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Erotic Experience With Maintenance Staff

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Erotic Experience With Maintenance StaffdeletedIt was almost the end days of my vacation. My best friend Renu had not come back from her hometown yet. Feeling bored at home, I was browsing through all the movies on my laptop. My mom had gone to her office and our maid had already left, finished with her daily chores.I had a whole day ahead of me, with nothing to do. I did not find any good movies online. Dejected, I closed my laptop and lay back on the bed, wondering what to do. As most of the families were out of town due to the holidays, I could not visit anybody too. I rolled on the bed feeling bored.My hair was left open to dry, as I had just had my bath. I was wearing a sleeveless light pink top and a dark chocolate brown free flowing skirt. My top was tight and just reached my hips. It was buttoned up in the front like a regular shirt.My skirt was knee length and had an elastic waistband. I had two small loops for earrings. A small thin necklace was around my neck. A fancy bracelet was around my right wrist and a pair of anklets were around my ankles.All my jewelry was in gold and this was my usual daily wear ornaments. My favorite pink slippers were beside me, on the floor, as I lay on the bed pondering my next move. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I got up from my bed, slipped on my slippers and went out into the drawing room.“Hi”, I said. It was Simi, one of the maintenance staff. “Hello. Madam had asked for regular maintenance. That’s why I have come”, she said. “You mean my mom?”. “Yes”. “Ok come in”, I said, inviting her in.Simi was tall, dark and thin. She was wearing the same navy-blue colored maintenance staff uniform, shirt, and pants. She was wearing a pair of black shoes. Her hair was neatly tied, pleated and pinned around her head at the back. She was carrying a big bag. She came in and placed her bag on the floor. “Do you need something to drink?”, I asked her.“No thank you”, she said, as she opened the bag and began to set up her cleaning equipment. I settled on the couch to watch her. Simi had already seen me in a compromising position with someone else before. After that incident, I was seeing her for the first time, but she gave no indication of recognizing me.As she went on working, I wanted to seduce her. I wanted her long thin hands on my naked body, her hot lips on my breasts, sucking like a baby. I wanted her unfocused attention between my legs and wanted her playing with my pussy, pleasuring me, teasing me. Yes, I wanted to orgasm in her hands. I wanted her to hold my naked my body as I climaxed again and again.The mere thought almost made my pussy wet. I decided to bring that thought into action. As she turned back on me, I immediately unbuttoned the top and bottom buttons of my top.I was not wearing any bra inside my top and I knew that in a right position, she would be able to get a good look my small cleavage. Below, my skirt was worn at the low waist. The open buttons at the bottom ensured that my smooth belly and navel was visible for her. I stretched on the sofa, waiting for her attention.Simi looked at me and froze for a second. I was lying stretched out on the sofa. My naked feet were resting on the top of the sofa. My skirt had moved up a little bit, exposing a part of my smooth and soft thighs. The top was open at the bottom, revealing my navel and a bit of my belly. I was not sure how much of my breasts were visible to her. I had my eyes closed as if taking a nap. But I was taking a peep at her, once in a while, to check her reaction.Simi was working on but had slowed down quite a bit. She was looking back at me every now and then. After some time, she stopped working and stood facing me, taking a good look at me from the head to the toe. She came close to me and slowly placed her hand on my exposed belly. I felt the warmth of her palm on the bare skin of my stomach. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips.Simi sat on the couch beside me and looked at me. I smiled shyly and looked away. Her hand was still on my belly. She looked at my exposed belly, and her hand moved along my stomach. She was fondling my navel. I held my breath as she poked my navel with her fingers. Slowly, she pendik escort began to unbutton my top with both her hands. I waited in anticipation, as she opened up my top. I was not wearing any bra inside.Simi looked at my small well-shaped boobs. She ran her hands over my breasts, rubbing my nipples lovingly. She was not saying anything but was lovingly looking at my body. I lay there on the couch with my top opened up, my breasts completely exposed to her.She made me stand up in front of her as she sat on the couch facing me. She removed my top and placed it on the couch. Then she pulled my skirt down below to my feet. She whisked them off my feet and placed it along with my top on the couch. I was wearing a light pink colored panty. It had a rose flower printed on the front, right on top of my pussy. It was tight and was a perfect fit for my body.I stood in her front of her, with nothing but just my panties on me. Her eyes roamed all over the exposed part of my body. All I had on me was my jewelry and my panties. I knew that before long I would be void of any clothes. I waited in anticipation for her to completely strip me naked and enjoy my nude body. Yes, I wanted her to enjoy my nude body in any way she wanted. I just stood there excited and horny as hell.Simi slowly pulled down my panties and I lifted my leg one by one as she got it off me. My panties too joined my other clothes on the