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Duck, Duck… Sex

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As children we all played the usual games; Red Rover, Tag, Musical chairs, etc. But what about when you grow up? Is there a point when you just stop playing games you played as a kid? Is it possible that games like Duck, Duck Goose can be just as fun when you are an adult as it is when you are a kid?

What if with just a twist of the imagination, you could take a favorite childhood game and turn it into something grownups would play? Is it possible you are probably wondering? Well dear reader, not only is it possible, but that is what the story you are about to read is all about.

The following story is about a group of friends who on a warm summer night discover that some games you never outgrow no matter how old you are.


Chapter 1

18 year old Jessica sat around the fire with her friends. Today was a special day, for one it was graduation night. High school was behind them and Jessica knew some of the people she was chatting with would be heading off to college or the great unknown in a few months. That was only part of what made today special though, today was Jessica’s 18th birthday. Over the last few months she had watched her friends become legal adults, while she stayed in the in between period. She wasn’t an adult but she wasn’t a kid anymore either. It was frustrating watching all her friends pair up with guys they had been interested in all their lives, while she sat on the sidelines watching.

She sipped her soda as she glanced around the fire. Almost everyone in the circle was in a relationship with the person with them. There was Tasha and Nick; Nick had actually graduated 3 years before along with Jessica’s sister Amanda. He had actually just finished his first year at Harvard. He had come home over Christmas break and ran into Tasha and Jessica at the little market down from Jessica’s house. Tasha was supposed to spend the night.

Once Nick started talking to Tasha though, it was pretty much the end of girl’s night. Tasha had mentioned that she had her birthday the week before. Nick’s eyes had darkened as he looked at her friend. He leaned over and whispered something in the other girl’s ear that made her blush and nod. Nick smiled at Jessica but it was Tasha who said Nick wanted to give her a late birthday present. She apologized to Jessica, but when Nick put his arm around her neck and whispered in her ear again as they headed for the door. Jessica knew her friend was hooked. She had been in love with Nick forever, but never thought he knew she existed.

Over the rest of break Tasha and Nick were practically inseparable and there was a glow to Tasha that told Jessica what he had given Tasha for her birthday. It was the same with the others, April and Peter, Brittany and Jake as well as Lyndsey and Mike. It was as if as soon as her friends came of age, they were suddenly noticed by guys they had known all their lives

The other three people gathered around were Jessica’s sister Amanda and her fiancé Rick, along with Rick’s Brother Brian. Rick and Brian were both half Apache and they had the looks to go along with it. They were both tall; Rick was 6’2″, while Brian was closer to 6’4″. Even at Jessica’s almost 6′, Brian towered over her.

Amanda said they took after their father in height, but everything else was their mother, from their caramel skin that made them look like they had a year round tan, to the jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes. While Rick wore his hair short, barely covering his collar, Brian wore his in a braid down his back.

Jessica knew the braid hung to just above his butt, and that it was soft. She had discovered both on the trip here. Amanda’s car was in the shop, so she had rode with Rick in his pickup. Jessica was going to just ride in the back like she had several times before when Brian offered to give her a ride on the back of his bike.

Jessica had been unsure, ever since the big man had stepped into the house her body had reacted to him. Rick had come to see Jessica graduate. Brian was spending a few days with him so he had tagged along. When Rick questioned him, Brian had just shrugged and said he wanted to meet his future in laws.

Jessica had met Rick 2 years before when Amanda came home over Christmas and brought him along. They had met at freshman orientation and been together pretty much ever since. This last Christmas she had spent with his family, but made sure to call on Christmas day to let everyone know about the engagement.

Jessica knew Rick had an older brother, but had never met him before today. She knew Brian was 25 and made his living travelling from place to place unloading semis. He usually came home around once a year for a few days then was off again. He told Rick he hadn’t found a reason to stay in one place yet and until he did, he preferred the open road to the whole 9-5 life.

Looking over at him now across the fire, Jessica felt shivers go through her body. He hadn’t really given her more than a cursory glance since they met this morning, but her body had üsküdar escort been turned to him all day. From the moment he walked into the house, her body had reacted, her nipples tightened and hardened, her pussy moistened and she actually had to change her panties because they were soaked with pussy juice.

