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Subject: Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 8: Dad and Son WARNING. This story contains sexually oriented adult material. This includes sexual relations between adults and minors. All this has no basis in truth and is all fictional. Author does not condone of any illegal activities as this is purely for fantasy. Feedback and comments welcome ook. Thanks for all the feedback, comments and ideas so far! Reminder: Nifty operates off donations to provide this and other stories. Please consider donating at: fty/ Copyright 2022 Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 8: Dad and Son I woke up naked, and alone, in the comfortable king size bed, the sun starting to stream in from the open hotel windows. Once again, it took my mind a few minutes to distinguish what happened the night before from mere wet dreams. I got up and walked into the living room, still naked, only to see Mr. Driver siting at the table reading the paper. “Good morning, Brandon. Would you like some coffee?” “Sure, man, thanks. Where’s Paulo and Lucas?” I asked, wiping my eyes, still groggy. “They had to catch an early flight, and they didn’t want to wake you, so they asked me to stay and make sure you got to school ok.” Shit, it was Monday, wasn’t it. What the hell was I supposed to wear to school, the twink shorts they made me parade through the lobby? I didn’t even have my phone. “Hey, bro, can I borrow your phone? I can have my dad come pick me up. What time do we gotta be out of here anyways?” I asked. I looked at my watch and it was 7:00 am. Shit, school started at 8:00. “The misters have a special arrangement with the hotel. They don’t have to check out until 4pm,” he said, handing me his iPhone. I took his phone and quickly dialed my dad, hoping he’d answer the unknown number. “Hey, Rod, what’s up?” my dad said. “Um, it’s me, Brandon. I don’t know where my phone is, so the driver let me use his.” “Oh, hey, son. How’d it go with Paolo and Lucas?” “Good, dad. But I’m here without any clothes or my phone, so can you come over? They had to leave for a flight. But we don’t have to leave this amazing room until the afternoon, so I thought we could take advantage, call in sick, you know, have a dude’s day of our own…I can’t show up at school like this.” After a pause, my dad responded, “Sure, son. Give me an hour and I’ll be there.” and he hung up. I returned the phone to Mr. Driver, whose name I now knew as Rod. “You know my dad?” I asked. “Yeah. I’m the driver, and runner, the whatever they need, for their group whenever they have their get-togethers. Zach is the one that hired me the first time, and I’ve been their guy ever since.” Interesting. “Cool, man. Well, I’m gonna go jump in the shower. My dad is gonna stop by in about an hour, so you don’t need to hang around to drive me anywhere,” I said to him, realizing I was still nude while he was back in his black suit and white shirt. “Um, you might have misunderstood. They hire me under a special arrangement. I’m supposed to stay here unless Zach releases me for the day.” “Ok, man, I get it, you like the view,” I joked, grabbing my crotch, but Rod remained stoic. “Damn, just joking, man,” I said as I realized there was a spread of eggs, bacon and fruit in the kitchen. I walked over and grabbed a few bites to each, not attempting to cover up my junk that was still flopping around. I liked hanging out naked, so was going to enjoy this. Eventually, I decided to hop in the shower, so I walked back to the walk-in shower and turned on two of the shower heads to warm up. As soon as the water was warm, I stepped under the rainfall shower heads, exhaling as the hot water hit my face and run down my body. I started lathering up, realizing I had quite a bit of dried cum and sweat all over me. I then noticed Rod saunter in and walk toward the toilet, pulling out the thick cock I had sucked the day before. As he started pissing, he looked over at me through the shower glass, all lathered up. I looked at him in the eye as I ran my hand across my ass and up my crack, licking my lips. He was mesmerized watching me. I motioned for him to come join me, opening the shower door. “It’s just us, come help me get cleaned up for my dad,” I said. He took the bait, pulling his clothes off and confidently walking toward the shower, showing off his tattoos and muscular body. He stepped in the shower and walked up behind me, starting to rub his hard cock against my soapy ass, his strong hands exploring my chest. I turned around and kissed him, feeling his manly embrace of my body as his tongue explored my mouth and lips. He spun me around forcefully and pushed my back down, so that I was bent down in front of him with my ass in front of his hard cock. Using the soap running down my back, he lubed up his monster cock and pushed it