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Subject: Coach Reid’s Elite Swim Squad Chapter 10 The story is copyrighted by me in 2021 as the owner of it and all legal rights pertaining to it. (1) If you are not of legal age where you live, do not read this story! (2) This is an fictional story based on real life experience, and fantasy if you will, some the sex is bareback. In real life, BE CAREFUL and BE PROTECTED and DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. Nifty is a wonderful free service that depends on your donations to stay up. Give it a try at fty/donate.html or click on “Donate” on your screen fty/ —————————————————————- —————————————————————- Readers Please let me know what you think and what you’d like to happen in the up coming chapters. Thank you for reading. If you’d like an excerpt of you child experience to be heard I can create a readers Story area at the top of each page —————————————————————- —————————————————————- At the end of the day Coach said that he would post the manes of the elite squad at 3:00 pm and we must be there if we were interest in taking the next step and begin the special training for the up coming races. It was 3:00 pm sharp and a bunch of kids showed up at the bulletin board to see who made the team and what squad. Freddy and I got there to look at the board when suddenly someone jumped on my back, It was Timmy horsing around saying WE MADE ELITE WE MADE ELITE and giggling. Big Whosh ! Everything was about to change for the whole summer. Here us the team. Freddy Weis 14 yo -5′ 10″ Caucasian, Long Soft Golden BLD. Hair, BL. eyes Tight Muscular Body Milky White Completion -Elite Swim Squad, soon to be High School Student and Boy Scout-He is My Hero and my cub scout den leader. He became my ‘everything’ and protector. Jason Colecord 13 yo -5’6″ Caucasian Br. Hair BR. Eyes, very fit teen some hair by navel-Elite Swim Squad, Grammar School, Cub Scout -Nice Kid friendly Themitoclese Pappas (Themis) 17 yo Greek 5’10” – Hairy olive completion Elite Swim Squad, High School Soccer Jock- Dalton Anderson, 17 yo Caucasian 5’11” Red Hair, Green Eyes Freckles, Slim Physique White Freckled body-Elite Swim Squad, High School Drama Club- Lincoln Tanfey 17 yo Caucasian 5’8″ Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Slim Physique Elite Swim Squad Lived around the corner from me a sweet old kid who didn’t care how I was Gianni DiRoma 13 yo Italian American 5’9″ Sandy Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Fit Body Smooth Tan body-Elite Swim Squad, High School Soccer- Timmy Chin 12 yo -Asian,5’6″ Black Hair tight compact body some hair around nipples-Elite Swim Squad, High School Wrestling-Fun Kid Big Smile Sweet disposition Me Stephen Siano 10 yo -Italian American 4’2″, Short curly Br. hair, Dark Br/GR Eyes slim body plump breasts large nipples no hair-Elite Swim Squad, Cub Scout *************************************************************************** Here are the Buddy Pairs, Me and Freddy, Timmy and Lincoln, Gianni and Themis, Dalton and Jason. *************************************************************************** MY SURGERY WENT WELL AND I AM BACK UP AND RUNNING .. SOORY IT TOOK SO LONG end of ch 9 Freddy picked me up and carried me out to the private patio and made out until Lincoln and Timmy emerged drained and content. The 4 of us then jumped into the hot tub and quietly sat there enjoying each others company. Lincoln was the first to speak and said ‘How are we going to deal with Coaches new rules starting tomorrow about not being able to cum without Coaches permission. I said ‘he can’t do that’ and Freddy and Timmy said ‘we have no choice if we want to be a winning team’. No one was paying attention to the time and none of us noticed Lincoln’s Mom and Dad standing at the patio doors. I think we all collectively gulped at the same time. Lincoln push a button increasing the hot tub jets hiding our nudity. Lincoln’s Mom and dad started to laugh and said it’s to late for that!!! His Mom went in and got us towels. His Dad said next time please bring your F….N trunks with you PLEASE!. We all sighed in relief realizing they had no idea what took place earlier. His Mom came out with the towels and said ‘boys will be boys Tom and they are always in their birthday suits in the locker room’. (Tom is Linc’s Dad) She held up the towels one at a time as we each got up and wrapped them around us. She then embarrassed he son saying ‘it’s nothing I haven’t seen before I wiped you many times’, He did turn Bright Red as we yelp in hysterics. She then told me MY MOM just called asking where the hell I was and I was startled when she stepped on to the patio. I realized I missed curfew but she said I am glad you are safe come on mister move your ass. She said ‘scoot home NOW! I’ll be right behind you. She called to Freddy and said ‘I trust you but you are the eldest and you should have known better’ and hugged him whispering in his ear ‘How has He Been’, Freddy said ‘so far no episodes’. We all split up but Freddy caught up to me and said he will call for me at 8 am tomorrow to walk to the pool. