Mar 26

Elevator Elevations At The Hotel

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Elevator Elevations At The HotelHi, I am Lisa. I was really happy today for my night duty. I worked as a receptionist at a 4 star hotel. I had recently met Vikram, who was also receptionist in same hotel. He was handsome and we instantly connected. We had great chat yesterday and both ended up looking into each other’s eyes with lustful looks. I had been single for some time, so was really excited with him. I have good figure and pretty face. Being a receptionist allowed me to use my make-up and dressing skills to full extent. Today, I was in sexy mood and decided no short skirt and format coat with just bra inside. Usually I wear a slip or shirt inside, but not today. That showed my cleavage quite a bit, but I was in mood for Vikram. I knew very few customers turned up during night shift and was going to use the time with Vikram. His shift ended earlier and we only had an hour of overlap, but I knew he would not mind waiting for me.As I walked in the hotel, I found the sign for “Cleaning in progress” at lobby. The servant who was cleaning sat down and looked at my skirt. This was a daily thing, this servant always found reasons to look at my ass. “Bugger” I thought. I took charge of the counter and the bugger servant came to clean it. Again i tried brushing me here and there, but I Ignored the bugger. I knew, I was looking stunning today and would have extra attention.After about 15 min, Vikram came to talk to me.“You are looking lovely today” – Vikram“Thanks, you are looking good as always” – I smiled“Very few customers today, so hope you don’t have lot of work” – Vikram“Not at all, you want to have coffee or something?”We got coffee and kept talking. I wished no one would interrupt us, but nah, a customer came and started complaining loudly.“Your dirty laundry department has misplaced my pants” – customer“I am sorry sir, can I do something?”“I don’t even have keys to the room now. Give me fucking keys to my room” – CustomerI didn’t like his abusive tone and language, but smiled anyway. Asked for his room number and created a duplicate key card for him. He kept looking at my cleavage all the time. Once he had the keys, he also shouted on Vikram while leaving. “Do you guys do any work or just waste time talking here?” Vikram smiled and told him that main elevator was not working today and he would have to take smaller service elevator. Once he was gone, we started chatting again. Vikram also got behind the counter and stood by my side. He kept his hand casually around my hips and kept chatting. I was enjoying and taking my sweet time to give him green signal. Then I also moved near him almost brushing my hips. Vikram’s shift was going to end in 30 min and he was asking if we can go to terrace and chat there. I knew if we go up there, it wouldn’t be just chatting. So I was playing naughty and asking him what he wanted to do there. But there came the interruption, the same customer was back again and said “These fucking keys are not working, what kind of systems do you have?” He kept abusing while I checked keys. “You come up for yourself and show me how to open”. I knew the keys would have worked and he was just making up things to complain. I agreed to come with him. Vikram said I will also come to help you, just in case required. Actually, Vikram was worried and wanted to come there so that customer would not take advantage of me. I knew that and thanked him with eye nod.We 3 ataşehir escort walked towards service elevator and servant who was staring my ass from behind realized that this is good chance for him. It was small elevator and 3 was crowd there. Just as the door was about to close, the servant also got in and said he also wanted to go to 10th floor. I knew the bugger was just taking chance to get some time with me. He brushed me aside and stood exactly behind me so that he can watch my ass and touch the same if he gets chance. I was surrounded by 3 men now in a small elevator and all were bumping me as there was no place to move even a little. “Damm” I thought, but couldn’t do anything. The door closed and elevator started to move. The customer kept complaining about small elevator, but didn’t leave a chance to move here and there and brush my body. As it reached floor 6, suddenly all lights went out and we were left in pitch dark. “What the hell” customer started shouting and kept on going. Vikram tried to calm him by telling that there would be somebody soon. After about 5mins, we could here security guards shouting and asking if we are safe. Vikram replied yes, but I was really worried about my situation now. They were checking for generator backup but it looked like it was not working. They also checked with electricity department. Finally, they told us that there was major electricity failure and generator for this particular elevator would have to be taken to nearby place for repair. It would be at least 1 hour that we would have to stay inside. Oh my goooddd, I thought. The customer went crazy and started abusing the guards and us and everyone he could think of.“You fuckers do you expect me to wait for an hour in dark here, what kind of hospitality is this?” He went on and on. Vikram kept his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was alright? Hmm I said. Slowly he kept both his hands on my shoulder and took one hand down to my cleavage. I shivered as he casually touched my boobs. I took his hand off with my hand as I was really afraid to do something like this here. But Vikram was quite adamant, and kept doing it again.He was also talking to customer and calms him down at the same time. I was really trying to stop Vikram, but he kept brushing my boobs, then went on to remove first button of my coat. I took his hands in my hands and begged him to stop. But he kept my hands on his cock, which had sprung up and was really teasing me know. I was aroused and kept holding it like an idiot, while he unbuttoned my coat completely. He was really excited see I was just in bra underneath. He played with my navel and fondled my right boob which was on his side. That was really exciting me as well, but I kept up with my attempts to stop him. I was really afraid if I get caught like this.Vikram kept talking to customer and fondling me at the same time. Then he moved one hand down my navel and inserted it in my skirt. “Ohh no…” I thought, I can’t let this go on. I took his hands off and moved my hips behind to get away from him. But I didn’t realise that this meant my ass would end up banging behind on the servant who was silent till now. I ended up banging on his cock. “Ohh gosh…” I said. Before I could think, Vikram again inserted his hand in my skirt and instinctively I moved back again and again banged on servant’s cock which was fully erect now. He took that as a signal from me and pendik escort started caressing my ass over my skirt. “Shittt…” I said loudly. Customer who was shitting all the time thought I am also on his side now. The servant was freely pressing my buttocks now and also inserting his hand in my anus. Both my hands were held by Vikram and I could not stop him. Vikram kept holding my hands with his one hand and kept fondling my boobs with another. He was also kissing me on my cheeks, it was really making me hot and my boobs were getting hard due to all this pressure.Vikram was kissing me all over the neck now. He moved my coat a bit down my shoulders and trapped my hands in it. He kept pulling my coat below and I kept resisting it. But how long could I stop him. The coat was down half the way, and I was just on bra. He kept kissing on my boobs, navel, and on the right side while my ass, thighs were being squeezed by the servant. I had no idea what to do now. The customer had calmed a bit by now as everyone else was silent.