..Now I had already had Ernie up my butt from before and he gave a great ass fucking with his 9 in black as coal cock and he was about to knock on my back door a second time .Get that ass up he said as he prepped his cock… I got my ass in the air while sucking on Wille’s stick…Oh shit ! I let out as he had the head in and was going in deeper he soon worked it in and güvenilir bahis siteleri started some slow strokes in and out of my asshole……Suck his fucking dick he said as he fucked me ……Willie’s black stick had me slurping and gagging a lil but it was sweet as Ernie stroked my anus with his rod……How’s that ass Willie asked his buddy….He got a nice ass feels good Ernie said….I stopped and looked up at Willie and said….Mr Willie you gonna want some of that white ass too ? I’am gonna dig this black dick all up in yo lil white ass when he finished with ya…..A few minutes later I felt Ernie yell out I’am bout to cum damn…..I kept sucking Willie……OH shit Ernie said as he pulled out and shot his load on my back side……..Willie said damn nigga you came…..Shit yeah he said wiping it off my back with the towel . He spread my ass cheeks and I reached back and felt my puckered hole. Ernie wiped it clean and then said he going inside ….Yall do whatever he said…….After a minute more of sucking Willies cock he said…..Where that lube at ……right over there i said….He got the bottle and opened the flip top… I was glad Ernie got me in my ass first because Willies cock was a lil bigger and rounder …..What position you want me in Mr Willie I said…….Get doggy like you did before…. So I got up in the bed with my ass up in the air and felt Willie behind me ……spread that asshole he said I did so and felt his prick enter I moaned a lil and he was working it in ……You like that cock in your ass huh he said, oh yeah give it to me I said……He started to shove deeper into my butthole…..Oh shit oh ouch fuck !!!!!! I said…..give it to me daddy …..Willie was tapping my white ass good and giving a great ass fuck……He was in pleasure as he had my asshole wrapped around his prick….Damn that dick looks good going in and out of your ass he said….while watching his prick go in and out of my asshole…..Tear that white ass up ! I told him he had me hot as shit….Where you wants this sperms when I cums he said……Pull out shoot it right down my mouth I told him. I felt his prick growing a lil more and thought he was close to blowing he was fucking my ass good…..Gets ready here comes dis sperms he said…..He pulled out I rolled over on the bed and he got over me with my mouth opened and with a loud AHHHHHHHH…. He shot his load right into my waiting mouth hitting my lips and tongue…He was still jerking it as more poured out…..Whhhheeeewwwwwwwwww he said all spent out……damn that was some good ass he said…. He wiped off grabbed his stuff and headed inside with Ernie…..I blew my intense load watching the rest of the porn dvd on the tv and went inside and showered up…….After showering I came out and said Where’s Willie ? Oh he gone he left while you was in the shower…I said oh ok and that was that of Willie that day…….You drained him all out Ernie said……lol So I’am a bout ready for round two Ernie said so he instructed me to the bedroom and his big bed and he wanted me to blow him clean….So I did and even rimmed his asshole for him it was hot and I never rimmed anyone before his big black cock ,balls and asshole were tasty. and he delivered a load right down my waiting mouth just as Wille had………He called me up a week or so later and said hey girl what you up too. Nothing much I said….Willie said he still drained out…….lol I said Ernie said he asked for my number and wants to get with you again .I said ok cool and he gave up my number….A week or so later Willie called me and said he was coming to town one day and asked if I could entertain him again….I said sure . I was excited and thinking about his big black musty cock again…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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