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said good night he swatted me on my bottom as I ran off. I heard my Mom Yell ‘You Pull This shit again it’ll be more than a swat’ I yelled back ‘MA AA Really’. *************************************************************************** CH 10 I was up early Mom and Dad were still getting ready for work so I just decided to make some scrambled eggs. I made enough for them too and set the table. Ma came out and I asked her if she wanted toast she said make 4 slices Dad may want toast. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and “said thanks sweetie you didn’t have to”. Dad read the paper and ate Ma asked me about the swimming team and asked what do we do before practice in the swim team room …. I choke a little on my eggs and she said ‘you ok’ I said ‘went down the wrong pipe’. She said ‘SO what do you do there, do you exercise, is there a shower up there, what do you boys do?”. I was squirming a little not knowing what to say THEN and Luckily Nonna banged on the pipe ( radiator – it was a simple signal we used in the house ). Mom got up from the table and went to the stairs and down to her apartment. BIG WHOOSH. I was off the hook for now. Dad got up and went downstairs and they left for work. My brother got up to take a leak and said ‘what you doing up so early’ I said I had bad dreams and didn’t want to sleep anymore’ He asked ‘what was the bad dream about’ I lied and said ‘about having bad swims’. He said ‘I know you are lying, was it about Baltimore’. I just froze and went limp and started shaking and fell off the chair and hit my head on the cabinet corner and started bleeding. He went to the radiator and started banging on it with the pan really hard and yelling calling NONNA. My sister came out of her room and saw me then started crying. Nonna came up in a huff and grabbed the moppine ( Italian for dishtowel ) and put it on my head telling him to get ice cubes out of the freezer. Nonna said, cosa è successo. My Brother said “che ho fatto un brutto sogno su BALTIMORE e mi ha sconvolto chiedendomi.” She said ‘che cos’hai, avresti dovuto dirmelo prima’. We all spoke Italian in the house to our Grandparents so this is the translation (Nonna said What happened. My brother said I had a bad dream aydın escort about BALTIMORE and he upset me by asking. She said what’s the matter with you, you should have told me first.) It was only a small cut and she stopped the bleed then put 2 butterfly stitches on and said ‘Non dovresti andare in piscina, I said Freddy sarà qui tra pochi minuti’ (Aren’t you supposed to go to the pool, I said Freddy will be here in a few minutes ) I then said Nonna PLEASE SPEAK IN ENGLISH WHEN FREDDY GETS HERE. She said Hahaha. Non devi urlare. Parlo Italiano davanti a te per non metterti in imbarazzo’ ( I am guessing my readers understood that – if not email me back for the translation lolol ). I quietly said pleaseee. She went back downstairs my sister followed her and my Brother headed for the shower. The doorbell rang , I knew it was Freddy. My snotty sister yelled up the stairs as Freddy came up ‘YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE’. As he came in he noticed the butterfly stitches and I ran into his arms and he hugged me tightly. Seconds later my brother came in to the living room in just a towel headed to our bedroom. He saw us in an embrace. He dropped the towel and said ‘Freddy vuoi giocare con il mio pene?’ We both froze and I told my brother Freddy is all mine get your own. ( OK YOU DIRTY READERS THAT ONLY HAPPENED IN YOUR MIND and stop playing with your willy – Let me tell the story PLEASE !). Freddy looked at my brother standing there in a towel and said what happened. My Brother said ‘it’s my fault’ He said ‘WHAT!!’ I said ‘no he didn’t hit me he forced me to suck him and as I bobbed up and down on his schwantz I hit his big ring and it cut my forehead’ ( Again Readers LET ME TELL THE STORY [did you cum thinking that? lol ] did you actually believe I would use the word ‘schwantz’ in my story? OK enough messing with you, let’s get back to the story). My Brother came into the living room on the way to our bedroom wearing just a towel and saw me in Freddy’s arms and said ‘Is he going to be okay?’ Freddy asked ‘what happened’ I told him the dream and my brother said ‘he should not have mentioned BALTIMORE’ because I freaked and fell of the kitchen chair and hit my head. Freddy kissed my forehead and said it doesn’t look that bad. My brother looked at me and said you are lucky to have Freddy as a friend squirt. He looked at Freddy and said ‘ maybe he’ll tell you what’s really going on because we all know what happened but he has never really spoken about it.’ My Brother went over to Freddy real close and slipped his hand into Freddy’s shorts dropping his towel and leaned in for a kiss and told me to go get the jar of Vaseline……………….. ( Readers please refrain from relieving yourselves now, so I can continue un-interrupted by your naughty minds – My brother is Straight forgetaboutit! again I would appreciate it if you’d refrain from cumming until I let you ). – Back to the story My Brother came into the living room on the way to our bedroom wearing just a towel and saw me in Freddy’s arms and said ‘Is he going to be okay?’ Freddy asked ‘what happened’ I told him the dream and my brother said ‘he should not have mentioned BALTIMORE’ because I freaked and fell of the kitchen chair and hit my head. Freddy kissed my forehead and said it doesn’t look that bad. My brother looked at me and said you are lucky to have Freddy as a friend squirt. He looked at Freddy and said ‘ maybe he’ll tell you what’s really going on because we all know what happened but he has never really spoken about it.’ My Brother went into the bedroom and closed the door ( Readers please your attention HERE. You are NOT invited into the room to watch him dress ) Freddy asked if I think he ‘knew’. I said “I don’t think so he knows you are my ‘babysitter’ tehehe”. He looked at the clock and said ‘we’re gonna be late and Coach will be pissed’. I ran into my room to put on my trunks and my brother said ‘want me to take your temperature before you go to see if you are all right?, I froze then he showed me the oral one and laughed. I didn’t know what to believe. I grabbed my towel and ran down the stairs, Freddy was sitting on the stoop waiting for me. He said ‘lets jog it’ll be faster’. We ran fast but we got up to the team room it was locked. I banged on the door and Freddy grabbed my wrist as the door opened COACH just said “I don’t want you to used that hand on your willy for a while, that goes for both of you” – I giggled and whispered into Freddy’s ear ‘he didn’t say mouth’ Freddy pushed me away and said ‘SHHH’. Coach said “get in here already you’re keeping the team waiting” Coach told us to be fast taking temperature and shaving butt pay extra attention to the enemas. he showed us special cleaning stuff to add to the enemas and said we must take 2 each today. Dalton said ‘we have to be EXTRA HOMO today’. No One said anything, Freddy picked me up like a toddler and placed me on our table and began taking care of me as did the other buddies. After our cleansing Coach came by and inspected all of us touching and rubbing our pubes, taints and holes. We took our places as Coach started to talk. ‘Some of you know I am a medical intern at you Doctors office so what we will talk about today may seem uncomfortable but it’s healthy and many elite swimmers live by these rules to swim their best and win a lot of medals”. He explained that WE ARE ALL MEN HERE and we need to know how our bodies work to produce the energy needed to swim fast and how we can save energy for future use. I think we all understood what he was saying and where it was going but didn’t know how that was going to work exactly. I mean we have had a week to think about not having sex or wacking our willies and we all must have talked among ourselves since last week. I looked around and saw that some of us were beginning to sport woodies already and Coach hasn’t even really said anything. Coach was also looking at all of us then said ‘How Many of you have had an orgasm. Some of us didn’t know the term. Jason asked if it meant jerking off and turned beet red. Coach winked at him and told him not to be embarrassed ALL BOYS DO. “Yes He Said Exactly but also Having intercourse also know as ‘sex’, ‘fucking’ and ‘fellatio’ again Jason said ‘huh’. Themis said ‘sucking’ Coach assured us that all of these activities caused us to ‘cum’ or ‘orgasm’ using up precious energy by the physical act. He asked how many of you when you jerk off are tired after cumming and maybe dose off until your breathing slows down. All the hands went up. He went on to talk about how we feel after a short swim of 25 to 50 meters. We agreed that we need a few minutes to catch our breath. He was quiet and just observing us we were looking at each other and some of us were hard. Coach pointed out Themises erection in his brief and asked him to step over to him. Themis walk to Coach and asked him to take his brief off and he did as he was told ( we have already had enemas and temperatures taken and washed each other so Themis had no problem.) I was use to Coach and my Doctor touching me and even remember what Doc did to make me cum. So I just asked Coach right out loud are we going to do what Doc did to me? He paused and said ‘YES, but let me explain’ and winked at me. Freddy just squeezed my thigh and smiled. Coach told us to look at Themises boner and testicles and explained that the sperm comes from his testicles and felt them until he felt the aydınlıkevler escort string