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Erotic Play With Older Neighbor

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Erotic Play With Older NeighborHe’s an older man (75) very nice face, salt and pepper hair, and a firm body, especially for a man of his age. He’s my neighbor, Robert. I pass his house every day when I go for my afternoon walks. Many times he would be out in the yard and give me a friendly smile and or hello. Last month, we started talking as I would walk by…I’d stop for a few mintues and chat with him. He is a widower, three grown c***dren…four grandc***dren. He’s a retired developer who isn’t worried about where his next meal is coming from as his house is the biggest on the block and he owns two very nice cars. I found I was attracted to Robbert during one of our recent conversations, I was getting the same feeling he felt the same for me. The way he’d check me out when we were talking and his knowing smile he’d have on his face (knowing I’m a fellow bisexual as I’m sure he liked the way I was looking at him) Yesterday, I was on one of my walks and we were talking…he asked if I wanted to come in for a beer and I accepted his offer. The inside of this guy’s house was amazing, furniture from all over the world, tile flooring, expensive rugs…the works. He had a really interesting frame on the wall with pictures and a couple of medals…Robert told me he served in Viet Nam in the mid 60’s…he won two bravery medals and a purple heart, told me he served three tours during that war..some very interesting stories. He showed me his media room and I was equally impressed, big screen plasma tv on the wall a big comfortable couch and several chairs, stero sound and a huge selection of movies….he showed me his collection then opened a cabinent and showed me his collection of adult films…he asked me if I wanted him to put one on as we chatted…normally I would say that’s a weird request but I could tell he was trying to seduce me…he didn’t have to try that hard. He asked me what kind of adult entertainment I liked…I told him pretty bahis siteleri much everything…he had a cryptic smile on his face and repeated “everything?…so is gay porn good with you?” I smiled back “yes, it is” I said with a seductive smile. He put on a DVD that featured two very well built (and very well hung) men making out in low light in a siloutte…you could make out their bodies and the light in the backgoround bouncing off of their very well toned asses. I got hard instantlly watching it and I think Robert could tell..He smiled and said “so if you could do any of the two which one would you have?” told him “I’d love to do them both either at the same time or one on one, but if I had to choose I’d go with the blonde one, he has a cuter ass and a nicely shaped cock..one I could suck on for hours.” Robert then said “so…you like to suck cock?…well you’re in luck because I happen to love getting mine sucked by good looking younger guys like you….are you interested?” My heart was pounding at this time and my cock was throbbing hard against my jeans…”very” I said. Robert then told me he likes it light…he’s bisexual but doesn’t suck cock or fuck or get fucked…just likes making out and letting a guy suck his cock and some mutual masturbation. “Men do it so much better than women” he told me…”as I found out when I was in the military” He started taking off his shirt and shorts he was wearing…he was naked in less than 10 seconds…Now I was really hard…his cock was very nice though not hard at that moment…his pubic hairs were nicely trimmed and he had a nice muscular ass and a firm worked out shaved chest. He told me to strip slowly…”give me strip tease” he said dance a little, tease me and make me hard” He sat down on his couch and I stood in front of him…I started to take my shirt off nice and slow…When I had it off I slowly started to unbuckle my jeans…I slowly wiggled them down, turing as I did canlı bahis now only wearing my boxer shorts…I could see his cock start to grow as he gently stroked himself…he could see my hardon through my shorts, I wanted him so badly I was going crazy! I danced around a bit and teased him, pulling down my shorts just to the top of my pubic hair, then turning around and pulling down just so he could see the top part of my ass…I could her him muttering “yes, baby, teas me…oh yes!” I turned around to give him a profile and licked my lips looking him in the eye as I slowly pulled off my shorts giving Robert a profile view of my cock and naked ass. He then said “yeah, that’s it..play with yourself” I wanted him so badly I was almost afraid that I’d cum while playing for him…I rubbed my cock and grabbed my balls also brought my hands up to my nipples and played with them as I danced slowly in front of him, moving around so he could see all of me. I noticed Robert was rock hard..so I started walking over to him (his cock when erect was a very nice 7.5 inches cut) as I stood in front of him he sat stoking his cock slowly and looking up at me smiling…I said “do you want me to suck that cock baby?” “yes” robert replied…”get on your knees and suck my cock” as knelt down to get into posistion he leaned forward and we kissed, slow and gentile…he stood up and took me in his strong arms, I embraced him back as we slowly and sensually kissed, I was so hot feeling his hard cock up against me and his tongue in my mouth. He reached around with both hands and carressed my ass and I did the same to him…I then kissed my way down his chest as he stood there…I knelt down and started licking his inner thighs…he moaned as I teased him…moving my tongue closer to his balls..I then grabbed his cock and licked the under part of his nuts, and licked my way up the shaft to the top of the head which I licked a nice amount of smooth precum off güvenilir bahis the top…I took his cock in my mouth has his hands grabbed the back of my head, I sucked him for a couple of minutes then he fell back on the couch. I could hear him moaning “oh andy! Shit! Oh fuck this feels so good….you’re so good at sucking my cock!… I blew him for a better part of 30 minutes, I couldn’t believe his stamina…I wanted him to cum, but I also wanted him to fuck me…I stopped sucking him and looked him in the eyes and said “fuck me! Please! Fuck my ass!” He smiled gently and repeated what he told me earlier, that he didn’t do that. So I contuniued blowing him…he was moaning louder and his muscels were tighenting…I could tell he was ready to cum..I stoped sucking and stroked his cock waiting for his white hot load…he groaned “AAAARRRGGGGG!! AHHHHHH!! SHIT I’M CUMMING!!” the first bit of cum oozed out of his throbbing dick it ran dow his shaft and I watched it as it dripped off onto the couch…more was coming out and I wanted it, I licked his cock shaft and caught the next load as it ran down him, very nice and warm, slightly salty I licked up to the head of his cock where more of his sperm was leaking out…I put it up to my face and let it roll down my cheek and onto my chin (my first facial) He kept moaning and pumping (I had no idea an older man could have so much cum in his balls) I cleaned up his dick with my tongue then he pulled me up to him, cum still on my face, he took his finger and whiped it off before licking his own cum off…we kissed passionately…he reached down to my cock and started jerking me off as we made out, I could feel his wet cock against me and thought of him putting it inside me and I came hard…I yelled “AHHHH FUCK ROBERT!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” as I came, cum oozed down my dick and onto his sofa. We lay on his couch recovering for a while and finishing watching the two men make love in the video he started before we got dressed. He told me now that we weren’t strangers anymore he wanted to see me more often…I told him it was a deal…Hoping nex time I can convince him that he will cum so much harder if his cock is in my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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