couch. Now I was stark naked with not even a thread of cloth on me. I moaned slightly as she ran her fingers between my legs. Her fingers brushed my pussy lips and I held my breath as the sensation of an external touch on my exposed pubis triggered different feelings inside my body.Simi kissed me again on the lips. She softly began to suck on my lips. She was so soft and loving in her kissing that I immediately felt my whole body reacting to her sensuous mouth kiss. I opened up my lips letting her tongue in. I was moaning slightly now as her tongue entered and began to explore the inside of my mouth.Her hand went to my back and pulled me closer as we went on kissing. Her hands began to move down and cupped up my ass. I stifled a huge cry as her hands fondled my naked ass cheeks. She was pressing and squeezing my butt.Her touch was kind of magic on me. I felt it hard to control myself. I tried to break free from the lip lock as she slowly played with my soft and small round ass. She tried to kiss me again and again. But I was moaning heavily and moving my head from side to side.I was actually on my toes and not able stand properly as she teased and toyed with my naked butt. She somehow managed to get me into a French kiss again. This time I was completely turned on. With my ass cheeks in her palms, I began to passionately kiss her, making huge a****l cries.Suddenly, the doorbell rang. We almost had a heart attack. We both looked at each, terrified. “Who is it?”, she asked me. “I don’t know”, I replied. “I will go into my room. You open the door. If its somebody looking for me or my mom, tell them that I am in the bathroom. Then come and tell me, ok?”I instructed her and she nodded in agreement. I bundled up my clothes in my hands and still naked, ran into my bedroom, closing the door behind me. The doorbell rang again. I threw all my clothes on the bed and took out a towel from the wardrobe. Then I wrapped myself around with the towel and waited, almost scared to death. I had forgotten my slippers beside the couch out in the hall.I stood beside the door, waiting for Simi to call me or give me any indication. “Ayesha…”, I heard Simi call out. I did not reply. “Ayesha, it is alright. It’s my friend. You can come out”. I felt relieved as I heard her. Relieved and happy, I slowly stepped into the hall.The new girl was as tall as Simi. She was also dressed in the staff uniform. She was much fairer and looked beautiful. I realized by the uniform that she was also one of the staff members. On seeing me, she got up said, “What a beauty? Where did you get this princess, Simi?”.She was looking at me from the top to the bottom. I had tied the towel in a haste. It was tied to my one side just above my nipples and exposed much of my breasts. And it reached just to the mid of my thighs. Simi escort pendik came and led me near to her. “Nisha, this is Ayesha. Ayesha, this is Simi”, she introduced us. “She came looking for me as I was late”, Simi explained. I and Simi sat on the long sofa as Nisha sat opposite facing us.“So, this is Ayesha?”, Nisha asked. Simi nodded. I understood that Simi had already told her about me. “What a beauty dear, what a beauty”, Nisha was all excited. “Just look at her. I just want to lick her completely. Oh my god. I can’t control myself”. Nisha went on and on. I smiled at her. “Oh! What a beautiful smile you have my dear princess”, she said. I laughed softly.I was sitting with my legs crossed. “Why are you sitting with your legs crossed dear? What are you hiding between them?”, Nisha asked with a mischievous smile on her lips.Simi slowly made me separate my legs and spread my thighs. “Wow”, Nisha exclaimed as the lower part of my towel opened up along with my legs, exposing my pussy for her view. “What a tight little pussy”, she went on. “I want to taste it. Lick and suck it until my mouth are filled with her wetness”, she smacked her lips.I was loving her talk and I was getting horny and excited, sitting there and exhibiting my pussy before this girl. I knew that she meant every word she said and I wanted her to do just that. So I sat there with my pussy exposed for the whole world to see.“I want to see her ass”, Nisha declared. Simi made me turn around. She made me bent lower with my elbows on the couch and my feet on the floor. I was standing with my back to Nisha.Simi slowly unwrapped towel and threw it aside. “Wow!”, I heard Nisha’s voice. “What a beautiful ass. Such cute little round butt. I love you Simi, I love you”. I heard Simi chuckle. “Spread her up”, Nisha said.I felt Simi’s hands on my butt cheeks. Simi separated my ass cheeks wide apart, as Nisha got a good look at my private parts. “She looks so tight”, I heard Nisha again. “Unexplored territories for us to explore”, they both laughed out loud, as I stood there with my ass spread, exposing my most intimate parts for these two strangers.It was exciting. I could not wait to tell it to my best friend. I knew that she would die of excitement. In anticipation for the action, I waited for what was about to come.I was standing in the same position with Simi spreading my ass cheeks when Nisha came closer. I could almost feel her breath on my ass hole. Suddenly, without any warning, I felt her warm tongue over my asshole and I moaned with pleasure and excitement. “She likes it”, Nisha smiled.I felt the pain on my ass as Simi held my ass cheeks spread apart for Nisha. Nisha was licking the inside of my ass, running her tongue from top to bottom of my ass slit, just stopping before my pussy. I was now crying with pleasure as she went on tormenting and teasing my ass. Then I closed my eyes and felt the familiar tightness in my lower stomach. I was completely horny