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Subject: Doug and Derrick Doug and Derrick — A True Story of Two Brothers This is a true story. I have changed the names of the brothers but otherwise the facts are true. I was eight years old when I had my first sexual experience. Like most young boys, I had an older male as a teacher. In my case it was Doug, the ten year old brother of my best friend Derrick. Doug and Derrick were brothers, two years apart in age, and both very sexual from an early age. While the early years of a male adolescent are formative, the genetics of sexual preference are already in place. Later in my teenage years, it was clearly evident to me that Doug was gay and Derrick was straight. Neither brother knew that I had sex regularly with both of them. I knew that I was bi and fantasized about men and women. At eight years of age I had no idea what masturbation or beating off as Doug called it, was all about. At this point nearly 70 years later I can’t remember the exact circumstance but Doug showed me how to masturbate. He asked me if I wanted to see what beating off was and of course I wanted to see what he meant and it was also an opportunity for me to see his dick. From the time I was about six years old I remember being curious about other boys and their dicks. In his bedroom Doug dropped his pants and whities, his stiff dick, probably no more than three inches long at 10 years old, popped straight out. Doug, like me, was uncut. I watch him stroke the skin on his shaft, rolling the foreskin back and forth over his perfectly shiny dickhead. After several minutes of this he started to breathe heavily and pant, suddenly he began thrusting his pelvis, standing on his tiptoes, eyes closed as he produced a dry climax. I was stunned, having never seen, much less experienced such an orgasm. As he recovered he told me how incredible it felt. Before I could try it, Doug having spent himself, at least for the moment, turned gaziantep travesti his attention to something else. Later that afternoon when I went home and before my working parents returned home, I decided to try beating off myself. I went to the hall bathroom, dropped my pants and underwear and started repeating what I had watched Doug do with his dick. At first nothing happened but as I rolled my foreskin back and forth, cloaking and then revealing my dickhead–which unlike Doug’s perfectly smooth and shiny dickhead, was more wrinkled in texture, my little dick suddenly became very stiff. My tiny wrinkled little dickhead became swollen, tight and shiny. Continuing my stroking using my right thumb and index finger I begin to have a strange feeling in my groin area. It was very different, a bit scary but at the same time I was starting to have my first experience with the feeling that drives every male to want it over and over for the rest of his life. Without warning I felt explosive electric-like tingles radiating from all directions out from my groin, dick and balls, down my legs and up my body. The fear of what was happening made me want to stop stroking my dick but I was unable and sped up my furious stroking of my little boy dick. My climax seemed to go on forever and at its peak, all my orgasmic energy seemed concentrated in my dick. I grabbed a towel holder to prevent myself from collapsing on the bathroom floor. The electricity radiating through my lower body, along with shooting stars in my vision, was overwhelming. Needless to say, this became an almost every day experience and many days an experience that happened two, three or more times during that day, just as it does for every young male. Later when I was ten years old, Doug, now twelve in age and possessing a five inch dick, and the first signs of a few public hairs around the top gaziantep masaj salonları of his dick shaft, suggested I needed to know how to fuck. I had a vague idea what fucking was but at my age I was more than consumed with beating off whenever I had the time and privacy to do so, and with parents who worked, I had plenty of time. Doug insisted I needed to learn what fucking was all about as I would need to know how when I got married. At ten years old marriage, or even a girl friend, was not on my radar. All I needed was privacy and my right hand to handle any sexual needs. I had no idea what Doug had in mind but he said I should take off my clothes and lie down on his bed on my stomach. I did so without question and almost as quickly as I sprawled on his bed I felt fingers coated with vaseline massaging the crack between my butt cheeks. Then a finger found my anus and pushed its way in. I flinched in reaction but Doug insisted it would be ok. With my butt spread and hanging over the side of his bed, I realized what was going to happen. Doug was going to put his dick inside my butt. While trying to process what was happening, his dickhead was up against my butthole and with some force, while holding me down, Doug’s dick opened my virginal hole up and slid in. Even though Doug’s dick was not particularly thick, the surprise of it, along with some pain, caused me to scream. Pushing on my back and neck, Doug began almost immediately to fuck me. In shock and with Doug holding me down while he fucked me, I just laid there in silence, feeling his dick slide in and out. In retrospect it was almost a rape. But within a minute or two it was all over as his thrusts picked up speed along with loud grunts, and finally some slamming final thrusts accompanied by him hugging my upper body while he held his dick buried in my butt, without moving, for gaziantep escort bayan what seemed at least a minute before he withdrew his softening dick from my no longer virginal butt. That scene, in one form or location or another, repeated itself over the next several years. But as I reached puberty at twelve, my dick started to grow. By the time I was fourteen I had my man dick and was as long as Doug’s, and much thicker. Doug allowed me to fuck him once but it hurt so badly he refused to ever let my dick ever penetrate his butt a second time. I continued to allow him to fuck me and for reciprocation he let me lube up his balls and the inside of his legs. Clamping his legs tightly I would fuck him, massaging his balls with my dick shaft as I pumped my dick in and out between his legs, winding up shooting my cum from his butt crack to his balls. While not as satisfying as a vaginal or butt fuck, it served the purpose for teenage sexual release. During all those years, Dick’s brother Derrick, had no idea Dick and I were having sex. In fact I would regularly sleep over with Derrick, who was much better looking than Dick and far more athletically built. Derrick’s dick was exactly like his brothers, uncut, with a perfectly shiny head. Obviously they both had inherited their father’s dick. Derrick’s bedroom had two twin beds. On sleepovers we would invariably start talking about sex. Derrick was straight, always fantasizing about fucking this girl or that one, wondering how tight her pussy was. For some reason I always wound up in Derrick’s bed while all of this conversation went on. Sometimes Derrick allowed me to stroke his dick for him but he always finished his happy ending. Never once did the thought of fucking or sucking each other ever come up. I can’t remember Derrick every touching my dick, although I wanted him to. After high school Derrick went to college, had a career, got married and had four children. Doug never married, later spent much time traveling to Thailand, where I’m sure he found much sex with young men. Periodically I received letters from Doug suggesting I come visit him. I never did. As much sex as I had with Doug, Derrick was the brother that I really longed to have consummate male sex with but it was not to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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