in my ass. I was still sore şişli travesti from the night before, but his cock stretching me out again sent an amazing sensation across my whole body. Once he saw that I could take it, he started fucking me harder and faster, grabbing my hips to guide my ass into his cock, my hands bracing against the shower wall. As soon as I flexed my ass muscles, which I was quickly learning how to command over the course of the weekend, I could feel him unloading his cum inside me. I moaned loudly as he pumped me full of his load. After he stopped shooting, he pulled his still hard cock out of me, rinsed it off and then stepped out of the shower to get dressed. Just then, his phone rang from my dad, who was down in the lobby needing to get buzzed up, so he walked out. I needed to finish washing up in the shower. As I was finishing drying off, my dad arrived into the bathroom. “Oh hey, dad. Can you believe this place?!” I said, motioning to the size of the suite. “Hey, son. Yeah, I’ve been here before. It’s a nice place. So….did you have fun last night? Paolo texted me this morning that he thought you were pretty amazing,” my dad said, looking for a reaction on my face. Standing there naked in front of my dad, I responded, “Yeah, dad. I mean, I was a little confused about what was going on, but we had a lot of fun, so all good….By the way, dad, you look sexy as fuck in that suit,” I joked, but not really kidding. He smiled, enjoying the compliment. I had never had the chance to talk to him like that. “Well, finish drying off, and I’ll see you in the living room,” my dad said, as he walked out of the bathroom and down the hall. Damn, his ass did look good in those pants. After I finished drying off, I wrapped the towel around my waste and walked back into the living room. I saw Rod handing my dad an envelope, and then my dad opened it, pulled out what looked like a couple hundred dollar bills and give them to Rod, followed by a handshake and a thankful smile from Rod. They noticed me come in, and my dad quickly put the envelop in his back pocket. “Hey, son, so I guess you’ve met Rod by now. He a good guy, been with us for a while, always watching over the boys. And just happens to be 100% straight and narrow, so never touches the merchandise, haha. Anyways, Rod’s gonna take off, so thank him for driving you around.” “Thank you, sir,” I said, grinning, as I held out my hand to shake Rod’s hand, and winking at him when my dad wasn’t looking. Rod said his goodbyes and headed to the elevator. “So, pops, looks like it’s just me and you,” I said, excited to spend some one-on-one time with him. “But I feel like I’m under-dressed,” nodding to his suit and tie. Dad is an accountant, so always is dressed in a full suit and tie for work. “Why don’t you hop on the couch and I’ll get in something a little more comfortable,” he replied, grabbing a duffel bag he had brought in and heading to the bedroom. A couple minutes later, he reappeared wearing only a tight pair of white briefs that showed off his massive bulge. I already started getting hard just seeing him walk toward me and sit next to me on the couch. What a fucking stud. “So, son, I’m guessing you have a few questions about the party, and last night,” he said, looking at me seriously yet warmly. “Yeah, who were all those guys? Is it like an orgy club?” “Alright, son. And I’m telling you think in strict dad/son confidentiality, ok? Chase and I have known each other for years, since right before you and Jonathan were born. We used to work out, drink, go out, chase girls, get crazy when we were younger. We were both attracted to each other, but neither of us was willing to make a move. Until one night, we met this kinky chick at a club and she took us both back to her place, and we started having a threesome. It wasn’t our first, but this girl was playing games with us, like saying she’d let us fuck her in the ass, but I had to suck Chase’s dick first, shit like that. We were wasted and horny as fuck, so we did it, but it wasn’t until she made us kiss that we realized we were both really into it. That got this chick so hot, that we all ended up doing just about everything with each other. It was amazing. So after that, we started messing around with each other on the side, each of us still dating chicks. We have continued to mess around from time to time ever since. I mean, hell, I fucked him 10 mins before he walked down the aisle at his wedding, and he made sure to return the favor at mine.” “Wow, so was that the first time you were with a guy?” I asked, enthralled, and hard, with hearing this story. “Well, no, son. I started messing around with guys at a pretty young age. I think the first was my middle school baseball coach when I was about 13. And then my beylikdüzü travesti high school coaches as well. I kind of went for the other guy type, which seems like you’re