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Drink up

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Drink upI had been away for six months working in hostile countrys so get get back home all in one pierce was a releaf. Am Joe and I had decided to surprise Jackie my wife of four years at home whilst she was at work, she runs her own spa and beauty lodge.So my plan was to have a bottle of bubbly on ice rose petals leading through from sitting room to the dinning room and finally into the poolroom, little did I know know that her sibling was lodging with her for the past four weeks her old man had been dipping his cock in the holes ba hers in town when she confronted him she received a back hand hence me finding her inthe shower as I thought it was my wife, both got the same figure and natural brown hairlong too people think they are twins although the is three years between them.I thought nothing of it when I finished preparing my surprise I heard my wife upstairs so I thought I made my way up the stairs removing my tie shoes shirt trousers as went along upon reaching the shower I stop and stared long and hard ( which made my cock hard too) at her ass and that tattoo what a sexy ass “when did you get that ink babe” esenyurt escort I said as reach in to touch her to my surprise it was the loudest scream I had ever heard. As she turned around she swung her fisted hand and caught me clean on.As I came to it as though I was floating my vision was blurry then it came to me I was in bedroom how the fuck, my head was thumbing hard it was the her punch that took me out it was the slip then landing my head on the toilet that had my out for a day and a half out cold.So here I was in bed half dazed hearing soft talk Jackie and her younger s*s gill who lightly cry and looking pale. As I try to rise I faint slightly but manage to sit on edge of the bed I feel a hand on my shoulder its Jackie then a head lands on my lap its gill cry ling and apologising frantically. In few weeks that past we all got on like house fire with Jackie working all week gill doing her part-time course we spent our time toghter at the weekend.It was a May bank holiday and we decided to trail up to the cabin for the weekend we took two slabs of beer five bottle sprites avrupa yakası escort two liquors, for me as I a a lightweight.The weather blistering the girls topped up they’re tan then I had flash back that tattoo I had to find more…We a bbq the girls danced and drank wild whilst I burned the meat to Desired tastethe I started knocking so beers back after a while we had finished barbecuing and retreated back to cabin Jackie said “lets play a game” “truth or dare ” i said gill was up for it to jackie got à bottle and spun it “gill I dare you to handstand and down a shot” she said and up your gill, she then dared Jackie to jump in the lake naked Jackie wasn’t going at she had a shot then she bolted to the lake and back in no time, then I picked truth and asked if Jackie had tasted another girl, she went beetroot and said dare gill said to down a two cocktails straight off, Gill dared me to strip dance Jackie I did so as got to my shorts Jackie went red as she knew I come commando gill’s eyes were all over my tight ass.Jackie uped the anadolu yakası escort aunt “gill suck his ass” she said quick to it gill was on me like a rash I told Jackie suck my cock which was now dripping precum she fondled her breasts as she wanked to me Doug her nails in my chest and slow knelt to meet my throbbing cock gill was rimming my ass good I told gill to lay faced up and her s*s to sit on her face after a while I told Jackie to eat her s*s in doing I sat back watching in sher amusement to the passion that those two beautiful woman shared Jackie opened Gill’s pussie and drank her up good Jackie moaned heavily as gill finger fucked her ass and pussie good. I had got back on the game I stood be gill and lowed my cock in to her mouth Jackie was about to cum so I popped my cock into her shit hole with one swift move within minutes she squirted all over Gill’s face and tits I told Jackie to taste herself by kissing Gill she happily accepted as they stood up I knelt down behind Gill and finally got my hands on that tattooed ass I kissed and licked it before I parted it her shithole tasted great she rode my face like Katie Walsh my face was dripping wet Jackie sucked my Dick like no tomorrow I shoot my load several times that and did the beautiful sisters we slept in each other arms naked in front of the fire every now and then I felt a hand on my Dick as the fire burnt down it darken the cabin nd we all fell fast asleep. Can wait for our next trip…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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