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Episode 119 – Rachael growing up

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Episode 119 – Rachael growing upNovember 2009A call arrives from his young daughter: “Daddy, I thought you said a man puts his penis into a ladies vagina” .”Yes, that’s right, darling – when a man and a woman are in love and want to make a baby”.”But, this man has his penis in the lady’s bottom and they both seem to be enjoying it”.Bugger, thought daddy – is she ready for this yet?”You can’t believe everything you read in your mother’s magazines, baby girl”.”No daddy – I’m watching the sextape labelled Swingers 2002 you left in the video recorder last night. it definitely shows one man in her vagina and the other man in her bottom. Is that how you make twins?””Um… I think you’d better turn that off and get ready for school now””But daddy – now the sticky white stuff is dripping out of her body, is she broken? and it’s making my panties all damp at the front – am I having an organism?””Orgasm, baby – it’s called an orgasm”, trying desperately to remember what (or who) comes next in that video.”Oh daddy – that’s not right – the lady is sucking the black man’s penis and it’s absolutely huge. The other one is kissing her bottom. You can see his tongue right inside her brown hole – that must taste disgusting”. “Could you give the phone to mummy – I really need a word with her”.Rachael watched in silence as it dawned on her innocent brain exactly who were the people on the screen: “that’s you and Mummy, isn’t it Daddy – is that when I was conceived?””Sorry you had to see that, baby girl. Now please put mummy on the line” “Sorry Daddy – she says she’ll call you back later after Big Al has left I think I’d better put the phone down now – my fingers are getting all sticky inside my vagina – I probably need to use both hands – bye, have a lovely day at work” Rachael remembers that incident as if it were yesterday, but of course it was a decade ago when she was just 7.She went through junior school as a complete tomboy, ignoring both boys and girls before tackling that awkward subject of who should take her virginity.But it wasn’t really until she met and fell in love with Mikey, Ellie, Emma and Justine that she discovered her truly submissive bi-sexual nature.September 2013Rachael was sat next to Molly on that first day at the new secondary school, having been friends since the age of 4. But now they both knew this physical attraction was changing – they couldn’t stop looking at each other – nobody else mattered.In their imagination, Rachael and Molly were snogging outside,in their lunch break, with a bit of heavy petting thrown in, when the school secretary appeared, very embarrassed to interrupt their blatant vertical copulation.She never normally left her office, let alone actually talking to the pupils.”Sorry you two, the Head needs to see you now, in her office”.“If it’s about the school’s LBGTQI equality policy, we’re just exercising our rights” laughed Molly, rubbing her bare juvenile breasts against Rachael’s chest.“I think it’s got more to do with güvenilir bahis you violating the school’s dress code – now button up those blouses and come with me”In the Head’s office, Molly and Rachael were made to stand facing the wall, hands behind their backs while she carefully inspected every inch of their developing bodies.”Remove those jeans, you two, you know the school dress code – black trousers or a skirt for girls – no denim”.”But Miss, she’s not wearing panties” moaned Molly.”I know – I’ve been watching your antics behind the sports block – now get those jeans off” Only then did Rachael notice the large binoculars on the windowsill with a perfect view down the back of the school.The long brick wall was the favourite spot for making out – boys with boys at one end, girls on their knees sucking cocks in the middle, Molly and Rachael being the school’s only openly lesbians choosing the sunny end.Still facing the office wall, Molly reluctantly pulled off her shoes,socks and denims, trying to ease down her blouse to cover her exposed petite black panties.Rachael, by contrast, had already guessed what was really going on – this was no uniform violation – the Head was a lesbian who liked young girls.So she turned to face the Head, slowly stripping off her blouse and jeans to stand smiling and butt naked.Then without taking her eyes off Rachael’s pert breasts and neatly trimmed pubes, the Head managed: “Come her Molly – slip off those panties and bend over my desk”.Now Rachael was watching her new girlfriend’s bare bottom being roughly examined by a gloved hand smeared with KY jelly.Molly yelped as her arse opened up to accept the invading thumb, closely followed by two fingers sliding along her slick pussy lips.Rachael was creaming as she approached the Head. Determined not to be treated as crudely, she hopped up on the desk, legs spread wide, holding her lips apart for a visual inspection.Lowering her face into Rachael’s crotch, the Head lightly kissed the exposed clitoris then inserted her tongue to caress her g-spot.At eleven, Rachael mentally chalked up her first adult seduction as she writhed towards a delicious orgasm, spewing pussy juices onto her headteacher’s face.The Head obviously had to confis**te their sex-soaked jeans and Molly’s panties, swapping them for the shortest wrap-over netball skirts the girls had ever seen.Paired with tiny black thongs, Rachael and Molly spent most of the afternoon lessons trying not to expose their bare butts and damp inner thighs On Friday, the Head had them back in her office, not just for more finger-fucking, but to ask them to champion a new school safe-sex campaign converting straight girls to lesbianism in an attempt to reduce teenage pregnancy rates.Lightly stroking Rachael’s pussy and now easily inserting a finger, the Head gently asked: “how did you lose your virginity, baby girl?””Um… I was playing with an electric toothbrush in the shower last night .. just on my clit, you understand. It türkçe bahis sort of slipped inside and tore my