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Emily, Part Two

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I had Becky help me with the condom just so she was familiar with putting them on properly. Once it was on, I moved between Susan’s legs and rubbed the tip up and down against her very damp slit. Then, I moved forward a little at a time, dipping my cock further inside her with each swipe. I was about an inch deep before I focused on moving in and out.With all the fingering that had been done this morning, it was a pretty easy go until I got about three inches deep. Susan was enjoying the ride so far, as we kissed and talked.  “It’s starting to get tighter now, so I’m going to take it easy on the depth until you get accustomed to being opened up.””Okay,” Susan panted as she seemed to be in the zone. Becky was on her stomach behind Susan, with her head next to hers as she watched her facial expressions.I maintained a slow to moderate pace until I was sure that she was opened completely. Until then, I continued to inch a little deeper unless I felt too much resistance. This slow approach seemed to be good as I never heard any painful sounds come from Susan. All the while, Becky was cupping Susan’s breasts and flicking her nipples. Becky’s presence seemed to help as it kept Susan calm and in the groove.After a few more minutes, I felt bottom as Susan moaned abruptly. After the moan, she muttered, “Oh God, Becks, I feel so full, and I think I’m going to cum. It’s so wonderful.”With Susan wide open now, I picked up the pace a little while working her clit with my thumb. As her peak gripped her thin frame, Susan wailed before pulling my face to hers as I slowed. Her passion was ratcheted up as her tongue sought mine. We kissed fiercely as I kept up a sluggish pace in your newly defiled vagina. Briefly pulling her mouth from mine, Susan ordered, “Faster!” before returning her lips to mine.I reached down and pulled her thighs up, pinning them to her chest as I upped the tempo. Resting on my elbows, I gave Susan some more speed as she began to howl. Her body shook, and her cries escalated toward an all-encompassing acme. When it hit, Susan slammed her pelvis upward and into mine as she shook powerfully. I came to a complete stop leaving myself inside her. Susan trembled for another minute or two as we kissed softly. She held me close as her legs dropped back down to the bed.  I sensed that she felt the intimacy that can come with sexual intercourse and looked to Becky to intervene. Becky understood my glance and moved in to take over Susan’s lips. As their closeness increased, I eased myself from Susan’s vagina and let Becky move on top of her. Then, with the affection successfully transferred to Becky, I rolled off the bed and gave them some time alone.I cleaned up a little, took a leak, and headed for the kitchen to grab some water bottles. Drinking my water, I was glad that Susan went first and that Becky understood her so well. I figured that Susan was at the highest risk for falling for me bahis şirketleri due to sex. Giving them the time together as I did, allowed her to clear her head a little before I showed up again. Fifteen minutes had passed before I entered the bedroom to find the girls in the bathroom together, tending to their own needs.Sitting on the bed, I waited patiently for them to reappear. They were all smiles when they finally did exit until they saw me sitting there with open legs and a semi. Susan closed in first and gripped my cock. As it grew in her hand, she seemed awestruck. “So that whole thing was inside me?” she questioningly mumbled.”Actually, a little more,” Becky jumped in. “Keep stroking it, and you’ll find out exactly how much your little pussy endured,” she added.As Susan unconsciously stroked my quickly growing member, she responded, “Well, it’s your turn to have your little pussy stretched wide Becks.””I know, and I can barely wait,” Becky said as she licked her lips and splayed herself across the bed.”Okay, Susan, it’s your turn to help me with the condom,” I voiced.Susan had watched closely when Becky had applied the condom earlier, so she rolled it on like a pro. In the thirty seconds or so that it took to apply it to my stiffy, Becky already had two fingers buried as her thumb worked her clit. I watched for a moment as the thought of my original appraisal of these two swirled in my head.Between their overall physical appearance and the initial lack of communication skills, I was sure that they’d be virgins for life. Not that they were unattractive, quite the contrary. They were cute but very tall and a little lanky in their builds. Now, seeing them naked, I truly appreciated their legs all the way to heaven and their small perky breasts. I always was a leg and ass man, and those firm little butts of theirs were yummy.”Bring me that dick of yours, Dennis,” Becky whined as she added a third finger.As I crawled across the bed, I commanded, “Get those fingers out of my pussy, girl!”Becky shuddered at my urging and quickly removed them as my tip moved inside her. “More, more, more,” Becky begged. She was definitely the more vocal of the two of them. I eased into her a little more with each stroke, like with Susan. But it didn’t take nearly as long to get all the way inside Becky. Once I was making full strokes in her slippery hole, she yelled, “Faster, faster!”I started pumping her at a brisk pace as Becky writhed and screamed. “Oh, God… Oh fuck… I’m cummiiinnnggg!”Becky’s long legs wrapped around my lower back firmly as she bucked while shouting, “Don’t stop… everrr!”Her enthusiasm was bringing me close, even with wearing a condom. Concentrating on withholding my orgasm, I slowed the momentum slightly as her arms and legs pulled me into her even tighter. Up until now, Becky had avoided kissing me. But after another powerful climax rolled through her body, her lips found mine. bahis firmaları Her kisses were almost angry in