inside the sac and had us all come over to feel Themises hard string in his sac. Coach said the sac is call a scrotum and the string is call the vas deferens and attached to the testicles. Coach asked Themis if that would be okay and he agreed. Dalton one of the older boys said “that would be HOMO stuff feeling him up” We all looked at each other embarrassingly and looked down. COACH said “NO IT IS NOT, do you think your Doctor is being HOMO-LIKE when he examines you?” Dalton yell out ‘THAT’S DIFFERENT’. Coach said ‘we are learning about our bodies and have to be comfortable doing this – you won’t become Queer if you do this here’ We all sighed a relief and told Dalton not to worry then Gianni ( Themises swim buddy ) said we need to lean how to swim fast and asked Dalton to just let Coach teach us and said he will be the first to touch Themis. Gianni stood by his buddy and started feeling until he felt the vas deferens Themis said he had never been touch like this by anyone other than his doctor who is a Woman and always gets hard and feels strange now with his buddy and being hard around boys. He told us he always feels scared in the showers in school because he heard that if boys get hard around other naked boys it really means you are a Homo or Bi- sexual and that means you like both’ Coach spoke up and asked us to focus on learning and not being embarrassed He say if you have any uncomfortable questions he will answer them privately. As we each step over to Themis coach started to explain where the cum fluid came from and how we can release all of that fluid without using a lot of energy. I whispered to Freddy ‘that doesn’t sound fun’. Coach called my name and said ‘do you want to share what you told your buddy?’ I blushed and said ‘NOO’ Freddy just shoulder butted me. Coach walked over to Themis and asked his permission to examine him medically. He look at all of us and said a male’s penis is very sensitive and touched Themises glans making him shudder. The front section that looks like a ‘V’ upside down is the most sensitive and if you touch it and rub it like I am doing something will happen. Can anyone tell me? As Coach kept doing it Themis squirmed a little and then put his arm around Coaches waist to steady himself soon a clear fluid started coming out and his glans seem to flare and become more sensitive to him. Coach sort of played with the fluid with his finger showing us how he can make it string up and each time he touched Themies pee hole he shuddered and went a little week in the knees. I notices that Freddy and Lincoln and Me had wet spots on our trunks. Coach said if any of us had wet spots to please take our trunks off and let our buddies learn. I think the tension broke and we were all slowly taking off our trunks and touching each other. Coach then asked if anyone knew where this fluid came from. Everyone was totally mystified not a clue. Coach said ‘Stevie I mean Stephen I think you may kind of know and how someone can help make that fluid flow out, please don’t be ashamed please tell you team mates’. I kinda got unanimated all of a sudden. Coach explained that the fluid comes from the Prostate Gland and the fist fluid cleans the Urethra. That is what the canal in our penises is called. The first fluid cleans if from PEE that could kill Sperm ( which helps make babies during conception. He then asked me to come over to him by his bench and let Temis relax whose willy was hard as a rock. I walked over and Coach had me face him and reach around to part my bottom exposing me to all the boys. I pulled away and looked into his eyes and whispered Doc said all of that is private. Timmy Chin said to Coach ‘STOP he said no’ Timmy one of my best friends said to Coach ‘I can explain all of this because even though I go to Doc ‘V’ I also go to a Chinese Doctor that is a lot different than American Doctors. He went on to explain to us that the Prostate Gland is located inside our anuses and Chinese Doctors massage all male patients glands during an exam and it is NOT HOMO!. Coached asked me and Timmy to do the demonstration and we were both put on the table side by side and our buddies ( Freddy and Lincoln ) held our legs up so Coach could demonstrate digital insertion and where to find the Gland. Freddy leaned down and whispered ‘ you’ve been waiting for Coach to finger you ever since the visit to Dr ‘V’s’. Coach called Themis and Gianni by me, Jason and Dalton by Timmy. Coach licked and inserted his finger into me and hit my Gland making my willy hard and asked Themis to insert his finger into me next to his. I bucked up a little having to peoples fingers in me at once. Coach swished around in me guiding Themi’s finger to my boy clit and he pressed hard. He withdrew his finger and invited Gianni to massage my Glans ( penis head ) gently and Themis continued to work my prostate. I wanted Freddy to lean down and kiss me but I knew we couldn’t do that now. I was feeling