When she rode behind him on his bike, pressing her breasts against his back, while her arms wrapped around his slender waist, she had rested her cheek against him while she closed her eyes and inhaled his scent. By the time, they got here, she had to force herself to let go of him. She may be inexperienced, but she knew enough to know she was attracted to the big man.

She also knew he would never be interested in her. She sighed softly as she glanced at him lying back, and using his jacket for a pillow. He watched everyone as if he was on the outside looking in and really didn’t want to be there. He nursed a beer and listened to Rick talking about school, he didn’t even glance in her direction.

She knew Brian had probably been with loads of women while she had never even been kissed let alone touched by a man. Her body may want him, but she was sure he wouldn’t want her. As she sipped her soda and saw the couple’s around her laughing and chattering, Jessica began to wonder why she let Amanda talk her into coming tonight, she knew everyone would pair off and have fun, while she went home alone.

Unable to handle the cuddling any longer, Jessica threw her can in the bag for them then stood up. Amanda glanced at her but she ignored her and headed into the trees unaware of another pair of eyes following her every move.

As soon as Jessica stood up, Brian Spirit horse was aware of it. He had gotten really good at seeming uninterested when it came to women, most of the women he met in his travels were only interested in having sex with an Indian. Pure blood or not, he looked like an Indian and that was enough for them.

While he enjoyed their bodies, he wanted more, someone who would see past the big Indian to the man inside. So he had learned how to show disinterest to get the hoards to back off.

When he met Amanda last year at his parents’ house he figured she was like all the rest, only into Rick because of his heritage. After spending the day with them, it became apparent that she really did love his brother. When Amanda showed him a picture of her little sister, Brian felt as if he had been kicked in the stomach by a mule. Aside from the fact that she was beautiful, slender with long reddish brown hair and Amber eyes, there was just something about her that Brian knew he needed to meet her. When Amanda said she was 17, he felt like he had been doused in cold water. Brian had 2 rules he lived by, one, no one under age and two, no virgins. They always wanted more than he was willing to give, normally a relationship which he shied away from with a vengeance. He had no interest in being tied down to one woman any time soon.

Over the last year tho he couldn’t get Jessica out of his mind. Every woman he saw he compared to her. It was driving him crazy, he had never met the girl, yet she invaded his every thought, his every dream. When Rick told him he was coming not only for Jessica’s graduation but for her birthday, it had taken every ounce of control he had not to beg Rick to let him come. He knew he had to meet her at least, see if her picture or his dreams were anywhere near the real thing.

Rick had been surprised when he asked about joining him, but bought his story about wanting to meet his future in laws. When they arrived this morning, Jessica was already at the school preparing for her graduation ceremony. He went. With everyone to the ceremony, and caught a glimpse of her when she received her diploma, but she was wearing her graduation gown so he couldn’t tell if his imagination was anywhere near the real thing.

He got to officially meet her after the ceremony. Jessica’s eyes widened as she looked up at him then she blushed and looked down which caused Brian’s body to react. It took his years of control not to drag her to a corner of the crowded auditorium and see if her mouth tasted as good as it looked.

He was saved embarrassing himself by her parents wanting to take them all out to dinner before they disappeared for the graduation party later that night. There wasn’t room in the cab of Rick’s pickup and Jessica didn’t want to ruin her dress by sitting in the back that decided it for Jessica riding home with her parents. In Brian’s opinion it was a good call, because it was on the way home that Amanda filled him in on the plan for tonight.

It was something a group of them had been planning for months; they were just waiting for Jessica to come of age. The idea was an adult version of Duck, Duck, goose. The idea was each of the girls would be blindfolded and does the usual duck, Duck part of the game. The difference was when everyone cried goose the girl would have sex with the goose.

Brian’s eyes widened at first but he göztepe escort quickly got it under control. “Sounds interesting,” he said in his best deadpan voice.

He knew Rick was watching him in the mirror and he fought not to give anything away. Amanda didn’t pick up on the unspoken communication between the brothers and just continued with the plan. “Jessica will be the first duck of course.” Amanda said nonchalantly.