nature as she bit and sucked my lips and tongue forcibly. I enjoyed her aggressive nature and gave her back a little. Our teeth and tongues did battle like a couple of well-worn lovers. I had a distinct feeling that this wasn’t her first time, at least with this sort of hunger.Still thinking as I pummeled her unyielding little puss, Becky suddenly cried out, “Fuccckkk… cumming againnn!”Her contractions set me off this time, and I quickly withdrew from her while filling the condom with my spunk. She had me gripped so firmly that I was barely able to pull out. My penis ended up between our mashed pelvises as both of our orgasms rolled through our closely held bodies.When the panting and making out eased, I looked over to see Susan staring with her mouth agape. I slipped my hand behind her neck and lured her to us. As all our mouths came together, there was a renewed energy as hands roamed. I discreetly removed the condom so as not to make a mess as I temporarily shrank. With the condom gone, I went for a firm breast on each of them as we continued to makeout. Each of the girls had a hand on my crotch with the extra on each other’s slick pussies. We touched, fingered, and kissed for a while before I had to piss.Upon returning to my bed, I found the girls locked in a tender sixty-nine. They were gently lapping at each other’s newly devirginized pusses. Susan was on top and held Becky’s legs back, exposing everything she had to offer. The sight was tantalizing, and it was clear that they loved each other as more than friends. I’d avoided their attention thus far, so I headed downstairs to make a fresh salad from the garden veggies.I’d no sooner finished the salad when the two of them wandered down, still naked and embracing each other.  “Anyone hungry? I made a salad and have some sandwich meat as well as peanut butter and assorted jellies.””If we eat something, will you come back to bed and fuck us some more?” Susan asked while stroking Becky’s clit.Becky seemed barely able to stand from the manipulation of her little puss. She had an arm around Susan while suckling on her left tit like a needy child. It was clear that although Becky was the aggressor in daily life, she was definitely subservient to Susan in the bedroom.”Yes, I will,” I answered.Susan led Becky to one of the stools at the kitchen bar and sat her down while never removing her hand from Becky’s puss. As we all ate our salads, I stood across from them and often glanced at Susan’s nimble manipulation of Becky’s tender flesh. After a few bites of salad, Becky would again suck on Susan’s nearest breast for a minute or so. I watched their little performance as I ate my salad. When I was finished, I just stared questioningly at Susan.She chewed the last few bites of her salad and pushed the bowl my way. With her food kaçak bahis siteleri finished, she allowed Becky to sit on her lap as she finished her meal. Susan’s fingers still lightly brushed Becky’s outer labia and fondled one of her breasts. Becky ate slowly with her eyes half-closed while seemingly in a trance.”Once she’s had a few orgasms, Becks here reverts to a somewhat childlike state. The difference is that her neediness is more sexual in nature. I could do almost anything to her as long as I give her the orgasms she desperately wants. But, with us going away to college, I fear for her. Anyone that showed her enough of the right kind of attention could use her selfishly and perhaps abusively. That’s why I talked her into coming to see you. I wanted her to have more experience in hopes that she’d see her weakness better,” Susan explained.”That’s interesting. I’m not well-versed in psychology, but I’d venture to say that you’re probably on the right track. The more experience she has with others would seem to be the way to go. She really does seem to go deep, doesn’t she?” I supplemented.”Yes, she does. However, as soon we get dressed and leave, she’ll come out of it like it never happened. She doesn’t remember much of it either, rather just the sexual enjoyment that she gets.””How did you discover it, may I ask?””We’ve played with each other since we were sixteen. Mostly just kissing and making out while clothed, but then our families went to the lake together for a long weekend. Neither of us had a bathing suit that fit due to our excessive growth. So we went to the store together and dared each other to get a bikini. Unfortunately, we spent most of the time babysitting our younger siblings.Then, one afternoon everyone else wanted to go to a local carnival, and we both opted out to work on our tans. We didn’t dare do anything by the lake, even though there was hardly anyone there. Instead, we did work on our tans for an hour or so before we started getting really hungry. Then, we grabbed our towels and went inside for a sandwich. We ate out on the deck, which had a great view of the lake and also happened to be higher than any other around.It was Becky that used the old mayo on my cheek trick to give me a quick peck. She started a fire that day that neither of us seemed able to quell. I kissed her back, and seconds later, we were on a lounge chair frenching and touching. The lack of attire only accelerated it all, and before long, there were fingers in pussies and lips on nipples. We both came quickly and continued to play at Becky’s pleading.She came even quicker after the first. With each successive orgasm, she became more innocent in her yearnings. I lost track of how many times we both climaxed, but when we heard the car pull up, it was all I could do to get her moving. She moped and pouted like a toddler, so I grabbed our suits and drug her into the room that we were sharing. Pulling her into the bed, I covered her up and pulled on my t-shirt and shorts from earlier that day. Then, as she begged for more, I simply told her that we could play a lot more later if she was good now. That seemed to do it.

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