following in my footsteps,” he joked, patting me on the shoulder. “Damn, dad, I never would have imagined you went through that. I mean, I’ve had all these feelings for a while, and only had Jonathan to talk to about them.” “What feelings, son?” “Our feelings for, you know, you and Mr. C.” I said, looking at his face for a reaction. “When did you start having thoughts about me, and Jonathan?” I asked. He paused, then continued, “You know how Chase and I used to go on those guys’ fishing trips every couple months? Well, most of the time we weren’t fishing. This one time, we went to the beach in Miami, just the two of us, was about when you were around 5 years old. We were in the hotel pool, and these two teenage boys, brothers, probably about 14 and 16, kept hanging around us, trying to talk to us. We didn’t think much of it, as they were with their parents and sister. So later that day, we were down at the gym working out, and the two brothers were there with their dad. The dad wanted to go back to the room, but the boys said they wanted to run a couple miles on the treadmill, so he left them behind. It was just the four of us, so they started chatting with us, and we were joking around, competing on who could bench the most, spotting each other, just messing around like guys at the gym. They took off their shirts, trying to show off, joking about their jock boy bodies. Anyways, Chase and I always get horned after working out, so we headed to the locker room, where they had a shower, steam, sauna and jacuzzi. We stripped down, and each headed into an individual shower to rinse off. We didn’t realize the boys had followed us in, and they each slipped past the curtain of the showers we were in, buck naked. We were both surprised as shit, and jumped out of the showers. Long story short, these boys were persistent as shit, and definitely had daddy issues. We ended up getting sucked and fucking both of them in the steam room. It was the first time we’d had boy ass before, and we were both hooked. Oh, and Chase ended up fucking the dad later, and I fucked the mom separately, but that’s a whole other story.” I wasn’t even sure I could get any words out. My dick was standing at full attention though at the visual of Mr. C and my dad fucking those boys. “So, that was the start of it. We kept messing around with each other, but occasionally, one of us would surprise the other with a boy for us to share. That’s what led to the group you saw yesterday. We slowly started meeting other married men, mostly dads, who had the same side to them, so it just kind of grew from a couple of us informally getting together to a pretty decent size group that we meet every month, like at the pool party.” “Where you have boys that you all share?” “Yeah, son. I mean, we all also fuck around with each other, but having a boy to share is really special for us. The group knew that Chase and I had two young sons, so they’ve been begging us to bring you to them, but we didn’t know when the right time was until after the other night.” “So you and Mr. C have talked about us before?” “Straight up? Yes, son, for a while.” Hearing that, I leaned forward and kissed my dad sensually on the lips, my hands starting to explore his manly hairy chest. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating. “I have too, dad.” I said as I pulled back a couple inches from his face. I pulled my towel off, exposing my hard teenage cock. “I want you so bad. As I was pleasing those men last night, I was just thinking about how I wanted to make you proud,” I confessed. He pulled me tight into his big muscular arms, “Oh you do, son, I’m so proud of you. I loved showing you off to those dads. And I’m so glad we can have this together now.” His hands slide down by back to my ass. The thought of my dad’s hands on my ass was unbelievable. “Tell me what you like, daddy.” I teased as I started kissing him on the neck, noticing the bulge growing in his briefs. He responded by grabbing the back of my head and steering my mouth toward his left nipple. I obliged and started flicking my tongue against his hard hairy nip, causing him to moan and pull me tighter against his chest. My hands were slowing moving up his tree trunk hairy thighs until I got to his crotch, running my fingers lightly over the cloth that was restraining his growing cock. “Yes, boy, just like that. Worship your dad’s body.” I reached up and hooked my fingers into the elastic waste band of his briefs and slowly pulled them down, gradually exposing his cock and balls. I moved my mouth down from his chest and across his abs, pausing when I got within an inch of the istanbul travesti base of his cock, blowing a light amount of air across his dick, causing it to twitch. Dad put his arms behind his head and leaned back, ready for me to go to town. I flicked my tongue across his dick from the base