now.My breathing was in gasps with small moans escaping my lips unintentionally. I realized that I had started to sweat in spite of the AC running in the house. I let out a huge cry as Nisha kissed my pussy from behind. Now I was completely breathless, panting hard.They made me sit on the couch. Simi was sitting by my side, while Nisha was kneeling on the door. My legs were bent at the knees and spread wide apart. Nisha held my feet separate with her hands and kissed me between my legs. I moaned again with pleasure. My body shuddered as I felt the warmth of her lips on my most sensitive part of the body. I was on cloud nine.I was lying naked in front of two strangers, completely exhibiting my body before them. They were feasting on my body. I moaned in excitement as I felt my greatest fantasy was happening at that moment.Nisha moved in closer and spread my pussy lips with her fingers. She then started flicking her tongue on the inside of my cunt. I gave out an a****l cry. Simi leaned over me and began to suck my breasts. She was sucking them hard and I felt my small nipples getting erect all of a sudden.Simi went on sucking and kissing my nipples one by one as Nisha was busy tasting the inside of my small little cunt. I felt my body shiver and shudder pendik escort bayan as it reacted to the familiar sensations happening inside me. My hands were on Simi’s head, tightened and clenched on her hair. My eyes were closed and I was panting hard. I was moaning loudly now. I was sweating profusely, as I felt the pressure mounting inside my lower stomach.Tears began to flow out of my shut eyes as I was not able to handle the electric currents flowing through my body. My stomach was moving up and down with my hard breathing. The whole body was getting tensed and my muscles were tightening up. My pussy was already wet and ready for the explosion.I moaned loudly and let out a low howl as my pussy discharged thick white fluids. My body completely relaxed as the pressure inside my pussy was released. Both of them stopped as I lay on the couch panting hard, trying to catch my breath.Nisha sat on the floor while Simi relaxed on the couch. I let out my feet on the floor sitting and leaning back on the couch after all the action. My juices were sticking on to my pussy and around my pubis. A little bit had escaped on to the couch. I saw that Nisha’s face too had my juices on them, just around her mouth. She rubbed her mouth on her sleeves as I sat there watching them.“What a beautiful princess”, Nisha said, running her hands on my legs. “Come on, we have to go”, Simi said. I was sad that the action had ended so fast. “Not yet dear. One more please”, Nisha said.“They would be looking for us now”. “We are not that late. And by the way, she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. We don’t get beautiful dolls like this naked everyday right?”. “But, we may land in trouble”. “Don’t worry. Just one last one”, Nisha said. “Are you ready for one more my pretty doll?”, Nisha asked me, kissing me on my knees. I smiled at her, tired but ready for action. I was happy that they were staying for a bit more.They made kneel down on the couch with my back to them. My knees were spread wide apart as I rested my head and hands on the top of the couch. I pushed my naked ass towards them as both were kneeling on the floor facing my back.Simi leaned in and started licking my pussy again. I moaned softly and leaned my head backward as she licked the juices around my pussy clean with her tongue. Her warm tongue felt good around my pubis, as she ran her tongue around my pussy without actually touching it. I pushed my back into her face inviting her in.Then I felt Nisha’s mouth kissing my naked ass cheeks. She was kissing my ass and just above them. I was getting turned on again, as these two ladies played on with my naked body. I moaned with pleasure as they went on sucking and licking my pussy and ass.Suddenly, both stopped. Then I felt Simi’s hand on my pussy and I moaned softly. Simi began to softly rub her fingers on my clit and over my pussy lips. I began to move my back, unable to hold myself still. Nisha held my hips with her strong hands as she Simi began to increase her speed.Her fingers rubbed my pussy faster and faster. I started to find it hard to breathe again. I felt my knees go weak, as my pussy began to wet itself getting ready for another climax. And I was moaning in tandem to Simi’s finger.She was rubbing it harder and faster. I moaned and moaned unable to contain myself any longer. My heart was beating faster, pumping all my blood into the lower part of my stomach. Suddenly I screamed as I orgasmed again.I felt my knees go weak and almost collapsed on the couch as my juices flew out again for the second time. I lay panting on the couch, all crouched up, with my juices sticking around my pubis as both of them sat on the floor beside my legs.“She is so tired”, Simi got up and kissed me on the cheek, brushing my hair away from my face. Nisha too got up. “You go and freshen up baby. We will clean this up in no time”, she said. I nodded softly and got up slowly from the couch. I was very tired. Simi handed me the towel. I took the towel in one hand and walked towards my bedroom still naked and sweating.I took a long shower trying to get rid of my tiredness. My pussy was burning as Simi was a little hard on them. I dried myself, came out into my bedroom and got dressed. I walked out into the drawing room to find it empty. They were gone. The couch was cleaned and the cushions were perfectly laid out. I walked back into my bedroom and collapsed on the bed. I slowly drifted into my much-needed sleep.

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