At those words Brian’s cock jumped in his pants and he felt his breath catch. “Especially since it is her birthday.” Amanda continued unaware of his discomfort.

Brian’s brows furrowed at that. “So your sister’s first fuck is going to be in front of her friends with a mystery cock drilling into her body?” Brian’s voice sounded angry even to him; although why he cared he had no idea. Just the thought of Jessica losing her virginity in front of a group of people she had known all her life and not even knowing who her first duck was just irritated him.

Amanda just gasped at him and Rick looked at him in the mirror as he drove. “I…I didn’t…” Amanda stammered.

Brian looked at her, “you didn’t think, that much is obvious.” His voice had a growl that Rick knew well and he pulled over to the side of the road and cut the engine before turning to his brother.

“Brian, calm down man. You barely know Jessica, why you getting so defensive?”

That stopped Brian for a minute, why did he care if Jessica was humiliated by having sex for the first time in a gang bang of sorts? He couldn’t explain it, but Jessica going through that ripped at something inside him. He leaned his head against the back of the seat and closed his eyes, as he took a couple calming breathes. “A girl’s first time is supposed to be a thing she treasures, not as something humiliating. You want to have your game, have fun, but at least get someone to fuck her first so she knows what to expect.”

Amanda and Rick exchanged a look but it was Rick who spoke. “You offering to do it?”

That got Brian’s attention; he opened his eyes and looked at his brother. “You know I don’t do virgins.” Even as the words left his lips, his mind was racing. The thought of her mouth pressed against his as he kissed her, the thought of her writhing beneath him as he filled her with his cock knowing no man had been there before. Hearing her cry his name as she had her very first orgasm.

He heard Amanda chattering, something about asking him to be a part of the game, how they were one guy short. How this was the only way they could do it because all the guys involved were in relationships with girls who would be involved and they only agreed if it was as a group so no jealousy came out, it was supposed to just be a night of clean fun.

Brian rested his head against the seat again and closed his eyes, tuning Amanda out as he thought of Jessica beneath him. Her naked body molding against his, he felt his cock harden in his pants and spoke before his fear of commitment could take hold. “I’ll do it,” he said with his eyes still closed.

Amanda was still babbling on, but she stopped suddenly and looked at him. “You’ll do what?”

Brian opened his eyes and looked at his soon to be sister in law. She was basically a carbon copy of Jessica, except her tits were fuller and she wasn’t quite as slender as her sister. She wasn’t fat by any means, but she wasn’t exactly slender either. “I’ll be part of your orgy.” Rick muffled a laugh while Amanda gasped at him, her mouth open in an oh. She started to speak but he held his hand up and she instantly closed her mouth. “But, if I am going to do this, I’m going to be the one who shows Jessica how good it can be, not have her first time be in a crowd.”

“I thought you didn’t do virgins?” Rick asked fighting back a laugh.

“Shut up Rick,” Brian snarled, causing the other man to bust out laughing as he started the car back up.

“Whatever you say bro,” Rick said still chuckling as he pulled back into traffic.

Brian ignored him, his eyes were on Amanda. “Can you accept that?”

Amanda just nodded, still gaping at him.

“Good,” Brian said sitting back against the seat and wondering to himself what had he just gotten himself into? For that matter, why did the thought of one of the other guys dipping into Jessica first bother him so much? He shook his head to clear the questions, he was afraid of what he would find it he delved too far into his own emotions and no girl was worth that, not even one as hot as Jessica.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful in Brian’s opinion. After dinner they went back to the house. He was sitting on the front porch talking to Jessica and Amanda’s dad when the girl who had haunted his dreams came out and he felt his cock straining against the front of his jeans as he stared at her.

She was dressed in a halter top that tied at the neck and around her back leaving her back and stomach bare. He could see easily that although it held her breasts she was most definitely not wearing a istanbul pendik escort bra. She had on a pair of shorts that molded to her body when she moved, showing off every curve.