“Are you ok girl?” The customer asked me and kept his hand on my shoulder. To his delight, he found that coat was already down and he was placing his hand on my bare shoulder. He kept pressing my shoulder as I froze without answer. I went completely blank. The customer kept pressing on my shoulder and kept other hand on my left boob. With only the bra, he had full access to my cleavage and kept rubbing his hand up and down. I didn’t know what to do and how to stop these 3 excited men turning into b**sts slowly. Vikram took his hand back and removed hooks of my bra. “No…” I cried out, but no one was listening. He also pulled down my right shoulder strap of my bra and my right boob was free now. Vikram took it in mouth and started biting and licking it. I was having waves of excitement and my boobs, navel, ass; thighs were being rubbed at once. Customer realized that my bra is falling out of place and thought I have done it myself to let him enjoy. He became even more aggressive and pulled my bra down completely. Now both my boobs were in mouth and being licked by both. I had never thought I could end up in such a position. I didn’t know what would happen if the discovered how all 3 are playing with me. I just couldn’t think anything and kept enjoying. My coat and bra was completely pulled down now and I let it drop below. It dropped on servant who thought that this is signal for him to pull down my skirt. He wasted no time in pulling down my skirt and panty and left them near my shoes.I couldn’t hide my excitement anymore and moaned loudly. I kept my hands on the head of Vikram and Customer to keep them aside and pushed them on my boobs in excitement. The servant hugged me from behind and started kissing my ass cheeks and anus, fondling with my pussy at the same time. I was in seventh heaven by now.Vikram also tried to fondle with my pussy and found that there was already a hand coming from behind and playing with me. “What the heck?” He shouted as their hands touched each other. They removed hands as it they got electric shock. “You bitch, what have you been doing?” Vikram asked me. “No… I didn’t want it like this and I was trying to stop all of you at all the time”. I was in tears and trying to explain but Vikram kept abusing me. Both the customer and servant were surprised to find this. Vikram was furious and said “You will get what you wanted whore, Now I am kadıköy escort going to fuck you right here without any mercy.”. “No.. Vikram. Please stop it, I am not like that, this was accident” . He unbuttoned his shirt and pant and pulled me onto him. He inserted his cock and started banging furiously. He was angry to find me in such a position. I cried at first and tears kept rolling down my cheeks. But slowly, I started enjoying this fast and ruthless pounding on me. I started saying ahhh..ohhh .. ummm with clear enjoyment. The servant saw his chance and pushed his cock into my anus from behind. I was shocked and aroused by this banging from both the sides. I shouted “Yess.. Yesss” and kissed Vikram on lips. I was really enjoying now with both pushing me up and away. They both got into a rhythm and started going up and down in unison. That was amazing!! The customer was playing with my boobs and was feeling left out in this. I didn’t care about anything now and shouted “Faster … Faster..Fuck me hard.. Really hard”… Vikram came first and then the servant let his juices flow out. Both were tired with standing fuck and hugged me from both the sides.Just as I was settling down, the lights came up suddenly. Everybody saw each other half naked in clear lights first time. I was almost fully naked with my skirt at my feet. “Ohh.. no..” I cried out. Eveybody kept looking at my wonderful body and boobs as I looked at Vikram’s 9 inch massive tool. Doesn’t worry say the Customer suddenly? “Let’s go to 10th floor in my room and continue what has been started…I have to get her too”“No.. I cried out, you can’t do that” He had already pressed button for the tenth floor and elevator started moving again. I protested, but it fell on deaf ears. Vikram now put his hand on my mouth to stop me from shouting and the customer and Servant picked me up from both the sides. I prayed nobody be there in the passage of 10th floor and it turned out to be like that. They carried me to the room and threw me on the bed like a piece of shit.I was in tears and told them not to **** me like this. Vikram came near, kissed me and said “Look darling.. I understand it was accident, but since now it has happened let’s just enjoy it as friends”. The customer also said that he will praise me in front of my manager and not complain about anything. Slowly, I stopped crying and as they were kissing and fondling me. I couldn’t think straight any more as they kept hugging, kissing and licking me, requesting to co-operate. Finally, I said, ok just one time today. The customer was very happy to hear that and he wasted no time. He turned me around, picked my ass up and started in doggy position immediately. Vikram came from front on the bed and held his dick near my mouth. I started playing with it and sucking it. It was turning hard again as I licked it. Slowly and steadily, I took it completely in mouth and started moving around it. Vikram grabbed my hair and started mouth fucking me. The servant also inserted his finger in the anus and kept moving it up and down. I was again in seventh heaven. Being fucked in mouth and pussy at the same time and fingered in anus. It brought a fantastic feeling to everyone. All the three fucked me in various positions. Finally, I told them to stop and let me go the duty again. I kissed Vikram good bye. The customer and servant hugged me tight and promised me not to tell this to anyone. I was finally back, at my desk. I hoped no one noticed my long absence after lights had come out.Little did I know that security camera inside elevator had recorded it and that it was going to haunt me again in part 2 of the story…

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