kinda exposed and at the same time warm and tingly inside and loved that two other boys I have never been with giving me so much pleasure. Coach then moved to Timmy’s vulnerably exposed pink boy hole and spread some of his spit on his spongy hole gently rotating and inserting his finger in hitting his joy button making him moan and then blush. He then invited Dalton to insert his finger in and guided it to Timmy’s clit making his willy juice. Jason wasted no time grabbing Timmy’s willy and play with the juice, just as Coach did with Themi’s. The buddy pair attending to me and Timmy were instructed to switch places. Then each one showed their buddy where to find the prostate then go back to massaging. The moaning was getting loud and Coach encouraged to let out what ever feelings we were having. I began to juice and Themi played with it swirling his finger around my glans making me writhe and squirm. Timmy was feeling the same and reach over to grab my hand and squeeze tight. Coach said ‘good boys, that’s it help each other’ with that we both stated to squeal and squeak and splashed our sperm and prostate fluid on our bellies and some of ours hit Freddy and Lincoln. The orgasm subsided quickly and Coach said ‘See you are not breathing heavy after that. Me and Timmy agreed. We ran to the showers and rinsed off then Coach had us switch places me holding Freddy’s legs up and Timmy Holding Linc’s and we repeated the exercise with them on the bottom. Coach spit right onto Freddy’s hole and began to finger him inviting Themi to join him. My Boyfriend just loved what was happening to him by the noises and moans that he was making and I wanted so much to French kiss him right there. I did inconspicuously reach over and tweak his nipple that was already hard. I reach over and rubbed my finger on his juicing glans as Gianni held his pulsing cock. Coach said we were doing a good job and pulled his finger out and moved over to Lincoln who was on his back and legs held back by Timmy. I was getting hard again but no one noticed. I thought if they saw the they would think I was a REAL Homo. Coach rubbed his finger around Lincoln’s spongy hole spitting on it the inserting it into him making his cock hard and dripping prostate fluid. He invited Dalton to join his finger in Lincoln and he said ‘Again Homo-Stuff’ but eagerly inserted his finger ayrancı escort in and took over as coach slipped his finger out. Jason went to work on Linc’s dripping cock and Timmy bravely rubbed Linc’s nipples. Lincoln was moaning hard but not breathing heavily. Coach then came up behind Themi and whispered in his ear let me start on your hole and before he could react Coach gently slipped his finger into Themi’s hole and reach between his legs and started massaging his balls and cock. Themi just rolled his eyes back and enjoyed the experience keeping up is fingering on Freddy. I kept helping Gianni working on Freddy’s hardon and balls smearing his leaking fluids all over his glans making him moan and buck up. Coach said that good let you feelings out Freddy and Lincoln, let your buddies know you appreciate the help we are all men here learning about our bodies and not being homosexual at all. Coach still had HIS trunks on so I asked Freddy to hold his legs for a minute, no one even noticed me slip away scoot behind Coach and pull his trunks down he startled and looked behind to find me there. He had is jockstrap on so I stuck my little hand in the back of the strap and felt his massive warm and shaved balls. He squeezed his legs together and I got daring and pulled his strap off in one quick pull. We were now all naked. I quickly spread his cheeks apart look around and saw no on looking at me ad kissed his beautiful man hole and felt it grab my tongue. He looked around did a quick wink and motioned me back to Freddy. All of a sudden Linc and Freddy started moaning loud and began to have their First milking orgasms. We all watch in amazement and stood still for them to enjoy the feelings they were having. After a few minutes Coach asked them if they felt tired or wanted to nap and they both smiled and said no it was GREAT! Dalton did say ‘didja feel a little HOMO’ we all cracked up. Coach told Linc and Freddy to hit the showers and told Jason and Dalton, Themi and Gianni to get ready. Coach came and sat down to me and ask what that was all about. I said I thought you would like the feeling. I then said I never forgot sitting on you lap with you cock up between my legs rubbing my navel. I also told him he has seen me and Freddy in the Doctors office and touch us before and that it was only fair for me to examine you. Coach said It is not right for him to do anything but Medical and Education with younger males and that the time I sat on his lap I was crying and just need to be held. He said remember Me and Cathy are engaged to be married and not Homosexual or Bisexual. I said ‘to bad’ and he looked into my eyes as