When she bent over to kiss her dad on the cheek, Brian got a glimpse of the string of her g-string and suddenly he wished they were somewhere alone so he could run his fingers over that tight ass.

She finished off the outfit with slip on sandals and sunglasses that his her eyes from him. She had her long hair running down her back in waves and his fingers suddenly itched to run through it.

Jessica straightened up and smiled at him making his heart flip. He didn’t like the way this little pixie of a girl was affecting him, so he brought out his disinterested mask, then instantly felt like shit when her smile faltered. He wanted to see her smile again, but he also knew somehow she had weaved a spell over him and if he wasn’t careful, he would care way too much. “What’s up Jess?” He asked in his best bored voice.

She looked at him suddenly unsure, during dinner he had been really friendly but now it was like he closed himself off and she wasn’t sure what she did to cause the change. She nibbled on her bottom lip and Brian’s hand tightened on the soda can he was holding as he thought about how bad he wanted to bite that lip. “Um…Rick and Manda wanted me to see if you’re ready. They said you’re coming to the party tonight.” She still had the look of uncertainty in her eyes and it took everything he had not to reach over and run his thumb along her cheek.

He downed the rest of his soda, then threw the can in the recycling bag before standing up. “Yeah, figured it was something to do.” He said shrugging, his mask firmly in place.

Jessica looked up at him, then shrugged. “Okay, let’s go then.”

She kissed her dad again, then grabbed her jacket and purse off the porch before heading down to Rick’s truck. Once they were all gathered, Brian shocked everyone by offering to take Jessica on his bike. Jessica looked at him shrewdly, but when Amanda said it was fine, she followed Brian to the bike. As she put on his spare helmet, then climbed on behind him, while he kicked the bike to life, Brian wondered what had gotten into him.

He never let anyone ride behind him. Whenever he picked up a woman he always followed them, he had never had a woman on the back of his bike before. He mentally shook his head as he followed Rick’s truck down the road.

Jessica held herself tense behind him, but when they hit the highway and Brian really opened the bike up, he felt her relax against him. Her breasts pressed against his back, her arms tightening just a touch around his waist. He knew he needed to get away from her soon or he was not going to be responsible for his actions. He sped up and heard her squeal of joy against his ear. His hands tightened on the handlebars as he stared at the back of Rick’s truck, praying they were almost there.

When they got to the beach, he held himself tense as she climbed off the bike. He watched her set the helmet on the seat behind him then head towards her friends who were arriving. As he relaxed his body and climbed off the bike, he noticed there was a subtle shake to Jessica’s hips as she walked.

Brian knew right then that he was in trouble because at that moment all he could think about is finding out from Amanda what time she planned the duck game and how long he had to wait before he could give in and finally have Jess the way he wanted her from the moment he saw her picture; naked beneath him with his cock lodged inside her.

As he watched her laughing with a couple other girls’, he felt a tightening in his body and knew it was going to be a very long night. With one last look at Jessica, he went in search of Amanda, she had started all this, but by God he was going to be the one to finish it.

Chapter 2

It had been a long couple of hours, Brian made small talk with some of the other guys, watched Jessica laugh with her friends and just have fun. Once the sun started setting and everyone paired up he could see the melancholy on Jessica’s face. He thought she his it well from the others, but he had been in that position to many times not to pick up the signs.

He was laying back half listening to Rick ramble on about school when he saw Jessica stand up and head for the trees. He knew it was now or never, he downed the rest of his beer, then without a word followed after Jessica.

Once she was in the seclusion of the trees Jessica felt her body slump. Everyone at the party had someone except her and Brian. She had thought maybe he would be interested but he had pretty much ignored her all night. Sighing, she sat on a lot, and put her head in her hands trying to figure out a way to tell Amanda she wanted to go home without hurting her sister’s feelings.

She had pretty much decided to just walk home when she heard a twig break. She lifted her head and her eyes widened as Brian stepped into the clearing. She stared up at him in surprise as he stalked towards her. When he reached down and pulled her to her feet, she gasped as she stared up into his eyes. “What…?” Was all she managed to get out before he hauled her against him, his hands running over her bare back and caressing her ass as his mouth crushed down on hers.

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