up to the tip, which was now sticking straight up. Wrapping my lips around the head, I slowly slid his throbbing cock into my mouth, my dad moaning deeply, until it was all the way into my throat, my tongue caressing the underside of his dick while he was inside me. “That feels so good. You like your dad’s dick in your mouth, don’t you, boy?” I mumbled a “yes” as best I could with his dick still in my mouth, and started to slowly bob up and down on his cock, taking time to caress the entirety of his dick with my tongue as it came in and out of my mouth. My dad was loving every minute of it, moaning and groaning loudly, then grabbing my head and pushing it down deeper on his manhood. “That’s perfect, son. But come up and sit on it.” “Yes sir, but can you lube me up first, dad?” I said as I stood up, turned around and bent over in front of him, exposing my ass to him at face level. My dad leaned up and thrust his face into my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and tonguing around my hole, causing my ass to clench and release in pleasure. I could feel his stubble against my ass as he continued to rim me. “Oh, fuck, dad, you feel so good! That boy ass is all yours!” After rimming me for a few more minutes, he turned me around to face him and guided me onto his lap. He spit on his hand and lubed his cock up again as I started to sit on his erect cock. My ass was so destroyed from the weekend that I was able to easily take him in its entirely, clenching my ass a couple times to cause him to yell out in ecstasy. We locked eyes as I started to bounce up and down on his daddy dick, his firm hands locked on my hips guiding me. I leaned forward to kiss him while he was filling my ass, and his lips and tongue met mine, locking us in an intimate father/son embrace. As I pulled back to sit upright on his dick, his hands were exploring every inch of my body. I flexed, wanting to impress him with my chest and arms. He started sweating, making his muscular hairy body even more sexy and manly to me. As he started thrusting faster into me, he put his hand on my dick, which almost immediately caused me to start sending streams of teenage cum across his chest, with me yelling out in pleasure. Still moaning from the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of my ass, he gathered some of my cum off his chest and reached up to lick it, smiling as he realized it tasted just like his. He then took some more and fed it to me. I leaned down to kiss him again, tasting my cum in both of our mouths, and he pulled me tight with his arms, locking me against his chest and he thrust his dick faster into my ass. Our mouths locked, he started breathing heavily and moaning, as I felt him pulsating in my ass, pumping me full of his daddy juice. I stayed locked in the embrace with him as he finished his orgasm. He smiled and ran his fingers through my hair, clearly pleased. “Damn, son, that was amazing. You sure know how to treat your dad like a man.” “You’re such a stud, dad. I just want to please you.” “Oh you did, don’t worry. Such a good boy.” Realizing he was still inside me, I slowly slid off his dick and then reached around to get a bit of his cum off my ass for me to taste in front of my dad. “Yeah, we do taste similar,” I said, smiling. “Let’s go wash off, Brandon,” my dad said, realizing how much sweat and cum we had on us. We walked down the hall toward the bathroom, my dad’s arm around me, me beaming as I knew I had made my dad happy. We hopped in the walk-in shower and took turns lathering each other’s bodies up. It gave us the perfect opportunity to explore each inch of each other, me not wasting the opportunity to show off my developing jock body to my dad. We dried off and decided to hop in bed for a quick nap, as we were both spent from the huge loads we’d just shot. As we cuddled up naked in bed, with my dad’s arm around me, my dad said, “So, I got the video of you and the Brazilians on the balcony last night. Just so you know, I jacked off to that in the bathroom last night while your mom was in the other room.” I looked up and smiled at him, loving how I was getting to see this kinky side of my dad, and knowing that he blew yet another load thinking of me. “That’s so hot, dad. Those guys were fun, but I prefer your dick if you don’t mind me saying,” as I slid my hand down his body to rest my hand on my dad’s semi-erect cock. “Of course, son. I understand, but I want you to know that I really enjoy knowing you are with other men, like Chase and Paolo and Lukas. Oh, and by the way, Coach Brady asked if you would come by for some one on one wrestling practice this weekend.” “Yes, sir, whatever you say. I trust you, dad.” and then I fell asleep for a few hours on his hairy chest with his arm wrapped around my naked body. To be continued…..

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