hymen – it did really hurt – will you kiss it better, Miss?”Rachael squirmed as the Head inserted a second finger, completely hooked on this sexy c***d.”Do you girls know what this is?”, holding up a black rubber plug rather like an elongated baby’s dummy.Rachael had never seen one, but Molly recognised one from her mum’s collection of sex toys: “it’s a butt plug – it goes up your arse”.”Yes that’s right – I’d like you to practice inserting them over the weekend. Come back here on Monday and show me – I might let you keep them”.She kissed them both, stroking their bare bottoms, then a quick slap: *and Molly – no accidents please – I’d like to take your virginity myself” They got dressed and left wondering how that was going to happen.Reality checkOf course behaviour like that would be completely unlawful. Their first school PHSE lesson introduced the 2003 Sexual Offences Act and the 2013 rejection by the then PM of the demand for a national debate by Professor John Ashton to lower the age of consent to 15.Ms Jones explained that unlike many US states the age of consent for sexual intercourse between boys and girls in the UK has been 16 since 1885. The 2003 Act lowered the age for gay sex between boys from 18 to 16. Interestingly lesbian sex had never even been considered, but was now also 16, which Molly, Rachel and all the gay girls studiously ignored.I am reliably informed that Rachael did indeed wait until her 16th birthday before discovering the joys of full heterosexual penetration with boyfriend Mikey. Shortly afterwards at Xmas she celebrated with an orgy involving his stepfather Sam, who now of course also dominates Justine and her daughter Molly.BabysittingShortly after Rachael’s 12th birthday, Alfie is born to Ellie and Paddy and they ask her to babysit for them.Over the coming years she normally wears loose-fitting denim jeans and a baggy jumper, mostly to avoid inflaming their passions.But one evening, when Alfie was 6, she was picked up directly from school by Ellie – netball practice had been cancelled, so Rachael still had her games kit in a tiny pink rucksack.Alfie is fast asleep in bed, Ellie and Paddy are out, so Rachael gets changed into her miniscule netball skirt and highly revealing top, barely covering her succulent breasts. Listening to her favourite dance music on headphones, Rachael doesn’t notice Alfie coming downstairs and watching her pert bottom twerking around the room. Rachael is holding a smartphone her behind as a mirror, trying to get a decent view under the short skirt.Alfie’s deep voice eventually penetrates a gap in the music: “dirty girl – that’s very rude”; Rachael nearly jumped out of her skin: “how long have you been watching?” – trying desperately to cover her rock-hard nipples and damp pussy, but already getting aroused.”Long enough, you filthy lezzer”, replied Alfie, trying out his worst playground güvenilir bahis siteleri language “get yer tits out and keep dancing or I’ll tell the parents you’ve been abusing me”.Rachael found herself panting in amazement as Alfie squeezed her breasts together, chewing on each hard nipple in turn, while slipping out of his pyjamas.”Suck it, bitch”, demanded Alfie, thrusting his cock into her face. That simple command must have flipped the D/s switch in Rachael’s brain. She stopped struggling to get away, rather holding onto Alfie’s buttocks as he fucked her mouth.Alfie couldn’t believe his luck, face-fucking his beautiful babysitter. She gagged at first as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, but he kept thrusting, holding onto her ears.Would she let him cum in her mouth?Reality CheckI am reliably informed that Alfie would never use such crude language and behaviour at age 6, but might hold such fantasies.Another TimeApparently Rachael was fifteen before the occasion when mum Ellie and dad Paddy come home from the pub earlier than expected. Paddy crashes out in his favourite chair, leaving his wife to pay the babysitter. Rachael has been flipping through their porn DVD collection and is caught watching a particularly explicit lesbian seduction scene when Ellie leans over the back of the sofa to kiss the teenager full on the lips. Rachael feels hands sliding down inside her tiny bra and reacts by closing her eyes and kissing back passionately. Her nipples are hardening as Ellie’s tongue explores her mouth and Paddy, now fully awake, watches and wanks.On-screen the older woman is on her knees between the babysitter’s feet, stroking up the inside of her sweet thighs.Rachael shivers as she opens her eyes to find Ellie, now topless, acting out the seduction scene, removing the teen’s damp panties and expertly placing a kiss right on her clit.That very first orgasm ripped through her young body, making Rachael clamp her thighs together around Ellie’s head, holding onto that fabulous tongue for a full five minutes until the waves subsided.Rachael curled up in Ellie’s arms, gentle strokes keeping her nipples tingling, kissing occasionally as her new lover guided her hands to explore heavy adult breasts and well used pussy.”It’s rather late to be sending you home, are you OK to stay the night?” asked Paddy.”Please say you’ll stay – we have so much more to teach you, darling” added Ellie, stroking her face.In bed snuggled up between Ellie and Paddy, Rachael adored the feeling of four hands exciting all parts of her young nakedness.Reality CheckEmma says Rachael’s first intimate massage was an early 16th birthday present, followed shortly after by seducing Molly’s mum Justine.To the best of my knowledge, none of these early fantasy sexual encounters actually happened to Rachael, who is now a normal well-adjusted, highly-sexed, submissive teenager.Note: there is a nude photograph of Molly in ‘My Favourites’ – easy to recognise – long red hair, high breats, topped with large nipples, gorgeous red bush (before she discovered waxing), one arm raised, against a stripy curtain background. If anyone wishes to upload more, or one of Rachael, similarly disrobed, I should be delighted.

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