I began to tear and said ‘ I did not realize but it’s ok and you have time to explore a lot at your age’ I asked him if he ever played with another boy when he was my age and he said ‘OF COURSE! all boys do, it’s how we learn and find out what makes us happy’ and wiped my tears and kissed my forehead. He told me he wanted to make sure all of the boys on the team go through all of this in a safe space so we can be happy and be the best swimmers in the City and don’t let Dalton get to you he’s young and still learning about himself. Themi and Dalton were told to lay on the table as Jason and Gianni pulled their legs back exposing their ‘special privacy’. Dalton said Gawd this is so HOMO. Coach had Freddy go relieve Jason so he could feel where Daltons prostate is located. Coach looked at Dalton and told him to take a deep breath as he inserted his finger gently in to Daltons Virgin Rosbud. Freddy rubbed Daltons nipples and Jason was instructed to slide his finger into his buddy’s hole next to the coaches. Coach pressed Daltons button making him squeak a little then sigh in enjoyment. Jason slide his finger next to coaches and found his handsome buddy’s button/clit making him writhe. Dalton’s pecker was standing straight up and spewing his pre-cum. Jason was mesmerized and played with the fluid while finger stroking Daltons Glans. Freddy kept up the nipple play. I ran over and started fondling Daltons huge warm shaved orbs. Dalton said ‘ you like being homo a little don’t ya tike ‘. I blush and he winked at me and said ‘it’s ok’ and feels great. We all started pleasuring Dalton like he has never known. He surrendered to the joy of male pleasure and male touch. Coach meanwhile was helping Themi with his anal joy inviting Gianni to join in pleasuring his buddy’s clit/button. Lincoln rubbed and pinched Themi’s nipples making him arch up and tighten his hole on coach and Gianni’s fingers. The moans and groans in the room were getting louder and louder. Themi’s huge Greek Cock was sputtering fluid and Gianni was was having a great time with the head of his twitching cock. All of a sudden Gianni lean in and took Themi in his mouth then backed off real fast but we all saw him do it and now know his private desire. I Timmy continued his ministrations of Themi and leaned down and kissed his shave balls. Coach just quietly said it’s okay to help your buddy out, using your mouth is quite nice and very friendly, don’t be ashamed. With that Dalton yelled how PRESS MY FUCKIN BUTTON HARD AND SQUEEZE MY NUTS as he Exploded in Ecstasy writhing and bucking. Freddy scooped some of his SPERM and tasted it. Themis started yelling in Greek and shot gallons allover the place even hitting Lincoln’s lips. We were all just in awe of these BOY/MEN’s incredible orgasms. After they relaxed Themi and Dalton went to shower off while Jason and Gianni assumed the positions on the table I stood next to Jason and Timmy went to Gianni. Timmy then before he was told to do so started to massage Gianni’s Long and slender pole making him harder. He whispered something into Gi’s ear that made hi smile. I looked at him and he devilishly winked at ne and nodded. The thought made me hard and wet. Freddy came up behind me and quickly cupped my pube and the squeezed one of my balls really hard. He whispered ‘ WHAT OUT Everyone is paying attention ! ‘. Coach came up to Freddy and said ‘ don’t ruin it for him he is just exploring his boyhood pleasures’. I almost lost it holding in a gigantic giggle and I said ‘ Yeah Freddy Leave me alone to my pleasure ‘. He just looked into my eyes and saw my devilish smirk. I was standing over Jason and absentmindedly started to fondle him while Coach was talking about their holes and glands inside. We all started the milking the last group of bottoms on the table. I became focused on Jason’s beautifully sculpted circumcised tenderness. I know he was enjoying my attention and shyly grinned at me so I went for it real fast. I swallowed it in as far as I could and He shot a quart into my mouth as I let it drip out LIKE what just Happened . I didn’t know.. Wait . Everyone looked and gasped and laughed. Dalton said out loud. ‘SO FREDDY I hear you are in charge of him HUH?!!!’ ……….. Gianni was enjoying is fingering and milking and Blasted very soon…. Coach told us we need to talk about what just happened in the room tomorrow before shaving and douching.. —————————————————————- —————————————————————- Readers Please let me know what you think and what you’d like to happen in the up coming chapters. Thank you for reading. If you’d like an excerpt of you child experience to be heard I can create a readers Story area at the top of each page —————————————————————- —————————————————————- Nifty is a wonderful free service that depends on your donations to stay up. Give it a try at fty/donate.html or click on “Donate” on your screen fty/ More To Come

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